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Part 33 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)

Synopsis of Part 32
"Yes, you hurt me. Yes, you cheated on me. Yes, you left me. Yes, I cared. Yes, I cried... but No, I haven't stopped loving you."

The pain started years ago, but I'd lived with it for so long at that point that I'd accepted it as an inevitable part of me.!Cry Shilpa is broken wd all the old memories haunting her! ArSh end up celebrating their Anniversary finally!Embarrassed ArSh get little closer wd Armaan learning about his feelings for Shilpa! They KISSED and this got complicated more when she bursted on him! Let's Read Could he solve his puzzled life?Confused

"That's the funny thing about old hurts- they just wait for new heartache to come along and then show up, just as sharp and horrible as the first day you woke up with the world changed all around you."

Part 33 :


Three days later...
10:30 PM

"Shilpa acha huaa tu Party mein nai gayi... Varna tujhe vahan unko dekhna padta... Aur fir koi scene hota tum dono ka... Tu tune kuch galat nai kiya vahan jakar..." taking a deep breath she convinced herself while walking in the Corridor "Infact Shilpa tu Room mein b jaa mat... Kyun ki agar tu vahan jaaygi to kya pata by chance tujhe vahan... Armaan mil jaaye tab to tu kya karegi... So teri bhalaai isi mein hai ki tu... Bach k rahe... So tu naa hi jaaye to acha hai" her mind suggested her to which she nodded in YES and thought to seat somewhere so looking for empty place she walked in one of the corner side of the Corridor where some sitting arrangements with some sofas & chairs were kept for relaxing in Palace "Ye Rishubh aur Rudra ko b usi waqt aana tha... Achi khaasi jagah dhundhi thi baithne k liye... Dono ki wajah se chodni padi" cursing them mentally she sat in left side of sofa "Pata nai kab khatam hoga... Ye bhagna mera unse" keeping her head on her hand she thought when
"Aree Shilpa... Tum yahan akeli kyun baithi ho??" Aaysha's question made her looked up finding Aaysha wd little Shivya standing beside her
"Aree Aaysha tum...?? Aao baitho na..." she said smilingly and patted at sofa making Aaysha smiled
"Haa vo ye chup nai ho rahi thi... To socha thoda walk kar lun aur isse b sula dun" Aaysha replied sweetly sitting beside her who looked at the cranky Shivya
"Oohhh dekhun isse kya huaa hai... Aao babu..." she offered her hands infront of Shivya who looked at her for sometime then hide her face in Aaysha's shoulder making them giggle "Vaise isse kya hua hai...??" she asked smillingly ruffling Shivya's hairs cutely
"Aree isse cold huaa hai... Aur kal se cranky behave kar rahi hai..." Aaysha replied smilingly to which Shivya again starred back at Shilpa
"Kyun... Mamma ko pareshaan kar rahe ho..." Shilpa said in kidish tone looking at Shivya who was sitting b/w them
"Main nai.. Mamma pareshaan kar rahi hai..." Shivya complained in her kidish way which made Shilpa giggled
"Acha... To abhi batati hun Mamma ko..." saying this cutely she lightly slapped on Aaysha's shoulder who hided her smile "Aur maaru..." she asked in fake anger
"Bas... Mamma samajh gaye hai..." Shivya replied slowly hugging Aaysha which made the ladies giggle
"Hmmm... Iska chodo... Tum batao Party mein nai gayi...??" Aaysha asked after sometime looking at her who was playing wd Shivya's fingers
"Aamm... Nai vo mera mood nai tha..." she replied slowly
"Kyun... Ready to lag rahi ho Party k liye... I mean bahoot beautiful lag rahi ho..." Aaysha said polietly pointing at her who wore a black knee length simple one piece wd black belt also her black high heels and her hairs were opened making her Stunning for Party
"Aree vo main ready ho hi chuki thi fir suddenly... Head pain karne laga.. Aur drop kar diya idea Party mein jaane ka..." she replied carefully
"Ooo... To isi liye tum yahan thandi hawa mein baithi ho..." Aaysha smiled to which she nodded quietly "Par Armaan to Party mein gaye honge na...??" she asked normally making her gulped
"Issi liye to yahan baithi hun.." she thought "Haa... Gaye honge... Vaise tumhe kaise pata??" she asked for confirmation
"Aree Adi baat kar rahe thae phone pe... Keh rahe the ki tu aa raha haina Party mein Armaan... Aur shayad unhone haa kaha..." Aaysha replied normally making Shilpa's heart jumped happily
"Acha hai sab friends firse mil lenge .." she nodded normally
"Haa vo to hai... Hum b to kitne mahine baad mile... Armaan k accident k baad hum aaj mil rahe hai..." Aaysha smiled "Vaise ab tak to Armaan tumhe aur is rishte ko samajh chuke honge na...??" she asked normally looking at her whose smile faded hearing this How can she forget Aaysha was the first person who made her realized about her feelings towards Armaan specially she cleared her all insecurity towards their marriage
"Kya karun Aaysha se help lun...??" she thought confusedly "Dekh Shilpa ye tere aur Armaan ka personal matter hai to tujhe Aaysha ko to bich mein laana hi nai chaiyee..." her mind answered "Aur bhul mat Armaan chahte hai ki... Koi tum dono k rishte pe point na kare jo sahi b hai... To koi jarurat nai kuch b kehne ki" her heart warned "Obviously! Agar tu Aaysha se ye puchegi ki... Aaysha kya main sahi kar rahi hun Armaan ko chod k... Sirf apni insecurities ki wajah se .. To vo to yehi sochegi ki tujhse badi pagal koi nai hai..." her mind scolded so she dropped her idea
"Shilpa..." Aaysha clicked her fingers infront of her who came out from her thoughts
"Haa... Aaysha sab kuch thik hai... Armaan mujhe aur hamare rishte dono ko samajh chuke hai" she replied normally to which Aaysha smiled
"Acha hai... Main bahoot khush hun ki tum khush ho... Kyun ki tum bahoot happiness deserve karti ho... Aur vaise b unko samajhna to tha hi... Tum unse itna pyaar jo karti ho" Aaysha's supportive voice made her to show a fake smile slowly while from inside she was feeling emptiness
"Amm... Tum batao kaisa jaa raha hai sab kuch??" She immediately changed the topic to which Aaysha started telling about her life making Shilpa to nod in YES but from inside a sudden pain gripped her heart remembering about her current life Where she didn't knew what to choose?? How to accept her marriage again?? Specially her stubborn Husband who was making more complications in their marriage... His sudden change of behaviour made her think that he is like other dominating Husbands who lived in this society... Who thinks Wives are Servants who will take care of his Family and his needs... Who cook foods for them... Who also thinks Wives are just a Wh**e... A body for fulfilling their desires & needs... A producing factory for their child... In this relation they only look Wives as a Women whom is only to be uses in World for such needs... They never thought to love his Wife... But they always think to make love to them... And when they are satisfied they started looking outside for affair while the Wife manages his Kids and Family in Home...


Yes Shilpa's thinking has reached here again... Coz he made her think like this... Gone was her loving & caring Husband who took care of her in every mode like a knight... And now,here this Husband is a real Husband who only wants to dominate her... Keep her under his control ... Actually Armaan himself made her think like that... After talking wd Divya his thoughts went to Shilpa that why she is stepping back now... When she herself confessed that she loves him and she claims... she regret this feeling and hates him...Why?... Which he couldn't believe coz what her eyes always shows was denying the words she said!... So Armaan started thinking about a solution to know actual reason behind her denial... Which took him to the moments which he spent wd her... He started thinking about her deeply and started studying her behaviors in Past which simply defined... How much she loved him... And he was the biggest jerk who unnoticed her love... Only if he observed at that time they would have been living normally... Stupid he... After spending his two hours in Park he stepped inside the Palace... Only to spot Avinash, Aditya, Shagun, Aaysha wd Shivya there who dropped here to attend Avni's Wedding... They all met and talked for hours including Dev... And at last retired to their Rooms... And as he entered in Room he found her sleeping on bed which brought a smile to his lips accompained wd the guilty for his rude behavior but didn't she left any choice for him ... He quietly laid beside her who didn't had any idea that her Husband was watching her face calmly and slept still wdout realizing... Next morning when he woke up as always she was out from bed... being disappointed he went for shower and getting ready he came downstairs only to know that there was Haldi function of Avni... Which made him not interested so he went out for walk... Just then when he was about to move out from Palace, he bumped wd someone who was non other than Mr Ansh Khurana...
"Armaan..." Ansh smiled surprisingly
"Ansh right...?" he smiled to which nodding in YES Ansh forwarded his hand to shake which he did politely "So tum yahan...??" he asked normally
"Haa... Vo main... Actually main yahan shaadi kar raha hun..." as Ansh said this an unknown joy felt in Armaan's heart
"Ooo... Congrats..." he congratulated
"Thank u... Shaadi next week hai... Isi Palace mein" Ansh said politely to which he smiled "Vaise tum yahan...?" he asked
"Actually meri Cousin ki shaadi hai..." Armaan replied normally
"To kya Shilpa b yahan hogi..." Ansh thought "Acha... Shilpa kaisi hai??" suddenly he blurted out only to regret in next second "Kya kiya tune... I hope Armaan galat na le is baat ko..." he thought worriedly where as hearing this a sudden jealousy hit his heart thinking what did he mean? 'Shilpa kaisi hai'

"Yaah... She is fine..." he replied normally dismissing any negativity "Don't worry... Main usko launga tumhari shaadi mein" he said smilingly
"Nai Armaan... Rehne do... Actually don't force her on anything... I mean mujhe acche se pata hai vo nai aaygi... So let it be..." he said politely but it made Armaan confused that how he knows her well
"I think tum bahot acche se jaante ho Shilpa ko" Armaan asked normally to which he smiled
"Nai utne acche se nai jitna tum jaante hoge..." Ansh's reply was polite one to which he smiled
"Main to kuch b nai jaanta hun uske baare Ansh" he thought looking away from him "Vaise tum dono best friends thae right...??" he asked normally to which Ansh gave a nod "Kya karun isse puchun ki kya vo shuru se aise hi complicated hai... Yaa fir mere saath rehkar bani hai... But agar puchunga to ye to yehi sochega ki... Tu kitna bada bewkoof hai apni Wife k baare mein kuch nai jaanta" he thought
"Kya main isse puchun ki Shilpa khush to hai?? Nai re Ansh... Agar tune aisa kuch pucha aur ye galat way mein le le... To Shilpa ki married life mein problem ho jaygi... But Prashaant ne kaha tha ki Armaan bahoot hi cool hai... Aur mature b... Lekin koi b Husband apne Wife k baare mein aisi care kisi aur k muh se sunna bardaast nai karega... Even tu khud Khushi k baare mein kisi aur k muh se sunn nai sakta... But main to sirf ye janna chahta hun ki vo dumb innocent khush hai ki nai... Yaa fir isko b nacha k rakkha hai..." Ansh thought confusedly when Armaan's cell rang making boys to come out from their thinking infact it also made them thankful from this awkward situation
"Actually..." Armaan looked up at Ansh for excuse
"Its ok... Main chalta hun..." Ansh nodded smilingly making him to nod in YES and they both went on their own way Armaan attended the call which was from Ayaan and here Shilpa was busy in work in Haldi Function where all the ladies were enjoying she also forgot everything & was enjoying the Function wd Aditi & Surbhi... Whole day went like this but in night she started thinking how to stay away from him?? So she immediately shut her eyes pretending to be in deep slumber but he didn't arrived until 3 am... At that time she slept 
"Damm... Thaka diya Shagun ne" he laid on bed tiredly coz Shagun made him so tired coz of her craving for Ice-cream which she wanted to eat at that time and was searching Avi when she saw Armaan entering in Palace so she forcefully drag him to Ice-cream Parlor of Udaipur which was one hour away from palace... Shagun is seven months pregnant so he couldn't shout on her and reluctantly spent his two hours wd her in Ice-cream Parlor talking about their childhood days "Ye to so gayi..." he looked at Shilpa who is sleeping quietly "Pehle shoes nikal lun" sitting up he untie his shoe laces and again laid after removing his shoes "Kaise tumhe main samjhun Shilpa... Tum kyun bhaag rahi ho... Kisi se puch b nai sakta... Kyun ki koi tumhe us gehraai se janta nai hoga jis gehraai se main tumhe jaanna chahta hun..." he thought caressing her hairs lovingly who snuggle closer to him making him smile and keeping his head in pillow he slept tiredly... Next morning the same thing happened again! when he didn't find her beside him as always she woke up before him and was out from Room... The day went smoothly ArSh didn't interacted much until in the Afternoon when Shilpa was passing by the Swimming Pool side, her feet stopped when she saw Armaan teasing Shagun on something
"Dekh Armaan tu mera dimag kharab kar raha hai... Wapas de meri Chocolate" Shagun shouted angrily trying to snatch her chocolate
"Dimag to tera pehle se hi kharab hai... Aur itna Chocolate khaaygi to tere saath saath bacche k b daat tut jaaynge aane se pehle..." he taunted while stepping back but his words made Avi, Adi ,Dev laughed who were present there
"Haa vo to mere tutenge... To tujhe kyun farq fadta hai... De na Chocolate... I am craving for it" she yelled frustratingly moving towards him
"To tere craving ki wajah se... Hum bacche ki jaan thodi khatre men daal sakte hai" he teased hiding the Chocolate behind his back
"Acha to ye baat hai... Jaa main tujhe shrap deti hun... Ki jab Shilpa pregnant hogi vo tujhe itna pareshan kare itna pareshan kare... Ki teri neende ud jaaye" she spoke in fake anger which made others laugh except ArSh... Shilpa felt a tug inside her chest and hiding her tears she went from there... While Armaan just smiled at it
"Tab ka tab dekhunga... Pehle tujhe to dekh lun..." he retorted coolly stepping back when she moved to argue but was about to fall when "Aree sambhal k... Le Chocolate but jaan dene ki jarurat nai hai" holding her by her shoulder he gave the Chocolate to her who smiled widely
"Par iska matlab ye nai... Ki main apna shrap wapas le lungi" taking the chocolate from his hand she said wd pouted lips
"Haa meri maa... Khale" he nodded defeatedly making the boys laugh... And their day ended wd fun there was Mehendi Function on the Evening... The Function was going on its full swing...wd lots of music & fun Armaan was busy wd his friends that's why he didn't paid attention to Shilpa infact he didn't saw her since morning until a call came from Rehaan


"Haa Rehaan tu nikal gaya haina Mumbai se... Aur vo Case close kiya..." he asked while moving out from Palace
"Haa Bhaijaan... Hum aur Ayan dono nikal chuke hai... Aur Case b close ho chuka hai..." Rehaan replied politely "Par Bhaijaan uske kuch details read kar lena aap... Thoda complicated hai" he said confusedly
"Haa zaroor saari complicated chize mujhe hi to handle karni hai" he said normally remembering about Shilpa and hearing this Rehaan smiled
"Bas thoda sa confirmation k liye check karna hai" Rehaan said smilingly

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main...

"I trust u Rehaan... But fir b check kar lunga so don't worry" he assured while stopping beside a Car "Thik hai fir... Chal rakhta hun... Bye" saying this he hung up the Phone when his eyes stopped at Car's window rear mirror he kept on staring it... Moving closer he looked carefully where he saw someone's reflection ... Someone similar... Someone familiar... Which made him to turn and looking up at one of the Balcony of the Palace, where he found his Complicated Wife doing something... She was arranging the flowers properly on the First Floor's Balcony but it didn't made him dazed... The thing which made him dazed was her look... She wore the same white dress which he gifted her on their Anniversary that he had bought her on her last year's b'day "Wow...!!" escaped from his mouth as she stood
"Madam hum shower chalu karde..." one of a man made her to look back
"Haa aap chalu kardo... But dhyaan se paani kisi b Balcony mein bhare nai..." she said politely to which the man nodded and went from there while she again looked back at the flowers when the shower started which made her smile... looking at the falling water from Terrace she smiled Actually Raj's Family wanted that whole Balcony of palace should have a shower up... Which will make the atmosphere romantic "Hmmm ..." she took a sigh staring at the drops and automatically her hand extended to grab the drops in her palms she smiled as she felt wet waters on her palm... Armaan was watching this from down and was adoring her

"Isne baal baandhe kyun hai... Khule kitne ache lagte hai" he thought staring at her dazedly
"Mam... Ye flowers neeche kahan rakhne hai..." one of a Servant asked which made her to turn back at him feeling embarrassed
"Ruko main batati hun..." she said slowly looking at him but her back was facing Armaan whose eyes became wide as he found her exposed back... Yes the dress have deep U cut back wd one string attached... Her back was showing clearly coz she has put her hairs in a bun
"Iska dimag to thikane pe haina... Abhi batata hun..." mumbling this sternly he moved inside the Palace to scold her... Also to open her hairs and as he entered in Hall found Shilpa herself descending from stairs he was about to go towards her when Surbhi blocked his way
"Mr Khan main kaisi lag rahi hun..." she asked cheerfully showing her yellow dress
"As always bakwas..." he replied uninterestingly only to get a smack in return on his arm from Shagun who came from behind
"Itna badmaeez kabse ho gaya hai tu??" Shagun asked angrily
"Jabse tujhse mila hun" he retorted making Surbhi giggle "Acha hat mere raaste se... Mujhe kaam hai" he pointed calmly to which she giggled
"Tujhe kab kaam nai hota..." Shagun taunted to which he rolled his eyes
"Tu mera chod khud ka dekh..." he said calmly when Surbhi showed her hands which were filled wd Henna
"Kaisa hai...??" she asked happily
"Its good... Aur haa Rehaan nikal gaya hai vahan se" he said normally
"Yaar tum dono shaadi kab karoge...??" Shagun asked confusedly staring at Surbhi who looked down smilingly while Armaan chuckled coz they both knows Rehaan-Surbhi are already married "Tu hass kyun raha hai??" she smacked his arm
"Rehne de tu nai samjhegi... Vaise tune nai lagai mehendi??" he changed the topic
"Nai mera mood nai tha... Vaise Shilpa ne b nai lagayi" Shahun said in teasing tone to which he pretended he didn't cared
"Uski marzi.. Mujhe kya..." he said in uninterested tone making both annoyed while his eyes landed on Shilpa who was talking wd Aditi & few ladies
"Tu na pagal hai" Shagun lightly smacked again to which he made a face
"Avinash samajh k rakkha hai kya... Jab dekho tab maar rahi hai... Stupid" he said annoyingly which made Surbhi giggle
"Awww... Mera shonu..." Shagun moved to pinch his nose but he stepped back
"Haath mat laga..." he pointed his index finger making her chuckled
"Acha sunna... Tujhe pata hai kal shaam hum sabne ek Party rakhne ki sochi hai... To tu aayga??" gripping his arms Shagun asked lovingly to which he narrowed his eyes

Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main...

"Sochunga..." he replied unintrestingly making her smiled while his eyes were fixed on Shilpa... Now he observed she wore that diamond necklace & earrings which he gifted on her b'day which was exact matching wd her dress... Suddenly she felt someone's eyes on herself... Her eyes immediately landed on his which caught hold of her green almond pairs... Her heart started beating loudly which she controlled while crossing her arms... And there start their eye session... Shagun & Surbhi were constantly blabbering but Armaan was only staring at her who was trying to avoid his gaze... She was smiling on something but feeling his gaze her heart was beating loudly
"Heyy Krishna... Na hil sakti hun na kuch kar sakti hun... Plzz inhe bolo kahin aur dekhe... Arrgghhh" she cursed him mentally trying to ignore his gaze "Bechari Surbhi aur Shagun kabse bol rahi hai... Aur inka dhyaan b nai unpe... Badtameez" she thought looking at him from corner of her eyes
"Isne kyun nai lagayi mehendi... Duniya ki saari ladkiyo ko... In sab chizo ka shauk hota hai except is bewkoof ko chod k" he thought staring at her who was trying to escape from his gaze
"Kahin Shilpa inko ye to nai lagta ki tune inki di gayi hui dress peheni hai... Aur ye khush ho rahe honge maan hi maan... Mujhe to lagta hai Shilpa tujhe yahan se chalna hi chahiyee... Kyun ki tu jitna yahan khadi rahegi... Utna hi pareshan hogi" she thought and excusing from Aditi she immediately went from there running away from him "Samajh mein nai aata inki problem kya hai... Na pyaar karte hai... Na parwa karte hai... Fir na jaane kyun tapori ladko ki tarah ghurte rehte hai..." she blabbered passing from Corridor "Vaise Shilpa ladko ki fitrat hi yehi hoti hai.." her mind said to which she nodded when she bumped wd someone "Ouch!!" she whined as she bumped
"Mujhe doubt tha ki tum andhi ho but aaj proove kiya tumne" Armaan's sarcastic tone made her to look up at him who glared her and wdout saying anything she moved to go but Armaan gripped her wrist "Tumne mehendi kyun nai lagayi...??" pulling her closer by her wrist he asked sternly making her frown
"Aapko isse kya... Haath chodiye mera" she spoke angrily trying to free her hand from his grip
"Nai chodunga... Jab tak tum mehendi nai lagati" he said calmly tightening his hold on her wrist
"Aahhh... Armaan chodiye" she whined in pain
"Pehle bolo lagaogi ki nai...??" he asked calmly loosing his hold making her confused thinking Why does he want that??
"Offo aapko kya problem hai... Agar aapko itna hi pasand hai... To khud hi laga lijiye" she said angrily which made him to hide his smile
"Mujhe pasand hai par tumhare haath mein" he thought smilingly but he didn't said this "Main kuch nai jaanta... Sab log bol rahe hai ki ... Tumne mehendi nai lagayi... So main nai chahta mujhe koi b complain sunne ko mile... Sharafat se jao lagao varna main ye haat nai chodunga chahe koi b aaye" he immediately made a lie to which she glared him angrily
"Haath chodiye mera... Main jaati hun" she knows its waste to argue so she agreed calmly
"Good... Jao" finally he leaved her hand smilingly to which she immediately ran from there hurtfully coz his order made her think something negative "Idiot itni zor se b nai pakadna chahiyee tha.. Par vo sunti b to nai hai... I hope zyada hurt na huaa ho usse" he mumbled concernedly and followed her in Hall where she was seated infront of that lady who was making a Henna design on her hands wd pouted lips making him smile "Ye agar thoda seedhe se rahe... To life back to normal ho jaaygi" he mumbled smilingly when Aditi dragged him towards the gang where they all were chating


"Acha suno na kal shopping pe chalte hai... Udaipur k ek bade se Shopping Mall mein" Shagun said excitedly making boys to shook their heads
"Gosh... Ladkiya kitna shopping karti hai" Aditya said disbelievingly
"Haa yaar... Ghuma k rakh deti hai... Ki ye chahiyee vo chahiyee" Avi agreed
"Haa seriously yaar... Aditi ko to ek din b kam pad jaata hai shopping mein" Dev shook his head
"Excuse me! Shopping hamara birth right hai... Tum log aise nai bol sakte" Aditi said proudly making Shagun & Aaysha giggle
"Haa har ladki ko shopping pasand hai" Shagun said smilingly
"Zaruri nai... Ki har ladki ko shopping pasand ho" Armaan said calmly remembering about Shilpa coz she never insisted or forced him for shopping infact it was always he who forced her for shopping then also she refused to go So at last he have to drag her wid him but hearing this it made boys to laugh
"Abbe.. Pagal tujhse kisne kaha... Duniya ki har ladki ko shopping pasand hai... Infact agar na le jao to hungama macha deti hain vo" Dev said still controlling his laugh
"No its true... Like Aaysha" Armaan said calmly pointing at Aaysha
"Sorryy Armaan mujhe b shopping bahoot pasand hai" Aaysha giggled
"Dekha tune har ladki ko shopping pasand hai... Infact main to lucky manunga un Husbands ko jinki Wives unhe shopping k liye force nai karti" Aditya said smilingly
"Aisa zaruri nai... Ki jinki Wives shopping na jaaye vo lucky ho" he said normally which made girls laugh but he said for himself remembering how she is making him confused!
"Dekha aaj ye hamare support mein hai" Shagun said teasingly to which he rolled his eyes while others laugh and just like this they chatted few more minutes... And here Shilpa looked at her Henna filled hands while walking towards drinking area for water
"Ab paani kaise peeun..??" she mumbled confusedly looking at the glass which was filled wd water... She is thirsty but coz of her Henna filled hands she cant pick the glass "Ye acha hai lagao kisi aur k satisfaction k liye Mehendi... Aur badle mein paani ki bund b naa nasib mein ho... Agar zyada gussa aayga to haath dho lungi main" she whispered angrily when Riddhi was passing from there and saw her struggling to pick a glass which made her giggle
"Ye lo..." Riddhi forwarded the glass infront of her who took a sigh
"Thank god koi to aaya help k liye..." she smiled looking at her who moved her hand to make her drink the water when Siddhi came running
"Mumma... Mumma chalo na... Mujhe aapko kuch dikhana hai..." Siddhi holded her her hand which made the water fell from glass on Shilpa's clothes
"Oh shit... Siddhu maarungi main... Aisi badtameezi koi karta hai" Riddhi scolded Siddhu
"Tch!! Rehne do Riddhi vo bacchi hai... Tum jaao dekh k aao vo kya kehna chahti hai... Jao" Shilpa said politely

"Nai Shilpa pagal hai ye..." Riddhi spoke angrily which made Siddhi on verge of crying Armaan was passing from there when he saw Riddhi scolding Siddhu "Rona to bilkul mat... Varna padegi mere haath se" she warned
"Kyun masoom si jaan pe chikh rahi ho..." Armaan's calm voice made them looked back at him who approached towards them
"Masoom ye tumhare sapno mein hogi... Bahoot shaitan ho chuki hai ye... Dekho pura pani gira diya Shilpa pe... Aur uper se usko pyaas b lagi thi vo b nai peene diya" Riddhi said angrily to which he looked at Shilpa who didn't dared to look at him
"Haa to galti se ho gaya... Vo thodi jaan bujhkar karegi... Haina Siddhu" he said normally looking at Siddhi who nodded in YES wd moist eyes "See rula diya bacchi ko..." he said in kiddish tone which made Riddhi to shook her head
"Acha chalo Chachi ko sorry bolo" Riddhi spoke angrily
"Sorryy... Chachi" Siddhi looked up at Shilpa who smiled sweetly mumbling Its ok coz from inside she was scared that Armaan will scold her for this scene... May be he will think she did deliberately... Just to make a fuss
"Ho gaya tumhara teacher wala look... To ab plzz bacchi ko darao mat..." Armaan spoke calmly bending to Siddhi's level who smiled lightly
"Haa tum to support loge hi... Kyun ki is ghar ki bacchi hai... Jahan shararat karna normal hai... Haina" she taunted which made him smile
"Haa to... We are born for fun" he said proudly making Riddhi chuckled
"Acha Shilpa... Main isse dekh k aati hun... And once more sorry" Riddhi apologized to which she pass a small smile slowly "Aur tum isse paani pila dena... Bye" ordering him she went from there leaving ArSh alone
"Kya kiya tune Shilpa... Ab Armaan sochenge ki tu inke ghar mein problems daal rahi hai..." she blamed herself mentally

Kaise kahun ishq mein tere
Kitna hoon betaab main...

"Hmm... Paani" he forwarded a full glass of water infront of her who just stare him then at the glass
"Maine jaan bujhkar kuch nai kiya... Vo to bas ho gaya" she whispered softly while staring on floor which made him frown
"Kya??" he asked frowning still holding the glass
"Haa vo... Mujhe pyaas lagi thi but haatho mein mehendi ki wajah se main nai pakad paayi .. Riddhi ne aake help ki tabhi... Siddhi peeche se aa gayi.. Aur glass se paani gir gaya... Mujhe nai pata tha Riddhi uspe chillaygi... Trust me maine kuch b jaan bujhkar nai kiya" she explained wd moist eyes staring at the glass not on him who became confused hearing this Why she is explaining this?? Coz there was nothing done by her? Then why?? He thought
"Tum khudko blame kyun kar rahi ho... Its not ur fault Shilpa..." he said calmly "Ye lo paani peeyo..." he said softly keeping the glass infront of her mouth who looked at him wd moist eyes while he watched her face lovingly
"Nai chahiyee..." saying this slowly she went from there leaving him confused there
"Kya ho gaya hai isse yaar... Samajh mein nai aa raha" muttering under his breath he kept the glass on table back again and thought to ask about it where as Shilpa came inside her Room only to find Surbhi there she was looking at her cell and seeing her she composed herself
"Thank god tum aa gayi Shilpa... Dekho na meri phone ki battery dead ho gayi hai... Aur mera charger nai mil raha hai... Last tym tumhare Room mein choda tha" Surbhi said smilingly to which she gave a small smile
"Yehi kahin hoga... Tum thik se dhundo" she said normally staring at her hands which became dry coz of Henna
"Wow!! Tumne laga li mehendi... Tumne to kaha tha ki tumhe ghutan hoti hai... Fir kyun??" Surbhi asked teasingly to which she didn't said anything
"I think tumhara charger... Vo us side k drawer mein hai" she pointed on bedside drawer which made Surbhi to check immediately
"Yeyyee mil gaya..." Surbhi jumped excitedly making her smile and she turn to look for her night clothes to change when "Omg!! Shilpa tumhare back ki strings khuli hui hai..." she said shockingly making her to touch there but before she could do that Surbhi stopped "Ruko main band karti hun to khadi raho vohi" she said normally
"Thank u so much... I hope ye yehi khula ho... Kyun ki agar ye neeche khula huaa hoga to its hell embarrassing" Shilpa said unbelieving which made Surbhi giggle and she was about to move towards her when Armaan stepped in making her stopped... He was about to call Shilpa but seeing her back he turned back again
"Mr Khan... Kya karun ab..." Surbhi thought confusedly and stepped towards Armaan "Mujhe kuch b karke Mr Khan ko Shilpa se dur rakhna hoga... But agar maine Shilpa ki baat maani to Mr Khan to kabhi karib nai aa paaynge Shilpa k... To Surbhi tujhe Mr Khan ki help karni chahiyee... I am sorry Shilpa main apna promise nai nibha paayi... But tumhare liye zaruri hai ki tum Mr Khan k karib jaao... Na ki dur" she thought and stood infront of him who opened his mouth to say something when she gestured him to keep quiet "Mr Khan suno na... Mujhe neeche kuch kaam hai... To kyaa aap plzz Shilpa ki help kar doge dress ki strings baandhne mein" she whispered slowly in his ear and before he could say something she was out from the Room leaving him alone wd his Wife

Aankhon se aankhe mila ke
Chura loon tere khwaab main...

"Come on Surbhi jaldi karo... Mujhe dress change karni hai... Aur ye stupid si mehendi b dhoni hai" she spoked in an annoyed tone to which he approached towards her slowly slowly "Kitni annoying hai ye dress tumhe idea b hai... Sirf tumhare insist karne pe ye pehni thi... Varna nai to kabhi galti se b na pehnu ye..." she complained which made him smiled coz he already guessed that she wore this dress for someone's insistence or may be someone definitely forced her to wear this or else she would have never had touched this dress... But shaking his head he concentrated on her back's string which was opened... And his eyes traced her whole bare back an urge came to him to kiss her there... But ignoring that his hands hesitatingly moved to tie the knot of her dress... While she was constantly blabbering something which was making him smile he forgot why he came here... The only thing he remembered was her presence... He tied her strings knot and was about to remove his hand from there... But his eyes stopped at her back where something black was peeping out from her dress... Her dress has deep cut which showed her whole back except the sides... But but he saw something... As if a tattoo which made him excited to see that fully coz he himself is crazy of tattoos... And knowing his stupid wife is interested in this made him excited... But the thing confused him was...Didn't she had fears of those injections & needles then how she got that tattoo engraved on her back... That too on some very secret place... Hope it wasn't done by any male artist... So wd hessistating move he carefully sided her dress's corner which made his fingers brushed wd her bare back and her heart skipped feeling his touch... As he sided her dress and saw that tattoo he became stiff 'Armaan' was printed there in cursive way... She told she hates herself for loving him... She said she doesn't love him... She said she hates him... Then why the hell she had got a tattoo wd his name... She is making him hell confused... The way her body reacted when he touched her is very different... She is the most confusing girl he had ever met in his life actually he have had never met anyone like her he thought... He didn't knew should he be feel happy or not... Seeing her love for him... Or feel confuse again... Where as when she realized her heart's heartbeat getting fast she knew its him who was behind her "Armaan..." she whispered shockingly as she turn back at him who was staring at her intently 
"Aap... Vo... Surbhi" she fumbled feeling him closer to her... When out of blue he pulled her closer by her waist whose eyes got wide as she bumped wd his chest resulting her Henna filled hands on his chest but the Henna had turned dry so no tension of marks on his shirt...
"Tum ye dress abse kisi k saamne nai pehnogi except... ME" he spoke calmly staring at her who narrowed her eyes confusedly "Aur agar pehnogi to... Apne baal khule rakhna..." saying this softly he opened her hairs instantly throwing the clutcher somewhere which resulted her hairs opened fully
"App...??" she frowned when he leaved her
"Jao... Change karo.." he ordered calmly stepping a little away from her who got angry hearing this

"Main ye dress pehenna b nai chahti thi vo to... Surbhi..." but he stops her by his hand
"Maine reasons nai maange... Jao change karo" he almost order her wd calm look making her fumed
"Actually u know what... Main isse kabhi haath hi nai lagaungi... Huh" saying this angrily she went from there inside the Washroom
"Hmmm... Calm down Armaan calm down..." taking a sigh he tried to calm himself while sitting on bed... The thing he saw a tattoo of his name on her back its wasn't something common its was a biggest thing to engrave someone's name on our body which shows how deeply she loves him... If her love has such depth then why she is running away from him?... Why is she denying she doesn't loves him? Now he have to find out the reason behind it... Coz this had made him emotional... That someone can love him wd such depth... Never in his life he could have let anyone to come closer to him except Dev & Rehaan... But she had reached instantly there how?? According to him, his Family were the first to love him unconditionally but in a click she showed she loves him more than anyone in this World... Now he have to do something very fast coz he can't loose her... Not now "Aur isse neeche kya hogaya tha... Kya bakwas kar rahi thi vo kyun vo khudko blame kar rahi thi... Kuch b ho jaaye... I have to think something... Or else main pagal ho jaaunga..." he rubbed his face stress fully when the Washroom knob's click made him stood and before she could stepped out he was out from the Room...
"Thank god nai hai... Varna pillows se maarti main huh" she cursed him while rubbing her hairs wid towel she have changed in pink kurta wd white dhoti pyjama "Acha huaa ise dho liya kitni suffocation hoti hai isme" she looked at her hands which have Henna print there... She cleared that dry one but left its print marks over her hands it was in Red colour "Ab to mehendi b proove nai kar rahi ki Armaan mujhse pyaar karte hai..." she looked at her hands sadly & getting tiered she laid on bed where as Armaan was in no peace at all! His mind & brain both were busy in calculating her behavior he was passing by his Parent's Room still thinking about her when his Parent's call him inside as they saw him passing by...


"Barkhurdaar kahan rehte ho aaj kal??" Billy asked coolly as Armaan sat on couch beside Dev who was also present there
"Yehi to hun Dad... Kahan bhaag raha hun" he said calmly looking at Billy who was sitting on arm chair
"Tumhara bharosa thodi hai kab kaam aa jaaye aur kab tum bhaag jaao" Ananya taunted to which he just roll his eyes "Vaise tum mujhe Dadi kab bana rahe ho??" she asked directly hiding her smile but hearing this he took a sigh
"Not now Mom" he said annoyingly which made her giggle
"To fir kab?? At least mujhe time bata dena main saari taiyaariyaa kar k rakhungi..." she crossed her arms
"Mujhe samajh mein nai aata aap ladkiyo ki problem kya hoti hai... Pehle aap chahte thae main padhun... To padh liya... Fir aap chahte the ki main shaadi karun... Vo maine ki... But now aapko Daadi b banna hai... Great... I mean seriously aap sab ladies ko pata b hai... Aap chahte kya ho" he said annoyingly which made Dev & Billy both laughed
"Vaise baat to tune sahi kahi... Girls are complicated" Dev agreed
"Puttar ji... Aaj tak main khud nai samajh paaya ye chahti kya hai" Billy joked only to earn a glare in return from Ananya
"Armaan agar dhyaan se observe karoge to hum ladies bahoot straight aur clear hoti hai..." she said smilingly sitting at his other side
"Yaa right straight aur clear" he rolled his eyes
"Haa thoda hum twist mein answer detein hai... But hint tum logo ko catch karna chahiyee na" she said nonchalantly making him looked at her unbelievably
"Haa hum to koi treasure hunt khel raha hain... Jo aapke hints ko catch karen" He said in sarcastic way making her giggle
"Haa to... Ye ladko ka kaam hai ki vo ladkiyo ki khamoshi ko padhen" she said ruffling his hairs who got annoyed
"Mom aap to side logi hi na... Lady jo ho... Mujhse pucho Aditi ko kaise handle karta hun" Dev spoke in serious tone making Billy laughed
"Bas itne mein hi pareshan ho gaya... Main to kabse pareshan hun" Billy spoke in fun way making Dev smile while Armaan was still thinking about Shilpa
"Billy... Kuch b mat bolo" Ananya scolded "Aur tum dono... Jaruri nai ki rishte ko sirf ek aurat hi sambhale... Ye kaam tum logo ka b hai" she said politely coz she want her both sons to behave morally wd Women
"Haa agar thoda easy karoge to zarur kar denge..." Armaan's sarcastic answer made Ananya chuckled "U know aap ladies pe Thesis likh sakte hai but fir b koi conclusion nai milega... Kyun ki aap sabko khud nai pata ki aap log kitni confusing ho... Aur complicated b" he said annoyingly
"Lagta hai jhagad k aaya hai ye Shilpa se" Dev joked making his Parent's laugh
"Shut up!?" Armaan hit him wd a cushion
"Tum dono na..." Ananya shook her head unbelievingly still controlling her laugh
"Haslo haslo... Aap dono ki wajah se hi huaa hai ye... " he said calmly
"Kya huaa hai??" Ananya asked smilingly
"Kuch nai bas aapki complicated Bahu ko solve karne ki koshish kar raha hun" he said calmly which made them smile thinking finally he have started accepting Shilpa
"Itni b complicated nai hai vo... Bas thoda patiently handle karna padta hai ladkiyo ko" Ananya said smilingly to which he roll his eyes
"Yaa right Dad se puchta hun main..." he looked at Billy who chuckled
"Maine to patiently hi handle kiya hai" Billy said coolly making him to shook his head
"Even I..." Dev said thoughtfully
"Par ye to kar nai paayga... Kyun ki patience nai hai isme" Ananya said in taunting way but wd a smile
"U know what... Gud night..." saying this he stood up
"Acha sunno kuch kehna hai..." Ananya said smilingly as she saw Armaan turn to go "Radha keh rahi thi.. Tumne bahoot ache se manage kiya sab kuch... So I am proud of you" she said proudly cupping his face who rolled his eyes
"Ab main jaaun" He asked unintrestingly only to get a smack in return
"Aur mujhe jald se jald tumhare bacche dekhne hai..." she ordered which made him to made a face
"Ped pe nai milte Mom... Bacche" he said annoyingly which maked Billy & Dev laughed loudly while Ananya held her head "Gud night" saying this he went from there living them smiling "Har kisi ne ghuma k rakkha hai... Koi kuch batata hi nai... Udhar vo mujhe pagal kar rahi hai idhar Family walo k demands... Mujhe pagal kar rahe hai... Mujhe to lagta hai Shilpa se pehle mujhe ek Psychiatrist ki jarurat hai in sab ko handle karne k liye..." he muttered frustratingly moving out from the Palace and spending hours in Udaipur's street he came back again in his Room only to find his Wife sleeping "Mera chain sukoon chin k khud aaram se so rahi hai..." cursing her he slept beside her and today since morning he was only thinking about her... Solution to solve this matter... While Shilpa went outside wd girls for Spa n all... And was busy in roaming wd girls also forgot Armaan and her insecurities... In evening there was a Party organized by Everyone in Palace's Pub where she got almost ready wearing a black one piece... But she immediately dropped her idea thinking he will also present there so she didn't went there and sat inside a cafe for timepass but she have to leave from there coz of Rudra & Rishubh who came for coffee but finding her alone they started asking questions to which she excused saying she have to go coz of Aditi's call and went from there but then Aaysha met wd her and now she is sitting here just for timepass
"Acha Shilpa... Raat ho chuki hai chalo chalte hai sone... Thand b badh gayi hai" Aaysha's voice brought her back from her thoughts
"Aa haa.. Shivya b so gayi hai chalo..." she said slowly while rising up following by Aaysha who stood up holding a sleeping Shivya in her arms
"Vaise Shilpa... Mehendi kaafi dark chadhi hai... Achi lag rahi hai..." Aaysha commented smilingly which made her to look at her hands on which the Henna darkened more "Chalo fir gud night..." saying this Aaysha went from there while Shilpa also walked slowly slowly towards her Room

"Hmm... Ab kya karun... Tch! Koi baat nai babu tu apne Room mein jaake soja chup chap..." she said to herself smilingly while walking towards her room when Ananya stopped her
"Aree Shilpa tum Party mein nai gayi??" Ananya asked confusedly stopping her from behind who turned back at her
"Nai vo mera mann nai tha... Aur nind b aa rahi thi to socha... Nai jaaun" she replied slowly making Ananya smiled
"Thik hai tum jaao..." Ananya said in loving tone to which she nodded in YES and moved towards her Room


"Kab tak bhagegi tu Shilpa... Armaan ko pyaar se samjha ki u need space.. Just for sometime" she whispered to herself and unlocked her Room's door "Hhuh...!!" her breath stuck as she turn towards her Room "Ye..." she put her palms on her mouth looking at the Room stunned which was decorated in a Romantic manner... It has full white colour bedsheet... Curtains... Candles... Not to forget that red rose patels which were decorated on bed... Also the roses were put in every corner of the Room... Around the bed there was white curtains placed on side... The fragrance of fresh roses making the Room beautiful... Cold breeze from Air conditioner making the Room freezing... But the lights from candle giving warmness to Room... Wdout the lights ON it was looking beautiful only the shine of moon & dim lights from candles making it beautiful... Her heart started beating loudly looking around the Room

"Ye... Kkkaise... I mean Armaan..." she fumbled wd herself when her eyes landed on floor where rose patels were scattered all around the floor and she was standing on it

Outside the Palace

"Kabir... Meri maan tu ek long holiday le... Bhul ja Kiya ko do teen hafte aur relax kar... Usse jo karna hai kare..." An irritating Armaan spoke on Phone while walking towards the Corridor wearing a scarlet pant wd navy blue crisp shirt he is looking handsome 

"See I don't care vo kya kar rahi hai... Vo kya karegi.. I just don't care..." he said annoyingly going inside the Lift "I don't believe this... Jab vo maan gayi thi to suddenly usse kya huaa ki firse usse lagne laga ki... She can't live wdout me..." he asked calmly while rubbing his forehead
"Mujhe nai pata Armaan.. Bas ab main thak gaya hun..." Kabir replied tierdly
"Main b... Tu jaa apni life pe dhyaan de aur main meri... Aur iswaqt to mujhe koi aur tension chahiyee hi nai" his voice turned upset one while stepping out from the Lift "Main tujhse baad mein baat karta hun... Chal bye" saying this he hung up the Phone when he bumped wd Ananya
"Armaan tum??" she asked surprisingly "Party mein nai gaye tum??" she asked confusedly
"Amm... Mom vo main vohi tha... Bas ek call aa gaya... Aur mera sar b bahoot dukh raha hai" he said tierdly to which she smiled
"Acha jao tum b aaram karlo..." she said smilingly caressing his hairs
"Tum b??" he narrowed his eyes
"Haa Shilpa ka b mann nai tha... To vo Room mein gayi" she said normally making him confused
"Jo b ho gud night Mom..." saying this calmly he gave her side hug and kissing her cheek he left towards his Room leaving a smiling Ananya there
"Dekha Shilpa ladko k dimaag mein sirf yehi kuch hota hai... Jab Armaan ko pata chala ki tu unse pyaar karti hai to unhone iska faida uthane ka socha... Specially uss KISS k baad to vo pura sure ho chuke honge ki tu unhe dekh k kho jaati hai" her mind spoke angrily where as she was scared "Kya karun... Kya karun... Bhaag jaaun... Haa vohi karna padega... Jaldi se peeche mud aur chal Surbhi k Room mein" her heart spoke scardly looking at the atmosphere and before she could turn Armaan entered in the Room only to get shocked!

Mere saaye hain saath mein
Yaara jis jagah tum ho...

"What the heck!!" his shocking voice made her turn back at him who was looking at the Room shockingly as if looking it first time "Ye..." his words left incomplete as he spotted Shilpa standing infront of him dressed in black one piece making him stunned His heart started skipping loudly... Is it done by her?? Means is she ready to take their relation to next level?? All the questions were ringing inside his brain where as seeing him staring at her dazedly made her fumed
"Aapne kiya ye??" she asked angrily stepping towards him who narrowed his eyes
"What??" he asked confusedly
"Zyada innocent banne ki jarurat nai hai... I know ye sab aapne kiya hai" she shouted angrily to which he opened his mouth to shut her but she said something which made him stunned "BAS AAP LADKO KO AUR KYA CHAHIYEE HOTA HAI... SIRF USE KARNE K LIYE WIFE... JISSE AAP JAB CHAHE USE KAR SAKTE HAI AUR THROW KAR SAKTE HAI... SIRF DO DIN KA VO JHUTA PYAAR AUR CARE FIR VOHI USE KARKE CHOD DENA... AAPKI SOCH ITNI GANDI HOTI HAI KI DIRECT YAHAN JAKAR RUKTI HAI NAI..." she blasted her all anger unnoticing his hurt look "AAPKO KYA LAGTA HAI HUM SIRF ISI CHIZ K LIYE HOTI HAI... AAPKE NEEDS PURE KAREN AAPKE BACCHO KO SAMBHALE... AUR AAP BAS APNI MARZI CHALAYE HUMPE..." her eyes started welleding up while he was rooted at his spot "AAP PUCH RAHE THAE NA KI MAIN KYUN AAPSE BHAAG RAHI HUN... TO SUNNIYE MUJHE DARR HAI KI... KAHIN AAP MUJHE CHOD NA DE... FIR SE... MUJHE DARR HAI KI AGAR MAINE AAPKI TARAF EK KADAM AUR BADHAYA TO FIR KUCH HO JAAYGA AUR AAP MUJHSE DUR HO JAAYNGE... YAA FIR AAPKO KISI AUR SE PYAAR HO JAAYGA..." she was saying this while looking down wd tears rolling from her cheek where as he became freezed hearing this "KAHIN AAPKA GUSSA... HAMARI LIFE NA BARBAAD KARDE..." she sniffed still staring at the floor but hearing this he composed himself to handle this matter smoothly so he approached towards her
"Shilpa tumhe... Aisa kyun lagta hai...??" he asked softly standing infront of her who was crying now "See... Ye sab sirf bakwaas..." he moved to cup her face when she stepped back jerking his hand
"BAKWAAS... HAA AAPKO TO BAKWAAS LAGEGI HI..." she said wid sad smile "AAP EK AADMI HAI TO AAPKO TO YE CHIZ BAKWAAS HI LAGEGI... AAP NAI SAMJHENGE ARMAAN JAB INSAAN NAI SORRY JAB EK AURAT YAA LADKI DARR DARR K AUR GHUTAN K SAATH ZINDAGI JEETI HAI... AAP KABHI NAI SAMJHENGE JAB CHAH K B KUCH NAI KAR SAKNE KI MAJBOORI KISI KO LOOSER BANA DETI HAI... AAP KABHI NAI SAMJHENGE... KI KHUL K SAANS NAI LENA KAISA HOTA HAI... AAP NAI SAMJHENGE JAB KISI KA BACHPAN AUR JAWANI DONO KO BAND KAR DIYA JAATA HAI TO KAISA LAGTA HAI..." she cried helplessly while blurting out her all the Fears... Insecurities... Infact she even put her reason behind it Armaan was trying to digest her words and what he observed a helpless girl who needs someone to hold someone to share... He calculated may be she faced lots of problems in her past... Being a Doctor made him to think about her situation while she was still crying


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