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Part 34 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)


Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho...

"Ssshhh... Calm down Shilpa" saying this softly he hugged her slowly fearing she will push him but instead she kept her head on his shoulder still crying to which he caressed her hairs lovingly "Relax..." as he said this it made her stepped back immediately realizing what she did "Shilpa yaar..." he moved to say something when she turn her back at him while wiping her tears Armaan thought to talk wd her when a knock made him to look who is it at this time "Yes...??" he frowned seeing four Room Service workers here
"Sorry Sir..." they all apologized guiltfully making him confused while Shilpa turn to look at them
"Sorryy Sir... Vo galti se aapka Room decorate ho gaya" one of a female worker apologized
"Main kuch samjha nai??" he asked still confusedly
"Actually Sir humne galti se aapka Room decorate kar diya as a Honeymoon suite... But hume karna kisi aur ka tha..." another female one said slowly to which he watched them calmly
"Matlab Sir hume karna Room A No 306 tha but humne galti se Room B No 306 kar diya... So that's why we are sorry for it" the male one explained this while hearing this Shilpa became stunned... That means she took him wrong and also blamed him wdout any reason
"Its ok... But jinka karna tha unse maafi maangi??" he asked calmly putting his hands inside his pant's pocket
"Haa Sir... Infact humne to unka Room decorate b kar diya... Bas aapse maafi maangna chahte thae" the second male one informed to which he smiled
"Don't worryy... It happens..." he said calmly making them relaxed
"Aur Sir payment??" the first girl asked slowly
"Don't worry I'll pay for it... U can leave" he replied coolly making them happy
"Thank u Sir" they said in unionism to which he nodded and they went from there as he closed the Room locking it... Actually he is so thankful of them he can't explain... Coz of them she blurted out her tension infront of him... Coz of them he got cleared about her reasons... Coz of them he got to know more about her
"Shilpa pagal ye kya kiya tune... Sab kuch bak diya... Aur iski to koi galti b nai thi... Ab pata nai ye kya sochega tere baare mein.. Infact aur sympathy dikhayga... Isse pehle kuch ho tu yahan se chali jaa haa..." her mind scolded her who was showing her back at him but fearing to face him yes she regretted confessing that infront of him
"Shilpa..." as he said this she immediately turned and tried to go but he stopped her by her arm "Not now Shilpa..." he whispered softly pulling her closer who looked at him guiltfully
"Armaan plzz mera haath chodiye..." she requested in cracked voice wd moist eyes while trying to free her hand from his hold who was watching her face calmly
"Itna sab kuch keh diya... Ab main kuch bolun" banging her wd his chest he asked softly holding her hands firmly which were kept on his chest
"Armaan plzz mera haath chodiye..." she almost pleaded still trying to free her hands

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

"Haath chodne k liye nai pakda hai..." he directly said looking at her intently making her stared him quietly "Tumne jo kuch b kaha mujhe farq nai pada... Kyun ki main janta hun main vaisa hun hi nai... Jo chodne k liye tumhe accept kare... " he whispered softly

"I don't know tumhare dimag mein ye stupid si baate kaha se aati hai... But tumhare clarification k liye bata dun... Agar mujhe tumhe use karke chodna hi hota na... To tum aaj iswaqt yahan nai hoti..." he said slowly leaving her hands and stepped back making her more guilty "I know mujh par trust karna mushkil hai... Specially Kiya k scene k baad... But tell me... Kya tum usse pehle mujhpe trust nai karti thi...??" he asked calmly making her to stared down on floor "Kya tumhe sachmein lagta hai ki main kuch aisa karunga...??" his voice became upset one making her more guilty "Agar mujhe ye sab karna hota na Shilpa... To vo main hamari shaadi ki first night ko hi kar deta..." jerking her towards him he said wd anger in his voice which made her to stare his face "Agar mujhe tumhe chodna hota to vo to main... Bhopal jaane se pehle hi kar deta..." he pushed her shoulder and stepped back "Tum kabhi nai samjhogi ki mujhpe kya beet rahi hai... Tumhe lagta hai itna easy hai sab kuch accept kar lena Shilpa... Mera har din ye sochne mein waste ho jaata hai ki un teen saalo mein huaa kya tha... Hamari life kaisi hogi... Meri har soch sirf tumpar aakar rukti hai... Ki tumhe kaise vapas laaun apne paas..." he said in defeated tone while stepping back from her
"Armaan... I am sorryy... Mujhe nai pata tha ye sab" she tried to calm him who jerked her towards him suddenly by her waist making her stunned
"Tum puch rahi thi na us din ki mai naisa kyun kar raha hun... Reason janna chahti thi na uss waqt...??" he asked in serious tone staring deep at her who looked at him wd thudding heart "Reason ye hai ki... MAIN TUMHARE BINA JI NAI SAKTA... TUM HO TO LAGTA HAI MERE PAAS KOI WAJAH HAI... MAIN EK PAL B NAI REH SAKTA TUMHARE BINA... MERI LIFE MUJHE KUCH NAI LAGTI JAB TAK USMEIN TUM NA HO... ISILIYE TUMHE APNE PAAS RAKHNA CHAHTA HUN... KYUN KI MUJHE VO SUKOON VO CHAIN SAB KUCH WAPAS CHAHIYEE... JO MUJHE TUMHARE PAAS SE MILTA THA..." he whispered calmly making her shocked "Aur agar tumhe ab b mujhpe trust nai hai to main kuch nai kar sakta..." leaving her he stepped back turning his back a her who was rewinding his words inside her brain
"Armaan... I... Am.. Sorry" she started crying making him to close his eyes
"For god sake stop crying Shilpa..." looking back at her he spoke angrily which made her more cry "Dammm..." he rubbed his forehead to calm himself but her voice didn't stopped and getting annoyed he pulled her closer by her waist "Enough!!" he pointed his index finger at her who sniffed scardly "Tumhe kya lagta hai yun rone se sab kuch thik hoga... No ways... Sab kuch thik tab hoga jab tum mauka dogi hamare rishte ko..." he said softly cupping her face who looked up at him "Na tum mujhe samajh rahi ho.. Aur na hi khud ko mujhe samajhne deti ho..." he cleared her tears wd his thumb making her looked down he always wanted to rub her tears whenever he saw her crying "Tumhe nai lagta hume sab kuch bhula k ek baar apne is rishte ko sambhalna chahiye...??" he asked softly making her looked up at him slowly still crying "Stop crying Shilpa..." controlling his temper he tried to be in calm tone which made her sniffed and she immediately wiped her tears getting away from him who smiled lightly
"Tu ye kya kar rahi hai Shilpa... Itni kamzor kaise ho gayi tu..." her mind asked as she walked on Balcony side "Par Armaan ki baat tu kaise ignore kar sakti hai..." as her heart said this she gripped the balcony door tightly remembering his words 'MAIN TUMHARE BINA JI NAI SAKTA... TUM HO TO LAGTA HAI MERE PAAS KOI WAJAH HAI... MAIN EK PAL B NAI REH SAKTA TUMHARE BINA... MERI LIFE MUJHE KUCH NAI LAGTI JAB TAK USME TUM NA HO... ISILIYE TUMHE APNE PAAS RAKHNA CHAHTA HUN... KYUN KI MUJHE VO SUKOON VO CHAIN SAB KUCH WAPAS CHAHIYEE... JO MUJHE TUMHARE PAAS SE MILTA THA...' Did he mean it?? "Shilpa tu agar abhi b nai dekh sakti... Ki Armaan sach keh rahe hai to tu duniya ki sabse badi bewkoof hai" her heart scolded her who is confused at his confession
"Hmm..." Armaan's voice made her came out from her thoughts and looked down at his forwarded hand which was holding a handkerchief then her eyes starred at him who smiled "Aaj b nai logi..." as he said this she lowered her lases again looking at the Balcony making him to shook his head "I think... Tumhe samjaane ka koi faida nai hai..." saying this hopelessly he moved from there and sitting on bed started untying his shoes where as she stood rooted at her spot
"Har baar tu kuch aisa karti hai jisse Armaan dur ho jaate hai Shilpa... Aur aaj bhagwaan ne dobara chance diya tere Armaan ko paane ka... Aur tu fir kuch aisa kar k unhe kho degi.." her heart yelled at her which made Shilpa to control her emotions... She can't loose him again but what if she take's step towards him and her destiny would play again wd her life, she can't trust her life... But she want to hear more confessions from him.. Want to share her pain Want to became his again... Where as he became angry gaining her silent so he stood up to make her understand for the last time...
"Shilpa... Aaj main tumhe last time samjhaane jaa raha hun... Kyun ki iske baad main tumhe directly force karunga... Chahe mujhe kuch b kyun na karna pade... Tumhe apne paas rakhne k liye..." making her almost banged on his chest he directly warned but gazing at her sad face he closed his eyes "Mujhe to ye samajh mein nai aata main tumhara kya karun..." he said annoyingly rubbing his forehead wd his hands "U KNOW.. WHAT MAIN JAA RAHA HUN.. TUMHE JO KARNA HAI KARO..." saying this angrily he moved ahead at the door but as he was about to open the door she hugged him from behind making him stunned!
"Plzz Armaan.. Mujhe chodkar mat jaaiyee... Main aapke bina nai reh sakti... Plzz mujhe aapki jarurat hai" she whispered in broken tone making her hold tight on his chest who was hell shocked trying to digest her words "Plzz..." she begged making him to look down at her hands on his chest.. Her words look familiar 'Main aapke bina reh nai sakti...' the same words which she said on Avi-Shagun's Wedding day when he came back from Airport suddenly...

Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein
(Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein)...

"Mujhe aisa kyun lag raha hai... Jaise ye word..." he thought confusedly when he felt her nails on his chest "Shi..." he didn't knew what to say so he carefully kept his hand on hers who fisted her hold on his shirt and gripping her hands he slowly lowered that down only to face her who immediately hugged him he was taken aback by her sudden move "Shilpa... See..." he tried to console her while keeping his hands on her back slowly where as she was sniffing hiding her face on the crook his neck Yes she couldn't hold herself now its enough to listen from her heart & mind whom she shushed away just becoz she want him... How much she craved from him she only knows... How much she missed him she only knows... How much she held herself she only can understand... She hugged him tightly signaling him how much she love him who carefully parted her... But still their bodies were clinging to each other except their faces which were just apart from each other...

He stared her face lostly while she also stared him lovingly who carefully tucked her strand of hairs behind her ear making her to look down... His face lowered closer to her face almost brushing their noses "Bhagogi to nai...???" he asked softly making her looked at him by her chin who closed her eyes while tightening her hold on his shirt from front "I cant trust u..." he whispered slowly brushing their lips which made her heartbeat skipped and unintentionally she kissed him getting lost in him who completely became shocked... Before she could withdraw from kiss closing his eyes he responded equally while pulling her closer by her waist... Her upper lip was sucking by him whose lower lip was sucking by her... This looks so magical to him a new enchanting current pass in his body... Shilpa's both hands were caressing his chest almost opening his shirt buttons whose one hand was holding her by her cheek and other was pulling her closer by her waist... Their kiss turned into passionate one as he started taking the charge of the kiss almost making her breathless tasting her who was getting out of breath when he left her lips for seconds she was breathing heavenly when he took her lips again while sucking her lower lip passionately making her to respond equally sucking his upper lip they kissed so passionately that they banged wd the door making Armaan's back touched against the door forgetting everything when her nails digged deep on his chest which was enough for him to understand she is out of breath so he lived her lips slowly leaving them panting her eyes were still closed feeling heavenly he watched her face lovingly... He cupped her face softly as if she is some glass doll who will break if his hardness touch's her roughly His thumb lightly caressed her red cheeks making her to open her eyes slowly only to stared his face lostly but as his head bend for another kiss She came back to reality realizing what she is upto.. No she can't do this wd herself She can't loose her senses only to get hurt in return what if something again happen and he will leave her?? No...
"Nai..." before he could take her lips she stepped back while banging him on door who got stunned by this "I... I.. I am sorryy... But... I... I can't" she mumbled softly trying to collect her breath looking down on floor while hearing this his level of patience died there where as mumbling again a sorry she turned to leave when he caught hold of her wrist jerked her towards him almost banging her wd his chest
"Why... U can't...??" he asked angrily banging her wd the door who got frightened by his angry glare "Tumhe kya lagta hai... Jab chahe mujhe apni taraf kheech k dhakka de dogi aur main chup chap dekhunga... No ways... Its end of my patience Shilpa..." he pierced his teeth jamming her wd him
"Main.. Armaan... Hum... Saath kkk kaise..." she somehow managed to say this fearing of his anger

Hai ye nasha, ya hai zehar
Iss pyar ko hum kya naam dein...

"Main batata hun kaise..." saying this sternly he pulled her closer by her waist banging her hard wd his chest
"Arma..." before she could complete her sentence he took her lips into his roughly making her stunned while cupping her face he kissed her hard not even giving her time to respond almost pressing her against the door She knew she can't stay away from him more than minutes... Also his effect was so real on her that she can't hold herself from his touch and accepting her defeat she started responding but as she started he leaved her lips
"See u can't resist me..." facing her he said pantingly making her looked down nervously "Tum samajh kyun nai rahi... U need me just like I need u" he whispered softly still staring her who didn't dared to look at him But somewhere she knew he is right she needs him... Where as he can't hold himself now so his face moved closer to her where he gently kissed on her ear creating a glittering sensation in her body... He slowly entwined their hands on door while his face lowered down on her crook of neck which increased her heartbeat
"Armaan..." she whispered softly as if a current touched her body as he kissed on her neck who knows once she get loss in his touch she will not control herself which later she will regret.. He is irresistible she knows... So she tried to free her hand from his hold but he didn't let her instead he entangled their hands kept beside her head almost pressing his body on her who didn't knew how to stop his feather like kisses on her neck which were getting irresistible... Weakening her he started kissing her throat which was enough to influenced her who started breathing heavenly he freed her hands which was still rooted as its spot... His hands started caressing her curves passionately while his lips were now started smooching her neck whose heart was beating at its fullest speed he can hear that but as his kisses got passionate her both hands moved inside his hairs arousing him to no ends... 

His hands were busy in Touching Pressing Caressing Feeling her curves Itching to feel her skin which was making her almost in surrender but as he pulled her closer by her waist her head lightly banged wd the door drawing her attention for what they were upto do... So pushing him wd all her energy she walked ahead taking long deep breaths... Trying to adjust his touch Its wasn't the very first time he had touched her like this but she knews if once her body & heart would surrender herself completly to him she would not have any option to come back... Where as Armaan has already decided he will not stop himself for making her his! Since their kiss he couldn't removed her touch from his mind specially this feeling to have her to claim her... Desires were taking over his patience which ended here So turning back at her he pulled her closer who got startled while staring up at him whose expressions softened seeing her scared face

Kab se adhuri hai ik daastaan
Aaja usey aaj anjaam dein...

"Tumne kaha tha... Ki tum mujhse pyaar karti ho...??" he asked softly staring deep at her who looked at him wd moist eyes while he tightened his hold on her hands which were kept on his chest "Fir kya problem hai jo tum mujhse dur bhaag rahi ho...??" he asked so innocently that it made her to look down thinking 'Par aap mujhse pyaar nai karte Armaan' definitely which was unknown to him who kissed her forehead softly making her to close her eyes feeling him... His hand cupped her face who closed her eyes pulling him closer by his shoulder feeling helpless when his head lowered down on her neck giving butterfly kisses there while holding her firmly who wd an instant got lost in him This was it she can't step back now... If he wants her then she will surrender herself willingly coz its enough running away from him How can she forgot he is her Armaan whom she wanted the most... Her Body Soul Heart Mind everything is craving for him and now when she have a chance to feel him... She can't back up Yesterday whatever may happen to happen If she will regret she don't care... If he will regret she don't care... But right now being in his arms she can't look back or look ahead she will only focus on him now... Who looked at her now lostly thinking will she again step back?? And not feeling his kisses she opened her eyes only to lost in his eyes... She knows she will not get this chance to stay close to him again so wdout thinking anything she moved to kiss him when he kept his palm on her lips stopping her who looked at him "Do u regret??" his calm voice made her guilty coz hearing his fearing voice who removed his palm from her soft petals waiting for her answer
"Nai..." wdout thinking anything she answered softly knowing very well she is laying


Tumhe bhuloon kaise main
Meri pehli khata tum ho...

"I can't trust u..." he mumbled softly to which she stepped ahead and cupping his face giving a lingering kiss to his cheek who put his hands on her back while closing his eyes as if feeling her touch As if he had felt it before?? She looked at him wd thudding heartbeat when he immediately banged her wd his chest making her nervous... They stared at each other in this dark Room where only candle were giving dim lights while the moon's reflection from Balcony's glass door making her face glowing and tracing her cheek wd his knuckles he pulled her closer who trembled by his electrifying touch... He loved his effect on her, smoothly tracing her Nose Eyes then at last on her trembling Lips by his thumb which was making her difficult to stand which made him more attracted towards her So getting impatient he kissed her softly where he traced her last time even lightly pecked on her anticipating lips who immediately took him in a soulful kiss ruffling his hairs which only turned him on... So leaving her lips he descended his head down on her throat smooching there while his hand opened her back's zip slowly where as he started nibbling her neck lightly
"Ouch...!!" she whined in pain as he bit her sensitive part of neck while digging her nails inside his head who soothed her immediately mumbling a small sorry to her which made her smile sadly remembering their old days... His one hand was holding her from back while other was feeling her curves still kissing her whole neck which now became red by his nibbling & sucking... And getting out of breath she turned her back at him pushing him lightly who immediately banged her back wd his almost exposed chest coz of his shirt's buttons which she opened during there kiss... He nuzzled his face on her neck making her to close her eyes dazedly while his one hand snailed on her waist pulling her closer the other one removed her earrings carefully trying not to hurt her... Removing her earrings he traced her neckline by his index finger making her to kept her head on his shoulder taking a heavy deep breaths which made her neck more exposed...
He started giving passionate kisses there which made her to moan his name who moved his hand upwards from her waist other was holding her shoulder firmly the intensity of her body is getting high "Armaan..." she gasped softly as he pulled her closer by her front while giving a bite on her neck whose heart beat skipped as he started soothing making her shivered... His lips sucked her earlobe almost biting it passionately giving jitters to her his hand on shoulder pulled her sleeve a little down while his lips descended on her shoulder where he rubbed his face passionately pulling her closer by her front... Removing her hairs on her one shoulder by his face taking her fragrance he engulfed her more into him and swiftly lowered her sleeves till her shoulder which made her heartbeat skipped... He started kissing her back which was opened coz of her dress's zip he sided her dress from her back wanting to see his name Which was the only thing which made him realized how deeply she love's him... He carefully pulled down her inner wear almost bending it where he saw his name engraved on very special place where he only have right to see this He traced his name by his finger making her lost in his touch Shilpa didn't realized that he saw the tattoo coz of dizziness when he kissed her there softly making her to hold her black skirt tightly "Huh..." her breath hitched as he bite her there which he immediately sucked soothing her who breathed hard when in swift moment he turned her pressing her front to his chest almost touching their noses she looked at him startled

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho...

"Tattoo kab banvaya??" his sudden question made her eyes big which maked him smile "I saw... Yesterday... U know jab mai.. Tumhare... Vo dress ki... Strings..." he answered her unasked question slowly which made her to lowered her lases showing her red cheeks to which he pulled her more closer just an inch apart from brushing their lips "Tell me kab banvaya... ?? Aur ye kisi female?? Right??" he asked doubtfully coz it was the question which was ringing inside his brain since he saw that but his question definitely made her surprised the same question he asked when he got to know about it first time... Now she realized how stupid she is to running away from him unnoticing he is still the same man whom she had been in love wd just a slight difference of attitude and behavior is making him difficult to understand also he is still protective about her " Bolo Shilpa..." he probed further bending his head on her exposed shoulder coz her dress's sleeves were hanging on edge of her shoulder
"Vo... Vo.." she tried to say but his passionate kisses on her shoulder making her hard to speak resulting her hands dig inside his soft hairs who pulled her more closer by her waist & Wdin a swift movement he threw her belt out of her skirt who gasped loudly as he did that... He lowered her sleeves more almost making it fall while giving lingering kisses there She forgot everything even this that now her inner wear was peeping out from her dress

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho

"I like u in black... Actually it suits you" kissing her cleavage he whispered softly which made her moan his name who now lowered her dress till her waist while holding her firmly by her back & waist "Also I like ur open hairs..." carefully tucking her strand of hairs behind her shoulder he kissed her shoulder softly making her dig her nails inside his shoulder under his shirt who traced her bare waist line sensuously by his knuckles when she realized that her dress was almost falling from her waist
"Armaan.. Mmm..." she tried to say nervously but he pulled her more closer almost pressing her front wd his chest
"Sshh... Let me feel you..." he whispered huskily moving his hands up & down on her back seductively which only made her surrender herself to him who nibbled on her cleavage making her gasp while her knees are getting weak to stand still which he guessed so picking her up in his arms swiftly he carefully made her sat on bed following by him... She realized her dress's condition which was hanging till her waist line while she was only on her inner on top a slight blush formed on her face and she thought to hide it but before she could do that he gripped her hands while giving passionate kisses on her whole shoulder making her forgot everything only just her Husband... She stayed at her place as he was giving feather like touch on her shoulder which almost pressed her curves passionately who was playing wd his hairs lostly... She moaned his name lostly as he started nibbling & smooching her skin his one hand was holding her by her waist almost pulling her into him while other was moving his hand up & down from her hairs to her back sensuously... His lips were creating havoc inside her which resulted his shirt was out by her lostly caressing his nape who bit on her lower lip lightly making her nails scratch on his back which he didn't cared... His head started descending from her jaw line till her waist making her lay on bed his hand caressed her front from neck line to waist which made her to hold the pillow tightly almost smashing the rose petals in her fisted hand

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke
(Saansein chura ke)...

"Sshhh..." she hissed in pain as bit her sensitive spot on her waist which he instantly soothed also while his hands were tracing her curves sensuously almost making her desperate to feel him whose head moved upwards planting numerous kisses there... Facing her he stared at her closed eyes and tempting anticipating parted lips he smiled lightly actually he is mesmerized by her beauty... He is loving this moments that she is under him as if he had seen this he traced her face wd his knuckles He is getting why she is so much important to him?? Why he so want her?? But the question is it is possible?? Where as not feeling his any move she opened her eyes slowly only to find his head lowered down on her neck while entwining their fingers... Her whole shoulder became red as he started biting there making her gasped when he slowly freed her hand which immediately moved inside his hairs while his hands started feeling her curves... His kisses turned into fierce way "Huh..." her breath stopped as she felt her inner wear's hook flip opened from back by him who was still busy kissing her front... His hands started touching her curves intimately making her gasped fisting the rose petals in her hands while moaning which were only making him crazy so wdout any waiting for a second he threw that piece away from her who started feeling nervous she tried to hide her front but he didn't let her by holding her hands firmly on his grip... Wdout warning he kissed her hard making her banged wd his chest which only made her tremble under him... Leaving her lips he started placing long smooching kisses on her whole neck sensuously... Then his head descended down almost pressing her curves intimately which made a glittering sensation in her body "Ar...m..." she gasped loudly as he bit her but relieved her from pain by giving pleasure to her shivering body... Her body was trembling under him... Its been eleven months since they had any physical contact... But as he touched she felt the same feeling again infact wd new sensation where as he felt he didn't touched her first time as if its known to him?? His every move was making her insane while his head was still dig inside her front where he did whatever he wanted to do wd her.. whose breath was getting heavier... Her hands were caressing his hairs infact fisting it nervously while His hands were busy on her down path where he carefully removed her skirt touching her whole smooth leg sensuously... She didn't stopped him from doing anything coz she herself want to flow in him... To forget this World only him... Taking his time in her front he decended his head on her legs leaving her tremble wd smooches who pulled his shirt on her front hiding it feeling shy... Although there was only candle's light shinning which was melting now at its edge... Right now only one piece of clothing was hiding her from his eyes She smiled blissfully as he removed her sandles and placed kisses there She can feel that tickling sensation inside her body

Kya jaane tu mere iraade
Le jaunga saansein chura ke...

"Aahh..." she gasped loudly as he bit somewhere which is sensitive then he started relaxing her wd his hot lips She bit her lower lip while pressing her head on pillow as he removed the only barrier b/w his eyes & her shivering body who wanted to hide coz of shyness but he didn't let her by holding her firmly "Ar...m .." she sobbed as he did something very pleasuring to her whose body was getting restless... she wants him right now she shivered by his hot teasing movements which made her to move her hand to pull him up but he didn't let her infact he entwined their fingers leaving her restless... She could cry if he didn't stopped he was igniting a fire inside her body where as after satisfying himself he came above her again taking the blanket on them "Plzzz... I... I." she begged restlessly as he faced her Right now indeed she is looking the most beautiful girl to him who had entered in his life he actually didn't saw anyone like her... He realized he is falling for her May be... He kissed on her chin making her calm who didn't realized when he himself got undressed and now their bare bodies were brushing wd each other he rubbed his cheeks on her face almost brushing their bodies making her tremble while losing her senses which only want to explode inside him who sucked her ear lobe almost chewing it which made her hissed and removing the rose petals from her upper body by his hot teasing lips he calmed her a little down

Dil keh raha hai gunehgaar ban ja
Bada chain hai inn gunaahon se aage...

"U know what..." he cupped her face lovingly who blinked her eyes trying to see his face clearly in this dark dim night "Thanks for coming in my life" he whispered honestly caressing her cheek who moved her hands on his back seductively feeling contented by his words while her move made him to sucked her lips passionately again his hands started making her crazy by his sensuous intimate touchings & caresses leaving her breathless... She breathed hard while closing her eyes tightly which made him to place a kiss on her nose and her hands caressed his back sensuously "I can't live wdout u Shilpa" he whispered softly wd a smile on his face while entwining their fingers where as she was getting restless which he observed so placing a soft kiss on her forehead he took her lips in his smoothly... While entering in her Slowly trying not to hurt her which made a sudden pain inside her but he didn't left her lips infact he was still holding her hand who was getting breathless...


Main gumshuda si raat hoon
Meri khushnuma subah tum ho...

"Aaahhh..." she whimpers as he leaved her lips and started kissing her neck to sooth her while making love to her according to her moans... First Slow... Smooth... Hard... Then Deep... The rose petals started sticking to their hot bodies under the blanket... While the candles already melted by the heat of the Room on which the Air condition was not making any good "Arm...aa..." she bit her lower lip to control her coming cry as he is making her weak while her hands were digging on his back... Now she is feeling complete inside his arms which she missed the most... She bit his shoulder painfully as he went Deep soon the pain turned into pleasuring one which made her to kiss his shoulder.. earlobe ..chin wherever she could reach trying to feel his every inch... Her one hand moved on his chest to feel his abs his thudding heartbeat lovingly But she knows next morning she will regret that! So ignoring that regret feeling she again melted in his arms And right now she just want to feel him forgetting everything,,, She reached at the end but he wasn't satisfied so until he satisfied himself he didn't freed her coz he couldn't have any control on his body which only desires to feel her as if touching after ages but according to him it is the first time right?? Where as she became hell tiered by his passionate intense love making...
"Huh..." her breath got hitched as he came out from her pantingly feeling something blissful while keeping his forehead on hers who was breathing heavenly... Shilpa's eyes closed down feeling peaceful after so many months under him who watched her face calmly but there was a satisfying smile on his face... Moving closer to her he kissed her softly taking her lips into his she tried to respond but her eyes got heavy plus her body became numb by his sore love making She doesn't wants to sleep coz if she would sleep then the Next Morning when her eyes would open where she could have to leave him... also she have to break his heart which she doesn't want...she want's to stay in his arms hearing his soothing words but her eyes got heavy and she went in deep slumber getting hell tiered by his sore love making thinking She didn't had idea that this Akdu Sadu Unromantic Armaan have so much passion in him until now which confirmed he is far more than romantic on his cool side... He was kissing her when he felt her slow breath also her hands lossened their grip on his back which was signal for him that she had slept... So leaving her lips he chuckled planting a small kiss on her sweaty forehead

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho...

"Is it... Love .. Shilpa??" he whispered smilingly as if asking to himself while tucking her hairs on side who is still shivering "But may be not... May be Yes..." he smiled confusedly removing the rose petals from her neck where he kissed her lightly trying to sooth that bites on her whole neck ... And laying beside her he took her in his arms staring at the ceiling wd a satisfying smile playing on his lips... This feeling which he is feeling right now is not any new feeling he had felt when he got engaged wd her when he got married wd her... May be he felt this feeling in b/w those three years also... He didn't felt he had touched her for the first time as if he is used to it just like that KISS... Yaah though his eyes caught that sight of her for the first time but his heart & body both felt as if it had being done before too... But the question is... Did they made love first time?? No he felt her body which seems it wasn't the first time The way she reacted to his touches.. it didn't looked first time As if she was craving for him... But as she said they didn't had any intimacy in Past they were just friends like she said which he still couldn't believe... Then how on earth was possible her body didn't looked like first time??? He trust her and knows he is her first & last one just like she is to him then how it is possible?? May be they had that kind of relation in those three years but she lied to him "Haa ye ho sakta hai... Kyun ki ye aisa kar sakti hai... But kyun?? May be darr rahi ho mujhe batane mein... Yaa fir ye b ho sakta hai ki mere reaction se darr rahi ho..." he whispered to himself doubtfully while staring at her intently who changed her position snuggling more into him keeping her head on his chest who smiled "Par kahin ye kal subhe firse bhaag gayi to...??" he mumbled to himself "Nai Armaan pagal hai kya... See vo khud aayi thi tere karib to is baar nai jaaygi..." his heart convinced himself who looked at her glowing face "I hope tum aisa kuch na karo Shilpa... I can't loose u..." saying this softly he placed a kiss on her head while playing wd her hairs and hugged her tightly then entwining their fingers he looked at her hand observing her dark Henna he smiled lightly remembering her face which she made during that time when he forced her to make it on her hands... Don't know why he loves to see her hands filled wd dark henna?? May be coz on their Wedding Night he had seen that... Or may be this made her hands look more beautiful .. She is the most amazing plus confusing plus complicating plus innocent girl in his life whom he didn't want to loose "Bewkoof..." he chuckled while kissing her eyes... He is genuinely heartly happy to find someone who would stay wd him forever... Her every expressions were coming infront of his eyes her grumpy look her pouted lips her sad face her silence her ignorance her anger frustration love care everything is making him to love her more... His Confusing Complicaed Adorable Mysterious Innocent Beautiful Tufaani Chidchidi Bracelet Cheerful Fun Loving Wife is now laying on his arms who doesn't want to loose her and cherishing their Unforgettable night he went in a peaceful sleep... As if he got something very big... But he doesn't have any idea about her decision which she took for them


Next Morning
"Umm..." Armaan made a face as the sun light hit his face which made him stir... He moved his hand to pull the blanket on his face when his hand got the petals of roses making his eyes snapped opened... Last night's events came back on his eyes making him smile when it hitted his head that she is not beside him...

Rubbing his face he looked for her on bed but found himself alone as always he immediately sat to look for her... No traces of her in the Room his shirt was lying beside him "May be Washroom...?" he mumbled confusedly but there was fear in his heart... Getting dressed he searched her in Washroom which was unlocked "No no no Armaan... Think positive may be kisi kaam se neeche gayi ho... Vaise b kal Avni ki shaadi hai... To hogi busy kahi.." he composed himself from thinking anything negative... So taking his fresh clothes he took a cool shower for relaxing from that unknown fear... There was smile on his lips still remembering last night... Her nails scratches was still fresh on his back... And getting himself fully dressed he moved out to search her... It was 10:30 when he started looking for her in Palace "Heyy Dad... Hey everyone... Gud morning" his cheerful voice made Billy to look away from his newspaper shockingly while other elders were surprised at his sudden change of behavior... Everyone was present there his Grand Parents his Uncle Aunty His both Aunts and Billy in lawn "Come on.. Aise kyun react kar rahe ho aap log.. As if koi bhoot dekh liya ho..." he said annoyingly as they all watched his face
"Haa ye hui na Armaan wali baat..." his Dad joked which made him to roll his eyes while others smile
"Radha ye lo Avni ki bag ki chabhi... Saari packing ho gayi hai bas thoda aur baaki hai..." Ananya came from behind
"Gud Morning Mom" he wished normally making Ananya smile
"Kya baat hai... Aaj ache mood mein lag rahe ho...??" Ananya asked smilingly
"Nai to... Roz ki tarah to lag raha hun... Aap b na.." he replied calmly sitting beside his Dadi who gave him side hug
"Haa ho sakta hai... Acha breakfast karoge" Ananya asked normally
"Nai..." he replied while taking a bite from his Dadi's sandwich making Ananya shook her head "Vaise Mom sab nai dikh rahe hai...??" he asked in his usual calm tone hidding his desparation to see his Wife
"Sab kaise dikhenge... Kal raat k Party k baad so rahe hai.. Even Raj ki Family khud" she replied while taking a seat beside Naina
"Shilpa k baare mein kaise puchun...?" he thought confusedly when
"Armaan... Shilpa kahan hai?? Vo to nai gayi thi kal Party mein... Usko to uth jaana chahiyee tha jaldi" Ananya herself asked making him serious
"Mom ko b nai pata... Shilpa kahan hai...?? To fir ye ladki gayi kahan hogi" he thought confusedly
"Aree Bhabhi... Ek ghante pehle hi mili thi vo mujhe... Maine pucha kahan to vo boli ki aise hi vo walk k liye jaa rahi hai Park mein.. Thoda fresh feel karne" As Naina informed this Armaan just wanted to go there but he have to be patient
"Acha..." Ananya nodded
"Vaise sahi b hai... Sone se acha thoda walk karna chahiyee" Radha said in her usual way to which everyone got engaged on some random topics and getting a chance he excused himself for call which was from Rahul so after talking wd him he ran to look her in Park... The same park where she was sitted when he forcefully brought her in Palace three days ago... He knew she didn't took her phone wd her coz he saw her phone on their Room
"I hope uske dimag mein kuch ulta seedha nai chal raha ho.." his heart prayed worriedly as he entered in Park which is very long & broad made up like in Rajasthani style
"Tujhse badi pagal... Bewkoof ladki maine aaj tak nai dekhi..." Shilpa's mind scolded her who looked at the water blankly "Na tu kuch accept kar sakti hai... Na kuch tu chod sakti hai... Aur vo kuch Armaan hai ye to tujhe pata hai..." her heart said to her "Jab tujhe sab kuch chod k jaana hi hai to kya jarurat thi unki taraf kadam badhane ki... Aur ab jab badha liya to peeche kyun hat rahi hai... I hate u for this Shilpa..." her heart said hurtfully while her gaze was fixed on that deep lake... She is sitting far away from any public at the last corner side of Park which is connected by a lake she is sitting on the edge of railing which is made for people to relax or sat... Her ankles were touching the water "Har baar tu apni manmani nai kar sakti... Kya samajh kar rakkha hai tune sabko... Ki tere hisaab se chalenge..." her heart shouted on her "Ye iski galti nai hai... Isne jo kiya thik kiya... Sab Armaan ki bhalai k liye kiya hai... Iske karib rehkar usse sirf problems milti... Aur vaise b ye usse chodne hi waali hai Dehradun jaake... To first time Shilpa I am wd u... Tujhe usse mehsoosh karna tha tune kiya... Ab aage dekh life mein uske alwa..." her mind encouraged her to which she closed her eyes painfully remembering about last night... Their unforgatable night when she felt on cloud nine feeling her love back... It was midnight when she opened her eyes only to find herself in his arms while his face was dig inside her neck she can felt his hot breath on her neck... She smiled seeing this how she waited for this moment since long... shifting herself a little back from him she starred his calm face where his hairs were hiding his forehead making her to adore him she lovingly pulled his hairs back on his head almost caressing his face... Tears started making out from her eyes as she remembered about her decision to leave him... She wore his shirt as if feeling him like before and smiled remembering his confession... He said he can't live wdout her she agreed with the same thought... But she needed a commitment that he loves her... She can't stay wd him just for survival of life they need to have love b/w them.. But when someone thinks that they can't live wdout a special one... Doesn;t it means it's love??... She kissed his face lovingly as if touching him last time and Watching his face she cried silently till the time sun's light hit her face and gathering all her courage all her energy she moved out from the bed... And after a long bathing session she came here for peace dressed in pink dress still the glow was there on her face "Kya main sahi kar rahi hun...??" she whispered to herself confusedly staring her reflection on water when she heard his voice
"Shilpa..." he called tierdly looking here & there for her whose eyes got snapped opened hearing his voice she immediately turn her face behind only to find Armaan a little far from her while searching her everywhere she can see how he is worried for her coz it was written on his face that may be he is searching for her since long... From Past one hour he is searching her in this Park but still no sign of her..
"Shilpa be a brave girl... Tu aise nai bhaag sakti.. Jaa seedhe seedhe isse bata de... Ki tujhe kya huaa hai??" her heart encouraged her who took a deep breath while standing up and started walking towards him "Agar sunne k baad isne thappad maara to??... Toh tu bina kuch kahe chali jaana... But at least clarification de de isse... Ki tu iske saath nai rehna chahti... Jaa bol de" her mind pushed her ahead

Main jo jee raha hoon
Wajah tum ho
Wajah tum ho...

"Shi..." his words left incomplete as he saw her walking towards him who took a sigh of relief finding her safe... He immediately decreased the distance b/w them as he ran towards her "Kahan thi tum?? Pichle do ghante se tumhe pagalo ki tarah dhundh raha hun?? At least bata k aati... Uper se phone nai leke aayi" he started scolding her as he stood infront of her who can see his moist eyes which made her guilty "Shilpa... Kya huaa??" his voice immediately turned soft as he found her silent "Shilpa...?" holding her by her shoulder he whispered softly making her to look at his worried face
"Dekh rahi hai tu... Kyaa haal ho gaya hai inka... Aur tu chodne ki baat kar rahi hai..." her heart scolded her "See Shilpa direct bolde... Don't be a looser or darpok..." her mind warned her "I am sorry Armaan..." she whispered softly making him narrow his bows "Main aapke saath nai reh sakti..." she said slowly scardly making him stunned while he left her shoulder hurtfully she was fearing that he will slap her
"Kyun??" he whispered hurtfully making her scared
"Vo... Vo... Mmain" she didn't knew what to say to which he jerked her towards him by her shoulder
"Kyun?? Kyun Shilpa... Reason do??" he asked piercing his teeth making her scared
"KYUN KI MAIN NAI REH SAKTI AAPKE SAATH DUM GHUT TA HAI MERA..." whatever came from her mouth she said loudly pushing him who got angry and jerked her back
"Oh really Shilpa dum ghut ta hai... Kal raat to nai ghut raha tha dum tumhara..." he pierced his teeth glaring at her who became numb hearing this "Stop running away Shilpa... Aaakhir kab tak bhaagogi... Mujhe to ye nai samajh mein aa raha ki tum ye kar hi kyun rahi ho..." leaving her he said softly "MERI GALTI KAHAN HAI SHILPA... BAS ITNA BATAO... VO TUM THI JO MERE KARIB AAYI... VO TUM THI JISNE MERE DIL MEIN APNI JAGAH BANAI .. NA CHAHTE HUE B MAIN TUMHARI TARAF KHICHTA GAYA... SIRF TUMHARI WAJAH SE... TUMNE MUJHE APNI AADAT DILAAYI... TUMNE MUJHE TUMPE DEPEND KARVAYA..." he pointed his finger at her hurtfully making her broke "VO TUM THI NA... JISNE MUJHSE KAHA KI YOU LOVE ME... THEN WHY THE HELL ARE U RUNNING AWAY FROM ME... MUJHE TUMHARI SOCH MEIN DAALKAR KHUD KAISE INKAR KAR SAKTI HO KI TUM MUJHSE PYAAR NAI KARTI..." his voice turned cracked one "IT WAS YOU WHO KISSED ME... IT WAS YOU WHO INITIATED THAT NIGHT YESTERDAY..." he directly came infront of her who looked down tearfully "AND IT WAS YOU WHO REGRET EVERYTHING... NOT ME... SAMJHI... SO STOP BLAMING ME" he blasted on her which made her weak
"Main aapko blame nai kar rahi Armaan... Main to bas... Bas..."she tried to say when he softly pull her closer by her arms staring at her wd moist eyes
"Bas.. Bas kya??" he asked softly to which she didn't said anything making him angry "SEE TUMHE KHUD NAI PATA TUM KYA CHAHTI HO... Main kaise tumhe samjhu Shilpa jab tak tum khud mujhe samajhne nai dogi khudko.. I am not some magician or something jo face read kar lun ki tumhaare dimag mein kya chal raha hai... Main nai jaanta hamare Past mein kya huaa tha.. Main nai jaanta tumhare saath kya hua tha... Main nai jaanta tumhare friends k baare mein... Tumhare us so called best friend Ansh k baare mein... KYUN KI TUMNE MUJHE KABHI KUCH BATAYA HI NAI.. KISI K BAARE MEIN NAI INFACT MERE KHUD K BAARE MEIN NAI... KYUN SHILPA KYUN??" his words made her stunned How does he knows about Ansh?? But most important his words made her weak she can feel pain in his voice... But she have to stay away from him somewhere she knew she is doing wrong to hurt him but she have to
"Armaan plzz... Samajhiye mujhe aapke saath nai rehna... Main nai reh sakti aapke saath... Varna main" she tried to explain when he lived her arms and stepped back hurtfully
"Varna...?" he asked fearly
"Varna main apni jaan de dungi..." as she said this regretted in a second but hearing this he became stunned there was silence b/w them until..
"Jao..." he whispered softly wdout any expression on his face "Chali jao yahan se..." he said looking away from her who got scared seeing him broken
"Armaan..." she stepped ahead when he stepped back
"JUST GO SHILPA..." he said sternly making her scared and wdout saying anything she moved ahead to go when he gripped her hand making her stop... Both of them didn't turned at each other "AB MERE KARIB KABHI MAT AANA SHILPA..." saying this softly he leaved her hand who got shocked hearing this... She moved to say something but knowing well his anger she ran from there controlling her tears where as Armaan became shattered broken... He silently knelled on floor while controlling his tears... He left broken hearing her words... He never felt this weak in his whole life just right now... She was his strength but now she became his weakness... He cried hurtfully hiding his face in his palms... And don;t know from how long he was there consoling himself... He never felt this connection to anyone which he felt wd her... But today she broke him... And his all hopes

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