Saturday, 25 November 2017

PART - 4 : I want you to hate me

~ MONDAY... at Nurse Station ~

Mu : ye HITLER abhi tak nahi ayee???!!!

An : abhi bhi do minute bki hain muski...

Ni : yup... i agree yaar... She can nvr be late!!

juz then they all heard a strict voice...
"Good morning interns!!"

Ni : le aa gayyee teri fav mentor ;)
muski juz rolled her eyes to nikki... :P

An: waise woh Riddhima Gupta aaj bhi nahi ayee yaar!!

Mu: sacchi yaar.. i think usse apni job se koi lagao nahi hain...

her banter stopped hearing dr. Keerti's voice again...
"aapki time pass aur gossip session agar khatam ho gayyee hain to kya aab main duties assign kar sakti hoon???"

Mu: ye...sss ma..ammm... so..rr..yyy :(

Dr. ke: okk dr. armaan OT... aap dr. subhankar ko assist karenge!!

Ar: yes mam

Ke: Dr. atul... Children ward...

~ At the Same Time at Sanjeevani Main Entrance ~

A slim hot sorry... super hottt gal wearing tight sleeve less top nd short skirt entered Sanjeevani... She was chewing a gum... Twirling her car keys in her index finger of her ri8 hand... wearing high heels.. her hair was tied in a top knot... no ornaments except her 4 ear rings... nd Tattoos...

Every1 was staring at her with awe!! Nurses were feeling jealous seeing every male worker checking her out!! But She dint pay any attention.. walked stylishly 2 d reception nd asked..

"cuse mee... can u tell me where's the nurse station??"

The nurse frowned... Y d hell dis super model needed 2 go 2 d nurse station.. dats 4 doctors only!! Bt b4 she could ans, a male worker replied 4m a side... "1st straight.. then left."

She looked at d source... without saying a thank u, she followed d direction... She was very well aware of her effect on guys... But she truly dint care...

~ Back 2 the Nurse Station ~

Ke: dr. abhimanyu ... path lab..

Ab: yess mam..


every1 started whispering (except Abhi) as THE riddhima gupta dint come 2day also... but to their surprise they heard a voice...


every1 looked at d source but couldn't find any1 as their view was restricted due to dr. keerti... But dr. keerti turned as soon as she heard d reply nd all other saw d face of the most discussed intern.. THE RIDDHIMA GUPTA !!

but every1 startled seeing her... dey dint expected HER in their worst dream (except abhi of course)... Armaan almost got a 440volt shock!!! "SHE IS THE RIDDHIMA GUPTA...AN INTERN???!!!!!!" armaan thought all surprised...

Mu: wat the hell??? ye super model, miss arrogant ek INTERN hain??

An: nd d worst thing is we've to tolr8 her at least 1 whole year... damn!!!

At: ye.. aur intern????

Ra: i cant believe it , man!!!

Ni: god... humara bad luck hi kharab hai yaar!!!

An: see.. how has she dressed??? koi usse bataye.. ye hospital hain.. ramp ya disc nahi... (she felt disgusted)

Mu: dnt wrry.. HITLER will surely eat her (nd she winked at anji)

Dr. ke: So... u r the last intern???

Ri: yess doc..

Ke: DOCTOR... its dr... dnt ever try 2 be cheesy wth me..

Ri: oopppss... (she blew her bubble gum with air nd it blasted causing noise irritating dr. keerti more)


Ri: i'll doc... ooppss sorryy... doctor... but 1st lemme know my duty...

Ke: (raising 1 of her eye brows) r u really interested in duties??? then where d hell r u during the 1st week of ur carrier???

Ri : lill busyy... (casually said)

Ke: with???

Muski was enjoying the live telecast most among all other.. 1st of all she hated ds new intern nd 2ndly she finally found sum1 2 shot back HITLER... nd unknowingly she answered lill loud...
"Busy with parties... aur kya.. kyun abhi??"

Dr. keerti passed a deadly glare nd she stopped then n there like an obidient school student..

Dr. Ke: so... u're busy... but this is not an office where u're d boss nd u can cum whenever u want... u're going 2 be a doctor.. do u have any idea how imp carrier u're into... (taking a pause) juz becoz ur father is a TRUSTEE nvr think dat u can do watever u want... I can't suspend u but i'll surely make ur internship hell !! (she was furious)

But riddhima dint show any guilt...

Ke: so.. u wanted duty... here it goes.. u're going to work at path lab dis whole month.. no imp case.. no surgery assisting... nd of course no marks .. which clearly going to throw u out of d INTERN OF THE MONTH competition of this month...

Riddhima again dint show any reaction.. she stood dere calm nd cool...

Ke: nd... (pointing to her dress) wat do u think??? is it a club?? wear decent clothe 4m 2moro...

Ri: but there wasn't any dress code in d terms nd regulations... (she said coolly)
Ke: do watever i'm saying... i really dont care about dat... nd if u wear this type of clothes again.. i'll mke u do rectal exms until u follow my order...

Ri: chill doc.. (correcting again) i mean dr. u're getting hyper... its not good 4 ur health..u know... (dr. keerti passed a glare but she ignored) i was juz saying.. anyways.. i will wear DECENT (emphasizing d word) clothes 4m 2omoro.. nything more???

Dr. keerti turned her face nd ordered.. "resume ur duties every1..." then turning 2 her.. "come 2 my cabin.. NOW!!"

Riddhima followed dr. keerti while other left disgusted..

AN: have u guys seen her attitude??

Mu: babaji.. ye aapne kya kar diya.. kaise fasa diya hum sab ko.. aab iss chdail ko ekk saal pure 365 days jhelna padega!! hayyoo rabba!! (she cursed her luck)

Armaan dint participated in d conversation... He was lost in his lost...
"why is destiny playing wth him?? 4m the vry 1st day in mumbai he was facing HER nd now he has 2 work with her... How can he handle this wen he knows HOW MUCH HE HATES HER !!"



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