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Part 3 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan slept slumped in the chair next to the patients bed, he knew he would be in whole lot of trouble if someone found him here but he didn't know when he had fallen asleep. It had been a month since the girl had been brought into the emergency and it had been a month but she hadn't regained consciousness. To make matters worse no one had come forth to claim her.

It had been a month that armaan who had been desperate to go on a vacation and walked in that day to talk to dr. keerti about some time off had looked at her broken body lying so still and had remembered her words to him. Since a month he had been working tirelessly on her case hoping she'll wake up today. The bandages that had swathed her head previously were off now, and the putrid color of her bruises was also improving but her face was still swollen.
As she was unconscious she had to be fed through an NG tube which was inserted down her throat. Armaan had come down to her room last night to monitor her feed which he did everyday but instead of leaving had stayed there. He had sat there on the chair looking at her not move and had decided to talk to her: hey! Hi I'm dr. armaan and you? Ok that's lame.(he stopped to think what to do next) you know a lot of people are waiting for you to get up!
He waited as if for a response: the police want to talk to you! The hospital administration want you to wake up so that they can get their money! And I want you to wake up so that I can go on a vacation. I know all selfish reasons and nothing to do with you but that's the way world works. Truly it sucks! I think you know it better than most of us.
The silence continued: but I'll give you one reason for waking up that is not selfish. You need to wake up b'coz unless you wake up the guys who did this to you, b'coz of whom you are lying here like a lifeless doll will get away with it. Wake up for yourself! Wake up for the justice that you need.
He picked up her hand and clasped it between his: I know you're scared but I promise you I'll help you.
He had sat there hoping for some change and before he knew he fell asleep while sitting in the chair. He woke up with a start and immediately winced as his neck muscles protested after sleeping in the position for so long. He rubbed a hand across his face and looked at his watch and sighed in relief. It was still early so he could get out of the room without being detected.
He made his way to the locker room and got a change of clothes and headed for a shower. 15 minutes later he walked out freshly dressed and grabbed coffee from cafeteria. He decided to check on "her" as he had time before reporting on duty. He entered the room and walked to the bed and stood looking at her noticing no visible change: hello! Sleeping beauty! Time to wake up!(without expecting a response he picked up the chart and started to go through it)
"beep! beep! beep!" was what got through her unconscious mind, she tried opening her eyes but they felt as if weighed down by something. She tried again and managed to pry her eyes open and looked at the ceiling she tried to call out but felt something blocking her throat. Her eyes looked wildly around taking in the green sterile walls and the machines hooked up to her. Finally her eyes took in a man standing near the bed looking at a file.
She could feel her heart accelerate, there was an accompanying acceleration in the beeping sound she tried moving but her body felt weighed down.
Armaan looked up from the file to look at the monitors which had started to go wild, he read the printout and looked towards the bed. To his surprise he found a pair of green eyes observing him with fear reflected clearly in them. Armaan leaned towards her: hey! You're awake!
She didn't why but she could feel the fear inside her increase, she opened her mouth to scream but could not get any sound out as the tube was inside her throat. Her eyes wheeled in horror and she started to hyper ventilate. Her chest started to heave the monitors started to beep wildly, armaan pulled back and started to talk to her to calm her down.
Armaan: hey! Relax there is nothing to fear, you're safe.
She didn't know why but she felt uncontrollable fear seize her she tried to calm herself but the presence of the man was not helping. Armaan: do you know where you are?(armaan had his eyes on the monitor as he tried to calm the girl, her pulse had accelerated and her blood pressure was shooting he needed to calm her now)
Armaan quietly picked up the syringe and filled it with a mild sedative/relaxant, even though he could see she was deathly scared he leaned over and as gently as he could injected her.
Within minutes he could see her relaxing and her eyes becoming drowsy, he immediately called the nurse and asked her to get the tube out of her throat and to stay with her. Armaan immediately went to Dr. Keerti and told her what had happened, keerti told armaan to stay with the girl as she woke up and see how she was doing.
Armaan after dealing with some cases went back to girls room  and was prepared to wait but after 5 minutes of sitting she opened her eyes groggily and blinked like an owl. Her eyes swept the room and finally landed on him.
Armaan: hi again! I'm Dr. Armaan and you're in a hospital. You're safe!
Her eyes were still scare but not as much as before. She kept looking at him and then opened her mouth to speak she winced.
Armaan moving forward with a glass of water: here have some water! Your throat will be soar as you had tube down it.
She quickly gulped the water and then lay back: why I'm here.
Armaan hesitated: you were attacked!(she looked puzzled) its ok let it go if you can't recall the incident. By the way (smiling at her) what's your name?
She opened her mouth: my name is………….(nothing. She tried again but for the life of her she couldn't remember her name. she felt the panic rise inside her, oh my god I don't know my name.)
Armaan stood there and watched her face lose what little color there was in the first place. Her eyes again showed the panic and fear that had been there when she first woke up. Armaan tried again: hey you were going to tell me your name or am I supposed to beg.
Her gaze swung to him and in a hysterical: I don't know my name!
Armaan kept his face composed and voice level: why?
Girl her eyes full of fear: I don't remember my name! I don't remember my name! (her breath turned shallow)
Armaan: hey! Relax! Don't worry it'll come back to you! It can happen to people who experience head trauma. Plus you have also been unconscious for almost a month, so let us run some tests and your brain to relax and before you know it every thing will be back to normal. So don't worry(I'll worry instead he thought as he continued to smile at her reassuringly)
Armaan waited until the girl calmed down a little he asked the nurse to stay with her and went to order some tests run and consult with dr. keerti. 
 She looked in the mirror and saw the face of a stranger. For the past six days, every morning she looked in the mirror hoping that some way her fickle brain would remember the face in the mirror. It had been six days since she had woken up scared, six days of that sickening fear continuously tightening its noose around her neck that at times she felt she was choking with it. Six days of living with the fact that someone had tried to kill her. She looked at the marks around her throat in the mirror, there were still some bruises left, her gaze shifted to the stitches near her hairline.
Everyone said it was a miracle she was alive, six days of wondering if it actually a miracle or a curse to live wondering what had gone wrong, what was she doing that someone wanted her dead. She closed her eyes as she remembered the police interrogation, there was no other word for it. There were no other lead to my attack, I was my only hope, everything rested on my remembering what happened that night, who attacked me. But my brain is not responding to the pressure I'm putting on it to remember she muttered to herself. 
To divert herself from thinking along this depressing line she again focused her attention on the reflection in the mirror. She looked critically at the face and decided that the most promising feature were the eyes. They were the color of green marbles and looked just as dead as a marble. Her eyebrows were well arched and were the same color as the color of her hair, dark black. The hair in question were pulled back in a braid as they reached down to her waist, leaving her face framed by a few tendrils of hair. Her cheeks were high, her nose looked alright despite it was broken and set her lips were perfectly balanced and were unpainted. Her color was still a bit pale but her skin was clear of any blotches or blemishes.
After the trauma her body had gone through she had lost a lot of weight and the bones of her collar bones and shoulders were sticking out. She looked at herself critically and thought that she was not classically beautiful but she had potential. She was feeling well enough to know that she could work with the raw material she had in hand.
When armaan entered her room he found her scrutinizing her face in the mirror as if the answers to the universe's question were hidden there.
Armaan smiling: hey beautiful! Stop preening we all know you are gorgeous!
The girl looked at him as if he had lost his mind, armaan grinned: well your body is recovering well, you need to build up your strength now, eat more. If you keep improving at this rate we'll be discharging you before you know it.
Before she could respond armaan's cell phone rang startling her, armaan took the call apologetically: hey rahul! Kahan hai yaar! No! I'm on duty right now! Where you should be also. Ok see you in the evening, kya kaun shilpa? you're hopeless bye.
He turned around to see the girl staring intently at him, armaan smiled: what's up?
Girl tilted her head to one side: whose shilpa?
Armaan laughed: no one! Why? Why are you asking?
Girl hesitantly: the name felt familiar
Armaan: yes! It's a common name.
Girl: no! not like that! You know familiar like a favorite t-shirt and pants, you know like home made fries, like reading your favorite book on a lousy day to cheer yourself up. You know familiar like something comforting, something that is your own.
Armaan looked at her face which had some life in it: so what do you think? Is your name shilpa?
The excitement left her face replaced by doubt: I don't know!
Armaan stood there and looked at her sink into herself, her color looked pale, her eyes hollow, her hands moved listlessly: well I think it's a good name for you!(she raised her head and looked at him) well you do need a name and it sounds familiar to you. Well its decided from this moment onward every one shall call you shilpa. So lets introduce myself again. Hi I'm Dr. armaan(extending his hand towards her)
Shilpa looked at him and smiled hesitantly and shyly: hi! I'm shilpa (she placed her hand in his and shook)


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