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PART 3 LAST : AR TS PRANK CALL( kismat connect ho jaye...)

A note before u read the part..  wats app conversation of armaan ridhima is give in “Quotation mark”

A month later..
Armaan ridhima used to chat often.. n that was more of fighting, bickering n irritating each other, both didn’t leave a single chance to irritate each other by sending various vedios, funny pics, meme’s on wats app… 
DAV collage canteen..
Armaan was sitting there with his friends n having lunch…where others were bsy pulling each others legs.. armaan was bsy with his phone.. n trying to find another way for irritating MMC as he loved calling her…. Something caught his eye…

Armaan : wooo…!!!
Rahul : ab tujhe kya hua…
armaan : nothing.. ill see u guys in a while…
Rahul : khana toh kha le…
armaan : tu kha le.. main toh chala…
Armaan ran towards the shed area in the garden.. two girls were bsy in the books n 3-4 assignment files were lying beside them… armaan went their silently n picked on the assignment n ran away before the girls could see him or the missing assignment..
He took a few snaps of the assignment and sent it to ridhima with a tag.. “ thank u miss miss call…I have been searching for the topic from a weak.. my work is done u can continue urs.. :-P”
** flashback
Armaan in canteen.. as he was bsy in checking wats app stories of his friends.. there was a story posted by ridhima ‘ pic of assignments on the table n a girl holding a pen in her mouth n looking in to a huge book..’ it was tagged as “assignments and BFF..!!”
Armaan zoomed the pic n in the background he could see one of his classmate.. that gave him the clue that ridhima was in the same collage… then he messaged his friend asking about his location.. n that confirmed him about ridhima.. n he got a new way to irritate her..
** end of flashback…
Ridhima opend her wats app n was schecked to see her handwriting..
Ridhima: oh shit.. n panic  was clearly visible on her face..
Muskan : kya hua.. itna ghabra kyu gya..’
Ridhima started to look around n checked all her assignments. Her marketing assignment was missing…
Muskan : are btayegi kya dhund rahi hai..?? aram se kr ek bhi page miss place hua toh ..
Ridhima: tujhe ek page ki pdhi hai mera pura ka pura assignment missing hai…
Muskan : tu pagal toh nahi hogyi.. aise kasie missing..?? abhi toh maine check kie the sare yahi the..
Ridhima : tha n ab nahi hai..
Muskan : abet u pagal hogyi hai kya .. aise kaise nahi hai.. ruk main dekhti hn..
Ridhima(almost cryng) : nahi millega muski.. us mr akdu ko toh main chodungi nahi.. smjhta kya hai apne app ko.. mere 1 wk ki mehant aise hi uthake legya.. or toh or hme pta tk nahi chala..
Ridhima took out her phone n rplied to armaan “ dekho give my assignment back..”
Armaan “ nahi dia toh..”
Ridhima “ choor kahin ke.. bda experinace hai na tumhe chori krne ka.. acha hai tumhare lie.. future occupation..”
Armaaan “ ismain meri kya glti agar tum books main itna khoyi hue main ake tumhara assignment uthake le gya or tumhe pta tk nahi chala..”
Ridhima” use uthana nahi churana kehte hai..”
Armaan “ jo bhi ho.. mera kam toh hogya..”

Ridhimaa : arrgghhh… bs ek bar mere smne aa jaye use toh main chodungi nahi… mar mar ke uska kachumbar bna dungi..
(armaan who was hiding behind a near by tree was laughing seeing her expressions.. it was first time he saw ridhima.. as till now they have never come face to face.. nor both used their pic as their wats app dp..)
Armaan (to himself) : woo MMC.. I liked ur expresions.. haha.. kitni funny lgrahi ho..!!
muskan : abe hua kya hai..??
Ridhima told her wat armaan did..
Muskan : uski toh…
Ridhma “ dekho please mera assinment dedo..”
Armaan “ give me one good reason”
Ridhima “ mujhe kl submit krvana hia.. its last date.. bdi mushkil se bnaya hai.”
Armaan “ ismain mera kya fyda.. tumhe assignment vapis dunga u will get good marks.. bt mera kya benfit ismain..”
Ridhima “ fine.. toh main tumhe jda irriate nahi krungi.. n no more stupid meme’s”
Armaan “ let me think..”
Ridhima now really had tears in her eyes.. n that melted armaan’s heart..
Armaan “ vaise deal buri nahi hai… ek kam kro collage ke bahar nescafe pr milo one hr ke bad.. its time for my lecture..”
Ridhima “ vahan kyu..tume jahan se lia vahin deke jao vo bhi abhi....”
Armaan “ mera dimag kharab hai agar tumne mera mar mar ke kachumbar bna dia toh..”
Ridhima looked here n there trying to find armaan…
Armaan “ aise idhar udhar dundne se koi fyda nahi.. yahan timewaste mt kro.. apne assignments bnao”
Ridhima : arrgghhh…!!!!
Ridhima “ fine..”
Ridhima again looked here n there n scanned many boys who were going towards the lecture rooms.. if she could locate armaan bt her attempt was fruitless…

An hr later nescafe…
Armaan was sitting there with Rahul n having his fav cold coffee…
Rahul : armaan tu n assignment..??
armaan : kyu nahi bna skta…
Rahul : bt this is nt our subject..??
armaan : koi problem hai..?? chup chap grill sandwich kha…
Rahul : ajtk isne apne bnaye nahi.. dusron ka leke ghum raha hai…
Armaan ignored rahul’s last comment n continued having his coffee..
Armaan thinking : ye MMC kahan rehgyi..10 min hogye wait krte hue…
armaan was still thinking about ridhima’s expressions wen she came to know her assignment was stolen… this train of thoughts was disturbed wen he felt something hit his head hard..
Armaan holding is head : wat the f…
he stoped mid way wen he saw ridhima standing there holding a book in her hands…  then he realized the hit was from none other than ridhima..
Ridhima : akdu kahin ke.. u lier.. tumne mera assignment sirf islie lia so that u could irritate me…
Armaan(totally confused) : hain..???
Ridhihima: don’t give that look of urs.. I just heard wat ur friend said.. this isn’t even ur subject.. fir bhi u took my assignment.. GIVE IT BACK TO ME RIGHT NOW…
Armaan : bs kr yaar kyu kan main chik rahi hai.. (puttinh his palms on his ears..) n by the way agar mera subject hota bhi tb bhi tumhara assignment kyu copy krta… I have other btr sources for that..
Ridhima : uuuu…. Tumhe to chodungi nahi…
she was about to hit again armaan with her book bt armaan held her hand..
Armaan hlding his head with free hand : bs kr yaar kitna morogi.. n ye lo tumhara assignment…
Ridhima turning around : chal muskan lets leave…
Muskan : yaar ridz mujhe toh bahut bhook lgi hai.. n free lecture bhi hai ab yahan aa hi gye hai lets eat something…
Ridhima: god muskan tu n tre bhuk.. chal lets get something…
Muskan : pr yahan toh koi bhi table vacant nahi hai..??
Ridhima: hm bad main ajayenge lets go..
Armaan who was listenting to their convo : u can join us…
Ridhima: no thank u…
Muskan : plz plz plz.. chal na..
Ridhima: tu ja  im going to libraray..
Muskan (in her ear..) : plz yaar vo kha thodi jayega tujhe.. or dekhna mere pet main hathi ghode sabhi animals agye hai zoo main se…
Ridhima: fine…
Muskan n ridhima took the offered by armaan ..
Muskan : thank u… vaise tum vahi ho na Mr akdu.. vo miss call vale.. main muskan ridhima ki BFF..
Armaan : hey.. im armaaan n ye mera best buddy Rahul… toh kya loge ap log..
Ridhima: no thank u we can order our selves..
Muskan : isko ignore kro .. ill have a burger n ridhima ke lie grill sandwich..
Ridhima: muskan….!!!
Ignoring ridhima muskan started her chater pater with Rahul n armaan.. hardly giving them a chance to speek.. boths boys were looking at her amused. How can someone talk non stop.. where as ridhima was trying hard to ignore armaan n making bad faces at him…
Rahul went to his other friends n muskan got a call from her family.. she too ;eft leaving AR alone..
Armaan : here u go ur grill sandwich..
Ridhima: thanks…
After an akward silience of  mins.. armaan spoke.. : vaise im sorry.. maine assignment tumhe sirf irritate krne ke lie lia tha.. vo kya hai na mujhe kuch or mill nahi raha tha..
Ridhima: its ok.. bt tumhe pta kasie chala..
Armaan : bda easy tha.. ur wats app story.. vaise toh mujhe dekhte hi pta chal gya tha ki ise collage ka garden hai bt to confirm jb maine pic ko zoom krke dekha pichle mera ek class mate tha.. so I asked him then I was 110% sure…
Ridhima: tumhe ek bar toh sach main dra dia tha.. kl last date hai.. n pura ka pura assignment jb mujhe vahan nahi dikha..
Armaan : im sorry.. mera tumhe problem main dalne ka koi irada nahi tha… just for fun u see..
Ridhima: tumhare is fun ke chakar main mujhe heart attack ajata…
Armaan : don’t worry main tumhe hospital time pr pahuncha deta..
Ridhima : arrgghhh.. uuu…
Armaan : tum itni jldi bhadak kyu jati ho.. any ways lets forget that.. wat say friends…(forwarding his hand towards her..)
Ridhima shook hands with him : sure..

With time AR became very good friends.. they used to spend their free time together in collage, roaming here n there in the city… n finally the year passed n both graduated with good marks.. well that was unexpected for armaan as he came to chandigarh  just to have fun for 2 yrs of his master.. as after going back to his home town he had to join his fathers business bt ridhima do made him study n complete his assignments on his own…
3 months later of their graduation..
Mr joshi was sittning on his usual spot reading newspaper n having his morning tea.. his flow of reading was broken by sudden ring of his phone…
Picking up his phone : sat sri alal jija ji..
(one the other side was his jijaji as in armaan’s father Mr malik)
Mr malik: sat sri akal sale sab.. kaise ho app sab..
MR joshi : a one jijaji.. app btao.. itni subha subha.. koi zaruri kam tha..
Mr malik : haan vo ek khush khabri deni thi…
Mr joshi : khus khabri.. kya..??
Mr malik : vo kya hai sale sahib apne ladle bhanje ka rishta tai hogya hai..
Mr joshi : sach,, armaan puttar ka rishta… toh kb hai shadi..
Mr malik : agle mahine.. pr tujhe sabse pehle ana hai..
Mr joshi : aunga kaise nahi.. mera sabse ladla bhatija jo hai.. vaise ldki kon hai..??
Mr malik : are tune toh milvaya hai. Pehli love marriage hai hmare khandan ki..
Mr joshi : maine..?? jijaji main kuch smhja nahi…
Mr malik : yaad hai tujhe jb armaan chandigarh aya hua tha ek raat tujhe kisi ldki ka phone aya thajo kuch bol nahi rahi..
Mr  joshi : haan.. aya toh tha.. pr vo kaise..
Mr malik : puri kahani tu kl apne bhanje se puchio jb hm chandigarh haan bdi hai pyaari ldki hai..
Mr joshi : ji zarur..
Mr malik : are haan sabse zaruri baat btana bhul gya.. kl ldki walon ne dinner pr bulaya hai shadi ke bare main discuss krne.. hm dupahr tk pahunch jayneg… tum or bhabhi ji ko bhi hmare sath chalna hai..
mr joshi : haan haan jijaji.. ap sabhi ka intezar rahega…

Next afternoon malik’s reached joshi house…every one was evry excited about armaan’s marriage as it was first weding of this generation..
Mr joshi took armaan to his room..
Mr joshi : toh hone wale dulhe mia.. jra apne mamaji ko bhi btao.. akhir vo vichola (vichola is a Punjabi word for a person jisne rishta krvaya hota in dono parties ko milvata hia)  kaise bne..
Arman : vo drasal mamaji…
Armaan told him how he took ridhima’s no from his cell n called her.. n also told about the order wala incident.. he skipped details about their daily fights,.. n told briefly about how they met.. (assignment wala incident), about their growing friendship.. n how propsed her..
** flashback
A wk after their examz armaan went back to his home town, its been a month wen armaan oved back to his home.. they used to chat the entire day bt still missed each others presence..
Armaan had realized his feeling long time back.. he decided nt to tell her before exam got over as he did nt want to distract her.. bt after exams armaan was totally confused how to tell her.. he though about many filmy ideas browsed internet bt he did not get any proper idea… wk passed he was forced to come back to his home…
Armaa n ridhima were bickering over a new song n this time they were on vedio call
Ridhima: armaan will u plz lower the volume..
Armaan :no ways its my current fav..
Ridhima: ekdm bkwas gnana hai..
Armaan : o hello tumhari choise se btr hai… MMC
Ridhima : arrgghh.. will u plz stop calling me tha…
Armaan : no never..
Ridhima: its sound so wired mmc.. kuch dhsng ka nahi soch skte the tum..??
Armaan : kya buari hai is name main.. it sound soo cool…
Ridhima: nt atall cool.. its totally uncool..
Armaan : noo.. its cool..n u know wat.. jb hmare bache honge na main unhe bhi sikhaunga ki tumhe mom ya mama nahi MMC bulayen..
Ridhima: tum aise kuch nahi kroge.. vo mujhe jo mrzi bualye MMC to bilkul nahi bulanyge…
Armaan :  they will.. or main sikha ke rahunga… kya krlogi..
Ridhima: umm.. main.. haan main unhe tumahara name.. (ridhima stoped speaking as she realized wat they were talking..)
Armaan : kya hua kuch mila nahi… 9 on seeing ridhima’s schoked expressions he replayed their current convo n then realization stuck his brain.. wat he just said…)
Arman : ridhima actually vo..
Ridhima: I need to go.. il talk to u later..
Ridhima was about to hang up armaan spoke..: plz cut mt kro.. ineed to say something.. main bahut dino.. nahi acrully mahinon se kena chata tha.. umm.. ridhima I kinda… like.. nahi sorry.. I love u ridhima…
Ridhima: armaan ye tum..??
Armaan : im saying the truth.. main kafi time se try kr raha tha how to say.. n aj baton main maine job hi kahan vo I really mean that.. I really dream about my family with u ridhima.. I really do…
After a silence of 2 mins.. armaan spoke up.. : ridhima its just my dream n feelings.. main tum pr koi pressure nahi dalna chata.. if u don’t then u can say that… sachi main I wont hate u…
Ridhima was still in shock..  armaan hang up after 2 more minutes of silence..
Half an hr passed armaan was lying on his bed thinking about ridhima… n their last convo.. he was still trying to decode ridhima’s expressions..
He received a msg.. from ridhim “ I love u too armaan”
Armaan “ sach..”
Ridhima “ much..”
Armaan “ tumne toh mujhe dra dia tha.. tumhre expresions se main kuch smj nahi paya..”
Ridhima “ tumhe ekdm se sab kaha.. I was nt able to digest..”
Armman “ soch atoh maine bhi nahi tha aise kahunga”
Ridhima “ bt meri ek shart hai..”
Armaan instead of replying to her message clicked the vedio call button..
Armaan : kaisi shart..
Ridhima : jo tum abhi keh rahe the ki tum hmare bachon ko..
Armaan : tumhara name MMC sikhaunga…
Ridhima noded her head as she was unable to say n trying to controll her blush..
Armman : are baba main mzak kr raha tha.. nahi sikhaunga.. pr haan main tumhe is name se bukana nahi chounga…
Ridhima : kyu…?
Armaan  : this is name is really spl.. ye hmari is story ka base jo hai..
Ridhima: pr sabke smne nahi..
Armaan : promise ye name or kisi ke smne nahi bulaunga…  I love u My MMC..
Ridhima: I love u too mere mr akdu…

** end of flashback

Phew.. my this ts has come to end.. kaise do anjan logon ki love story shuru hue coz of a prank call..
 I really hope u guys enjoyed reading.. do give ur feed back..


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