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Part 36 : ArSh FF ~ SIRF TUM ~ (SEASON 2)



"Suno.. Police aa gayi hai... Chalo jaldi bahar" she turned at her who smiled hearing this while the kids ran towards her happily
"Matlab hum bach gaye.." they said in unionism making their mother smile

"Haa aao chalo... Tum b aao" saying them she looked at Shilpa
"Thank u aapne meri jaan bachaiyee... Thank u very much but main nai aa sakti... Kyun ki maine apne Husband ko yehi jagah batayi hai main jaanti hun vo jaise hi message read karenge yehin aaynge... Aur agar main bahar gayi... Aur Police ghar jaane ko bolegi to na chahte hue b mujhe jaana padega... Soo sorry I can't come" she explained in very polite way to which that lady smile "Thik hai par aadhe ghante se zyada wait mat karna... Bahar Police k paas chali jana vo help kar denge" saying this sweetly that lady went from there leaving her alone who became more scared seeing herself alone in this lonely Graveyard

10 minutes later...

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq
Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ...!

"Haa Rehaan main baad mein baat karta hun tujhse" saying this he hung up the phone looking at the shopkeeper confusedly who locked every window of the showroom hurriedly from inside while he door was already closed by the shopkeeper "Excuse me!? Aap windows kyun lock kar rahe hai... Mujhe jaana hai bahar...??" he asked frowning
"Bhaisaab aap kaunsi duniya mein rehte hai... Yahan bahar itna bada danga ho raha hai... Aur aapko bahar jaana hai..." that shopkeeper said angrily making him shocked
"What??" he asked shockingly "Kabse??" he asked after digesting that news
"Pichle aadhe ghante se.. Aap dekh nai rahe sab kitne dare hue hai andar aur bahar se aati hui aawaaze aapko sunnai nai de rahi thi... Bahoot khatra hai bahar koi to politcial reason hai.." he informed scaredly making Armaan Bewildered his mind only went on Shilpa who is inside the Car... He looked at the peoples who were inside the showroom looking almost scared
"Aap door kholiyee..." he almost ordered controlling his panic
"Aap pagal ho gaye hai... Sab ki jaan khatre mein aa jaaygi..." the shop man asked angrily
"See mere jaane k baad door band kar lena... But for god sake open the door..." controlling his anger he tried to say in calm voice
"Par Sir bahar khatra hai..." a sales girl said scaredly
"I don't care... Bahar meri Wife hai akeli..." he said angrily making her scared
"Par Sir bahar abhi abhi Police ne apne haath mein sab kuch liya hai... Thodi daer shaant rahiyee..." one of a sales boy said slowly but as he glared he shut his mouth
"JUST OPEN THE DOOR" he said angrily to which that shopkeeper nodded
"Thik hai... Main peeche ka door kholta hun... Aap vahan se chupke chale jaaiye but sambhal k..." that man said concernedly to which he nodded immediately and as the man opened the door he ran outside to search her...

He immediately ran towards his Car which now looked nothing related to his Car yes, the car was smashed... Its mirror glasses everything was broke into pieces making him Shocked!
"Oh no... Shilpa..." putting his hand on his mouth he looked here & there for her there was complete silence in place everything was broke into pieces someplaces were burning some burnt Police's Jeep was standing everywhere may be they took the charge in their hands His heart started thumping loudly not finding her "Kahan dhundhun main usse..." he thought fearly running at other side of road searching her "Cccall karta hun..." his brain somehow worked and immediately he took out his phone from his pocket "25 missed calls 2 messages from Shilpa..." he became stunned as he saw his phone now His phone was in silent mode that's why he couldn't heard and when Shilpa was trying his number he was busy wd Rehaan talking about some cases that's why he didn't noticed anyone in the showroom infact that loud shouts also he didn't coz of fully engrossed in case "I am such a jerk... Idiot me" he cursed himself mentally kicking his leg on some damaged car and read her messages first one was informing that she was going in Darga second one was informing where is she now the message was ten minutes before... His eyes became moist reading the second message and wdout thinking anything he ran towards the Darga only to stop by two police officers
"Tum andar nai jaa sakte..." one of police man said strictly
"See mera andar jaana bahoot jaruri hai.. Meri Wife andar hai... Plzz" he requested
"Acha to ruko hum kisiko andar bhejhte hai... Dekhne k liye" the second one said slowly
"Main b chalunga plzz..." he requested looking at the Mosque wd tearful eyes to which they nodded and before any Police can go he ran wd his fullest speed behind the Mosque in Graveyard "SHILPA...!!" he shouted at his top of the lungs entering in the deserted Graveyard which was hided by many trees "Shilpa..." he shouted again running here & there searching for her like a mad lover his heart was not in piece right now "Shi..." but his words left incomplete as his feet stopped suddenly His mind became blank some flashes came inside his brain some unknown flashes He find himself running in a Fair shouting her name then again he find himself running in a Mall shouting top of his lungs while taking her name... Wait what was that he saw?? His face was scared one scared to loose someone in both the flashes Are these scenes from those three years?? His brain was not working he was standing in middle of the Graveyard numbly
"Aapki Wife mili...??" one of Inspector's voice made him came out from those flashes which he was so thankful to that Inspector

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq...

"Amm... Nai" he nodded slowly and again moved to search her when he thought to call her he immediately dialed her number which was ringing but she didn't picked the call making him worried "Pick up the call... Shilpa..." he muttered in worried tone while looking here & there Inspector was searching at otherside of Graveyard while he was looking at other side after five missed calls he got tiered so keeping the phone back he started looking here & there for her like a desperate lion "Shilpa...!!" he shouted loudly controlling himself not to break down after many calls he got tiered and knelled infront of a tree while crying "Tum aise mujhe chod k nai jaa sakti... Main mar jaunga tumhare bina... U can't do this to me Shilpa... U can't... Agar ye dhadkane chal rahi hai to sirf tumhare liye... Tum ho mujhe pata hai..." his heart said while he was still broken when
"Mr... Jo b aapka naam ho... Idhar aaiyee" that Inspector shouted from other side making him to cleared his face and standing up he immediately ran towards that inspector "Kya ye phone aapki Wife ka hai..." he showed her phone which he immediately took nodding in YES
"Kkahan mila aaapko..." he stammered fearly staring at her phone
"Ye yahan... Is gadhe k paas..." Inspector pointed on ground to which he looked down only to find some small foot prints which may be of dogs
"Kya ye dogs k pair k nisaan hai??" he asked doubtfully to which the Inspector looked down carefully and nodded in YES "Samajh gaya..." saying this he ran to follow the footprints making the inspector confused "Shilpa..." he shouted walking inside the forest which was behind the Graveyard "Shilpa..." he looked everywhere inside the bushes behind the trees everywhere even he looked down on small holes "Shilpa... Kahan ho yaar..." he asked almost broken condition looking here & there when his eyes landed on a bush from where a green wd golden & black lace duppata was hanging out making his eyes big "Shilpaaa..." he shouted immediately while running towards there and pulled the duppata out from the bushes but as he sided the bush he found his Wife in an unconscious state laying on ground wrapped wd dust & grasses

"Shilpa... Utho see its me..." making her looked at him he picked her half weight on his lap while tapping her cheek wd tears moving out from his eyes

Ye laal ishq, ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq, ye bair ishq...

"Aapki Wife yahan kya kar rahi hai... ?? Vo thik to hai??" that Inspector asked worriedly looking at Shilpa while he didn't paid any attention to him his only concentration was Shilpa whose nerves he checked which showed she is just fainted
"I am sorryy... Plzz uth jaao... Plzzz... I'll promise kabhi akela nai chodunga.. Plzz uth jaao" he mumbled tearfully hugging her half body trying to wake her
"I think hume inhe Hospital le jaana chahiyee... Mr" that Inspector suggested to which he nodded and composing himself he picked her up in his arms taking her from there

3 hours later
9 PM

Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun...

"Nai Mom main thik hun... Bas Shilpa thodi dari hui hai... Abhi to vo so rahi hai... Baad mein baat karata hun..." rubbing his head he replied his Mom's questions tierdly while holding the Cottage's stairs
"Armaan... Tum dono apna khayaal rakkho... Sab meri galti hai... Bhejna hi nai chahiyee tha" Ananya said guiltfully
"Mom yaar kuch b mat bolo... ye to hona tha so ho gaya... Let it be.. Hum dono thik haina to khush ho jaao..." he said calmly looking at the sky
"Hmm... Acha Dev aur Rakesh dono hi nikal chuke hai tum dono ko lene... Tab tak vohi rehna.. Aur apna Shilpa dono ka khyaal rakhna... Yaad se kuch kha lena..." she said affectionately to which he just hummed "Acha rakhti hun... Bye" saying this she hung up the phone making him to take a sigh
"Gosh thak gaya yaar" he moved his hands inside his hairs tiredly while sitting on Cottage's stairs remembering this whole terrific day which now turned into horrible After finding her he took her to a nearest Cottage to stay on which the Inspector helped coz his Car was smashed by that riots... It was very small Room wd one small bed and necessary things... Making her lay on bed he watched her face calmly and carefully wd a cloth & water he cleared her face wd the water almost making her clean... Also dressed her wounded elbow which has scars on it then sprinkled some water on her face who opened her eyes painfully coz of heavy head making him to help her lay properly which resulted she went again on sleep leaving him worried for her... He waited for her standing on Cottage's Balcony when a loud shriek of her made him ran inside the Room
"Armaaan..." she shouted scardly while sitting on bed "Arrm..." she looked here & there for him who immediately came inside and seeing him she moved down from bed "Aaap... Thik to haina...??" as she saw him she hugged tightly making him step back a little

Ye kaali raat jakad lun
Ye thanda chand pakad lun...

"Ssshhh... Relax main thik hun..." he caressed her hairs lovingly responding the hug when he noticed she is sniffing "Shilpa... Calm down... See hum dono thik hai... To plzz rona band karo" he tried to cheer her still hugging her who didn't leaved him while crying "Shilpa..." he said tiredly while trying to part her from hug who slowly parted but didn't removed her hands from his back still sniffing to which he cupped her face "Rona band karo... Thik hai kuch nai huaa hai" he said softly removing her tears from her cheeks wd his thumb "Aao baitho" he whispered softly tucking her hairs behind her ear who now started hiccuping
"Vo... I am sorryy... Mujhe vahan nai jaana chahiyee tha" she apologized staring down on floor holding his kurta from front making him to stared her quietly How he will thanked the god that she moved out from that car or else what might can happen wd her just like that car... Thank god she saved herself for him

Din-raat ke bairi bhed ka
Rukh mod ke main rakh dun...

"Koi baat nai... Aao baitho" he said in calm tone trying to make her sat on bed who didn't leaved his shirt and hugged him tightly as if fearing to loose him who was stunned "Shilpa... Yaar... Tumhe aaram karna chahiyee" he said calmly but when he noticed her body loose he looked down only to realized she slept making him smile and picking her up he made her lay on bed carefully

"Thank god tum thik ho... Shilpa" he mumbled softly caressing her cheek lovingly and kissing her cheek he put the blanket on her... rising up he moved out from the Room and sat on the stairs to calm himself when Ananya called asking about his where abouts worriedly everyone in Malik House got worried for them to which he made them understand that they are fine so don't worryy... Dev & Rakesh already left to take them back while here he is looking at her one anklet which was making noises... Also which fell from her leg during he was making her lay on bed so he took that wd himself thinking to give her later who was sleeping peacefully whose other anklet was still on her other ankle "Vo dono flashes kya thae... Main kyun bhaag raha tha Shilpa ka naam le raha tha... Kya us bich aisa kuch huaa tha...??" his heart was still trying to remember that flashes fully but nothing came "Tch Damn... Kuch yaad nai aa raha hai.." saying frustratingly he put her anklet inside his pant's pocket "Come on Armaan take a deep breath & close your eyes... U can try to remember it..." he said to himself and taking a deep breath he took a sigh while closing his eyez... He was fully trying to Concentrate on the flashback where he clearly saw himself running here & there shouting her name but the thing shocked him who also shouted 'Bracelet' well it was the name which he gave her on their first meeting so it means he used to call her Bracelet... Yes that's why he saved her name Bracelet on his phone Great she didn't informed this also "Aur kya kya reh gaya hai Shilpa jo tumne mujhe nai bataya hai..." he whispered to himself looking down at the floor when he noticed Shilpa sat beside him quietly who didn't even glanced at her where as she started playing wd her fingers

Tujh sang bair lagaya aisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa
Raha na main phir apne jaisa...

"Maafi maang Shilpa..." her heart insisted her who didn't dared to look at him "Kaunsi kaunsi galti k liye tu mafi mangegi... Ye bata pehle..." her mind mocked at her "Ansh sahi kehta tha... Ki har baar sab mere hisaab se nai chalta..." she thought staring down on floor... There was complete silence b/w them where he didn't glanced at her while she didn't dared to look at him when someone played a song on their Balcony which left them stunned the song was non other than 'Lag jaa gale' making Shilpa's mind to went back in Bhopal where he sung that... Everything was so perfect at that time she is missing their Bhopal moments He was right why they came here?? Everything become mess up... Armaan slowly looked at her only to find her in some deep thought staring at the space He now noticed her look which was looking a different one... Oh no he didn't asked how she reached there when she was waiting for him behind the Mosque??
"Shilpa kuch khaogi...??" his sudden question made her startled and she looked at him "Bhuk lagi hai??" he asked calmly staring at her who nodded in NO knowingly so that he will scold her just like always but he didn't said anything only give a small nod "Acha tum to Darge k peeche wait kar rahi thi vahan kaise pahuchi..??" he asked normally staring at her who gulped
"Vo... Main.. Actually main wait hi kar rahi thi... Par suddenly vahan pe bahoot se dogs aa gaye jo zor zor se bhokne lage... Aur unse darke main vahan se bhaagi... Vo dogs b mere peeche bhaage aur bhaagte bhagte mujhe vo bushes dikhi to main vahan pahuchi aur andar jaane k chakkar mein mera duppata fas gaya... Usko kheech rahi thi ki mera pair slip hua aur main neeche gir gayi fir pata nai kaise behosh ho gayi" she narrated as if complaining about the dogs making him to hide his smile "Aap kahan thae Armaan kitni zarurat thi aapki uswaqt..." she wanted to say this but her heart didn't let it out
"Iske kutto k phobia ka kuch karna padega... Varna ye aise hi aur musibato mein fasegi..." he thought looking away from her "Puch b nai sakta ki ye problem kabse hai...?" he thought worriedly while Shilpa is still waiting he will scold her shout her infact can actually taunt her even he can say in sarcastic way that 'Gosh Shilpa maine tum jaisi pagal ladki aaj tak nai dekhi... Jo kutto se itna darti hai jab ki tumhare paas khud ek bada sa kutta hai..' but he didn't utter a single word from his mouth not even looking at her which made her sad Now she realized she lost him completely now only the name of marriage is binding them together

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq...

"Kya maine sachmein kho diya aapko Armaan...??" her heart asked hurtfully while she is staring at her hands when she noticed her elbow which has bandaged on it... It must be him who did that making her smile at least he cared for her when Armaan's cell rang making him stood up which made her heart beat skipped thinking he is leaving her here alone
"Haa Dev... Pahuch gaya tu... Yes... Saamne hi hun main stairs k pass... Aaja" he said normally standing outside the Cottage to which Shilpa also followed him who hung up the phone "Shilpa tum yehin wait karo... Vo dekho Dev ki Car main Room ki keys deke aata hun.. Aur tumhara phone b andar hai vo lekar aata hun" saying this he pointed on Road from where Dev's Car came while he went inside before she could say something

Mera naam ishq
Tera naam ishq...

"Fir akela chod diya Armaan" her heart said brokenly "Tune khud usse kaha tha ki akela chod do... To chod diya usne ab kya problem hai" her mind scolded her who looked down
"Heyy Shilpa tum thik to ho..." Dev's concern voice made her look back
"Kahan se thik lag rahi hai ye... Dekh na kitni chote aayi hai... Tumhe zyada to nai lagi na Shilpa" Rakesh asked politely to which putting a small smile on her face she nodded in NO
"To fir thik hai... Chalte hai fir... Armaan kahan hai??" Dev asked normally
"Vo andar Room ki keys dene gaye hai.." she replied slowly
"Acha thik hai.. Tab tak aao tum andar baitho vo aata hi hoga..." Rakesh said showing her way towards Car to which she nodded and quietly seated on back seat of Car "Zyada darr gayi hai kyaa??" Rakesh asked in serious tone to which Dev looked at Shilpa and observed her silent face
"Haa obviously... Itna bada khatra jo tha" Dev said worriedly when Armaan came back
"Chalo..." as he came he ordered making both to shook their heads
"Tum thik to ho na??" Rakesh asked concernedly to which he looked at him
"Ab tum Mom mat bano... Abi ghar jaakar sunna hi hai... So yahan mat shuru ho" he said annoyingly making Rakesh chuckled
"Isiliye tera koi khabar nai puchta" saying this Dev went inside the car following by Rakesh and taking a sigh he sat on back seat beside Shilpa who stiffed as he sat inside
"Damm... Car tod di meri" Armaan whined keeping his head on seat making boys smile
"Insurance karaya tha ki nai...??" Dev teased
"Pata nai.." as he said confusedly both the boys chuckled
"Tab to kuch nai ho sakta..." Rakesh said in fake serious tone
"Koi baat nai vo meri Car nai thi..." he said calmly making them confused even Shilpa looked at him
"Toh kiski thi..??" Dev frowned
"Dad ki... Unhone to jarur karaya hoga Insurance" as he said this coolly boys started laughing while she just smile and shaking her head looked out of the window Three of them were joking and pulling each other's leg where as Shilpa was cherishing a moment which was their first ride


Mera naam, Tera naam
Mera naam ISHQ...!

"Ok ab ye zyada ho raha hai" Armaan thought controlling his temper but she didn't stopped so he bursted at her "Ok enough will u plz keep quite" he shouted at her to which she got frightened and stopped by his voice
"Armaan kya hai ye" Dev yelled from front
"Bhabhi aap plz use maaf kardo...pagal hai vo" Avinash apologized turning towards her to which Armaan felt guilty
"Ammm...I..I am sorry" Armaan apologized to which she ignored which he did noticed then he forwarded his handkerchief infront of her who looked at it then at him

"Sorry" he smiled and forwarded the Handkerchief to which Shilpa ignored and turned her head towards window making Armaan smile while shaking his head
"Acha hai abhi se hi pata chal raha hai ki kaise rahegi ye mere saath" he thought while Dev & Avi giggle at the scene


Ye laal ishq
Ye malaal ishq
Ye aib ishq
Ye bair ishq... (x2)

"Vo b ek din tha jab mujhe aapko dekhna b nai tha .. Aapke chillane k baad itna gussa aaya ki socha bhav hi naa dun... Par aaj dekho aapke gusse se b mujhe pyaar hai... Usdin pehli baar aapne mujhe apna rumaal offer kiya tha... Aur aaj tak karte aaye hai chahe vo pehle ho yaa ab.. Har baar aapne sambhalne ki koshish ki bas main hi nai samajh paayi .. Par main ye b jaanti hun jo main karti hun jaan bujhkar nai karti... Apne Future k baare mein soch k karti hun" her thoughts became deep coming back from flashback and when her eyes got heavy she didn't knew which lead her in deep sleep while the boys were still making fun of that riot

Next Morning
9 AM

Yun to solah saavan aaye gaye
Gaur nahi kiya humne...

"Itni achi feeling kyun aa rahi hai aapko dekh kar Armaan... As if main firse gir rahi hun aapke pyaar mein... Har baar aapke alag alag sides se mujhe pyaar ho jaata hai... Kya naam doon isse '100 Shades of Armaan Malik' - Who always make his lady fall for him again & again" she thought smilingly staring at her sleeping Husband who didn't realized that his poor Wify is again falling for him she smiled remembering about morning's incident Last night when she slept she didn't realized but when she opened her eyes found herself on bed alone but she heard his voice from Balcony so she stood up to see him only to found him fully dressed talking on phone so shaking her head she went inside to freshen up after one hour of long bathing she came out... Feeling herself clean now but as she came found him talking to Rahul that his case will start at 11 am then why the hell he woke him at 7 in Morning she didn't heard what Rahul replied but Armaan clearly told now he is going to sleep so till then no one will disturb him saying this he hung up the phone and immediately laid on bed tiredly only to went in sleep wdin a minutes or so now he is sleeping soundlessly while standing beside the bed she is only staring him lovingly... He changed his position sleeping against his stomach his hand was kept one of a pillow

Bheega man ka aangan is martaba
Kya jaane kya kiya tumne...

"Kitni b koshish karlun... Chilla lun jhagad lun... Khudko takleef delun... But aapke liye kabhi nafrat nai collect kar paayi... Aisa kyun??" crossing her arms she watched his face wd a smile as his hairs flew on his forehead almost hiding his eyes... She chuckled realizing his gelled up hairs messed up by his soundless sleep her eyes landed on his shoes which he is still wearing "Kaise baar baar ek hi insaan se pyaar ho sakta hai... Kahan socha tha dur chali jaaungi... But ek haadse ne fir yakeen dillaaya ki main kuch nai hun aapke bina... Kyun??" today there was no heart & mind only Shilpa herself calculating this in her thoughts His attitude His personality His style his way of thinking His anger His care His love His emotions His frustration His stubbornness His orders His Sadu look His Akdu mood His romantic side His grumpy look His actions His stare His gaze His dimpled smile His stunning looks His eyes Everything is making her fell for him "Par Shilpa ab bahoot daer ho chuki hai... Tune daer kardi aur vaise b tu inhe chod k jaane hi waali hai... Bhul mat" her heart's remissness made her smile fade when his broken words hit her head 'AB MERE KARIB KABHI MAT AANA SHILPA...' How can she forgot that she herself made him away from her she got the second chance but she herself lost that chance "Ab main chahkar b kuch thik nai kar sakti... I know ab aap mujhpe dhyaan b nai denge... Main koshish b nai karungi... Isse aap aur hurt ho jaaynge... So I am sorryy" her heart was battling a lost love she wipped her tears hurtfully when a knock on door made her opened the door only to find Ananya, Naina, Radha and Geeta there
"Shilpa Armaan thik to hai??" Naina asked concernedly to which she nodded in YES
"Aree Bhabhi aapko hume raat ko hi batana chahiyee tha..." Geeta looked at Ananya
"Tum log to jaanti ho ise chid hai... In sab se to maine kisiko nai uthaya..." Ananya said normally
"Haa ye problem to isse bachpan se thi... Koi bas iski zyada care kare to chid jaata tha" Radha smiled remembering his childhood which made Shilpa also smile
"Haa to bachpan mein kisi ki b nai sunta tha... Sabse dur bhaagta tha" Geeta giggled "Ek baar yaad hai iske fifth b'day pe... Bebe aayi thi aur unki Bahu iske gaal kitna khichti thi... Aur kiss karti thi... Ye to rone lag jaata tha..." she said wd a giggle making the ladies also giggle while Shilpa got curious knowing about his childhood days
"Haa aur mujhse aake saaf saaf keh diya tha.. Ki agar ab unhone mere saath aisa kiya to main kabhi b'day nai manaunga" as the Ananya said this they three laughed while Shilpa controlled her giggle
"Isse Doctor kyun banaya Bhabhi.. Dekho na tym b nai hota iske pass aur kitni mehnat karta hai" Geeta said affectionately taking a seat on couch
"Doctor banne ka faisla iska khudka tha... Apne Papa se ladkar Doctor bana hai ye.. Billy nai chahte thae ki ye Doctor banne kyun ki vo ek bahoot badi responsibility thi... Par nai isko to Doctor hi banna tha" Ananya said smilingly staring at him "Ye tak bol diya tha ki ghar chod dunga agar Doctor nai bana to... Iska gussa dekhkar to hum darr gayye thae.. Fir jab Dev ne isse pyaar se samjhaya tab jaakar calm huaa ye... Aur kaha abhi ye karne do... Baaki aap log aage jo kahoge vohi karunga... Tabhi Maa ne mauka dekhkar isse promise liyaa... Ki shaadi ye hamari choice se karega jo ye turant maan gaya.." she narrated calmly making Shilpa to think he just married her only for his Family but its not his fault she herself married him for her Family's sake
"Par pagal tu bhul kyun rahi hai... Armaan ne kaha tha tu unki choice hai" her mind reminded her "Par ye b to ho sakta hai Armaan sirf keh rahe ho" she thought sadly
"Iska gussa kitna tez haina... Mujhe to lagta hai isse sirf aap hi bardast kar sakte ho..." Naina said smilingly making Ananya smile
"Nai iska gussa pura Parivaar bardaast kar sakta hai... Thoda stubborn hai but jaldi sambhal leta hai sab kuch" Ananya took his side "Infact iski shaadi se pehle.. Billy ne isko saaf saaf kaha tha ki tumhara gussa hum bardaast kar sakte hai... Tumhari Shilpa nai kar paaygi" she said smilingly remembering that day which made Shilpa shocked hearing 'Tumhari Shilpa'
"But ye b to bahot darti hai isse... Aapki choice hai Armaan ki thodi" Radha said in her usual way making Shilpa hurt hearing that but it made Ananya chuckled
"Aree yehi to hai iski.. Iske alawa koi nai..." Ananya said wd a giggle making them confused while Shilpa frowned hearing 'Iske alawa koi nai'
"Matlab??" Radha asked confusedly to which Ananya was about to say when hearing their noises Armaan's sleep broked
"Gosh... Stop it u all..." he said annoyingly while keeping the pillow on his head making his Mom and his Wife to know that he got disturbed
"Uth gaya tu... Armaan" Geeta asked smilingly while rising up
"Nai so raha hun abhi b" his sarcastic answer made them giggle
"Uth jaa kuch khaale... Aur kahin tujhe lagi to nai... Kal" Radha asked affectionately making him to press the pillow tightly on his head as if don't want to hear anything "Uth na..." she again said to which Shilpa moved to stop them when he himself sat up
"Chain se sone b nai dete aap log... Hato..." saying this annoyingly he stood correcting his hairs
"Oye nai Puttar hum to sirf teri parwa kar rahe hai... Chal kuch khaale... Pata nai kaise haal mein hoga tu" Radha said lovingly to which he shook his head tying his shoe laces
"Haa Armaan... Chalo kuch khaalo" Naina said smilingly

Dil mein jaagi..
Ishq waali manmarziyan, manmarziyan...

"Aapko meri parwa karne ki jarurat nai hai... Khayaal rakhna hi hai to iska rakho... Iski parwa karo... Khatre mein ye thi main nai..." he said normally taking his Car keys from side table also pointing at Shilpa who was taken aback by his support for her while Ananya smiled
"Uska to hum khayaal rakhenge hi..." Geeta said smilingly to which he rolled his eyes "Ab tu apna..." before she could say more he cuts
"Ab main jaa raha hun.. Tym raha to mil paunga nai to bye..." saying this he went from there leaving the ladies worried
"Aree par breakfast to karke jaate..." Ananya shouted following him
"Sanjeevani mein kar lunga bye" he said coolly and went from there
"Ye ladka na..." Ananya shook her head
"Bhabhi kya vo ghar nai aayga aaj...??" Radha asked confusedly remembering his words
"Haa shayad... Kal bata to raha tha... Ki usse bahot hi important case mein kaam karna hai... To vo busy hoga..." as Ananya replied to Radha Shilpa's heartbeat started skipping hearing this Why he didn't informed this?? She thought
"Hamesha bas isse kaam hi dikhta hai" Geeta said smilingly making Ananya smiled
"Chalo acha breakfast karlen... Aao Shilpa beta.." Naina said politely looking back at Shilpa who nodded in YES slowly still thinking about him while all the ladies were talking about his work and health infact on breakfast table also they were discussing about his workaholic nature which made Shilpa to think how much his Family loves him then why he always ran from them... She can understand his sentimental regarding Ananya's case but that was Past... She has seen how much he loves his family members but didn't showed them infact she also notice Radha & Geeta's care for him who didn't cared what they think and do... Ananya told her in Chandigarh that he never cared to inform anything to his family also when he was in Hostel why he never tried to come back home in vacations why?? Hope one day she get the chance to ask this from him

Four days later
@ Coffee shop

"Bhabhi aapko pura yakeen hai... Ki Kiya kuch nai karengi" Rehaan asked seventh time of this day to which Shilpa just smiled
"Offo!! Rehaan... Tum kitni fikar karte ho... Don't worry... Kuch nai hoga" she said smilingly "Tum coffee piyo" she forwarded the coffee to him who shook his head
"Hum abhi b keh rahe hai... Bhaijaan yaa fir Dev Bhaijaan ko bata dena chahiyee... I can't trust that Kiya" Rehaan said in slow voice which made her giggle
"Tum na Rehaan... Tumhe pata hai agar Ayaan hota to ab tak pareshan kar chuka hota... Aur tum ho ki yahan b tumhe tumhaare Bhaijaan chahiyee" she said unbelievably keeping her hands on coffee table which made Rehaan smile
"Hum to bas yehi chahte hai ki.. Kiya yahan se jaaye... But bina kisiko kuch kiye..." Rehaan said worriedly
"Kyun vo terrorist hai..??" she asked normally to which he nodded in NO "Don hai...??" she asked to which he again nod in NO "Gundi hai?? Alien hai?? Magician hai?? Chudail hai?? Yaa fir koi pati chor hai??" as she took these names he broke wd fists of laughter "Toh?? Buddhu... Vo ek normal insaan hai.. Ek maasoom si ladki jo kisi se pyaar karti hai... Aur nai chahti vo kisi aur se pyaar kare bas" she said normally
"Masoom aur Kiyaa?? R u serious Bhabhi??" Rehaan asked disbelievingly
"Kyun jab tak usne vo suicide scene nai kiya hota tab tak to vo achi hi hogi na tumhare liye...??" she asked smartly making him looked down
"Par Bhabhi usse ab tak to samajh jaana chahiyee tha na ki... Bhaijaan aapke Husband hai vo aapse pyaar karte hai... To vo bich mein baar baar kyun aa rahi hai... Infact unki wajah se Kabir ne b city chod diya... Kitna hurt thae vo... Aaj b nai samajh paa rahi ye baat" Rehaan said controlling his anger
"I agree wd u.. Par vo majboor hai isliye" Shilpa took her side
"Majboor kis baat k liye... Kitni baar unhe sabak sikhana padega Bhabhi.. Ab to Bhaijaan b thak gaye but fir b nai samjhi vo... Pyaar se baat karne waalo mein nai hai vo" Rehaan's temper became high which she observed
"Ook chill chill... Baap re itna gussa.. Ki Armaan b fail ho jaaye... Lagta hai tumhare liye cold coffee mangani padegi" she tried to cool him down which made Rehaan smile "Lo coffee piyo... Dekho ab to puri thandi ho gayi... Tumhara gussa dekhkar..." she joked making him chuckled
"Acha aap suniye hamari baat... aap unki baato mein mat jaana.. vo jo kehti hai uska opposite karti hai... Aur hum vahan corner k table pe baithenge uspe nazar rakhenge... Aur" he was instructing her when she giggled
"Yes boss... Ab plzz aap vahan jakar baithiyee.. Kyun ki vo dekho va aa gayi hai..." she said coolly pointing at the window from where they can see Kiya moved out from her car
"Thik hai hum vahan baithe hai... Aap dhyaan dena" Saying this Rehaan stood to which she nodded wd a smile and Rehaan took a seat on corner side of table watching Kiya's every move who enter in the coffee shop looking around for Shilpa
"Be strong Shilpa... Tu ye sab sirf Armaan k liye kar rahi hai..." her mind encouraged her as she saw Kiya approaching towards her
"Hii Shilpa..." Kiya smiled formally as she took a chair infront of her who smiled back
"Hii Kritika... Coffee??" she smiled and asked politely to which she nodded in NO
"No thanks..." Kiya replied keeping her bag on side chair
"Ook..." she nodded "Shuru kahan se karegi Shilpa...?" her heart questioned "Shuru jahan se b kar.. Kisi b tarah isko aaj ye bata de.. Ki Armaan iske to nai hai... Iski galti ka ehsaas dila isko par pyaar se" her mind said to her
"Toh bolo kyun bullaya tumne mujhe?" Kiya asked slowly playing wd a tissue paper
"Tumse baat karni thi is liye bullaya" she replied normally hiding her nervousness
"Haa par kya??" Kiya questioned
"Tum b jaanti ho kya puchne k liye bullaya hai..." she answered calmly "Gadhi ghuma fira k kyun baat kar rahi hai... Armaan ki tarah direct bol de... Ki isne tujhse jhut kyun bola.. Usse badi baat jab isse Armaan clearly bata chuke hai ki ye unke liye kuch maayine nai rakhti to ye kya kar rahi hai unke life mein..." her mind smacked her mentally
"Shilpa tum kya keh rahi ho mujhe samajh mein nai aa raha?" Kiya asked slowly which was enough for Shilpa's coolness
"Don't act innocent Kritika... Tum b jaanti ho main yahan tumse Armaan k baare mein baat karne aayi hun.." gathering all her confidence she said making Kiya stiff for seconds "Tumne mujhse jhut kyun kaha ki Armaan tumse pyaar karte hai... Ye tum b ache se jaanti ho ki Armaan k dil mein tumhare liye sirf sympathy hai aur kuch nai" she asked calmly making Kiya to helped
"Haa maine tumse jhut kaha... Kyun ki main Armaan se bahoot pyaar karti hun... Shilpa dekho plzz usse mujhe dedo... Tum to jee logi uske bina main nai jee paaungi uske bina... See Armaan tumhare saath chaar saal raha hai.. Maine tumhe usse diya na uswaqt to plzz ab mujhe mera pyaar dedo..." Kiya requested wd moist eyes making her sad for her
"Shilpa tujhe to gussa aana chahiyee... Ki kaise isne tere Armaan ko apna kaha" her heart scolded her "See Kiya main tumhaari feelings samajhti hun... But tumhaari soch galat hai... Agar Armaan tumse pyaar karte to main bina soche tumhaare raaste se hat jaati... Par nai vo tumse pyaar nai karte... To main aisa kuch nai kar sakti" she said in very polite tone
"Par..." Kiya argued
"Par var kuch nai... Jaanti ho sabse badi chiz kya important rakhti hai... Armaan ki khushi... Hum dono kaun hote hai faisla lene waale ki vo unke saath rahenge aur kisike saath nai" Her tone turned soft making Kiya to stare her "Agar tum Armaan se pyaar karti ho... To main b unse pyaar karti hun infact mera to unpe pura haq hai... Pati hai vo mere... But jab mujhe laga tha ki vo tumse pyaar karte hai... Main unki khushi k liye raaste se hatne ko taiyaar thi... Jis tarah jab Kabir ko laga ki tum Armaan se pyaar karti ho to vo b raaste chale gaye..." she tried to make her understand polietly "Just suppose agar main Armaan ki life se chali b gayi na... To b vo tunhare pass nai aaynge ye tum b jaanti ho... Vohi har baar suicide ka point uthake tum kisiko apna nai bana sakti... Main chup hun kyun ki main tumhari feelings ki kadar karti hun.. Varna chahun to do minute mein tumhe Armaan ki zindagi se nikaal sakti hun... Officially legally main unki Wife hun... Par mujhe kisi se ladne jhagadne mein maza nai aata... Vo b kisi k liye..." she said wd full confident in her tone making Kiya guilty
"Main kya karoon tumhi batao.. Armaan ko bhulne k liye.. Bahoot koshish karke b nai bhula paa rahi main usse..." Kiya stood tearfully to which Shipa also stood and walked towards her
"I know ye difficult hai..." she forwarded tissue papers towards Kiya while making her sat back on chair also sat beside her "Par tum koshish kar sakti ho Kiya... I know main is waqt selfish lag rahi hongi... But" she tried to say when Kiya looked at her
"Nai tum sahi ho apni jagah Shilpa... Bas kabhi tumhari jagah kabhi rakh kar nai dekha khudko" Kiya sniffed taking the tissue paper "But mere liye mushkil hai bhulna" she looked at her
"Samajh sakti hun... Par tum ek baar socho kya Armaan k tumhaare life mein aane se pehle tum khush nai thi... Kabir jaisa bestfriend tha..." Shilpa said softly making her stiff for minute "Rehaan ne bataya tha ki tum bahoot hi achi Doctor thi... To kya tumne kabhi nai socha tumhare Patients tumhe kitna miss karte honge... Ki ek pyaari si Doctor nai hai NY mein nai hai... I mean agar main ek Doctor hoti to... Main puri jaan laga deti... Par kya karun.. Injection dekhe k behosh ho jaati hun to Doctor banne ka kabhi socha b nai... Aur na sochna chahti hun" she said in her usual cute way making Kiya smile
"Tum.. Baate bahoot chi karti ho... Shilpa" Kiya said wd a small smile making her smile to
"Baate karni hi to aati hai mujhe... Kuch kaam to kar nai sakti" as she joked Kiya chuckled wd moist eyes and this scene was observed by Rehaan who was amused by this scene
"Thank u..." Kiya smiled
"Ur welcome..." she giggled "See main ye to nai keh rahi ki Armaan ko turant bhul jaao... But main ye chahti hun..." she said slowly to which she stopped
"Samajh gayi main... Main puri koshish karungi... Aur is baar Armaan se dur jakar... Apne kaam pe dhyaan dungi Kabir se maafi maangungi... Main kal hi NY jaaungi" Kiya said in sad tone making Shilpa guilty

"I am Sorryy... Par main" she tried to apologize when she stopped her
"Me too sorryy..." Kiya stopped to which they both smiled and after two minutes of silence Kiya looked at her "I think ab mujhe jaana chahiyee... Aur jaane se pehle tumhari ek permission chahiyee??" she asked nervously
"Sure..." Shilpa smiled
"I hope tum bura na maano... Kya main jaane se pehle ek baar Armaan se mil sakti hun... Plzz... I promise main uske baad..." but before she could say more Shilpa cutted her
"Tum jab chahe Armaan se mil sakti ho... Main kaun hoti hun rokne waali... Main un Wives mein se nai hun jo apne Husband ko hamesha baandh k rakkhe... Coz I trust my Husband... Aur Armaan ki apni b ek zindagi hai... Jis zindagi ka tum b hissa ho... So tumhe jab milna hai milo... Meri fikar mat karna... But itna yaad rakhna ki vo mere Husband hai... That's it" Shilpa said nonchantly making Kiya smile
"Thank u..." Kiya hugged her tightly who responded smilingly where as Rehaan's eyes widened seeing this "Ab main jaati hun.." parting from hug she stood following by her
"Main bahar tak chod dun..?" Shilpa asked sweetly
"Nai ab mujhe... Akele jaana hai... Thank u" Kiya smiled and giving a hug she went from there leaving a guilty Shilpa there when Rehaan stood beside her
"Kya ye hamesha k liye chali gayi??" Rehaan asked doubtfully
"Vo to nai pata... Par kya maine thik kiya??" Shilpa asked slowly making Rehaan smile
"Haa... Ek baar Kiya ka sach se saamna karana zaruri tha... Jo aapne kiya..." Rehaan cheared making her to nod in yes
"Hmm... Par tumhe yaad haina... Tum ye baat kisiko nai bataoge.. Armaan Dev kisiko b nai" pointing her index finger she warned
"Haa hum nai bataynge... But agar Bhaijaan khud puchenge tab hum bol denge" He said slowly to which she giggle shaking her head
"Chalo.. Tumhare Bhaijaan k jaan... Ghar chalo" she said cheerfully while dragging him out of the Restaurant not before paying the bill Well confused about this scene right?? Let me clear it after that riot scene one thing was clear from her heart that her insecurities were taking roll on her that she herself pushed him away from her... Her whole day went thinking about him and at night she was thinking how to start a conversation for apology when she realized her one anklet was not on her feet... Panic took over her it was that anklet which he gifted her on their first valentine she started searching like a mad

Zid ki maari (yun to solah)
Bholi bhaali (saavan)
Mannmarziyan (aaye gaye)

"Kahan jaa sakta hai... Yehin kahin hona chahiyee" she whispered worriedly looking inside the drawers "Maine pehna tha... Jab ek hai to dusra kahan jaa sakta hai..." her eyes got moist not finding her anklet she looked under the bed but there was'nt anything "Aargghh... Isko b abni girna tha" she got frustrated by her duppatta which she threw behind her unaware of that it just landed on Armaan's face who entered in room
"Ye..." he removed the duppatta from his face and looked at her who was searching something in very fast mode "Dimaag thikaane pe to haina iska..." he thought as he saw her checking the shelf's worriedly also their whole Room was massed up by her and keeping her duppatta on bed he walked behind her "Shi... Aaawww" but before he could say something she turned abruptly that her hand's finger slightly brushed on his one eye making him whinced
"Sorrryyy... Sorrryyy... Vo" she apologize trying to hold his hand which was kept on his eyes
"Tumhe sorryy k siwa aur kuch aata b kya hai... Hatoo" taunting her he stepped back trying to rub his eyes
"I am sorryy Armaan... Vo galti se hua... Actually" she apologized wid moist eyes making him to calm himself hearing her breaking voice
"Ye acha hai... Maarne k baad rone lago..." he thought seeing her sad "Its ok main thik hun..." he said normally trying to see properly shaking his head which remind her about their First meeting also when she slapped him by mistakenly on her b'day "Tell me kya dhundh rahi thi...??" he asked slowly looking at her who is now verge of crying
"Vo... Meri.. Payal nai mil rahi thi... Vohi dhundh rahi thi" she said composing herself when it clicked on his brain that Yes her one anklet which fell from her leg yesterday night he kept that wd him
"Tum uske liye ro rahi ho... Tumne uske liye is kamre ka naksha badla hai??" he asked sternly to which she nodded in YES scardly while looking down "Goshhh.. Tum ladkiyaa... Dimaag thikaane pe to hai tumhara... Ek payal k..." he opened his mouth to scold her but suddenly he stopped making her confuse "I mean... Ruko" suddenly his voice turned in stern making her more hurt thinking now he don't want to scold her rightfully... When he slide the Wardrobe door and went inside taking something from he come back "Hmmm ye lo... Yehi dhundh rahi thi na??" forwarding the anklet he asked calmly which made her surprised and she immediately took that from his hand nodding in YES "Actually kal jab tum behosh thi... Ye gir gaya tha tumhare pair se... So maine rakh liya tha... Sorryyy..." saying this calmly he turned to go when
"Armaan... Thank u... Aap nai jaante ye kitna khaas hai mere liye..." her soft voice made him stopped where as she was staring down at the anklet remembering when he made her wore
"I think bahoot special hai ye iske liye..." he thought as he turn to look at her who was staring at the anklet "Main kisiko bhejta hun Room clean karne k liye" he spoke normally making her head snapped coz he never does this.. He always ordered her to clean the mess he never allow any servant to enter in his Eoom whether it was before accident or after then how he suddenly said this??
"Nai main kardungi" she said slowly
"Koi jarurat nai hai... Tum kaam karne k liye thodi ho yahan... Koi b servant kar dega..." saying this he went out from there leaving her shattered who sat on bed tearfully
"Kyun Armaan... Aap na hi mujhpe chilla rahe hai aur na hi baat kar rahe hai... Fir kyun aap normal bane hai... Isse acha to aapka gussa tha.. At least haq to jataate the aap" she mumbled sadly staring at her anklet... Poor Shilpa wd sad heart arranged the Room on its usual condition before he could send any Servant who came also but seeing the room clean he went from there while Shilpa kept her both anklets on her accessories box coz now she cant afford to loose it... After that when she reached on downstairs for dinner only to find him eating his dinner calmly while teasing Nikki for her football match which she lost in whole dinner she was watching him who didnt even glanced at her... Next day was busy day for him who was busy wd his cases while Shilpa was getting into a depression only to think about him In evening when Armaan returned Dev took him in pool side area for playing billiards just for time pass which they are doing while talking about random stuffs
"Tujhe pata hai KV & Shivanya Mumbai shaadi karne waale hai..." Dev informed while hitting a ball wd the cue
"Haa janta hun..." he said coolly sitting on the table
"Oye khel rahe hai aur tu ispe baith gaya stupid... Neeche utar" Dev scolded coming infront of him who rolled his eyes
"I am tired Dev..." keeping the cue beside him he said tiredly making Dev to shook his head smilingly "Acha Dev... Kya main un teen saalo mein kabhi Singapore gaya tha" he asked thoughtfully to which Dev narrowed his bows at his sudden question
"Haa bola to tha.. Ki tu mostly vohin rehta tha..." Dev spoke slowly while sitting beside him who looked at him wd a glare "What??" he raised his bows
"Mostly?? Idiot main vahan pe sirf do baar gaya tha un teen saalo mein..." he smacked his head angrily making Dev's eyes big that how did he knows this?
"Tujhe kaise pata?? I mean... Kahi tujhe sab kuch??" he soliloquized rubbing his head
"Nai aisa kuch nai hai... Vo maine Sanjeevani ki files dekhi usme likha tha... But mera question ye hai tujhse... Ki tune mujhse kyun jhut bola??" answering him he asked calmly jumping on floor
"Jhut kaisa jhut??" Dev pretended normal
"Tu peetega mere haath se... Sharafat se bata" he pointed his index finger at Dev who gulped slowly jumping on floor facing him
"Ok... Haa tujhse jhut bola... But iske peeche ek bahoot bada reason hai... Jo main nai bata sakta" he replied carefully while stepping back
"Kyun?? Kyun nai bata sakta??" Armaan asked angrily "Meri life hai.. Mujhe jaane ka pura haq hai... Aisi kya wajah hai jo tu mujhe nai bata raha" he said frustratingly making Dev guilty
"Dekh baat bahoot badi hai... Isliye nai bata raha... Varna main aur Rehaan dono batane wale thae... Fir socha ye right to Shilpa ka hai... To jab tak vo tujhe nai bata deti main kuch nai kar sakta" Some how Dev manage to say this seeing his anger who now boiled more hearing Shilpa's name
"Haa zarur... Shilpa hi mujhe bataygi jisne aaj tak kuch nai bataya vo bataygi... Aur aisi kya baat hai jo sirf Shilpa hi bata sakti hai??" his expression became frustrated
"Armaan koi bahoot badi baat hogi tabhi to usne nai bataya hoga... But jab tak vo nai bataygi main kya koi b kuch nai kahega" Dev said calmly to which he stepped back
"Fine... Jisko jo karna hai karo.. Mujhe jaanna b nai hai.. Ki kya huaa tha un teen saalo mein... Specially Shilpa se to bilkul nai jaanna mujhe" he said angrily moving his hands on his hairs which made Dev understand that there is something went wrong b/w ArSh
"Tune to kaha tha ki Shilpa aur tere bich sab thik hai fir kya huaa?? Agar nai batana chahta to koi baat nai.. But agar batayga to acha hoga" Dev moved infront of him who took a sigh walking back at the billiards table
"Sab thik hai... Bas main usse samajh nai paa raha hun" his voice turned soft looking down on space but it made Dev smile Is he in Love?? But he knows Armaan will never accept this so he thought a trick
"Usse samajh b mat... Un teen saalo mein b tu usse aise hi pareshan rehta tha... Infact vo tujhe bhav b nai deti thi... Tere uper vo sabko choose karti thi" as he said in fake serious tone Armaan's head snapped
"Aisa kaise ho sakta hai... I know vo aisa kuch nai kar sakti" he took her side slowly making Dev smile
"Kyun nai kar sakti??" Dev asked in serious tone
"Coz I trust her" he immediately replied slowly making Dev smile
"To fir problem kya hai??" Dev asked hiding his smile
"Problem kuch nai hai... Vo khud hai..." he snapped
"Agar tu blind ho chuka hai to bata dun... She loves you..." Dev said smilingly crossing his arms to which he roll his eyes
"Usse koi farq nai padta" replying calmly he started playing billiards again
"U mean usse farq nai padta tujhse...?" Dev raised his bows
"Haa..." wdout looking at him he replied concentrating on ball
"Agar main panch minute mein prove kar dun to??" Dev asked challengely
"I don't care..." saying this he hit a ball making Dev to shook his head so picking his phone he texted Shilpa something "Aur tu faltu ki bakwaas band kar... Kuch kaam nai hai kya tere pass" looking back at him he said annoyingly
"Haa haina... Game" Dev said smilingly making him calm
"Acha haa Dev... Tujhe pata hai mujhe kuch flashes dikhe past k" Suddenly his voice turned little excited making Dev's eyes big

"Yes, I understand why things had to happen this way. I understand his reason for causing me pain. But mere understanding does not chase away the hurt. It does not call upon the sun when dark clouds have loomed over me. Let the rain come then if it must come! And let it wash away the dust that hurt my eyes!"

#Shri_n_Aju 😉

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