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Part 31 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


"Tum pehle meri shirt dhundh k do..." Ignoring that he said calmly rubbing his forehead tiredly to which she nodded in YES and moved towards the Wardrobe
"Vaise Shilpa tujhe to ab tak aadat ho jaani chahiyee... Attacks lene ki... Kyun ki inko thodi seedha raasta dikhta hai ghar mein aane ka..." she cursed him under her breath while looking for his shirt when she felt a hand sneaked on her waist "Huh!!" she got startled as she felt him hugging her from behind "Armaan..." she whispered softly as she felt his face nuzzled in her neck
"I missed u Shilpa..." he whispered softly wd closed eyes hugging her more tightly while her breath stopped feeling his both hands on her waist "Tumhe nai pata kitna miss kiya maine tumhe vahan..." his breath was kissing her skin while his lips brushed wd her crook of neck making her took long deep breaths
"Armaan plzzz..." she tried to remove his hand from her waist pleadingly coz she cant trust herself after months of wait she for the first time felt his step towards her but she can't reciprocate this time not at all "Amm... Ye lijiye aapki... Shirt" removing his hands immediately she picked a black shirt for him nervously and turned to give but bumped wd his bare chest who was staring at her wd intense look "Armaan..." she stepped back nervously when he hugged her tightly who got stunned by his strange change of behavior
"Tumhe kaise bataun... Tumhe kitna miss kiya maine... Ek to phone b nai uthati tum... Vo ghar tumhare bina kuch nai hai Shilpa..." he mumbled softly making his hold more tight on her while his face hided in her hairs where as Shilpa was stiff hearing this her both hands freezes to hug him back while the shirt fell from her hand After so long time she is feeling him near her like this when she felt his hands caressed her back which made her to close her eyes wd moist eyes and she moved her hands to hug him back when
"Shilpa... Dekho na... Ye..." Surbhi's sudden entry made her to push him lightly who became stunned " Oh Shit... Sorryyy" she immediately turned her back at them as she saw Shilpa's flushed face & Armaan's annoying look "Sorryy sorryy mujhe nai pata tha ki aap dono ka romance chalu hai... Varna main kabhi aise nai aati" she said teasingly still not looking at them where Shilpa immediately took her saari and went inside Washroom to change where as he wanted to stop her but didn't had courage so picking his black shirt from floor he wore that
"Tumhe manners to pehle hi nai thae Knock karne ki... Kisi k Room mein aane se pehle hazar baar sochna chahiyee..." tapping on her shoulder he said calmly to which she grinned and turned back at him
"Kyun disturb kar diya...??" Surbhi said teasingly to which he glared "Aree main to Shilpa ko ye batane aayi thi... Ki aap wapas aa gaye hai... Rehaan ne bataya... But aap to pehle hi... Ahhmmm" she teased wd a grin making him shook his head
"Ho gaya... Ab main jaaun...??" he asked in 'not-so-interested' look to which she giggle nodding in YES
"Vaise Mr Khan aap to pure Devdas lag rahe ho... Lagta hai aapne apni ye haalat Shilpa k naa rehne pe bana li hai" she said wd mischievous grin
"Shut up...!!" shaking his head he went from there leaving her giggling there while Shilpa's heart was racing her back was pressed against the Washroom door wd her both hands on her heart


"Aisa kaise ho sakta hai... Main firse kamzor nai pad sakti... Armaan kaise firse mere karib aa sakte hai... May be ye unka akelapan ho... Means ye b to ho sakta hai ki unko sirf meri... Arrggghhh... Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha..." her heart & mind were debating about this his words were still ringing in her ears 'I missed u Shilpa' she put her hands on her ears and immediately wash her face calming herself down where as here his condition was different who was sitting wd Dev for timepass they both were sitting near the garden bench
"So Mom se mila...??" Dev asked normally to which he nodded in NO "Aur meri baat maan to mil b mat... Kyun ki tujhe aisi haalat mein dekh k unko to heart attack hi aa jaayga... Isi liye keh raha hun... Shaving karke milna" he pulled his leg teasingly
"Dev yaar plzz main mazaak k mood mein nai hun abhi... Aur vaise b mera mood nai hai kisi se milne ka... Specially Buaa n all se to bilkul nai faaltu ki care dikhayngi.. Most important Mom to meri class laga dengi..." he said annoyingly rising up from bench
"Vaise tu is waqt ghar mein hai ye baat sirf mujhe pata hai aur Rakesh ko to aur koi nai batayga..." Dev followed him
"Shilpa aur Surbhi ko b pata hai..." he said calmly looking at the sky which is getting dark
"Hmmm... Pehle jaa k kuch kha le... Teri halat dekh k lagta hai kuch khaya piya nai hai tune barso se..." Dev smacked his head lightly making him glared
"Jo b ho abhi to mujhe bahoot nind aa rahi hai... Seedhe jaake sounga..." he replied tiredly while stretching his arms in air "Vaise thank u.. Mujhe Room ki keys dene k liye aur peeche k raaste se laane k liye... Varna ghar k andar entry lena mushkil hota..." he thanked calmly
"Keys lena simple tha... Bas Aditi ko bola Shilpa se thodi daer k liye maang lo... Mujhe kuch kaam hai bas kya usne maanga... Aur tu andar" Dev said normally making him smile when the cloud shrieked loudly "Lagta hai baarish hone waali hai..." Dev looked up at the black thundering clouds
"Par winter mein kaisi baarish??" Armaan frowned
"India ka koi bharosa nai kabhi b kuch b ho sakta hai" Dev shook his head to which he chuckled
"Haa vo to hai... Vo b Udaipur mein..." he agreed while they both walked inside from back side of Palace talking some random things Armaan's sudden appearance was only known to Rakesh & Dev coz when he landed on Udaipur he informed them about his arrival also warned not to inform anyone coz they will overreact His sudden arrival's reason was Shilpa whom he missed the most that made him to drop his idea to come three days before but seeing her he lost his control on himself and hugged her tightly as if seeing her after long time Right now he still can feel her scent inside him but ignoring that he walked inside his Room hiding from everyone "Ab ye kahan gayi...??" he frowned seeing the room empty & lights off only the lights gloom outside making the Room dimmed "Lagta hai neeche gayi hogi..." he mumbled while walking towards the window side where the Rain was dropping heavenly making the Room chilled wd cool wind "Gosh itni jaldi itni baarish" he whispered normally looking up at the sky from window "Ajeeb ehsaas ho raha hai is baarish ko dekh kar... As if its something special" he thought while taking the drops in his palm "Kuch alag hi hai in bundo mein... Jo har kisi ko.. Mehsoos karati hai kuch" his thoughts were getting serious "Pata nai Shilpa main jitna tumhare karib jaata hun... Tum utna hi mujhse dur bhaagti ho.. Pehle to nai tha aisa... Jab main tumse dur rehna chahta tha tum khud... Hi mere paas aati thi... Mujhe apni taraf kheechti thi... But ab nai.. Kyun???" He asked this wd himself when the thunder of cloud made him stepped back from window thinking about Shilpa "Ye abhi tak nai aayi" he frowned looking at the door when his eyes landed on balcony were he found his wife standing under the heavy rain drops fully drenched her back was facing him her both arms were opened in air taking the drops in her palms her blue & golden saari was sticking to her body "Iska bimaar hone ka pura plan hai... Bewkoof" he shook his head seeing her state and he thought to call her but his feet stopped as she turned slowly still wd arms opened His feet freezed seeing her look which is looking breath taking right now her saari is clinging to her body the drops were kissing her face where her eyes were closed feeling the rain... The drops were touching her tempting lips where a small smile was playing then landing from her jaw line to her neck and at last lost somewhere her waist was visible from her saari An urge came to him to kiss her right there right now and removing her saari he want to see every inch of her 

"What the heck... Armaan" he immediately jerked his head away from her as he felt his wild thoughts "Kahin aur dekh... Don't stare her... She is a distraction for u..." calming himself he turned his back at her and tried to concentrate on rain ignoring her completely
"Ye baarish meri zindagi mein jab jab aaya hai Armaan ko laaya hai mere karib... Pehli baar hum issi khubsoorat si hawa aur mausam mein mile thae... Hamara pehla kiss isi baarish k neeche huaa tha.. Hamari pehli raat isi baarish ki wajah se hui thi..." a smiling Shilpa turn again feeling the rain drops on her "Zindagi b kitni ajeeb hai... Haato se sab kuch nikaltaa jata hai... Fir b kuch paana chahta hai..." she thought still wd smile when 'Bracelet may I kiss u...' his voice from past made her to feel him again that moment flashed infront of her eyes making her to snapped open her eyes as if waking from a dream 'I luv u Bracelet...' his words were rewinding inside her head while she looked at herself only to find herself alone there was no Armaan... Only the flashback of him was there wd her who looked at her opened hands which was empty just the drops were there she looked around for him... Only to found him inside the Room near the window side his eyes were fixed on hers... She took a sigh as he looked away from her making her hurt who turned her back at him "Tu b naa Shilpa... Kab aage badhegi... Kitni baar kaha ki bhulja sab kuch... But nai tujhe to shauk haina... Khud ko hurt karne ka... Ab bhugat" she scolded herself mentally only to get more hurt feeling alone and when her tears mixed wd the rain drops she didn't knew

Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera...

"Armaan bula usse varna bimaar padegi ye... Stupid.." he shook his head looking at her standing under the rain silently he cannot see her face coz of her back "Shilpa..." he shouted calmly making her eyes snapped opened and wiping her tears she turn at him "Andar aao... Varna bimaar pad jaaogi..." he said loudly walking at the entrance of balcony door to which she nodded quietly and slowly hesisstatly walked inside making him frown "Ye itni chup kyun hai... Vaise isme kaunsi nai baat hai... Chup to ye hamesha rehti hai... Not really actually jab se Kiya ka scene huaa hai... Isme itna bada change aaya hai ki... Main pagal banta jaa raha hun... But question is baaki sab k saath to normal hai... Fir mujhse kyun problem..." his mind was confused about her who quietly closed the balcony glass door "Shilpa..." he called calmly to which she turned at him wd blank look "Tumhaara dimag kharab hai... Itni tez baarish mein... Tum bheeg rahi thi... Bimaar pad jaati to... Jaanti ho na ye bin mausam barsaat hai... Lekin nai... Tumhe to bheegna hai... Its not some movie... Agar kuch hojata to... Mera..." he was scolding her wdout thinking but stopped when he found her eyes wet which made his heartbeat skipped "Shilpa... Kya huaa??" moving closer to her he asked worriedly to which she cried stepping back "Aree... Tum... Ro kyun rahi ho.. Ok... Ok... I am sorryy..." he didn't knew how to handle this coz her tears weren't stopping "Shilpa... Main to sirf is liye... Bol raha tha... Taaki tum bimaar naa pado... Sorryyy" he whispered softly moving closer to her who stepped back only to get bumped wd the glass door "Shilpa..." he closed his eyes calming himself down and when she didn't stopped he got angry "Enough!!!" he said angrily making her scared "Kabse bol raha hun shaant ho jaao.. Shaant ho jaao... Lekin nai..." he scolded jamming her wd the door which made her to sniffed and wdout saying anything she pushed him lightly who tried to calm himself down but she is testing his level of patience and before she could walked to go he pull her back by her waist almost banging her wd his chest making her stunned while his both hands rested on her bare cold waist which was still wet wd the rain drops where his warm hands were resting giving her heat by his hot body where as her hands were rested on his chest feeling his increasing heartbeat "Ek baar kehne se tumhe to samajh mein to nai aata kuch b..." he whispered sternly near her face whose lashes stared down not wanting to look at his face How can she made him understand that being wd him is making difficult for her their past was coming inside her brain "Shilpa..." seeing her quiet his expressions changed into soft one "Kya baat hai...??" he again asked softly while cupping her face whose eyes looked up at him wd thudding heart her hands gripped his shirt tightly making him moved his face more closer to her who closed her eyes feeling his thumbs removing the drops from her cheek a current passed in him staring at her this close Their noses were touching each other His one hand slowly went down to hold her waist while his other hand was still on her cheek This enchanting feeling which he is feeling right now is very new for him her deep breaths... Shivering body... Trembling lips... Tight hold on his shirt... Everything is pulling him closer to her he watched her face carefully as if tracing every corner wd his eyes... His knuckles softly caressed her cheek which resulted her hold more tight on his shirt almost pulling him closer... He smiled slowly seeing his effect on her... His thumb smoothly caressed her waist which made her shivered... He moved his one hand to tucked her strand of wet hairs behind her ear and closing his eyes very smoothly he kissed her cheek almost lingering his lips there which made her heartbeat skipped... Then he looked at her closed eyes & trembling lips making his thumb to caressed her lower lip still staring at her deeply

"Armaan..." she breathed as she felt his hot breath on her lips and closing his eyes he found her trembling lips and as he put his lips on her she opened her lips which resulted their kissing... His one hand was on her waist pulling more closer to him while his other hand was on her cheek... The kiss was soft and gentle at first but when he felt her hold tight on his shirt it turned a passionate one... Armaan felt something very magical and new feeling in his heart where as Shilpa felt to loose her senses on his arms again... After all she felt this sensation after soo long time... His upper lip sucked her lower lip so tightly that it made her hands to move upwards on his neck... Her weight was getting loose on his body which resulted them to banged wd the glass door "Ar...maan..." she moaned his name heavenly as he leaved her lips for breath their heartbeat was getting heavier by this... His eyes stared at her passionately her heavy breaths... Moans... Her up & down chest... Not to forget her swollen lips arousing him to kiss her again which he did also but this time softly... He sucked her lower lip softly which She responded equally while his hands caressed her curves passionately resulting her both hands to cup his face... This kiss turned more passionate when he found every trace of her mouth... Passing a current b/w them... According to him this is their first kiss... How he wanted her he knew now... How he desired for her realized now...He unlocked her lips slowly as he felt her breath stopped he panted on her face whose heart was beating at its fullest speed... He was so lost in her that his face lowered down on her chin where he kissed then on her throat... Neck... His kisses were so passionate that her hands automatically reached inside his hairs caressing them which made him more encourage... His stubble was tickling her whole neck but lost in his touch she forgot everything even this that her saari's end was pull down from her shoulder by him... His kisses turned into smooches while his both hands pulled her more closer by her waist making her shivered by his hot hands... He kissed on her cleavage where he wanted to kiss since he saw that on their anniversary night where as his one hand moved behind her back and pulled her blouse string an instant making her eyes snapped opened realizing what she is doing... Not again... She cant take risk by hurting herself again... And wd her full force she pushed him still trembling by his touch who was too shocked at this but seeing her lashes down and her condition made him realize about their current situation

"Shit!!" he immediately turned his back at her while moving his both hands in his hairs where he still can feel her hands where as seeing his back she thought he is regretting and wdout saying anything she corrected her saari and ran from there as soon as possible "Danmm... Armaan.. Can't u control urself..." he smacked himself mentally still breathing hard when he realised he didn't regretted this moment then why the hell is he showing his back to her and this scene was mutually participated which means she also not regretting this "Offcourse Armaan... Tu regret nai karta ye moment... Infact its something magical... And most important to tell her how much u missed her... Tu uske bina nai reh sakta batade... Aur chahta hai ki ab sab kuch thik ho tum dono k bich... Like a real Husband and Wife... Tell her" his heart & mind both encouraged him to which taking a sigh he turned to face her only to get shocked seeing the place empty "Kahan gayi ye...??" he thought confusedly opening the door of the balcony and here Shilpa ran on Terrace of Palace and closing the door of Terrace she sat against the door and cried hard feeling rejected
"Bahoot ho gaya..." getting her throat dried she consoled herself "Shilpa bas yaar kab samjhegi tu... Ki Armaan k liye tu kuch nai hai except the thing wife... Kyun jhukti hai tu... Control kiya kar khudpe aise kaise tu kho jaati hai sab kuch bhul ke..." her mind scolded her while she is still crying "Haa Shilpa bas yaar... Ab mat jhuk... Bhuljaa aab kuch... Aur unko ignore kar... Kuch nai hai tu unke liye... Bhul mat..." this time her heart said getting hurt and pulling her knees closer to her chest she cried hard still sitting under the rain she can still feel his lips on her neck and his hands on her waist... She cried putting her head on her knees still thinking about their kiss


After 25 minutes

"Stop this Mom... I am fine yaar" an irritated Armaan said loudly as his Mom put another bite inside his mouth while all the Aunties giggled seeing him
"Oye khale puttar... Vaise b dubla hota jaa raha hai tu" one of Aunty joked making him annoyed
"Armaan maarungi main agar... Face banaya to..." Ananya scolded forwarding another spoon towards his mouth
"Mom... Yaar bas... I am full" he moved his head back stopping her hand
"Tu khata kyun nai... Sukda hota jaa raha hai..." Dadi spoke caressing his hairs lovingly
"Dadi main bilkul thik hun... Bas sona chahta hun inko roko" looking up at his Dadi he requested
"Awww..." all Aunties adored which made him annoyed
"Tu bina bataye kyun aaya...?? I am sure Shilpa tujhe dekh k shock ho jaaygi..." Geeta teased to which he rolled his eyes
"Usi ki wajah se to yahan fasa hun..." he cursed her mentally Yes coz of her he landed in this situation... After looking for her in the Room he went out to search her when he bumped wd Geeta who almost got an heart attack finding him there suddenly and before he could stop her she called Ananya Dadi and everyone... Seeing him Ananya almost fainted and Dadi got worried seeing his look... And dragging him in his Room all the ladies started pampering him which he was getting irritated
"Acha tujhe kuch chahiyee... Main neeche jaa rahi hun.." Radha said smilingly to which he looked at her
"Bas meri biwi de do... Aur kuch nai maangunga" he wanted to say this but he didn't "Nai main mujhe kuch nai chahiyee... Thank u" he said calmly sitting comfortably on bed
"Aur tumne kisiko bataya kyun nai... Ki tum aa rahe ho... Most important us din bina mile kaise gaye tum" Ananya scolded to which he looked up
"Main kitni baar bataun ki.. Mujhe late ho raha tha to nikal gaa... Important Kaam tha mera" he said annoyingly while rising up
"Oye tere kaam ne to tujhe itna busy rakh diya hai ki tujhe tym hi nai hai kisi k liye..." one of the Aunty scolded him
"Haa to... Ab tak to iske baccho k saath khelna chahiyee tha hume but iske kaam k chakkar mein hume b wait karna padega.." Geeta said teasingly making him to calm himself not to burst on anyone
"Yaha baccho ki maa ka ata pata nai hai... Baccho ki baat kar rahe hai ye log" he thought rubbing his forehead tierdly
"Bas bahoot ho gaya... Pehle isse aaram karne do... Dekho kitna thaka huaa hai..." Naina took his side smilingly
"Thank u Aunty... Koi to mere baare mein soch raha hai..." he gave a side hug to her calmly who smiled when Shilpa entered in room silently deciding to ignore him but seeing the ladies she was shocked
"Kahan thi tu... Koi khabar b hai ki... Armaan aaya hai" Radha scolded as she saw Shilpa entering in Room which took everyone's attention including Armaan who took a sigh looking at her yet he controlled himself from dragging her somewhere for his answers
"Vo main... Vo..." she didn't knew what to say so she looked down
"Oye dekh tera Pati aaya hai... Hamesha ki tarah bina bataye..." Geeta teased making her to stare him who glared her while crossing his arms
"Uske khud k hosh ude hue hai... Isse dekh k" one of the Aunt joked to which everyone giggled except ArSh
"Aree tum bheegi kaise??" Ananya noticed her wet saari clinging to her while she is shivering now
"Vo main... Bahar thi to baarish... mein" she said slowly looking down to which he rolled his eyes by her fake answer coz he knows she must be crying somewhere
"Tum b na Shilpa... Jaao change karlo... Varna bimar pad jaaogi" Naina said concernedly to which she nodded in YES and was about to go when
"Oye Armaan... Tere gale pe ye scratch kaise...??" one of his Aunt asked pointing at his side neck where a small red scratch was marked
"Scratch??" he frowned touching that place which immediately took him back in their kissing movement where her nail scratched his neck unknowingly coz of getting out of breath when they were kissing... Shilpa was observing his face which became stiff for minute but when she saw that scratch immediately it click that it was done by her... Her face became flushed remembering their close proximity but as she saw his eyes caught her eyes she looked away from him making him to shook his head
"Bolna kaise laga...??" Geeta asked which made him to look at Shilpa who was praying inside
"Mujhe kya pata... Laga hoga... Har waqt dhyaan nai deta main" he replied annoyingly
"Usse chod do vo pagal hai... Shilpa tum jaao change karlo..." ignoring him Ananya said politely to Shilpa who nodding in YES took her dry clothes from Cupboard and went inside Washroom to change "Acha ab hum logo ko b chalna chahiyee... Chalo" looking at the ladies she said normally
"Thank u very much.. Kyun ki mujhe nind aa rahi hai..." he thanked hugging Ananya from side who smiled
"Haa thik hai thik... Jaa rahen hai... Tu so aaraam se..." Geeta smacked his head lightly which made the ladies smiled
"Aree aap bas yahan se jaao to sahi.. Main do minute mein so jaaunga..." He said calmly making Dadi to smack his arm lightly
"Acha chalo hum jaate hai... Gud night" Radha said smilingly to which he just pass a small smile and all the ladies went from there except Ananya & Dadi
"Tum thik se apna khayaal nai rakhte thae na... Isiliye main chahti thi ki tumhaare saath koi rahe" Ananya scolded to which he sat again on bed
"Not now Mom main bahoot thak gaya hun..." he said annoyingly
"Haa Ananya usse aaram karne do... Subhe gussa kar lena... Dekho kitn thaka hua hai ye.." Dadi pampered him who smiled
"Haa zarur aapka laadla jo hai..." Ananya said calmly making Dadi to nod in YES "Acha ab hum jaa rahe hai... Aur kal subhe tak mujhe tumhara ye hulia nai dikhna chajiyee varna ghar se nikal dungi..." she directly warned him while pointing her finger at him who shook his head
"Nai aisa kuch nai hoga... Aap jaao" holding her from her shoulder he took her to the door
"Tumhe itni jaldi kyun hai bhejne ki hume..." she raised her bows making him quiet
"Ananya vo sona chahta hai... Isiliye tum b naa..." before he could make any story Dadi said to which he smiled
"Exactly... Luv u Dadi" he kissed on his Dadi's cheek who made her face
"Amm... Teri daadhi chub rahi thi... Sabse pehle to isse shave karna subhe..." Dadi warned which made him chuckled while Ananya giggled
"Chalo acha jaao sone... Aur Shilpa se bolna garam coffee pee le... Varna bimaar pad jaaygi... Pata nai kyun ye har baar baarish mein bheeg jaati hai" Ananya instructed to which he nodded
"Gud night..." wishing them he closed the door of his Room
"Pheww! Finally gaye..." keeping his back against the door he closed his eyes while taking a sigh "Ab iski baari... Ye gayi kahan thi... Aur fir bheeg kyun gayi... Agar bimaar pad jaati to" muttering under his breath he walked towards their bed when the click of Washroom's door made him look at her who came out from Washroom changing in saari while rubbing her hairs wd the towel making him forgot to blink she kept the towel on chair quietly and turned at his side only to get startled seeing him approaching towards her who stepped back scardly "Kahan gayi thi...??" he asked calmly as he stood infront of her

"Vo... Mmmain..." she fumbled while looking around except him

Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera...

"Rehne do... Ye batao.. Wapas baarish mein bheegne ki jarurat kya thi...??" this time he asked strictly while putting his both hands inside his pocket "Agar bimaar pad gayi to...??" he scolded to which she looked down thinking why he is behaving normal as if nothing happened b/w them few hour ago??
"Mmujhe nind aa rahi hai..." she replied nervously trying to move past him but he gripped her hand only to leave it in second feeling her body burning
"Oh Shit!! Tumhe to tez bukhaar hai..." he said worriedly checking her neck & forehead which is burning now "Isiliye bola tha... Itna baarish mein mat bheego... Varna bimaar padogi... But nai sunti kahan ho meri... Aao" he started lecturing her while making her sat on sofa
"Aaachhhiii..." she sneezed putting her hands on her mouth
"Lo... Cold b ho gaya..." he spoke worriedly looking at her tiered eyes and innocent face "Tum yehi baitho main... Kuch garam mangaata hun..." saying this he stood while calling a Room Servicing manager where as she was only staring up at him confusedly
"Yaa to decide karle dur jaana hai... Yaa karib..." her mind scolded her "Shilpa... Direct bol de ki tujhse dur rahe... Kyun ki tera to koi bharosha nai... Tu kab kho jaaye inme" her mind taunted her who was staring down at her fingers "Aaacchhhiii..." she again sneezed taking his attention
"Yaa... Jaldi" saying this hurriedly he hung up the phone and stood beside her "Thand lag rahi hai..." he asked worriedly looking at her who rubbed her nose after another sneeze
"Nai... I am fine..." she said slowly wdout looking at him who guessed her ignorance he knew she didn't regret their Kiss then why the hell did she ran?? Why she is ignoring him?? As if it was his fault?? She herself pulled him closer & equally participated in that!
"Shilpa... See iswaqt tumhe rest ki jarurat hai... So kindly main jo kehta hun vo karo" he tried to say in calm voice and took her hand in his making her looked at him confusedly thinking When he regret their kiss then why he is showing this concern & care??
"Kyun jo aap kahe hamesha main karun..." she stood up angrily as he checked her wrist where as he was stunned at her sudden anger "Kyun ye jhuti care dikha rahe hai... Armaan" she asked frustratingly looking at him who stood infront of her
"Kya bakwaas kar rahi ho tum...??" he asked confusedly moving closer to her who stepped back hurtfully
"Haa aapko meri baate bakwaas hi lagegi..." she said in hurt tone while her eyes got moist where as he is hell confused at her sudden anger
"Shilpa... Jo bhi kehna hai kal kehna... Abhi aaram karlo... Hum baad mein baat karte hai... Chalo..." he tried to say in polite way while holding her from her shoulder who pushed him
"DUR RAHIYEE MUJHSE..." she said angrily while stepping back making his anger raised
"KYUN?? KYUN DUR RAHUN MAIN TUMSE... WIFE HO TUM MERI..." jerking her towards him by her shoulder he asked angrily
"HAA JAB AAP CHAHO WIFE... JAB AAP CHAHO AAPKE PARENTS KI BAHU... JAB AAP CHAHO KUCH NAI... HAINA" her tone was hurtful which made him frown
"KYAA??" He frowned loosing his hold on her shoulder who freed herself from him wiping her tears making him to calm himself "Shilpa... Hum baad mein baat karenge... Chalo pehle aaram karlo... Tumhari tabeat thik nai hai" he said softly holding her wrist which was burning
"AAPSE DUR RAHUNGI TO THIK RAHUNGI..." she said wd sniffing making him hurt
"Kya kaha tumne??" making her looked at him he asked in controlled voice
"Yehi ki aap se dur rahungi to thik rahungi..." staring at him she said in strong voice making him more hurt "Haath chodiye mera..." she pulled her hand back wd hurtful look and turned to go when he jerked her towards him angrily
"KHUDKO SAMAJHTI KYA HO TUM... KUCH B SOCHTI HO AUR KUCH B KARTI HO... KYA KAHA TIMNE KI TUMSE DUR RAHUN... KYUN DUR RAHUN MAIN TUMSE..." piercing his teeth angrily he glared her "PATNI HO TUM MERI... RIGHT HAI MERA TUMPE..." he said angrily which hurted her more Coz of that Husband line which means he is also like other husbands who want to controlled his wife Dominate his wife

"What the hell are u saying...??" he asked angrily "Dimag thikaane pe to hai... Tumhara" he scolded her digging his nails on her shoulder
"Armaan plzz... Mujhse dur rahiyee..." she almost pleaded wd tearful eyes making him realize about her weak condition May be it is coz of her fever "Plzzz... I am begging u" she cried keeping her head on his shoulder which made him calm also he felt her burning body

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe
Tteri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai
Tu laazmi...

"Shit!! Armaan.. Ye kya kar diya..." he cursed himself mentally while rubbing her back "Ssshhh... Relax" he whispered softly caressing her hairs "Chalo baitho..." making her sit again on sofa he sat beside her who now have started hiccuping "Sshhh... Calm down Shilpa..." he cupped her face worriedly who turned her face away from him while removing his hand "Tch!! Yaar... Kya bachpana hai ye..." he asked tiredly by her childish behavior while moving closer to her
"Aap... Plzz..." she tried to say again in her weak voice while trying to push him wd her fist
"Haa thik hai... Nai aaunga tumhare karib... But usse pehle thik ho jaao... Fir jitna chahe utna chilla lena..." he said calmly while grabbing her both fist in his firm grip when the knock of their Room's door made him looked away from her and he stood up to open the door
"Sir aapka order..." the Room Service man said politely while forwarding the food trey towards him as he opened the door
"Aur jaldi aa jaate..." he taunted taking the food trey from his hand
"Sorry Sir... Vo lift bich mein hi ruk gayi thi... To mujhe wapas jakar laana pada.. " that man apologized politely
"Koi baat nai... Thank u" he said calmly to which the Room Service man nodded and went from there "Hmmm..." taking a sigh he closed the door and kept the food tray in table "Shilpa... Utho yaar" sitting beside her he tapped her cheek who is sleeping now wd her head rested on sofa post "Lo so gayi ye to..." he mumbled softly staring at her sleeping figure when he noticed her vulnerable & weak state "Kya ho gaya yaar tumhe... Main kuch b samajh nai paa raha hun... Kyun tum mere liye aur complicated hoti jaa rahi ho..." caressing her cheeks lovingly he thought about her "Agar isse abhi hilaaya maine yahan se... To fir cheekhegi... Aur bina kuch khaaye lad padegi... Wait karna hoga iske uthne ka... Par khaana??" he whispered to himself staring at her intently "Pata nai kya kya keh rahi thi ye... Dur raho... Husband... Na jaane kya kya... Ye mere liye ab puzzle banti jaa rahi hai..." he thought while keeping his head on sofa post "Jitna samajhna chahta hun.. Utna hi ye aur khud ko band kar deti hai..." his thoughts were getting deep while his gaze was fixed up on the ceiling "Sab meri galti hai.. Pehle kabhi usse samajhne ki koshish nai ki... Jab ye mere paas hoti thi... Aur ab jab samajhna chahta hun to khud ko dur kar rahi hai..." he crossed his arms thinking deeply "Na jaane kya kya bol rahi thi... But saari baate mujhe hurt kyun kar rahi thi... Kya ye isliye keh rahi thi kyun ki hamara... Kiss but that was not any mistake or something it was mutual... Infact its a high time to take next step in our relation... But usse pehle mujhe hamare bich ki saari misunderstandings clear karni hogi... Aur jo isne kaha uska reason b dhundna hoga" he decided in his mind when he felt her head on his shoulder making him startled "Gosshhh! Ye na kisi din meri jaan legi..." he mumbled shaking his head when his eyes landed on her innocent face "Sote hue kitni maasum lagti hai... As if kuch nai pata" he smiled lightly staring at her face when his eyes landed on her lips which made him to go back in their Kiss scene

"I don't think ki main vo regret karta hun... Infact I feel like ki maine pehli baar tumhe kiss nai kiya hai... As if I am used to it..." he thought tucking her hairs side and kissing her head lovingly he kept his head on her head while closing his eyes but few minutes later he felt her shivering body holding his arm tightly making him to open his eyes "Ye to puri... Kaamp rahi hai..." he looked at her and wdout thinking anything lifted her up in his arms and carefully made her lay on bed "Kahin zyada tez bukhar na ho..." checking her forehead he kept the comforter above her and picking that cotton strips & ice box from trey which he had ordered he put that cotton strip on her forehead "Bukhar to normal hai but ye inta shiver kyun kar rahi hai..." he frowned while checking her nerves and taking out another comforter he put above her "Kaise samjhun main isse... Jittna koshish karta hun ye aur dur jaati hai..." he thought sitting beside her 'HAA JAB AAP CHAHO WIFE... JAB AAP CHAHO AAPKE PARENTS KI BAHU... JAB AAP CHAHO KUCH NAI... HAINA' her words rang again inside his brain "Aisa to bilkul nai hai Shilpa... Tum kuch nai... Sab kuch ho meri... Fir tumhe kyun aisa lagta hai yaar.. Ki main kuch nai samajhta tumhe" he thought while caressing her hairs lovingly 'AAPSE DUR RAHUNGI TO THIK RAHUNGI...' laying beside her he thought again about her words "Jhut kehti ho tum ki tum mujhse dur reh k thik rahogi... Agar tum thik rahogi to sirf mere saath main ye jaanta hun... Ache se... Ek din b tum mere bina reh nai sakti aur mujhse dur rahogi.. Impossible Shilpa" he smiled confidently at his thought When she turned her position towards him which made the cotton strip fell from her forehead "Tch!!" shaking his head he kept back again which made her snuggled closer to him
"Armaan..." she whispered still in deep slumber while keeping her cheek on his palm and held his hand wd her both hands making him stunned for seconds

"Lair..." he chuckled at her this gesture "Aur keh rahi thi main dur rahun" he smiled staring at the cieling not removing his hand from her cheek 'YEHI TO KAAM HOTA HAI AAP HUSBANDS KA... BAS HAQ JATANA AATA HAI... JHUTA DIKHAWA KARNA AATA HAI... DUNIYAA K SAAMNE SIRF JHUTA RISHTA DIKHANA... AUR FIR USE KARKE THROW KAR DENA... YEHI HOTA HAINA HUSBAND... HAINA ARMAAN' immediately her this words rang inside his brain "Kehna kya chahti thi ye.. In words ka kya matlab... Dammm more complications... But puchna to padega... Kyun ki ab main nai chahta ki hamaare bich koi b galat fehmi rahe... Most important hume saath rehna hai puri zindagi... Kal hi puch k rahunga in sab k baare mein... Usse b zyada... Hamare bich ki ye distance k baare mein..." he was deciding this wd closed eyes and when his eyes dropped down he didn't knew How much he wants her he have no idea about it... How much he loves her he never thought... The thing Mr Armaan Malik knew is he cant survive wdout her... And by hook or crook he will make her stay wd him... Anyhow



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