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Part 35 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



Evening in Church

"One by one, drops fell from her eyes like they were on an assembly line - gather, fall, slide...gather, fall, slide...each one commemorating something she had lost. Hope. Faith. Confidence. Pride. Security. Trust. Independence. Joy. Beauty. Freedom. Innocence." 

"Mujhe samajh mein nai aa raha God maine sahi kiya yaa galat... But mera dil keh raha hai ki galat kiya..." a broken Shilpa cried keeping her head on her hands which was put on the bench "Meri zindagi itni complicated aur confusing kyun hai?? Kyun mujhe kabhi sahi options nai milte... Kyun mere pass sirf ek hi option hota hai... Kyun mujhe hi kisiko hurt karke khud hurt hota hai..." her heart asked this to the God Poor girl was crying since she came here... After making Armaan hurt she came in their Room which reminded her about the last night.. Everything was removed by the Room Service manager but still the fragrance of roses were making her to cry unstoppably... She only wiped her tears when a knock on their Room made her to correct her looks & putting a fake smile she opened the door only to find girls of Maliks standing happily infront of the door and they dragged her downstairs for Sangeet Function... Where everyone was dancing enjoying but her heart & brain was occupied wd his words... His face she felt suffocation in that crowded place so she immediately ran from there for fresh air and thinking about him she walked out from the Palace... She knows he will never going to forgive her well she deserves this and thinking about him when she reached infront of Church she didn't knew The Church was 20 minutes away from the Palace... Thinking she will get peace she walked inside the Church and took a seat on a bench It was not so crowded... But as the time passed everyone left except her & a lady on corner side... Staring at the god she searched her answers which immediately showed that she did wrong to him.. He was hurt how can she do this wd him?? She felt she is his Culprit Here god gifted her love back again and she refused why??... Feeling guilty she started crying at her fate "Armaan to mujhe ab dekhna b nai chahte honge... But acha hai jaldi vo bhul jaaynge mujhe" she thought hurtfully when someone sat behind her and seeing her crying he became shocked... He thought to put his hand on her shoulder but stopped himself so calmly he sat behind her bench
"Jab main tujhe rona dekhna chahta tha.. Tab to tu kabhi nai royi... Dekhna chahta tha ki tere paas emotions hai ki nai... Aur aaj jab tu ro rahi hai.. Acha nai lag raha" that sudden voice made her surprised so wiping her tears she looked back
"Ansh??" she asked shockingly to which he smiled and waved his hand coolly "Tu yahan kya kar raha hai??" she asked shockingly to which he shook his head
"Kyun Udaipur kya sirf tera hai..." he replied sarcastically to which she rolled her eyes and looked ahead which made him smile "Kab apna ego side karke normal banegi tu..." he asked normally crossing his arms
"Tujhe isse kya... Tu apna kaam kar" wdout looking back at him she said slowly wiping her tears
"Tu rote hue bahoot beautiful lagti hai" he teased making her angry
"Main ro nai rahi thi..." she replied while sniffing making him chuckled
"Haa kaise accept karegi tu.. Ki ro rahi thi ego neeche nai ho jaayga tera.." he taunted making her angry
"Haa hai ego tujhe kyun problem ho rahi hai... Idiot" she stood up angrily facing him who smiled
"Oye dheere.. Church hai College nai" he eyed her smilingly who got angry and went from there "Aree abhi tak tera gussa nai gaya..." he followed her who didn't bothered to look at him
"Jahan dekho har kisiko main hi galat lagti hun.. Mujh mein hi problem hoti hai... Haa hai mujh mein ego attitude sari problems to mere hi wajah se hoti haina" she blabbered while walking on footpath where as Ansh immediately grabbed her wrist stopping her
"Har waqt gussa Shilpa.. Kuch to badla hota apne andar..." he asked confusedly to which she looked at his hand on her wrist angrily
"Haath chod mera.. " she glared trying to free her wrist to which he freed her hand wd a smile
"Acha baba.." he said wd a smile making her to look away from him "Ok.. Kaisi hai tu??" putting his hands inside his jeans he looked at her smilingly
"Pata nai... Tu bata...Kaisa hai tu??" after two minutes of silence she asked thinking she already hurted him whose guilt was still inside her and now doing same thing wd Armaan she realized how Ansh had felt at that time
"Main to bilkul thik hun..." replying normally he asked to which replying ok she walked ahead "Armaan khush to haina..??" walking beside her he asked slowly making her to look at him wd raised bows "I know kya soch rahi hai... Yehi ki har friend ye puchta hai ki tu khush to hai... But maine ye pucha ki Armaan khush hai ki nai.. Jaanti hai kyun" he said in teasing way
"Nai janna" she replied uninterestingly
"Lekin main phir b bolunga..." he smiled "Vo is liye kyun ki tere Case mein sab ulta hota hai... Tu khush hogi yaa nai ye to tu jaanti hai... But Yahan puchna to Armaan k baare mein haina ki vo khush hai yaa nai coz I can understand his situation... Kitna tune usse nachaya hoga ghuma k rakkha hoga ye main acche se samajh sakta hun" as he said this a smile reached on her lips "Complicated confusing si ek ladki yehi naam diya tha na tune khud ko... Jisse na main samajh sakta hun na Aditi samajh sakti hai na Ridzi ,Sukku, Panchi, Payal, Priyanka... Even Prashant b... Infact koi nai tum khud b nai" he spoke slowly making her smile
"Sab samajh sakte hai except u... Ek baar samajh k to dekha hota Ansh" her heart said to her
"Main Armaan se mila tha Shilpa... Through Arjun I am sure usne tujhe bataya hoga... But I want to say he is very nice person Shilpa... I know main utne ache se nai janta usko jitna tu jaanti hogi.. Lekin Prashant se sunne k baad mujhe lagta hai ki vo bahoot hi accha banda hai" he praised normally making her shocked at he met Armaan through Arjun and she didn't knew about this but she didn't reacted on this... Also she gotted why Armaan asked about Ansh coz she didn't told him about Ansh... Oh no what if he misunderstood her?? "Shilpa... I hope tu usse nacha k nai rakhti hogi" he joked just to see her reaction
"Haa mere paas to bas yehi kaam haina??" rolling her eyes she walked ahead making him chuckled
"Tere to rang hi alag hai... Tu khud nai jaanti.. I felt bad for Armaan kitna ghumaya hoga na tune usko" Ansh hit her head lightly making her angry
"Tum ladke kitna show off karte ho na... Suppose agar ek hi ladki k peeche do ladke ho to vo dono hi dikhaate hai... Ki nai yaar tu sahi hai to dusra b bolta hai nai tu b galat nai hai... Fir dono ye prove karte hai ki ladki galat hai" she said in full amused tone which made him laughed
"Kitni smart hai tu..." he taunted teasingly still controlling his laugh
"Janti hun" she walked ahead proudly "Acha vo chod ye bata tu yahan kya kar raha hai..??" looking back at him she asked normally
"Shaadi hai meri panch din baad... Ussi Palace mein jahan tu ruki hai apne In-Laws k saath" he replied calmly making her eyes big
"Tujhe puri duniya mein yehi Palace mila tha shaadi karne k liye... Kahin tu mujhe stalk to nai kar raha??" she asked angrily which made him shook his head
"Dumbo..." he hit her head lightly "Mere paas aur kuch kaam nai hai kya jo tujhe stalk karunga... Aur agar karna hota to sabse pehle tere ghar pahuchta" he taunted making her giggle
"Acha vo sab chod... Tu to Thailand mein shaadi karne wala tha.. Fir India kyun??" she taunted wd a grin making him smile
"Vo kya haina jab main Airport pahucha... To unhone kaha ticket confirmation k liye Shilpa Malhotra chahiye jo mere paas thi nai... To idea drop karna pada..." he replied in full fun way making her giggle "Vaise tu bata tu ab tak Dehradun.. Ladakh.. Darjeeling kyun nai pahuchi... Main to expect kar raha tha ki ab directly tujhe vohi milunga" he asked teasingly making her smile
"Abhi mera mood nai hai... Jab hoga tab jaaungi" she replied crossing her arms making him chuckled and they started walking again "Aur haa most important tu to panch saal pehle shaadi karne wala tha... Fir ab kyun??" she asked frowning
"Aree kuch business issues ki wajah se nai ho payi thi" he said normally to which she nodded quietly Actually no one knows that they talked on phone five years before where they ended there fight also that day she got to know about his marriage which left her happy they both always pretended infront of everyone that they had a huge fight but know one knows their fight was short out they both can understand each other's situation but never shows ... When in present he entered again Shilpa didn't wanted to talk to him remembering that painful day when he taunted her many times that why she wasn't wd him which she ignored... She didn't loved him but loosing a only man who was her best friend... But being wd Armaan she doesn't want any issues now in her life
"So tell me... Khushi kaisi hai??" she asked normally
"Achi hai... Simple hai beautiful hai bahoot bolti hai par achi hai" he replied normally to which she smiled
"Ohhhoo" she teased to which he smiled coyly "Kaise gaye itne saal saath mein..??" she asked excitedly
"Kuch khaas nai... Vo apna job karti thi main apna... Usse samajhne mein teen saal lag gaye... But now I love her more than anything" he said calmly making her smile heartily
"See I told u I am not that special one in ur life" she said smilingly which made him chuckled
"Yaa.. Par ye baat to mujhe tabhi pata chal gayi thi.. Last two months of our College but apni friendship nai khona chahta tha... But tera life se jaana vo galat tha.." his words made her stopped in her tracks
"Mujhe b... Chod tu bata... Khushi ko bataya ki tu kitna bigda huaa hai" ignoring that topic she joked to which he smiled
"Tu to jaanti hai main kitna bigada hua hun... Aur usse pata hai main kaisa hun teri tarah nai hai vo.." he replied also taunted her who nodded and they both started again walking talking about Khushi and his life Shilpa didn't want to fight wd him coz now he doesn't matter's to her... He was her bestfriend & he will stay always no one can take his place But now in Present she just want to live happy... Doesn't want any issues related from her Past.. Ansh's ego is like same to Armaan's ego... They sometimes behave simillar that's why in beginning she took time to accept Armaan coz somewhere his habits & nature relates to each other... But Armaan is a person whom she will choose first not bcoz she loves him or he is her Husband... She will choose him coz of his clear way.. Yes the things make Armaan different from other mans or from Ansh is his clear nature... He didn't pretended that he cared for her trusts her... When times comes he supports her and the most humble thing he have is his honesty well Ansh too have this quality but only wd his close ones... While Armaan is honest wd every relation... If he don't like anyone he clearly says and if someone is more than anything to him he can give his all honesty to them... Ansh is very nice person but the thing he didn't have inside him is understanding Yes in College days also he never understood her problems... But Armaan he immediately catched her problems whether to scold love or shout he forcefully spills the beans from her mouth just for peace... Ansh shall always remain as a friend Ye! not even her best friend but she is happy for him that he moved on in his life...
"Acha tu ro kyun rahi thi andar... U know thoda strange laga dusro ko rulaane waali khud roye... Tu nai batana chahti to koi nai but agar bata degi to acha hoga" he asked normally just to lightened the situation
"Bas aise hi..." she replied slowly to which he shook his head "Actu... Ouch!!" before she could say something her foot slipped and she landed on his arms who immediately caught hold of her waist when on the other side of road Armaan's car stopped
"Yaa Mom..." receiving Ananya's call he replied tiredly rubbing his forehead
"Kahan ho tum log... Itni raat ho gayi sab puch rahe hai... Ek to tum subhe se gayab the aur shaam tak Shilpa ko b le gaye... Jaldi aao" Ananya scolded angrily
"Yaa..." he didn't heard what she said just replied coz his heart & mind were numb seeing the scene infront of his eyes... Yes he saw his Wife in Ansh's arms that to at this time the phone fell from his hand He couldn't see clearly coz of his car's window glass but what he saw was enough for his anger

"Sambhal k stupid... Hamesha girti firti hai" Ansh spoke smilingly as she parted mumbling sorry "Pair pe lagi..??" he asked worriedly
"Nai thik hun main..." she replied normally while looking down on her feet
"Ek baat kahun Shilpa..?" Ansh sudden slow voice made her look up at him "Tujhe pata hai hum ladke kab kya sochte hai yeh hum khud nai jaante... Hum bas bina baat k react karte hai" his sentence made her confused
"Matlab..??" she narrowed her eyes while walking on side
"Matlab ye.. Ki main kabhi Khushi ko kisi aur k saath nai dekh sakta... Chahe koi uska friend ho yaa best friend.. Ek haad tak thik hai but usse zyada nai..." he replied calmly which she still didn't get "In short main aana nai chahta Armaan k samne specially tera best friend banke.. But us din Arjun ne introduce karva diya hume.. Trust me main nai chahta tha ki main uske samne tera best friend banu... But vo stupid Prashant bole hi jaa raha tha... I know Armaan is nice person but koi b Husband ye nai bardaast karega ki uski Wife k life mein best koi aur rahe... Like me main nai bardaast kar sakta ki Khushi kisi aur ko apna best kahe..." he tried to explained her who smiled
"Don't worry Armaan aisa kuch nai sochte..." she said smilingly
"Hope so yehi ho.. Kyun ki main nai chahunga ki meri wajah se tere life mein koi problem aaye... Shayad tu jaanti nai hum ladko ki mentality aise waqt pe kitna gir jaati hai... So ye last time hoga jab hum aise saath mein hai... Aur agar aage kabhi dikhe to like u said ignore karenge ek dusare ko" he said normally making her smile
"Yaa fir ek small si smile paas karenge... Kyun maan mein vo stupid si karvahat rakhe..." she said sweetly to which he nodded
"Aur ek baat... Apni insecurities ko itna haavi mat hone dena.. Ki vo tera present kharab karde... Aur present mein rehna maine tujhse hi sikha hai" keeping his hands on her shoulder he said politely to which she looked down where as Armaan's hand fisted on steering he can't hear what they are talking but he can see the view "Armaan bahoot acha insaan hai Arjun ne bataya to main nai chahunga ki tu apne stupidity ki wajah se usse khoye... Agar vo gusaa ho jaaye to vaise hi manana jaise mujhe College mein chikh chikh kar maar maar kar manaati thi... Even announce kar k maafi mangti thi... To aisi jagah plz apna vo self respect women empowerment aur vo ego mat laana... Varna bahoot galat ho jaayga Shilpa" he explained softly staring at her who thought 'Galat to kar diya hai Ansh ek baar fir' Being her best friend he actually guessed her sadness in Church he knows it must have been her fault that's why she was crying or it must be something big which made her cry coz she was not that person who can break easily "Ab zyada bhav mat kha.. Varna khud Allu Arjun tujhe ignore karega" he joked leaving her shoulders who chuckled
"Dare u involve Allu Arjun in this..." she said wd a giggle making him smile mumbling sorry where as Armaan felt Back stabbed.. Fooled.. Cheated... Here he spend his whole day wd the trauma of the pain she had given and she is laughing wd her so called best friend at this hour of night on middle of the road... May be this was the reason behind her decision to stay away from him.. She lied she loves him who wdout saying anything fastened his car's speed Hurtfully
"Acha vo sab chod ek advice... Chahiyee teri degi??" they again started walking
"Haa bolna.." she smiled
"Dad chahte hai main unka business continue karun.. But ab mujhe mere choice ki job mil chuki hai... To kuch samajh mein nai aa raha kya karun.. Dad ka dil b nai todna chahta.. Aur apni choice ka job b karna chahta hun" he explained calmly to which she giggle
"Tu aaj tak is confusion se bahar nai aa paaya na.." she said smilingly to which he nodded in YES "Khushi ne kya kaha?" she asked normally
"Usne.. Kaha ki main apne dil ki sunu jo mera kaam hai.. But what about Dad" he asked doubtfully
"Khushi is right... Tujhe apni dil ki sunni chahiye.. But agar tu Uncle ki b help karna chahta hai to ek kaam kar.. Uncle se baat kar ki main week ends mein aapka kaam kar sakta hun aur baaki sab days main apni choice ki job karunga.. U know balance bana kar" she suggested thoughtfully making him smile
"Yaar tune to meri problem... Ek chutki mein solve kardi... Kahan thi tu itne saal... Best hai tu to" he said smilingly to which she smile "Vaise Mom tujhe bahoot yaad kar rahi thi us din.. Jab tune blood donate kiya tha unko.. But don't worry unko samjha diya maine ki teri ab shaadi ho chuki hai aur tu busy hai apni life mein... Mom samajh b gayi" he said normally to which she smiled "Vaise tujhse main ek request karunga ki plzz meri shaadi mein mat aana" he indirectly taunted her
"Mujhe aana b nai hai" she rolled her eyes making him laugh
"Aur aana b mat..." he taunted again to which she just smile
"Chod vo sab... Tu apni shaadi enjoy kar aur aage apni life pe dhyaan de" she said sweetly making them stop in their tracks infront of the Palace
"Tu nai batati to main nai karta haina..." he said sarcastically making her to took a sigh
"Jo samajhna hai samajh... Main jaa rahi hun.. Bye" she said normally "Aur haa Khushi ko khush rakhna... Apna vo Sadu wala looks usko mat dikhana... Vo thoda kam kar dena... Bas.. Aur wish u a very happily married life... Bye" she wished cheerfully making him chuckled
"Vo sab chod.. Aage se yaad rakhna itni raat ko kahin b akele mat jana pagal... First its an unknown place second its very dangerous to roam out" he warned making her to roll her eyes
"Haa thik hai.. And all the best for ur new life... Bye" waving at him she walked from there leaving a smiling Ansh there
"Take care Shilpa.." he shouted from far to which she smiled wdout looking back at him A very huge guilt was lifted from her heart but a biggest guilt captured her heart again to hurt Her Armaan "I will miss u Shilpa..." he mumbled smilingly staring at her running figure which disappeared in Palace


"Shilpa... Kahan thi tum??" Ananya asked angrily as she saw Shilpa entering in Palace
"Vo main..." she fumbled
"Jo b ho andar jao... Aur Armaan kahan hai saath mein tha na tumhare..."Ananya asked frowningly making her realized He still hadn't returned "Ye ladka na bas apni maanmani karta hai... Aur tumhe b bolta hoga... Chalti to usi ki hogi... Jao aaram karo aur koi bole to bolna gayi thi kuch shopping karne" she said calmly looking at her who looked down guiltfully
"Sorryy... Maa" Shilpa apologized suddenly hugging Ananya who was taken back by this
"Shilpa.. Kya huaa??" Ananya asked worriedly caressing her back as she realized Shilpa is sniffing "Armaan ne kuch kaha kya??" she asked worriedly to which she nodded in no still sniffing "To fir...??" she asked as she parted from hug
"Kkuch nai... Bas vo..." she didn't knew what to answer Coz she hugged Ananya feeling guilty that she hurted his son and cant became a dutiful wife
"Jhagda huaa Armaan se??" she asked affectionately to which she nodded in NO "Matlab jhagda hi hua hai..." she smiled
"Thoda sa... But aaj khatam karne ki koshish karungi" Shilpa replied slowly making Ananya chuckled
"Janti hun... Chalo ab andar kal shaadi hai... Aur bahoot si taiyaariyaa karni hai" Ananya said smilingly to which Shilpa nodded while wiping her tears deciding to apologize Armaan for her morning's behavior whether he will shout or scold she will apologize Unknown to her a storm already blown their relation

Three days later
In Mumbai

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq...

"Tum yehin raho main aata hun.. Gift lekar..." saying this normally Armaan went out from the Car before she could saying something

"Kya ab sab kuch aisa hi chalega... Jahan na koi option na koi hope ho... jahan sab kuch thik hote hue b sab kuch galat lag raha hai.. Jahan na koi sikwa hai na koi sikayat to kya problem hai mujhe... Main yehi to chahti thi sab kuch normal... Fir kyun mujhe takleef ho rahi hai Armaan k behaviour se" a stressed Shilpa asked questions to herself mentally while keeping her back against the seat looking out of the window "Na Armaan durr hai na hi pass hai mere... Na haq jatate hai na chillate hai infact inko to ab tak mujhse baat b nai karni chahiyee thi... Fir kyun vo itna normal behave kar rahe hai... Jo maine kiya uske liye to inhe mujhpe chillana chahiye tha...but ye sirf normal hai... Kuch samajh mein nai aa raha... Kya karun" she thought closing her eyes tightly Remembering this three torturing days which was very stressful for her After going wd Ananya in girls Room she tried to forget everything so that she can concentrate on the Function where the girls were planning about Wedding she spent her five hours there and returned in Room scared to witness his anger but also composed herself to apologize but as she stepped inside her feet jammed seeing the Room's condition where everything was broken into pieces she knew it was done by him in anger and getting courage she started putting the things back while trying to control her tears What her life has turned now she don't understand?? Their marriage is on verge of breaking all because of her... Its so strange a night before the Room was so beautiful but today its condition is different? She thought while correcting everything in Room and after doing that she looked for him in Room only to find him sleeping on Balcony's Couch wd scared heart she walked upto him who was laying against his stomach wd his head on his hands almost hiding his face... Scared she sat beside him mumbling a small sorry moving his hand to caress his hairs which stopped in mid air thinking he will wake She never felt this guilty on her life as she saw his condition she will prepare herself for his anger who can shout scold warn even can slap but she is ready for that only to get his forgiveness.. Mouthing I Luv u to him she went inside Room trying to sleep which was far away from her eyes coz today's every incident was rewinding in her head which took her to last night where they became one once again... Her body started craving for him more which she tried to ignore concentrating on other matters but last night didn't leaved her thinking about that she slept almost cherishing the moments...
Next morning was Avni-Raj's wedding where everything was going in hustle & bustle Shilpa woke tierdly and immediately got dressed for the Function but her thoughts went on Armaan whom she searched in whole Room which was empty... Getting disappointed she got ready and went down only to find everyone running here & there for preparation she also kept herself busy wd Avni's packing n all.. Evening had came but still no sign of him it was Avni's marriage time but she didn't saw him anywhere when Naina told her to go & get ready Raj & his family had arrived... So she moved upstairs in her Room but as she opened the door her feet freezed seeing him
"Mom I am telling u... Main ye kurta nai pehunga... Matlab nai pehnunga" an irritated Armaan said while removing his wrist watch
"Armaan.. Shaadi hai aise kaise tum kuch b pehen k jaa sakte ho.." Ananya asked annoyingly keeping the kurta on bed
"Mom kuch b kahan... Sari thodi pehen raha hun... Bas mujhe ye sab appropriate nai lagta" he replied calmly checking his clothes inside wardrobe while Shilpa walked inside slowly trying to see his face
"Thank god Shilpa tum aa gayi... Samjhao isse ki ye neeche kurta pehen k jaaye" seeing Shilpa entering in Room Ananya ordered to which she gulped while staring at his back who didn't even turn to look at her "Bolo usse..." she ordered making her scared of his anger
"Chahe kuch b ho jaaye main nai pehnunga ye" turning at them he said calmly opening his shirt's buttons and Shilpa just stared him whose face was calm one
"Armaan kyun apni mannmani karte ho tum... Kabhi to kisi ki sunke liya karo" Ananya said hopelessly to which he chuckled

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq ...

"Come on Mom... Hamesha so sunta hun sabki... Aur aap ache se jaante ho main in sab mein bilkul interested nai hun" he replied normally standing infront of Ananya while Shilpa felt she doesn't exist here infact as if she an outsider here
"Haa par neeche Avni ki shaadi hai... To main chahti hun tum ye pehno... Haina Shilpa" Ananya said smilingly and looked at Shilpa who just managed to give a small smile noticing him who didn't even glanced at her "Tum hi bolke dekho kya pata sunn le" shaking her head Ananya stood beside her who became stiff thinking to say anything but she have to show Ananya that everything is normal b/w them
"Agar Maa keh rahi hai... To ek baar try kar lijiye... I mean Indian clothes are not bad" she some how managed to say this
"Yaa right... Aap log kyun nai samajh rahe ho... I am not interested in it" his voice was normal one which made her hell worried coz he said this looking at her normally
"Tumse to baat karna bekaar hai... Karo jo karna hai" Ananya said annoyingly

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq...

"Maa rehendo har kisi k bas ki baat nai hoti.. Indian tradition ko follow karna" She knew she has put her hand in Lion's mouth but she didn't had any option
"I think tum sahi keh rahi ho.. Main jaa rahi hun... Tum b ready hokar aao jaldi... Shaadi ka tym ho raha hai" as Ananya said this her eyes widened
"Plzz mujhe inke saath akela chod k mat jaao... Plzz Maa" she was shouting from inside but didn't dared to say infront so she bowed her head down praying for her safety
"Tum dono jaldi aana... Haa" saying this Ananya went from there leaving a scared Shilpa there who didn't dared to look back at him when
"Haa KV... Yaa I know..." hearing his voice she turn to look at him only to find him on Balcony talking on phone that to smilingly her mouth dropped opened seeing this but getting the chance she immediately took her clothes wd accessories & make up kit she went inside Washroom for change.. She changed herself in sea blue & light blue wd golden mix lehenga and started applying her make up when she noticed her whole neck making her mouth opened in O shape starring that purple pinkish marks on her neck


"OMG!!" she kept her hands on her mouth imagining if anyone could have noticed Oh shit if Ansh had saw this Ananya also its hell embarrassing for her but immediately it clicked on her brain that today she unknowingly had wore a full sleeves dress wd duppata hiding her whole neck thankfully she wore that... So she immediately took foundation and hided that also opened her hairs to hide that thinking 'Kaam koi aur kare... Chupana kisi aur ko pade ye acha hai...' After spending her thirty minutes for getting ready she slowly carefully moved out from room and kept her things inside the Wardrobe when she heard his voice

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa...

"Tch!! Kya musibat hai... Ek to pehno uper se iske pange alag" he muttered under his breath while putting the red cloth properly on his pocket she smiled as she saw him wearing the same black kurta wd white dhoti which Ananya gave him to wear... But he was struggling wd the red cloth she thought to move ahead & help him but stopped fearing he will push her or can shout on her
"Bewkoof jab tak tu uske karib nai jaaygi... Kaise pata chalega ki uska reaction kya hai.." her mind yelled at her "Koi jarurat nai hai unke karib jaane ki tujhe .. Pehle hurt karti hai fir khud jaake unke zakhmo pe namak chidkegi... Mat jaa" her heart shouted wd grumpy look making her hell confused but seeing him struggling her feet automatically moved towards him "Mmain.. Kardun" as she asked hesitatingly his hands became stiff on red cloth which she observed "Ready ho jaa ek aur dhamake daar ladaai k liye" her mind mocked at her who gulped
"Haa par jaldi..." forwarding the red cloth towards her calmly who became stunned by his response No no no this can't be happen... Not like this Armaan she thought

Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Ho raha na main phir apne jaisa...

"Hmm..." nodding in YES she took the cloth from his hand and facing him started putting it properly he was looking everywhere but not on her while her eyes were playing hide & seek wd his face

"Ho gaya..." she didn't wanted to say this but she did and as she said he mumbled a small thank u while picking his cell from bed... Wdin a minute he was out from the Room leaving her Sad & Incomplete "Ab tak to tu samajh hi chuki hogi Armaan k is silence ka matlab... Agar yaad nai to ache se rewind kar us din ko jab Armaan ka aisa hi response tujhe tod chuka tha..." her heart mocked at her as she sat on bed tearfully remembering her second b'day when she by mistakenly slapped his cheek which resulted Armaan being out for whole day... And when he came back he was normal which showed how deep he was hurted Shao Pao's arrival was that day... It mean she had hurt him that badly?? That he didn't bothered to shout her scold her even he didn't even warned also She hurted him deeply "I am sorry Armaan" hiding her face in her palms she cried silently when she heard loud music noises of 'Baraat' which made her to calm herself and correcting herself she did her touch ups so that no one knows about her tearful eyes... Getting out of the Room she locked it and went down for wedding which was going rocking In whole wedding her eyes searched him who was nowhere to be seen... She saw his glimpse when he was busy wd his friends looking happy which made her hell confused The man she is seeing infront of her eyes not that 'Akdu' & 'Cool' one this one is a 'Normal' one which made her hell hell hell confused Arrggghhh she will get mad... She noticed all his Aunties were praising him for his sudden change of look who was getting annoyed by them making Shilpa smile by his expressions
"U know what shaadi vahan hai... To aap logo ko vahan dhyaan dena chahiyee" Armaan spoke in not-so-interested voice making them giggle
"Oye kya kare Puttar... Tujhpe se nazre hat hi nai tahi hai" one of his Aunty said in teasing tone making Rehaan giggle who was standing beside him
"U know what Maasi... Aapko sachmein Mom bula rahi hai.." he said in full serious tone making Shilpa chuckled who was watching this just a little away from him accompany by Surbhi & Aditi who were talking something related on married life
"Acha tu nai batata to pata hi nai chalta..." she said smilingly making him to roll his eyes "Acha sunn Chandigarh aa raha haina tu hamare saath" she asked normally
"Nai mujhe interest nai hai... Vaise b kal shaam ki flight hai hamari... Free thodi ghumta hun" he replied calmly trying to ignore him "Aaww..." he whined as his Aunty slapped his head lightly
"Bahoot zyada bada nai ho gaya tu..." she said in fake anger tone
"U know what aapko aur Mom dono ko manner sikhane ki jarurat hai... Kahin pe b maar dete ho... Function chalu hai aur aaplog... Sheyy" he spoke annoyingly while correcting his hairs which made Rehaan smile while his Aunt giggled

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq... (x3)

"Samajh mein nai aa raha ki kaise samjhun main aapko... Armaan aur kitni sides aapki..." she thought staring him who was making faces as his Aunties were teasing... When his eyes landed on her which made her to look down feeling caught her heart was beating its fullest speed feeling his gaze gathering courage she looked up only to find the place empty she immediately started looking for him but he was nowhere to seen a tug felt in her heart... When Geeta told her to bring something from her room to which she nodded in YES and moved inside Palace to brought that but her feet stopped one of the Room which was Divya Avni & Neha's Room just beside Geeta's Room... She saw Divya crying sitting on bed when Armaan offered a glass of water while Ayaan & Rudra were sitting on Couch watching them silently
"Stop crying Divya..." Armaan said calmly sitting beside her who sniffed
"Aree haa pagal.. Tujhe to khush hona chahiyee ki ab tu iklauti hai Maasi k pass.." as Rudra joked Ayaan laughed making Armaan to glared them
"Stop it u too" Armaan spoke sternly which made them shut their mouth while Divya has now stopped crying just sniffing "See battery... Tumhe khush hona chahiyee ki finally ab tumhe koi Room akela milega... Means ab Avni ka bed b tumhara ho jaayga... So itna kya rona..." he said coolly only to get a glare in return
"Haa aap thodi samjhoge.. Ye sab sirf ek ladki hi samajh sakti hai.." Divya said wearing her glasses making Shilpa smile where as Armaan held his head
"Gosshh... Tum ladkiya... Haad hoti hai... Ku problems kya sirf tum ladkiyo ko hi milta hai.. Hum ladke ko nai" Armaan asked calmly
"Haa... Kyun ki ghar to sirf ladkiyo ko chodna padta hai.. Aap ladko ko thodi" Divya said wd grumpy look
"Oh acha... Bachpan mein ghar choda hai maine aur Dev ne... Sirf 7 aur 8 years k thae hum dono... Aur Hostel mein rahe thae... Ab bolo" he said coolly to which Rudra & Ayaan hi-five answering in YES
"Fir b... Manage to sab kuch girls ko karna padta hai..." Divya argued
"Yaa right manage... Bina ladko k manage duniya chalegi b nai" Armaan said nonchalantly
"Bhai aap nai samjhoge..." Saying this angrily she turned her face away from him who closed his eyes to calm himself

Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ...!

"U know what tumhe aur Shilpa ko kisi Women NGO ki Head bana dena chahiyee... Jab dekho tab ladki ladki... Khud hi kamzor banaati ho sab kuch..." he aaid calmly putting his hand on her neck who looked at him wd grumpy look while Ayaan & Rudra giggled where as hearing this Shilpa's jaw dropped "But never mind... See chamish abhi agar neeche nai gayi tum to Avni dhudhegi tumhe... After all best sisters ho dono... Aur yahan aise baith k rone se acha neeche enjoy karo... Kyun ki Avni baar baar to shaadi nai karne waali... I can understand ki tum sad feel kar rahi ho... Ki Avni shaadi k baad US mein settled ho jaaygi but... U can't do anything its life... Accept the way it is... Yehi to hoti haina life ki sab kuch khul kar accept karo... Whether it is sad or happy... So yahan tym waste karne se acha neeche chale" he made her understand very sweetly making Divya smile while Shilpa learned a biggest thing from her Husband why she is searching answers from here & there?? She just need to share wd her Husband who can understand but its late now she can't do anything... So wdout letting them know she went from there and taking that thing she went downstairs... Everyone was in full enjoying mood except Shilpa who was lost in her Husband's sudden change... How many shades he have more?? She is waiting??... Wedding got over & in morning the time came for girl's farewell which also went good and after their tiring day everyone retired for nap coz they have to leave in evening for Mumbai but Shilpa's eyes refused to drop her thoughts were only occupied by him who was out wd Divya to cheer her for Avni's departure... It was evening when he returned back almost ready to leave for Airport infact everyone was ready all the way she was wd Ananya & ladies while Armaan was busy wd his friends... They reached at their Mumbai House almost tiered She slept wd Surbhi, Riddhi, Aditi & Raina in Aditi's room tiredly... Next Morning she woke up first so getting up she went to her Room only to left awestruck
"Hehee..." she giggled bemusedly seeing the Room when Ananya entered
"Armaan... Dekho.." but her sentence left incomplete seeing the scenario "Hey bhagwan ye kya hai.." she looked around shockingly while Shilpa was controlling her giggle
"Kisi Station se kam nai lag raha.. Haina" Shilpa said wd a giggle looking at everyone Actually the thing is Armaan was sleeping on bed wd Anant b/w him & Dev while on couch Rudra & Rishubh where as on floor were Divya, Nikki, Neha on one mattress and on other mattress Siddhi, Ridhu were sleeping near the Wardrobe their bags were scattered everywhere
"Infact Station b zyada clean hoga... Aur dekho Jagah tak nai hai aane jaane ki... Jo jaise aaya tha vaise hi soya hai... Kapde tak change nai kiye in logo ne" Ananya said sarcastically making her giggle "Except Rakesh Malik ghar k saare bache yehin hai... Kuch sikhna chahiyee inko usse... Ye to sukar karo Avni ki shaadi ho gayi varna vo b yehin milti" she was saying this constantly when Washroom's door clicked
"Gud Morning Badi Maa..." Rakesh wished as he moved out from Wardrobe side making Shilpa laughed while Ananya held her head
"Tum kahan soye thae??" she asked in angry tone while crossing her arms
"Aree vo.. Riddu aur Siddhi k paas.." he replied normally Shilpa was still giggling Ananya shook her head
"I think mujhe yahan se kapde lekar Aditi k Room mein hi change karna hoga..." Shilpa said smilingly to which Ananya nodded in YES
"Aur koi option b nai hai tumhare paas" She said normally "Aur jaao thoda jaldi ready hona.." she looked at her who smiled nodding in YES while Rakesh again laid on his bed beside his daughters making them chuckled when

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq... (x2)

"Unm... Shilpa tym kya ho raha hai..??" Armaan's sleepy voice made her heart beat skipped Did he took her name?? She thought while staring at Armaan who was sleeping against his stomach almost his body was inside the blanket wd a pillow above his head "Bolo yaar..." he again asked while removing the pillow and rubbing his eyes lazily making her to adore him
"Main batati hun tym kya ho raha hai... Dophar k ek baj rahe hai janab ab uth jaaiyee..." Ananya's taunting way who made a face dragging 'Mom' while hiding his face in pillow making Shilpa smile "Haa Mom... Shilpa tum jao jaldi.. Ready ho jaao tumhe bahar jaana hai..." she looked at Shilpa who got confused hearing this but carefully she went inside the Wardrobe door trying not to disturb anyone "Armaan... Utho tumhe bahar jaana hai... Utho jaldi" walking towards his side of bed she nudged him who pulled the blanket up on his face "Armaan main marungi utho... Jaldi karo tumhe jaana hai..." she lightly hit his head who made a face
"Mom... Plzzz yaar sone dona..." he said in sleepy tone
"Armaan utho... Tumhe kahin jaana hai" She said lovingly making him to open his eyes fully
"Kya yaar Mom... Kahan jaana hai mujhe?" he asked tiredly while sitting lazily
"Mera beta..." she cupped his face lovingly sitting infront of him
"Mom yaar plzz ye beta veta mat kaho directly bolo..." he made a face removing her hand annoyingly
"Armaan... Tum na... Acha suno Mrs Shaikh ki beti ki shaadi hai aaj shaam ko... Aur tum to jaante ho ghar mein sab kitne busy hai Billy aur Jai aaj sab kuch settle karenge... Dev next week ki reception k liye busy hone waala hai aur baaki sab ko vo jaanti nai... To plzzz aaj tum aur Shilpa chale jaao unki beti k shaadi mein... Just for formality..." she said carefully in sweet tone trying not to make him angry who watched her face calmly
"Aur aapko lagta hai main free hun..." he asked calmly
"Nai tum to bahoot busy lagte ho but... Plzz mera shonu... Tum hi jaa sakte ho" she requested cutely making him to shook his head tierdly
"Fine... Abhi nikalna hai??" he asked normally making her smile
"Abi nikal jaaoge to shaam tak ghar pe aaoge..." she replied smilingly to which he nodded in YES "I luv u..." she smiled
"Mom stop buttering ok..." he pointed wd grumpy look making Ananya giggle
"Acha tum ready hokar neeche aao... Aur Shilpa ko b bolna jaldi aaye..." she stood up and said normally making him shook his head "Acha aur tum sab..." turning at everyone she said loudly only to stop by him
"Mom sone do yaar inko... Meri ninde to udaa di... Ab baakiyo ko sone do" he took their side while stooding up making Ananya smile
"Acha thik hai jaldi aao tum..." saying this smilingly she went out while shaking his head he carefully walked towards Wardrobe door trying not to step on someone
"Pheww... As if koi maut ka kunwa (Well) cross karke aaya hun.." he muttered slowly as he entered in wardrobe when

Ishq-ishq, Ishq-ishq...

"Ho gaya..." Shilpa smiled turning back as she gotted what she wanted her earrings and as she turned her leg slipped "Aaww..." she whinced in pain as she fell but realizing she didn't fell opened her eyes only to found Armaan holding her by her waist while her whole weight was on him who not even looking at her just holding her his eyes were on the clothes while her eyes were fixed on his face dazedly how she wanted to stay here forever

"U ok..." parting her unintrestingly he stepped back to which she nodded in YES mumbling thank u... Just nodding in YES he went inside the Washroom to change where as her heart fell seeing him unresponsive but composing herself she went out from the Eoom and got ready in Aditi's Room changing herself in Dark Green umbrella flare dress wd her hairs opened in straight her golden bangles were shinning on her hands she wore her golden sandles and moved out only to find Ananya in downstairs wd Naina... As she stepped there Ananya announce that she have to go wd Armaan in some Mrs Shaikh's daughter's Marriage... She was friend of Ananya but as she heard the news became numb she didn't said anything to Ananya but inside she was praying 'Nooo... Plzz mujhe unke saath akele mat bhejo plzzz...' she was fearing when Armaan descended from stairs almost ready in blue kurta wd black pant... Shilpa couldn't remove her eyes from his face who was looking damn handsome wdout saying anything he moved out which was a hint for her to follow him... Ananya nudged her to go making her come out from her scared mode and fearly scardly she went out only to found his car infront of the gate he opened her side's door from inside he was sitting on his driving place wearing his goggles... Somehow she managed to sat inside the car and their whole way was quiet one he was concentrating on road playing the music on she was stunned by this but didn't dared to look at him her eyes were only fixed out of the window... There was complete silence only the rock music was making noise an urge came to her to take a rod and break that music into pieces getting annoyed but she cant do this coz of him who didn't even glanced at her... Don't know what's going inside his brain?? She can't guess when suddenly he stopped his car on some unknown place where lots of people were moving here & there she was confused but didn't asked when he himself said he is going to buy a gift for that girl and before she could say something he was out leaving her alone and now she is waiting for him inside the Car

Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun...

"Pata nai kahan hai ye... Kitna tym ho gaya" she whispered to herself while looking out of the window when her eyes landed on a 'Darga' which took her interest "Kya karun jaaun ki nai?" she mumbled confusedly looking at the Mosque right now she needs a peace in her heart but fearing if he will come and not finding her inside the car he can became angry "Thodi daer ki baat hai Shilpa jaldi se jaakar aa jaana... Aur phone lekar jaa taki vo agar call kare to bata dena... Infact tu khud unhe call kar lena... Par chalna" her heart said to her to which taking her phone she moved out from the car "Main Armaan ko message kar deti hun ki main darge k andar hun.." saying this she texted him and carefully crossing the road she moved towards Darga but stopped looking at the crowd who were running here & there "Ouch..." she stumbled as a Woman bumped wd her almost making her fall but she balanced herself "Ye log bhaag kyun rahe hai...??" she thought worriedly & coughed as the dust of soil touched her face coz of this crowed she turned to go but someone again by mistakenly pushed her resulting her on ground "Aahhh..." she whined as her elbow got hit the bumpy ground "Sss..." she hissed as she touched her elbow where some scratches occurred making her eyes welled where as seeing the crowed she got more scared and regretted to come here

"Mera phone..." immediately wiped her tears and stood to search her phone while balancing herself when her eyes landed a little away from her were her cell was laying on ground pushing lightly the crowed she bend to take her phone when someone out his foot on her hand "Aaahhh..." she yelled in pain leaving the phone which she dropped
"Sorryy Behenji... Vo bhid itni hai..." that man apologized looking at her to which taking her phone she stood
"Its ok... Par.. Kya aap bata sakte hai ki sab log bhaag kyun rahe hai..??" she asked slowly looking at the running crowed
"Aapko nai pata... Yahan par danga(Riot) hua hai... Isiliye to sab jaan bachakar bhaag rahe hai..." as the man informed colour drained from her face
"Kya?? Par kyun??" she asked shockingly
"Vo to nai pata... Shayad koi to politics reason hai.. Par aap b bhaagiye... Khatra hai yahan" saying this that man ran from there leaving her stunned who somehow composed herself opened her phone to dial his number but it was coming busy
"Plzz Armaan phone uthaiyee... Mujhe bahoot dar lag raha hai... Plzz" she said tearfully still trying to call which was answering he is busy on other call "Ab kya karun..." she whispered looking everywhere where everyone is running here & there... She looked around to see his Car but she didn't find herself there coz of the crowd's pushing she came near Mosque "Aahhh..." she shouted as she heard the noises of guns when someone pulled her side
"Kya kar rahi ho... Bheed mein rahogi to dab jaaogi..." a nearly thirty years Woman pulled her side wd herself "Chalo mere saath... Yahan bhid hai... Aaao baccho" she said hurriedly gripping her hand while two little kids were standing wd her looking scared just like her
"Nai.. Vo mere...husb" she said slowly scaredly trying to search Armaan when she dragged her behind the Mosque where a Graveyard was built which made her more frightened "Hum... Yahan... Kyun...??" she asked scaredly looking at the place while both kids hugged the Woman tightly hearing the loud voice if guns
"Kyun ki yahan vo log nai aaynge... Tum baitho yehin... Aur bacho tum dono b daro mat Mumma haina tumhare saath..." she said in normal tone trying to cheer them to which both the kids nodded in YES scardly "Maine dekha tumhe bheed mein dabte hue.. To socha tumhe b yahan le aaun mere baccho k saath..." she said politely looking at her who gulped and looked at the kids who were looking very scared the boy was almost ten or eleven years old while the girl looked twelve
"Nai.. Mujhe jaana hoga vo mere Husband..." she said slowly but again came loud painful shoutings making her scared also worried for Armaan what if he came back near the car?? What if someone would hurt him and anything could happen to him?? No she cant think like this... This horrible scene remind her about that mall scene where she was stuck wd Suhaani in Parking Lot... Armaan was so scared at that time she cant forget but this time it will not happen... But wait didn't he said he can't live wdout her?? She have to take care of herself for him... She is so stupid that she moved out from the Car... What if he came back and not finding her he will search?? And what if that riots attack him?? Noo..! "Mmujhe jaana hoga... Mmmere Husband mujhe dhundh rahe honge..." she said fearly trying to go when that woman held her wrist stopping her
"Dekho bahar sab kuch shaant hone do tab jaana... Kuch nai hoga... Tum ek baar unhe phone try karke dekho..." that Woman said politely to which she nodded in YES and looked at her phone to call which again came busy when that small girl started crying making her to look at him
"Mumma mujhe darr lag raha hai... Kya hum god k paas chale jaaynge" that innocent question of her made Shilpa forget her fear
"Aise thodi jaoge... Abhi to bahoot kuch karna hai life mein.. Padhna hai kuch banna hai... Mama ka naam proud karna hai aise thodi god aapko bulaaynge... Loosers ko god nai bulaate... Aur abhi to aapko loosers se strong banke jaana hai" Shilpa said in kiddish tone hiding her fear inside making that lady smiled while that littlr girl nodded in YES
"Haa Sara... Aunty thik keh rahi hai... Mujhe to Super Hero banke jaana hai god k pass" that little boy said cutely making Shilpa smile
"Tum apne Husband ko message kardo... Jab dekhenge tab jarur call karenge.." that lady said in poliet tone to which nodding in YES she texted him

Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq
Mera kaam ishq...

"Armaan... Aap kahan hai?? Thik to haina?? Main Darge k peeche hun... Safe hun aap plzz jahan ho vohin rehna... Aur jab tak sab shaant nai ho jaata plzz mat aana... Main wait karungi tab tak aapka" texting him she sat beside the kids near a tree praying for his safety after sometimes they didn't hear any noises so that Woman peeped her head to see the view only to find Police taking charge


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