Monday, 6 November 2017

Part 30 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)




Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil...

"Shilpa... Meri coffee laana..." Armaan spoke normally while picking the remote and sat on sofa for IPL match he switched on the TV where a match was going on b/w Chennai & Mumbai "Shilpa mujhe aaj hi coffee chahiyee..." he taunted loudly to which she shook her head while stirring his coffee
"Bas do minute..." she shouted making him shook his head and he concentrated on TV smilingly when Meethi came wd coffee making him frown
"Shilpa kahan hai...??" he asked frowningly taking the coffee
"Bhabhi to Surbhi Didi se phone pe baat kar rahi hai... To isilye unhone mujhe bola dene k liye" Meethi replied slowly knowing well his nature

"Hmm... Tum jaao..." saying this calmly he concentrated on match wd coffee in his hand and started enjoying the match where Dhoni hit a sixer "Yes..!!" he said happily as the crowed cheared when
"Armaan... Plzz remote dena.." Shilpa's chearful voice made him withdraw his attention from match and looked at her extended hand "Plzz..." she requested cutely sitting beside him who raised his bows at her this side
"Kyun?? Kya dekhna hai..." he asked strictly keeping his coffee mug on table
"Allu Arjun ka interview aa raha hai Armaan..." she spoke excietedly making his expression serious "U know Armaan... Surbhi ne bataya vo aur b zyada handsome ho gaya hai... I mean seriously its soo long... Jab maine uska last interview dekha tha vo b hamare shaadi ki subha..." she said dreamingly which not at all liked by him but he was amused to hear she watched AA's interview on their wedding day This girl is seriously Crazy
"Tumhe Surbhi ne bataya uske interview k baare mein...??" he asked calmly to which she nodded wd a smile
"Haa... Kyun ki usse b pata hai how much I love... Allu Arjun" she said excietedly taking the remote from his hand whose expressions turned strict coz of unknown jealousy while she changed the channel "Wow... !! Acha dikh raha hai... Thoda healthy huaa hai but... Never mind... Fir b handsome hai" she commented happily staring at the screen where AA's interview was going on where as Armaan kept his one hand on sofa post while rubbing his forehead to calm himself "Aapko pata hai Armaan... Main hamesha se chahti thi.. Ki mere boyfriend ka naam A se hona chahiyee... Infact direct Arjun hona chahiyee... Vaisa hi attitude vaise hi muscles vaise hi smile..." she was prasing him continously while his temper's end came
"Enough...!! Remote do.. Mujhe match dekhna hai..." snatching the remote from her hand he changed the channel on match making her angry but wd pouted lips
"Kyun kya problem hai...?? Ek to main bahoot..." she tried to argue but his glare made her quiet who crossed her arms angrily and wd pouted lips tried to ignore him "I hate u..." she mumbled under her breath which he heard but hided his smile and again concentrated on match where the batting was going by Mumbai they need 60 runs to win
"Catch... Bravo... Catch..." he said excietedly which made her to notice the match and she observed he was on chennai side so how can she leaved her Mumbai alone
"Yes..." she giggled as the catch got disbalanced by Bravo and Rohit Sharma hit a six which made him to look at her who was watching the match wd excietment making him smile He can never ever understand her mood "I hope is stupid bowler ki wajah se Rohit aur Pollard out na ho..." she spoke confusedly staring at the screen
"I think tumhe Dhoni pasand hai right... To tum Rohit ko kyun support kar rahi ho...??" he asked calmly leaning his back against the sofa post
"Yahan pe rakkhi ui saari chizze... Inse kehdo ki yes main Dhoni ki fan hun but... I am a true Mumbaian... Kuch b ho jaaye chahe jaha rahun I can't forget my city... So Mumbai k opposite koi b ho mujhe farq nai padta..."she said in strict voice wdout looking at him who controlled hard not to laugh at her cute expressions
"But watch the talent also... I don't think ki MI mein koi b strong person hai" he said calmly staring at her who didn't looked at him
"Yahan pe rakkhi hui jitni chizze hai plzz inhe bata do... Ki abhi jab Pollard aur Rohit match jeetaynge... Tab dekh len ye..." she said calmly putting her hand on sofa arm calmly making him smile
"We will see... But kabse kya chize chize laga rakkha hai... Main side mein hun na to direct bolo" he tried to pretend strict but he want to see her cute face which she has turned on otherside
"Plzz yahan pe rakkhi hui saari chizo... Inhe bata do ki mujhe inse baat nai karni... Kyun ki inhone mere ... Mere Allu Arjun ka interview nai dekhne diya" she complained wd pouted lips
"Ye mere mere kya laga rakkha hai..." he stood up angrily staring down at her who to got up angrily
"Bolungi... Mera Allu Arjun... Mera Allu Arjun..." putting both her hands on her waist she argued making him more angry when Breezer's loud made her startled and she inmediately fell on him which resulted her to hug him who chuckled at her this side
"Boww...!!" Breezer again barked which resulted her to hug him more tightly who disbalanced and they both fell on sofa wd her on top of him who stared her deeply his mind was running to hold her tightly but thinking its wrong he didn't moved his hand to remove her flicks from her face "Boww...!!" Breezer again barked breaking their eyelock and awkwardly they both parted while looking at every where except each other when she saw Allu Arjun on screen where he has came to chear Chennai
"Allu Arjun..." she stood surprisingly staringy at the screen smilingly "Wow...!! Vo Chennai ko support kar raha hai" she said excitedly sitting back on sofa properly where as he was stunned to see her change of mode
"Don't tell me ki tum ab Chennai k support mein ho...??" he asked incredulously
"Haa..." her reply was nonchantic which made him hell shocked "But as a true citizen of Mumbai... I will support that... Also dono mein se koi b jeete kya farq padta hai... Mujhe to Allu Arjun ko dekhne se matlab hai..." she said dreamingly staring at the screen wd dream smile which maked him to look at her unbelievingly
"Ab to main chahta hi nai ki Chennai jeete..." he thought getting annoyed by her loud chears for Allu Arjun "I think Mumbai acha khel rahi hai... Vo jeetega..." he said calmly
"Mumbai k already 8 wickets gir chuke hai... To I don't think so ki vo ab jeetenge" she said normally making him to calm his coming pressure but as the Mumbai won her expressions changed into confused one coz Allu Arjun left from there "Haww... Chala gaya" she mumbled wd pouted lips
"Yess!! Finally Mumbai jeet gayi..." he said happily which made Shilpa to look at him smilingly coz of his sudden happy face
"Hmmm lagta hai Armaan ka improvement ho raha hai... Mere Armaan ki taraf" keeping her head on her hand she watched his face lovingly
"Aise kya dekh rahi ho... Jaao padhai karo... Kal se papers shuru haina... Jao" looking at her he scolded her whose mouth opened hearing this
"Fine main jaa rahi hun... Peena coffee Meethi k haato se... Bye" saying this angrily she went from there throwing a cusion on his lap who became startled by her this act but also chuckled at her cute anger
Tu mera Khuda
Tu hi duaa mein shaamil...
"Crazzyy..." he chuckled shaking his head and tried to concentrate on his work which didn't worked This house wdout Shilpa is empty like body wdout soul & heart his days were boring wdout her that's why he didn't brought Breezer from Dilshad's house coz he knows Breezer will search for Shilpa but whenever he go for morning walk he meet Breezer but right now he is missing her "Stupid phone b nai utha rahi hai..." he cursed while dialing again her number which again didn't received by her "Jarur kahin pheka hoga phone isne..." shaking his head he walked towards the bed which again remind him of her presence It was the day before New Year


"Haa sunn raha hun tu bata..." he was talking on phone while concentrating on Laptop screen "Main just read hi kar raha hun case... Baaki dekhta hun" he said normally typing something on Laptop
"I think duniiya mein kisi ka b kuch ho sakta hai... But mere Pati parmeshwar... Shauhar... Husband ka kuch b nai ho sakta" Shilpa's thoughts were still going on while watching his face from side of her novel "Is book ka b hero romantic hai... But Mr Armaan aur romance no chance... Kahan kho gaya mera pehla Pati..." she thought looking at him who is sitting beside her on bed "Aree gadhi... Agar dhyaan se sochegi na to yehi tera pehla Pati hai... Shaadi to issi se hui thi... Bhale hi pyaar tujhe iske dusre side se huaa..." her mind smacked her little brain "Haa ye to hai..." she thought "tu ek kaam kyun nai karti... Issi se puchle ki ye tere baare... Nai pyaar k baare mein kya sochta hai..." her mind suggested her to which she agreed and putting her novel on her lap she looked at him whose eyes were fixed on the screen "Come on Shilpa u can do it... Come on" she cheered herself mentally and gathering all her courage looked at him "Armaan..." her sweet voice made him stopped in his work and he turned his face at her
"Kya huaa...??" he asked normally
"Vo... Armmm... Haa..." she started nervously making him to narrow his eyes "I mean... Aapko... Pyaar mein believe hai.. Matlab aap pyaar k baare mein kya sochte hai??" she asked carefully which made him raised his bows "Agar aap nai bolna chate to koi nai... Main to bas book se related kuch puch rahi thi..." she quickly tried to change the topic as he didn't said anything and at the end hide her face in book which made him to hide his smile
"Kabhi is baare mein socha nai..." his calm answer made her smile and she immediately kept her book on her lap tirning at him
"To fir socho...!" she instantly said making him looked at her "Mera matlab tha... Ki aapko apne family aur Mom k baare mein sochna chahiyee... I mean vo log aapse bahoot pyaar karte hai... To aamm..." she tried to make him understand slowly which he ignored again looking back at his Laptop screen "To aapko b unke baare mein sochna chahiyee..." she said softly which made him smile at her beautiful cute sad face
"I think tumhe ye sab chod k... Apne novel pe dhyaan dena chahiyee..." saying this calmly he closed the Laptop where as she kept the novel on side table sadly
"Nai mujhe nind aa rahi hai..." she said slowly to which he nodded "Kahin mere saare hopes na tut jaaye... Armaan" she thought sadly while laying on bed turning her back at him who also slept
"Isse achanak kya huaa...?? May be thak gayi ho..." he thought looking at her sleeping back "Par ye aaj pyaar k baare mein kyun puch rahi thi... Stupid koi b book padhkar kuch b bolti hai..." he thought smilingly closing his eyes and slept still thinking about her


"Toh... Usdin tum ye kehna chahti thi..." he chuckled remembering that "Stupid me..." he smacked his head lightly and sat on couch staring at the space when his cell vibrated

"Surbhi ka Whatsapp...??" he frowned seeing Surbhi's message
"Heyy... Mr Khan I know aap bahoot ache honge... But main aapko abhi aur acha kar dungi... Agar aap Avni ki Girls Party ki pics dekhenge to... Aaj hum sab girls ne khub masti ki dophar mein..." he read her message
"Mujhe kyun bata rahi hai ye..." he mumbled frowningly when he receives pictures of function where all the girls were present except Shilpa & Surbhi
"Now meet the boyfriend" he received her message wd a pic on which a young boy was standing coolly wd denim jacket white t-shirt underneath & denim jeans wd cool white shoes his hairs were short wd a cool cap

"Ye kaun hai??" he frowned and texted "Ye kaun hai Surbhi... Most important mujhe kyun send kar rahi ho ye sab" sending that he looked carefully the pic and widened his eyes as he recognized its Surbhi "OMG!!" he said stunnedly when another message came from Surbhi
"Meet his girlfriend... Jo aapke liye b important hai" he read her message then a pic came which was of Shilpa who wore a peach colour dress She is looking Damn pretty her hairs are curled from down

Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil...

"Wow!!" escaped from his mouth seeing her look spcly her smile which he missed the most when another pic came where Surbhi put her hand on Shilpa's shoulder while she has gripped her jacket they both posed like couples then many pics came of them wd different poses making him looked at amusingly
"Do u want to see our video..." he read her text when another follows "Say yes or no.. Kyun ki hamari video nai videos hai... Dubsmash b... So say yes or no" he read
"Karna kya chahti hai... Ye..." he mumbled smilingly still watching Shilpa's face who is laughing whole heartily which he wanted to see forever in his life when again a message came
"Want to see or not..." he read her message again and held his head
"Ek to already vo dimag se nikal nai rahi hai... Uper se ye..." he shook his head and taking a sigh was about to say no when a video came
"Hii... Mr Khan its me Surbhi... I know aap Bhopal mein bore ho rahe honge... To maine socha aapki Ex aur meri current GF se milvati hun... I mean milvata hun... Ye baat Shilpa ko pata nai ki main ye video aapko send karne waali hun... So wait for minute main abhi uska aur apna video nikalungi" he saw her video in which she was looking like a boy which made him chuckled when another video came which he opened "Holaa everyone... Myself... Amm..." Surbhi said coolly but at the end stopped which made him laughed when
"Saurabh... My one n only boyfriend" Shilpa came from behind and held Surbhi's arm cheerfully to which his eyes came out
"What the...??" he said shockingly seeing Shilpa behaving like a GF and Surbhi behaving like a BF
"Sweettoo... Say something..." Surbhi said like a boy
"Dare u call... Sweetooo" she smacked her arms taking his attention
"See itni khatarnak girlfriend... Hai meri" Surbhi looked at the video making Shilpa giggle "Acha Shona... Ek game khelen..." she asked coolly making Shilpa smile while Armaan found intresting looking at her cute expressions
"Sure... Jaaneman" Shilpa encircled her arm around her arm to which Surbhi put her cap on her head making her giggle
"To fir shuru karte hai..." Surbhi looked at the camera "See aaj hum mimick karenge... Kuch logo ki.. Ok" she said wd strict expression to which she nodded wd a smile "First ur turn... Dev..." she said wd a grin to which she started thinking
"Ummm... Haa... U know what Aditi tumse baat karna bekar hai... Aur duniya koi taaqat mujhe majboor nai kar sakti kisi se maafi maangne par..." Shilpa mimicked Dev which made him chuckle "U... Arjun" she pointed on Surbhi who smiled
"Samjhe... Yaa samjhaun..." Surbhi pointed her finger at Shilpa who giggled "Rehaan..." she said to Shilpa who smiled
"Tumhe hamari baat samajh mein nai aati Surbhi... Hum kabse keh rahe hai... Ki nai hum bahoot busy hai... But nai tumhe to sirf apni padi hai... Chodiye hum Bhaijaan se baat kar lenge..." she mimicked exactly like Rehaan which made Surbhi laugh loudly while Armaan also chuckled "Aditi..." she pointed
"By god! Tu b na Shilpa bilkul pagal hai..." Surbhi said wd a smile which made her giggle
"I'll swear... Agar kisi ne dekha to hum peetenge Surbhi..." Shilpa said controlling her giggle
"Don't worry ye video sirf mere aur kisi khaas k paas hoga..." Surbhi said teasingly which made her frown "Aree tumhaare paas aur kiske paas..." she answered coolly to which Shilpa smiled while Armaan understood he was that 'Khaas' person "Now ur turn... This one is last but special one for you... Ok" she said happily making her confused"Mr Khan" as she said this Shilpa's expressions changed which he observed "Come on Shilpa..." She nudged her by her elbow making her smile
"Fine but ye last hoga..." she pointed her index finger at her who giggled nodding in YES "Thik hai fir sochne do mujhe... Hmmm..." she started thinking making him smile while Surbhi grinned looking at the camera "Tum khud ko samajhti kya ho..." making Surbhi to look at her by her elbow she said like him which made him curious to look more of her mimick about him "Tumhe kya lagta hai Armaan Malik koi aisi vaisi chiz hai... Sanjeevani ka Maalik hun mai... Na aaj tak kisi k aage jhuka hun aur na jhukunga... Bewkoof ladki ajeeb hi hai... U know what..." saying like him she pointed her index finger at Surbhi who was controlling hard her laughter while Armaan watched the video wd a amusing smile "Tum nai samjhogi..." crossing her arms she said arrogantly making Surbhi to give a innocent look
"Kyun Mr Khan... Kya problem hai??" Surbhi said innocently
"Yaa rite problem... Tum khud problem ho Surbhi pata nai kab NY jaaogi" She said exactly like Armaan who at last laughed while Surbhi also broke wd fist of laughter "Now enough.. I think hume ye sab band karke kuch kaam karna chaiyee" she came back to herself while Surbhi was still laughing
"Oh my god Shilpa... Tum to great ho..." Surbhi said wd a giggle only to get a glare in return "Acha thik hai.. Pehle ye batao... Aaj sabse achhi Party mein kaun lag rahi thi...??" she asked pointing at herself
"Ammm... Raina" she said knowingly making Surbhi pout "Avni... Nai Aditi... Nai nai Aaysha" Shilpa teased Surbhi who pouted "Aree haa.. Ye to main kehna hi bhul gayi..." she said excitedly which made Surbhi happy "Ki aaj sabse best to Surbhi lag rahi thi... But kahin vo dikhi nai... Aapne meri besty ko kahin dekha hai..." she said wd a giggle making Surbhi happy
"I luv u Shilpa..." she hugged her sidely still holding the camera from one hand making Shilpa giggle while Armaan is loving Shilpa's face
"Hatto main aisi hi har kisi ko I luv u nai bolti..." pushing her lightly she said wd attitude making him chuckled
"See kitni dominating hai ye..." Surbhi looked at the camera making her laugh when Aditi came from back putting her both hands on their shoulders
"Bahoot... Aur drama queen b... Main to kehti hun.. Mr Boyfriend abhi b soch lo... Isse accept karne se pehle..." Aditi said teasingly making Shilpa's jaw dropped
"Haaww... Main drama queen... Tujhe to main baad mein dekhti hun..." Shilpa said wd pouted lips making Aditi & Surbhi giggle while he just felt to kiss her which he immediately jerked his head smacking himself mentally "I think ab hume chalna chahiyee... Aur jo koi b ye video dekhega bore ho jaayga.. To hum aapka tym waste na karke... Ab chalte hai... Muuhhhaa bye..." she said in poliet tone looking at the camera making Surbhi giggle while Aditi shook her head and at the end giving a flying kiss to camera she went from there leaving a dazed Armaan
"Iski GF to gayi... Main b chalti hun... Bye.." waving at the camera Aditi went from there leaving a smiling Surbhi there
"Meri dominating GF to gayi Mr Khan... Aap apni sweet si wife ko patao... Bye..." winking at the camera the video got over making him to fall on couch smilingly he never thought he will see her like this a very different mode of her full crazy not to forget her melodious laugh which still ringing on his head when again his cell phone vibrated
"How's that Mr Khan... Superb naa... See I also have our Dubsmash aap dekh lena... Aur haa is waqt Shilpa aapka call recieve is liye nai kar sakti ku ki hum dono saath me... Hai... Aur vo coffee lene gayi hai neeche... But dont worry jaise hi hamari masti khatam hogi... Main usko uska phone de dungi... Till then enjoy our Dubsmash... Gud night" as he read this a light smile appeared on his face when he received two Dubsmash of Surbhi & Shilpa one wd 'Kaala Chasma' & 'High heels' which definitely he enjoyed specially Shilpa's face who wore a black goggle in first song
"Samajh mein ye nai aata ki... Surbhi Shilpa ko change kar rahi hai yaa Shilpa Surbhi ko... But jo b ho dono crazy hai" He shook his head smilingly and as he closed his eyes her face flashed in his eyes "Meri yahan neende ud gayi hai... Aur tum vaha khush ho... Kya yaar Shilpa mere saath aise kyun nai rehti tum... I am missing u terribly" he thought staring at the ceiling still laying on couch

@ Udaipur Palace

"Hmm ye lo coffee..." Shilpa came back wd two coffee mugs and kept that on bench where they both were sitting few minutes ago
"Thank u..." Surbhi thanked picking the coffee mug and they both looked at the swimming pool's water calmly "Shilpa... Tumhe Mr Khan ki yaad aa rahi hai??" out of blue she asked this making her to stop taking a sip from coffee
"Nai yaad kyun karungi... Vo to aane hi waale hai... Next week" she replied normally
"To isi liye tum unka call receive nai kar rahi ho... Haina" Surbhi asked in taunting way which made her to look down slowly "Main do ghante se observe kar rahi hun... Vo call kar rahe hai aur tum nai pick kar rahi kyun??" she asked politely looking at Shilpa who started playing wd the coffee mug
"Surbhi... I need space..." she whispered softly
"Ab kyun space Shilpa... Jab Mr Khan jhuk rahe hai tumhare aage..." Surbhi stood up angrily
"Tumhe aisa kyun lag raha hai... Ki vo jhuk rahe hai Surbhi..." she asked slowly keeping the coffee mug on side
"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u Shilpa... Tum kyun nai dekh rahi jo sab dekh rahe hai... Its a high time Shilpa... Ki tum ab Mr Khan ko bol do... Ki tum unse pyaar karti ho... fir sab kuch thik ho jaayga..." Surbhi said politely making her stared her silently

"Aisa kuch nai hoga... aur ye janne k baad vo aur dur ho jaaynge mujhse" she said softly remembering their current situation
"Shilpa tum na..." Surbhi smiled "Nai Shilpa trust me ye work karta hai... Jab Mr Khan ko ye pata chalega ki tum unse pyaar karti ho... To dekh lena vo tumhe observe karenge fir unhe tumse pyaar ho jaayga..." she said normally making Shilpa to give a sad smile
"Tum itni sure kaise ho...??" Shilpa asked smilingly
"Experience... Shilpa... Acha tell me Rehaan aur mujhme se sabse pehle kisse pyaar huaa hoga...??" she asked smilingly crossing her arms to which Shilpa thought for sometime
"Tum" she replied thoughtfully to which Surbhi chuckled and sat beside her
"Naahh... Rehaan..." She said wd a grin which made her surprised
"Seriously Surbhi??" she asked stunned making Surbhi to nod in YES wd a giggle "Koi keh nai sakta I mean... Vo itna calm aur tum... Kaise... Sabko yehi lagta hai ki tum hogi vo jisse pehle pyaar huaa hoga..." she said disbelievingly
"Jaanti hun... But aisa shuru se nai tha..." Surbhi said wd a smile to which she looked at her curiously "Rehaan mujhe bachpan se pyaar karta tha... But kabhi kaha nai kyun ki usse lagta tha... Ki main uski duniya mein fit nai baithungi aur na vo mere ... Main bahoot alag hun vo bahoot alag hai... Uski life bahoot simple meri life bahoot hi high fi ... Isi liye usne mujhse kabhi kahi nai the ye baat" she said lostly
"Fir tumhe kaise pata chala..." Shilpa asked curiously to which Surbhi looked at her
"Uski diary ki wajah se... Par usse pehle mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai..." Surbhi looked at Shilpa hesistately "Promise me tum gussa nai hogi... Aur bura nai maanogi... Aur mujhse baat band karna nai chodogi" She looked at her scardly making Shilpa smiled
"Tum ache se jaanti ho ki main tumse na gussa ho sakti hun na naraz... Hum friends hai to sab kch share kar sakte hai... Tum aaram se bolo" Shilpa cheered her who smiled "Aur main koi immature thodi hun... Tum bolo" she initiated
"Promise..." Surbhi asked to which she nodded in YES smilingly "Thik hai fir suno... Mujhe Mr Khan pe crush tha..." saying this hastily she closed her eyes and when she didn't felt any movement from Shilpa she opened her eyes only to find Shilpa looking at her wd a giggle which made Surbhi relaxed
"Aage fir...??" Shilpa said wd giggle
"Tum gussa nai ho?? I mean.. Mujhe Mr Khan par crush tha..." Surbhi asked confusedly
"Toh... Crush to kisi pe b ho sakta hai Surbhi... Tum b na... Kabhi kabhi to kisi ko apne Cousin pe b crush ho jaata hai to kisi ko class k ladke pe... Isme itna darne waali kaunsi baat hai... Tumne to dara diya tha mujhe..." Shilpa said normally making Surbhi smile
"I luv u Shilpa... Tum duniya mein sabse best ho..." she hugged Shilpa tightly who giggled "Mujhe laga tum baaki wives ki tarah react karogi... Jo kehegi dur raho mere Pati se aur mujhse ..." parting from hug she said smilingly making her chuckled
"Haa kyun ki main baskiyo ki tarah nai hun... Main tumhe b ache se jaanti hun aur Armaan ko b... Most important main tumpe bahoot trust karti hun" She said cheerfully making Surbhi giggle "Aur ab tum plzz mujhe apni luv story sunaogi... I am all ears to u..." She said smilingly making Surbhi nod wd a smile
"Aaye aaye captain..." Surbhi saluted her "Haa to main batati hun ki kyun maine kabhi Rehaan ko dhyaan nai diya... Ek to mujhe already Salman Khan se pyaar tha... Fir class k do teen boys pe crush then at last.. Mera sabse bada crush Mr Khan... Jab maine unhe pehli baar dekha tha... Vo push ups kar rahe thae aur mujhe laga jaise maine Salman Khan ko dekh liya... Fir mera unme interest aaya main Rehaan se milne k bahaane Mr Khan ko dekhne jaati thi..." she started excitedly


"Poor Rehaan..." Shilpa said concernedly making her giggle "Fir..." she asked curiously
"Fir kya.. Mujhe lagne laga ki Mr Khan to mujhe notice b nai karte thae.. Unko to sirf unke Friends, Parties, Sports, Studies aur Racing k siwa kuch nai dikhta tha... Aur jab Mr Khan Dubai jaane waale thae... Do din pehle hi main unse mine gayi unke ghar... But vo nai thae lekin mujhe Rehaan ki diary padhi jisme sab likha tha... Aur main to shocked thi.. Mr Khan aaye aur vo dekhte hi samajh gaye ki maine sab padh liya hai... To unhone mujhe samjhaane ki koshish ki but main vaha se bhaag gayi... Aur pure do din main kisi se nai mili... Sirf Rehaan ki feelings k baare mein sochti rahi..." She said lostly making Shilpa smile "But jis din Mr khan Dubai jaane waale thae teen saal k liye unhone apne Damam k ghar pe saare friends k liye Party rakkhi thi... Main b gayi thi aur Rehaan ka mujhse nazre churana main samajh gayi thi ki usse pata tha ki mujhe pata hai... Fir main ek corner mein baithi thi.. To Mr Khan mujhe apne ghar k peeche waale sea beach pe le gaye just for walk aur vahan unhone mujhe vo samjhaya jo... Aaj tak nai bhuli main..." she said smilingly which made Shilpa frown

"Kyaa??" she asked frowning which made Surbhi to looked at her smilingly


"To kuch kahogi nai...??" Armaan asked smilingly looking back at Surbhi who stopped her walking near the water
"Mr Khan mujhe samajh mein nai aa raha main kaise react karun..." she said slowly which made him smile
"Normal behave karo... Don't make Rehaan to feel guilty.. Ki usne galat kiya tumse pyaar karke..." he said normally walking ahead only to follow by her
"Par main kaise uske one side love ko respond karun... Kyun ki main kuch nai feel karti uske liye ... Except vo mera best friend hai" Surbhi said sadly making him chuckled
"Kaun keh raha hai ki tum uske pyaar ko accept karo yaa refuse... Just don't make him feel neglect" he said coolly putting his both hands in his pockets looking at the sea ,the chilled windy night making his hairs float in air while Surbhi's face was sad one
"Kehna aasan hai Mr Khan... Karna nai... Suppose... Agar mujhe aape crush ho to aap kya karoge...??" she asked slowly but carefully looking at him whose expression was still cool
"Impossible... First reason tum bahoot choti ho mujhse... Second reason crush is normal... Third most reason... Meri manzil alag hai aur tumhari alag..." he said coolly staring at her
"Sirf 8 saal to choti hun..." She said slowly making him chuckled "Aur aapki manzil alag kaise??" she asked confusedly
"Meri manzil alag isliye... Kyun ki sab jaante hai.. Mera Passion sirf mera kaam hai aur koi nai... Meri manzil India yaa koi ladki nai... Meri manzil Dubai... Mera passion Doctor hai... Aur tumhari manzil tumhara aane wala future... Aur job hai" He said smilingly looking back at her
"Mr Khan... Kaam k alawa b zindagi hoti hai..." Surbhi argued
"Haa baba... Janta hun kaam k siwa b zindagi hoti hai... But pehle vo pisition to bana lun Zindagi shuru karne k liye..." his chilled out tone made her yet confused
"Toh matlab... Aap kabhi kisi se pyaar nai karenge... Aur kabhi kisi sse shaadi nai karenge...??" she asked confusedly which made him chuckled and he stood calmly infront of her
"Did u know... What is love??" he asked calmly staring at her who shrugged "Toh fir... Surbhi pyaar koi puchke aane waali chiz nai hai... Jab waqt hota hai ho jaata hai... Haa ye baat alag hai ki... Hume thoda dhyaan dena hota hai..." he made her understand calmly "Aur raha sawaal shaadi ki... Toh vo abhi maine socha nai hai... Aur ye decision maine apne Parents pe choda hai... So main iswaqt in sab tensions se dur rehna chahta hun" walking ahead he said normally
"Matlab aap kisise b shaadi kar loge??" Surbhi asked unbelievably
"Naahh... Main jo b decisions leta hun khud ki marzi se... Aise kaise main kisi se b shaadi kar lunga... Main shaadi usi se karunga... Jisse dekh k mujhe lage... Ki haa yeh mujhe meri puri life k liye chahiyee..." he said coolly looking at the sky "Aur by the way... Hum Rehaan k topic se.. Mujhpe kyun aa gaye.." he asked normally putting his hand on her neck who looked up at him
"To kya karun...??" she asked confusedly making him smile and removing his hand he looked at her
"Acha... To ek kaam karte hai... Mere ek sawal ka jawab dena ok..." he asked calmly to which she nodded in YES silently "Just suppose tum ek island pe fas gayi ho... aur vaha sirf do options hai... Ek tum vahan padi ek boat se chali jaao apne ghar... Dusra tum apne phone se kisi se help maang lo... So tell me kaunsa option choose karogi tum??" he asked calmly crossing his arms
"Offcourse.. Mr Khan main vo boat lekar ghar jaaungi..." she immediately answered to which he smiled
"Kyun boat kyun..?? Tum chahe to phone karke help bula sakti ho... Aur kya pata tum boat choose karo but ek bade se leher ki wajah se tum boat k saath dub gayi to..." his way of teaching her is little twisted but she is getting his intention slowly slowly
"Vo chalega Mr Khan... At least main khud kuch karke marungi... Aur kab tak main kisi help ka wait karungi... Isse acha main khud kuch na karlun..." she said wdout thinking which made him grin
"So... Waqt aa gaya hai ki ab tum kuch karo..." he said calmly walking ahead leaving her behind in deep thoughts
"Matlab mujhe Rehaan ko chance dena chahiyee...??" she asked slowly making him stop in his track
"Nai... Chance mat do observe karo... Just observe karo ki vo tumhare layak hai yaa nai... Kya vo tumhe samajh sakta hai yaa nai... Aur jab observe karne k baad b tumhe ye lage ki vo... Tumhare life mein fit nai hai aur tum uske liye kuch feel nai karti... To chod do... Rehaan already bahot hi smart banda hai samajh jaayga... Uski diary mere paas galti se chut gayi thi... Aur jab maine usse pucha to usne bataya... Ki vo abhi tumhe kuch nai batana chahta kyun ki... Pehle vo tumhare liye kuch banna chahta tha..." Armaan's way to make her realize actually worked so wdout looking back at her he walked calmly
"I think aap sahi keh rahe ho..." she said slowly looking at the sea and ran towards him who smiled
"Toh fir thik hai... Tum usse observe karo... Aur ab hume andar chalna chahiyee kyun ki mujhe abhi do ghante baad nikalna hai... To miss musibat chalo andar..." saying this coolly he walked towards his house's back side door while Surbhi followed him thoughtfully


"See unhone mujhe... Life ki sabse badi sikh di..." Surbhi looked at Shilpa smilingly where as Shilpa felt something like proud inside her heart
"Fir aage...??" Shilpa asked wd a sweet smile on her face
"Fir kya... Mr Khan k jaane k baad ... Maine Rehaan ko observe karna shuru kar diya... Aur Shilpa usse observe karte karte pata nai kab mujhe usse pyaar ho gaya mujhe khud nai pata chala... Aur jab realise huaa... Main NY mein thi apni job kar rahi thi... But wapas jakar maine Rehaan ko propose kiya... Par us buddhu ne mera dil tod diya ye kehkar... Ki abhi vo apne Carrier pe dhyaan dena chahta hai... Mr Khan k India wapas aane se pehle vo khud ko unke kaabil banana chahta hai..." Surbhi said lostly looking at the sky
"To fir Rehaan maana kaise..." Shilpa asked confusedly which made Surbhi giggled
"Tumhare Shauhar ki wajah se..." she replied wd a giggle "Uske mana karne k baad main apna tuta huaa dil lekar wapas NY aayi aur aate hi.. Maine Mr Khan ko call kiya aur rote rote sab kuch bataya... Unhone kaha vo kuch sochenge... Aur thik do din baad Mr Khan ka call aaya mujhe... Aur unhone kaha Surbhi apne office k neeche aao .. Aur main jaise hi pahuchi Me Khan khade thae vahan... Main to shock thi unhe dekh k" she said disbelievingly which made Shilpa chuckled coz she know he can do anything for his loved ones "Nai sach mein Shilpa... Main shock thi unhe dekh k... Fir maine unse pucha vo yahan kaise to unhone bataya vo kisi kaam se NY aaye thae... Aur mere problem ka solution b laaye thae... Unhone mere saamne Rehaan ko phone kiyaa usse pucha mere baare mein... To stupid ne confess kiya ki vo... Mujhse bahoot pyaar karta hai but pehle vo apne family k liye kuch karna chahta hai... Fir khud ko kaabil banana chahta hai mere liye... Usse nai pata tha ki main ye sunn rahi hun... Fir vaha mere problem ka solution mila... Aur mujhe jab mauka mila India aane ka maine Rehaan ko propose kiya firse but is baar usse kaha I will wait for him... Tab jaake shuru hui mere aur mere innocent Rehaan ki luv story..." she said happily which made Shilpa laughed
"Acha hai Rehaan ko realize ho gaya... Aur tumhe b..." Shilps said genuinely to which Surbhi again stood infront of her
"Ab tumhari baari... Isi liye keh rahi hun ki Mr Khan ko propose karo... At least bata do ki tum inse beintehaan mohobbat karti ho..." Surbhi said dreamily to which Shilpa looked at the water silently
"Unhe pata hai main unse pyaar karti hun..." Shilpa's slow voice made Surbhi's eyes big
"What Mr Khan ko pata hai ki tum unse pyaar karti ho...??" she was flabbergasted to which she nodded silently "To kya kaha unhone ne... Unka koi expression tha sunne k baad" she asked excitedly sitting beside her
"Actually main itni pareshaan thi... Ki dhyaan nai diya maine... Ki vo kya soch rahe hai... I think shock thae..." she replied doubtfully to which Surbhi held her head
"Tch... Tumna Shilpa bilkul pagal ho... Dhyaan dena chahiyee tha na tumko... Acha vo chodo ye batao... Sunne k baad unke behaviour mein... Koi change aaya" Surbhi asked happily to which she thought for sometime remembering his behavior but what she remembered her ignorance towards him nothing else
"Dhyaan nai diya..." She shrugged making Surbhi stood angrily
"Allah Miya what's wrong wd u... Tumne dhyaan kyun nai diya unpe..." she scolded her while pacing tro & fro while Shilpa looked down "Acha ye batao... Kis din tumne unhe kaha tha... Kyun ki maine unme kuch changes notice kiya hai..." Surbhi asked smartly looking at her who gulped
"Vo... Jis din Rahul aur Muskaan k Party mein gaye thae.. Ussi din frustratingly bol diya tha..." Shilpa replied honestly
"Hmmm... Us din k baad se Mr Khan ka behaviour... Hmmm" Surbhi started thinking while roaming here & there When it clicked her their Photoshoot scene where he was only staring at her... Their date scene where everyone was talking while Armaan's eyes were fixed on her... His allergy scene where Radha was constantly blabbering but his eyes were fixed on her... How can she forget their car scene where he knowingly fight wd Surbhi just to make Shilpa sat wd him "Oh yes... Oh yes..." she jumped excitedly making Shilpa startled "Haa Shilpa Mr Khan sachmein tumhare liye kuch feel karte hai... Tumne observe nai kiya... Tum dono k Photo shoot k dauran Mr Khan sirf tumhe dekh rahe thae... Tumhaari Date mein jab sab log baate kar rahe thae to unki nigaahen sirf tumpar thi... Jab Radha Buaa tumhe samjha rahi thi vo bas tumhe dekh rahe thae... Last but not the least... Tumne dhyan nai diya... Jab hum Chandigarh jaa rahe thae Mr Khan ka mujhse ladna to sirf ek bahana tha... Taaki vo tumhe aage apne paas rakh sake... Not to forget jab tumhe us bike wale incident se bachaya... Tab unki shakal dekhne laayak thi... Tumse zyada vo dare hue thae... " Surbhi's excited voice made Shilpa to think about him Yes! she is right Armaan's behaviour changed after that day but may be he is just pitying her or there must be chance he is feeling sympathy on her "Kya tumhe kya laga maine vo scene dekha nai tha... Jab Mr Khan ne tumhe bachaya tha... Trust me maine dekha tha..." she giggled looking at her face
"Surbhi ye b to ho sakta hai... Ki Armaan just sympathy show kar rahe ho... Aur aisa jaruri hota hai ki agar hume pata chale ki saamne wala koi hume pasand karta hai... To hum usse observe karke pasand kare... Har kisi ki thinking alag hoti hai" Shilpa said softly remembering about Ansh & her case where it didn't happened
"Acha... Vo sympathy ho sakti hai... But jo hamesha se tha vo to pyaar tha na... Shilpa Mr Khan dimaag se bhule hai sab kuch but dilse vo tumhe pyaar karte hai... Jo abhi b dhadakta hai tumhare liye... Jisse main tabhi samajh gayi thi jab Bhopal mein tum admit thi Hospital mein... He loves u Shilpa bas samajh nai paa rahe but agar tum unka haath thaamogi to vo pyaar samajh jayenge... Varna tumhare dur jaane se vo aur khud ko tumse dur karlenge" she made her understand lovingly " Trust me ye mujhse acha koi nai samajh sakta kyun ki aaj Mr Khan meri position pe hai aur tum Rehaan ki... Jab Mr Khan mujhe keh sakte hai ki main Rehaan k baare mein sochun... toh khud to soch soch k ... Pagal ho gaye honge tumhaare baare mein..." she tried to show the right way
"Aisa nai hona chahiyee Surbhi... Armaan ko mujhse dobara pyaar nai hona chahiyee... Varna main fir se unke karib chali jaaungi aur fir mera dil tutega... Aur Armaan ka pyaar mujhe unse dur jaane nai dega... Hey bhagwaan plzz aisa na ho..." she thought worriedly playing wd her fingers
"Shilpa... Tum vo right person ho Mr Khan k liye trust me... Jab maine ye sunna tha ki vo shaadi karne waale hai vo b apne family k choice se... To main shock thi... But jab main India aayi tumse mili... Tab samajh gayi how much he loves u... Like I am Sorry Bracelet scene... Jo unhone pure College k saamne kaha tha... Main tab samajh gayi thi... Ki tum vohi ho jisse Mr Khan apni life mein dekhna chahte hai hamesha k liye... Aur tum unhi ki choice ho... Shagun ki shaadi mein proove kiya tumne ki tum unke liye perfect ho... Kyun ki Tum easily unke saare friends se ghul mil gayi thi... Specially mujhse... I think tumhe zyada nai sochke... Mr Khan k baare mein sochna chahiyyee.. " Surbhi said smilingly keeping her hand on her hand who gave a sweet smile
"Par main yehi to nai kar sakti Surbhi... Armaan k karib jaane se mujhe dar lagta hai... Ki kahin phir kuch ho jaaye aur vo dur ho gaye to" her heart said to her "Tumhe pata hai Surbhi jab main tumse pehli baar mili thi ... I felt jealous of you... Reason ye tha ki shayad main Arnaan k karib kisiko na dekh sakti thi... Tab to main jaanti b nai thi ki main kuch feel karti hun unke liye... But trust me jab mujhe pata chala tum Rehaan ki fiance ho... Meri saari insecurity chali gayi specially Shagun ki shaadi mein..." she told honestly looking at her who giggled
"Glad main vo zariyaa bani tumhare liye..." Surbhi said smilingly
"Iske liye main Armaan ko bahoot saari thank u kahungi kyun ki unki wajah se mujhe tum logo jaise dost mile family mili... I am so thankful... Pyaar ka nai pata but he has given me lists of happiness" She said truthfully feeling herself lucky
"Infact main thank u kahungi... Mr Khan ko ki unhone mujhe tumhe diya... Coz meri best friend hai ab... Meri aapi k siwaaye.." Surbhi said happily hugging her who laughed "Aur ab plzzz... Mr Jahapanah ka call pick karlo .. Varna vo pareshaan ho jaaynge..." parting from hug she said cutely to which Shilpa giggled nodding in YES
"I think ab hume chalna chahiyee... Varna sab log dhundhenge... Aur hamari class lagegi..." saying this she stood up following by her
"Haa chalo... Tumhe Mr Khan se baat b to karni hogi..." she teased while walking wd her who picked that mug and they both walked inside the palace wd their teasing & fun


25 minutes later...

Mujhe aazmaati hai
Teri kami
Meri har kami
Ko hai tu laazmi...

"Kya karun... Uthaun ki nai... Yaa fir rehne dun..." Shilpa mumbled confusedly looking out of the window then back at her phone which have placed on a couch just beside her "Kya Armaan sachmein badal rahe hai... Ki sabko galat lag raha hai..." she whispered confusedly when again her cell rang flashing Armaan's name "Offo!! Kya ye itni raat ko phone kar rahe hai... ??" she thought confusedly "Ok Shilpa ye zyada ho raha hai... 35 missed calls Armaan k... Zyada gussa aa gaya na unko teri to band baj jaaygi..." she smacked herself mentally and picked her cell phone "Uthale beta..." sitting on couch she slowly scardly received his call "Hello...!!" she said slowly hesistately
"Kahan thi tum...?? Phone kyun nai utha rahi thi mera... Kabse phone kar raha tha...?? Phone show piece k liye nai hota... Ab kuch bologi b...?? Ki phone kyun nai uthaya??" as she recieves his call he bombered his questions angrily making her to close her eyes
"Vo... Main... Haa... Phone shayad Room mein tha... To bhul gayi... Sorryy" she fumbled making him to calm himself
"Haa zaroor... Phone kisi k paas bhul gayi hogi..." his tone was sarcastic which made her quiet "But agli baar dhyaan se... Shilpa maanlo mujhe kuch jarurat hui to... Infact kisiko b jarurat ho sakti hai... To tumhe phone hamesha apne paas rakhna chahiyee..." when he found her quiet he calmed himself and said softly while sitting on bed
"Sorry.. Agli baar dhyaan dungi..." she apologized softly making him smile
"Its ok .." he said smilingly
"Vaise aapne phone kyun kiya tha...?" she asked confusedly while walking towards her bed
"Vo..." he didn't knew what to say coz he only call just to listen her voice but he have to search a reason so he started looking here and there for some excuse "Haa... Vo meri koi b chiz nai mil rahi hai... To tumse puchne k liye phone kiya tha.. Ki kahan rakkha hai sab kuch..." he made some excuse slowly
"Kyaa?? Par main to sab kuch... Vahin place pe rakh k aayi thi... Kya nai mil raha aapko??" she asked confusedly sitting on bed and took the pillow on her lap
"Meri files.. Shoes... Kapde.. Aur b bahoot kuch... Tum mujhe batao... Kahan kya kya rakha hai..." he said calmly while laying straight on bed
"Thik hai... Aapki Files Wardrobe k side wale Shelf pe hai... Aapke Shoes... Shoe Racket mein hai... Aapki Ties neeche k Cupboard mein hai... Clothes aapke saamne hi honge... Wardrobe k... Aur ironed Clothes left side wale mein hoga..." she was saying this constantly wdout stopping while Armaan was feeling her voice after all he missed her voice the most this call was a just a reason to talk wd her he just want to listen her "Samjha... Aapko??" she asked carefully to which he smiled
"Nai ek baar firse bolo..." his voice was so calm that it made her confused
Ek baar firse...??" she asked shockingly to which he just hummed "thik hai... Par is baar aap dhyaan se sunna... Ok... To aapki files..." and once again she started while counting her fingers where as he have a satisfied smile on his face
"Bolti raho..." he said smilingly staring up at the ceilling
"Aur aapke..." and at last she finished "Ab samjha...??" she asked tiredly to which he chuckled
"Haaa... Acha batao aaj ka Function kaisa tha??" he just asked to start their conversation
"Superb tha" she said smilingly when it clicks her head that how did he knew about this coz it was only for girls which they had put specially for Avni "Armaan aapko kaise pata ki aaj koi Function tha??" she asked doubtfully making him smile
"Surbhi ne bataya..." as he said this Shilpa's eyes became wide "Kaafi masti ki tum logo ne... Maine pictures dekhe" he said calmly but it made her too shocked that her cell phone was about to slip
"Kyaa?? Pics??" she asked stunned which he guessed and a smile came on his lips
"Haa..." he replied coolly making her to gulped
"Saare...??" she asked scardly to which he replied YES which made her shocked " Surbhi ki bacchi.. Kal tumhara main band bajaungi... Aargghhh.." she cursed Surbhi mentally
"But kahin b tum nai dikhi... Tumhaari ek b pics nai thi... Tumne enjoy nai kiya kya...??" he asked cheekily making her took a sigh of relief
"Vo.. Breezer kaisa hai...??" she changed the topic while laying on bed
"Vo thik hai... Dilshad Aunty k paas hai..." he informed calmly
"Kyun?? Aap usse wapas nai laaye apne pass??" she asked confusedly
"Aree yaar mere paas itna time kahan hota hai ki main uska dhyaan dunga so maine usse vahi rehne diya... Socha tum aaogi to wapas le aana usse... But morning walk se aate tym main mil leta hun usse..." he said normally looking at her pic which was put on side table
"Ohh..." she can managed this only coz her mind was running on his words 'tum aaogi to wapas le aana usse' she couldnt believe this he said to her
Junoon hai mera
Banoon main tere qaabil...
"But haa vo tumhe bahoot miss karta hai..." he said calmly but also indirectly told about his feelings
"Awww.. Main b usse bahoot miss karti hun..." she said cutely making him smile
"Agar miss karti to phone jarur karti .." he indirectly said about himself making her quiet and there goes their awkward silence "Khair tell me... Avni ki Engagement kaisi thi... Aur Udaipur shift hue ki nai??" he asked normally just to start again conversation coz he already knew these answers from Dev
"Avni ki Engagement bahoot acchi thi... Aur hum teen din pehle hi yahan is Palace mein aaye... But aapko pata hai is Palace mein.. Ek aur shaadi hogi... Infact dono shaadiyo ki places ko lekar problem ho rahi hai... Par Dadiji aur Jai Uncle handle karne ki koshish kar rahen hai" she informed calmly making him angry
"Maine pehle hi Mom ko bola tha.. Ki itne saare jagah tour karke shaadi karaane se koi faida nai... But nai kisine to sunni nai meri ab bhugte" he immediately sat up hearing this
"Armaan ye decision Maa ka thodi hai.. Ye to Raj k family ka decision hai... Fir kaise koi bol sakta hai" she making him understand polietly while sitting again
]"Yaa right..." he rolled his eyes "Jo b ho... Tum mujhe ye batao ki... Tumne mere books kahan rakkhe hai mujhe mil nai rahe hai..." ignoring that he asked normally laying back again which she also did
"Vo to couch k side waale drawer mein hai... Yaa fir study room mein hoga" she said thoughtfully closing her eyes which were getting heavy
"Ok... Aur haa.. Ye Laundry waale ka number kahan hai.. Mujhe mil nai raha ..??" he asked tiredly to which she informed calmly and they both talked for minutes just some random topics when their eyes got heavy and they both went in sleep still the phone was on Its been three days since she came here but since he left her heart was craving to see him talked to him but her fear to loose him already gripped her heart so she didn't call or texted him


One week later...
In Udaipur Palace

"Samajh mein nai aata kya karun... Kya kar diya maine... Kaise bhul gayi thi sab kuch..." a broken Shilpa cried hard holding her knees while her tears mixed wd the rain drops "Ab kaise face karungi main unko... Kahan socha tha unse dur jaaungi but ye to kuch alag hi ho gaya..." hiding her face in her palms she cried hard Actually the thing is its been one week since she talked wd him after that day she didn't called him infact he also didn't called her coz of busy schedule When she woke next morning she found the phone was still on so she immediately hung up the phone and taking a sigh she went down and her days goes like this wd his family but today when she was downstairs Ananya send her to change in some saari coz of some relatives to which nodding in YES she went upstairs to change herself in saari
"Ye Aunties ki problem pata nai kya hoti hai... Unko kya ki koi kya pehne... Bhale hi dress daala ho but nai... Unhe dekhna to saari mein hi hai..." she cursed them angrily while opening the door of her Room "Ye Room unlock kaise... Keys to mere paas hai... Fir kaise??" she frowned as she found her Room's door opened "Kahin chor to nai... Yaa fir koi Room Service wala..." mumbling under her breath scardly she peeped her head inside "Jai Ganpati bappa..." praying wd fear she stepped inside and looked here & there when her eyes landed on Wardrobe side where she saw someone's bare back

"Armaan..." she whispered shockingly looking at Armaan who turned to pick his shirt from bed but seeing her he turned back where as Shilpa's expressions were still shocked not becoz she is seeing him bare chested coz she is seeing his disheveled state his thin body long hairs not to forget that beard on his face also his tired eyes are saying a different story as if he hadn't slept properly his abs are gone more inside His state looks not so good as if she is seeing a 'Devdas' But how he came inside then it clicked on her brain that Yeah Aditi took the keys from her may be she already knew about Armaan's arrival!

Tere bina guzaara
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil...

"Aise kya dekh rahi ho... Kahan thi tum... Kabse phone try kar raha hun...??" his angry plus strict voice made her came out from her thoughts also made her embarrassed
"Aa... Voo... Mmain... Kuch nai..." she fumbled looking away from him who walked closer to her making her heart skipped seeing him bare chest where as he didn't care what she is thinking right now "Par aap... Kaise aapto parso aane waale the...??" she asked slowly looking down


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