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Part 4: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Armaan closed the door and looked at Riddhima, with an evil glint in his eyes.
A: aao me tumhe introduce karwau tumhare new ghar se.
Armaan took Riddhima by her hand and dragged her to a room. In front of the room, he lets her bag fall down. Then he nods with his head towards the door. He signed Riddhima to open the room.
A: Apne new room ke kholo Riddhima, aur batau mujhe ke tumhe yeh kaisa laga.

Riddhima doubted Armaans intention, but she still opened the door and was shocked to see the inside. She could not believe that Armaan was actually doing this to her. He cant be this cruel, or could he? Armaan smirked seeing her reaction, that's exactly what he wanted to see. He wanted to see the fear in her eye for him.
A: Aaj se yeh store room him tumhara room hai Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik. Enjoy you stay as long as you can.

With that he pushed her inside the room and throw her bag next to her, then he left from there, leaving Riddhima alone in that store room. Riddhima looked around, she did not know what to do or say. Was Armaan actually doing this to her? Has she done something wrong? Why was he doing this? Does she really mean nothing to him? Does he despite her that much?
R: Khuda tumko maaf karde Armaan.

Then she started to clean a little bit in the store room. Everything was covered with dust, with a lo of packages lying there, there was hardly a place where Riddhima could put her things. Above all, where would she sleep? She had no idea, and above all, her stomach was growing with hunger.

She put her hands on her stomach and dared to go outside, looking for the kitchen. As soon as she reached the kitchen, she saw someone inside the kitchen. It was an old lady who was cooking some delicious food, which made Riddhima stomach to growl even more. Hearing the voice, the old lady turned around and looked at Riddhima.
L: Aap Armaan Baba ki Mrs. Hai na?
R: Jee, aur aap?
L: Humara name Daisy hai, aur hum Armaan baba ki cook hai. Aap ko dekh ke lag raha hai, ke aapko bohot bhook lagi hai, hum bas thori der me khana ready kar ke table pe serve karte hai, tab tak Aap aur Armaan baba bhi fresh hoke aa jaye.
R: theek hai.

With that Riddhima left from there and sat on the table, waiting for the food to arrive. She could live without anything but food. Finally Daisy served the food and smiled at Riddhima, she smiled back. As she was about to attack the food, Daisy stopped her.
D: Are Madam, aap Armaan baba ka to intezaar kar le.
R: ohhh, Daisy aap please mujhe Riddhima kahe, mujhe aacha lage ga.
D: theek hai Riddhima.

Then finally Armaan arrived there, he was shocked to see Riddhima sitting on the table. He had not expected her to be here. And again anger raised in his head and at the same time an evil plan popped up. He went and sat on his seat, beside Riddhima. He then smiled at her direction. Riddhima was sure, that he was planning something devil.
A: bhook lagi hai Riddhima?
She wasnt sure if she should answer him or not, so she only nodded. Then Armaan smirked at her.
A: let me serve you wify.

He then took a plate and filled it with food. Riddhima put her hands aside, so that Armaan could put that plate infront of her, but he did no such thing. Instead he looked at Daisy.
A: Daisy, aap much salt and pepper lake de sakti hai.
Daisy looked with confusion at him.
D: Jee Armaan baba.

Even Riddhima was confused, Daisy came back with salt and pepper. Armaan took it and put 2 spoons of salt and 2 spoons of red chilli in Riddhimas plate. Her eyes widened with shock. Even Daisy was shocked.
D: Armaan Baba yeh sab...
A: shhh daisy, yeh hum husband wife ke beech ke baat hai. Aap please jake apne khana enjoy kare.

Daisy left from there, giving a sad look to riddhima. Riddhima could not hold back her tears anymore. She cried silently. But she did not left a voice out of her mouth. Armaan mixed the food on her plate and gave it to Riddhima. She was just looking at her plate. Armaan also filled his plate and started to eat. He looked over at Riddhima and saw still her untouched food. He smirked evilly.
A: Kya hua wife, tumhe to bohot bhook lag rahi thi, ab kya kyu nahi rahi?
Riddhima looked at him with disbelieve.
A: ha, mujhe pata tha. Tum sirf ek naive pathetic weak woman ho, aur kuch bhi nahi.

With that he continued his food. He somehow felt very guilty for doing this to Riddhima, but he pushed those thoughts aside. Riddhima looked at him with anger and took the spoon. She dig in and started to eat the spicy and salty food.

Armaan was shocked to see Riddhima eating that disgusting food. Riddhima on the other hand was just eating and looking at Armaan. Her eyes were filled with water and her tongue was burnign with fire. But even her ego was too big, and she did not stopped to eat.

Armaan was looking at her with shock, but also did not stop her. He just watched her eat all the food on the plate and leaving from there. Riddhima did not even utter a single word to him, she was just so much hurt and broken from inside.

Armaan then left his food untouched and moved to the kitchen, where Daisy was sitting. He went to the fridge and took out the honey. He then went to Daisy and gave it to her.
A: Daisy aap yeh jake Riddhima ko de do, uski zubaan jal rahi hogi.
D: Jee Armaan Baba, wo aapke room me...
A: nahi, wo store room me hai. Aur ha, usko yeh mat kehna ke yeh mene bheja hai.
D: ohh...

Daisy left from there to the store room. She opened the door and saw an crying and painting Riddhima waling forth and back, stretching her tongue out. Daisy went to her and put her hand on her shoulder.
D: Riddhima beta, yeh lo. Honey. Tumhari burning theek ho jayegi.
R: yeh Armaan ne bheji hai...
D: nahi...
R: mujhe nahi chahiye, me theek hu

Riddhima turned around and wiped her tears. Daisy came in front of her and took Riddhima in a rib crushing hug. Now Riddhima could not hold back her tears, so she just let go and hugged Daisy back. She cried and cried till her tears dried out. finally Daisy pulled back and looked Riddhima in the eyes.
R: wo aisa kyu kar raha hai mere saath, mene aisa kya gunah kar diya jo mujhko aisi saza mil rahi hai.
D: Riddhima beta, tum ro mat. Me Armaan ki side nahi lena chah rahi, lekin wo ek bohot aacha insaan hai. Ha mana, ke wo upar se sakht dil hai, lekin ander se wo bohot tuta hua hai.
R: agar wo khud tuta hua hai, to phir wo mujhe kyu tor raha hai. Mene to yeh sab nahi manga tha na, to phir wo aisa kyu kar raha hai.
D: bas usko kuch waqt do Riddhima, phir sab theek ho jayega.
Daisy wiped her tears and finally feed Riddhima with the honey, that Armaan gave her.
R: Nafrat karti hu me Armaan Mallik ke. Bohot Nafrat.

Unknown to Riddhima, Armaan was just standing outside of the store room and listend to all the talk. He felt sorry for Riddhima, but then his anger rised as Riddhima delcared that she hated him.
A: tumhare yeh ansu aur yeh drama kisi aur ko bewakoof bana sakta hai Riddhima lekin mujhko nahi.
With that Armaan left from there.

Its been over a week since Riddhima was now living in the store room. But Armaan's behavior hasn't changed at all. He still gave Riddhima spicy food or no food at all. But what no one know, that he himself didn't eat normal food. He just couldn't . Either he would just skip it, or make it extra spicy. He even forbid.

On day he came back from his work and saw Riddhima standing there infront of him. He looked at her with confusion.
A: Riddhima...
R: tum kya chahte ho mujhse Armaan? Me thak gayi hu, mujhme ab aur himmat nahi hai. Tum ek hi baar iss ab ko khatam kar do. Just kill me once for all Armaan, please.
Armaans face harden with anger.
A: tumjaise double faced woman se aur umeed bhi kya lagai jaa sakti hai?
R: bas Armaan, aur kitni insult karoge tum meri?
A: abhi meine shuru hi...

Before Armaan could complete his sentence, Riddhima just collapsed there on the spot, leaving a shocked Armaan behind.
A: Riddhimmaaa

He run over to her, shocked to see Riddhima;s body on the floor. It pained him, it pained him too much to see her lying there on the floor. He picked her up bridal style and took her to his own room. He made her lye on his bed and called his doctor. He wont accept but he really got worried for Riddhima.

After sometime the doctor arrived and checked Riddhima.
D: fikar ki koi baat nahi hai Armaan, Riddhima theek hai. Usko food poising hui hai, aur aisa lagta hai ke usne bohot dino se kuch khaya hi na ho.
A: ohh, wo ab theek to hai?
D: wo theek hai Armaan lekin usko rest ki zaroorat hai. Physically she is fine, lekin mentally usko kuch disturb kar raha hai. Please uska dhyaan rakhna is se pehle ke bohot der ho jaye.
A: yes doctor, thank you
D: mene kuch medicines likhi hai, usko time se de dena, aur dekhna ke usko fever na ho, agar hua to mujhe urgently call kar dena. Take care of her.
A: I will

Then the doctor left and Armaan sent his servant to get the medicine. He went to his room to check on Riddhima and saw her sitting on the bed, lost in her own thought. He went to her and stood in front of her. Riddhima felt his presence and looked up.
R: me yaha pe?
A: apne aap ko zyaada flatter mat karna, wo bas tum behosh ho gayi thi isliye me tumhe apne room me leke aaya, bas auch kuch nahi.
R: thank you Mr. Armaan Mallik, lekin mujhe ab chaln chahiye, thank you for your concern.
A: mujhe tumhari koi fikar nahi hai, wo bas me bas nahi chahta ke koi mujhpe ungli uthaye. Aur chup chap baithi raho is bed pe, don't you dare to stand up.

Just in that moment the servant arrived with the medicine and gave it to Armaan. Armaan signed him to leave and took out the medicine. He looked at it and them throw it towards Riddhima.

She looked with hurt in her eyes but didn't utter anything. She just took the medicine and laid back down. She closed her eyes as she did not want to see Armaan. He sighed in defense and took a chair, to sit beside Riddhima. As her breathing became soother and stable, he knew that she has fallen asleep.Then he left his thoughts a free run:
A: I am sorry Riddhima, me shayad tumhare saath bohot galat karr aha hai, lekin me tumhe mere saath khelne nahi dunga, me tumhe mujhe dhoka nahi dene dunga jaise Shaina ne diya tha. Bohot jald me tumhe itna majboor kar dunga, ke tum khud is Rishte se azaadi chahogi, I promise.

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