Thursday, 16 November 2017

Part 2 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan jumped into action as he called the nurse: crash cart!
As they set up the crash cart armaan started to do the CPR himself. He breathed in to her mouth and then placed his hands on her chest and pushed, the nurse rushed forward with the electric paddles. Armaan got the paddles as the nurse placed a oxygen mask on her nose and mouth and applied the paddles to her chest.
The girls body jerked in response to the shock applied to her but the line remained straight on the monitor. He applied the paddles again but the line remained stubbornly straight armaan took a hypothermic needle and injected adrenaline by stabbing it directly into the heart, there was a slight blip. Armaan then again applied the paddles as her body jerked in reaction the line on the monitor also jumped and continued to jump and hold steady.

Armaan started to check her pulse readouts after working on her constantly for two hours they were able to save her. She was still not out of the woods but she was alive. A neurologist was called to look at her head injury as she was still unconscious. Her ribs were fractured so was her cheek, her nose was broken.
Her face was swollen and distorted what was left was swathed in bandages, her arms were covered with cuts and scratches, her feet were in no better condition. As armaan walked out the police was there to find out about the girl.
Inspector: Doctor! Is the girl going to make it?
Armaan rubbed a hand on the back of his neck: I don't know inspector! She's lost a lot of blood. We've patched her up but she hasn't regained consciousness. We've called the neurologist to check on her head injury to rule out anything serious. But first she has to get through the night.
The inspector thanked him and told him that he would come tomorrow for an update as he was about to leave: inspector! Have you contacted her family?
Inspector: we didn't find any identification on her, no bag, nothing which would help us in finding out who she is. But we are still investigating it. Or she'll wake up tomorrow and tell us who she is and what happened to her.
Armaan walking away as another emergency came up: may be!
Later in the day as armaan's shift came to an end he thanked his stars as no other emergency came. He quickly took off his lab coat and made his way out of the hospital, as he was leaving he asked the nurse: nurse! That patient which was a police case, is there any change in her status?
Nurse: no doctor! She's still labeled critical!
Armaan nodded and felt his head roll towards the ground he was so tired. He walked out the door and deliberated whether to drive himself or not. On the grounds of traffic safety he decided to take an auto home. During the ride home he had a hard time keeping his eyes open, once home he went directly to his bedroom and fell across the bed fully clothed. He was fast asleep before his head touched the pillow as the sun had started to spread its rays across the sky.
He slept without moving for straight eight hours with his sneakered feet dangling from the edge of bed and his mouth slightly open. As if those eight hours had taken the edge off he started to move a little in his sleep. He mumbled something about increasing a patient's insulin dosage but then quieted down. It was nearer to 4 in the afternoon when he woke up and that also b'coz of his rumbling stomach.
He heaved himself off the bed as if a patient of arthritis as his bones hurt due to weariness. He walked over to the kitchen took a bowl and shook cereal into it and poured milk on it. He had the entire bowl down in a couple of minutes but that also standing but he was still hungry. He then took the milk carton and drank directly from it as he finished he wiped a hand across his mouth and got a look at his reflection in the hood of the stove.
He threw the carton I the garbage can and made his way to his room and then to his bathroom. He quickly turned on the shower and stood beneath the hot water and groaned as the muscles in his back and neck felt the hot water loosening the muscles there. After standing under the hot water for 10 minutes he finally lifted his hand and grabbed the soap. He quickly showered and washed his hair, with a towel wrapped around him he stood in front of the mirror and scrutinized his face.   
He rubbed a hand across his unshaven jaw and thought to himself for a 30 year old guy he was not doing so bad. His abs were still flat, hair was not receding, besides looking a little pale and maybe loss of little weight he was doing well. He dropped his head whom was he kidding the truth was he was burnt out. He felt tired all the time, he was losing interest in his patients and his personal life was non existent.
He knew he was to blame for all this but the truth is he had always been a fun loving guy enjoyed women casually then a year back he met ridhima and boom he was in love. Later due to certain misunderstandings and circumstances they had to part ways, she got married and he couldn't in his heart find fault with her decision. They had been friend also and as a friend he was genuinely happy for her.
What made him sad was that how quickly he was over her as if he was never in love with her. Ever since his friend rahul had been trying to hook him up with one girl or another but he just couldn't be bothered. Rahul was not only a friend but more like a brother and he was worried about him, the truth is he was worried about himself.
Suddenly he straightened as an idea popped in his head. He knew what he needed to do. He had been working non stop without any break from the routine of things. He needed a break! Yes, he would go to Dr. Keerti and ask for a leave tomorrow, he squirted shaving cream on his jaw and started to shave.
As he was dressing up he kept going through the plan in his head and he realized why wait till tomorrow he'll go right now and ask for a leave. He would take the leave and go down to goa party there hang out with girls if willing do more than party with them, get some action. Armaan grimaced as he thought about the sort of vacation he had just thought.
He was not 20 anymore and he really didn't enjoy random girls to party with. He Straightened that didn't mean he still could not take a vacation he'll ask rahul to come along and then they could have a good time. He headed to the kitchen again still hungry looked into the fridge, he didn't have much to choose from took out eggs and beat them in a bowl and started to make an omlette for himself, he toasted bread as he prepared a hot up of java. He sat down on the kitchen table and ate without thinking as his mind was stuck on coming up with a vacation plan.
He left around seven in the evening to go to the hospital. As he entered the hospital he was focused on finding Dr. keerti, when he found her she was going through a file.
Armaan: good evening dr. keerti!
Keerti:: Dr. Armaan good you are here. I wanted to discuss your case.
Armaan felt irritation as he was there on another agenda: yes dr. keerti!
Keerti: the girl which came to us as a police case. Whats her prognosis?
Armaan walked with keerti to the girls bed and checked her stats: her vitals are looking stronger than before but she's still unconscious.
Keerti: how is her brain scan?
Armaan: I had called the neurologist but he never got back to me let me see the reports(he picked up the chart from the bedside table and went through them) she definitely has concussion (looking at the scan he then pointed at a particular section)this area looks as if there might be some swelling and possible hematoma which might be causing problems.
Keerti: I think we should be vigilant so that she doesn't slip into coma, if not already. Lets run a couple of more tests to be sure.
Armaan: I agree! But I fear that some might be issues, I don't know if you noticed(moving forward he moved the sheet away from her chest and showed her the strangulation marks) her brain at some time was without oxygen. These marks are repeated marks, her larynx is also badly bruised makes you wonder if her waking up is going to be in her interest.
Keerti: she needs to if the police is to find who did this to her. there are no other evidence as far as I know. The police has posted a guard outside(pointing towards the man standing outside) they want to talk to her the moment she is conscious)
Armaan continued to stand near the bed as keerti left and stared down at the still form of the girl. He didn't know why but he felt bad for the girl. He leaned down and patted her hand: you hang in there! I'm going to help you!


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