Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Part 4 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa lay on her side and squeezed her eyes shut willing herself to sleep but as the frustration inside her welled she wanted to scream. It had been over two weeks physically she was doing great and the doctors wanted to discharge her but where was she supposed to go. The police had been no help and no one had come forth to claim her or give any information about her. She pressed the heels of her pals gainst her eyes willing the tears away as she thought how someone had wanted to kill her, what sort of person was she? With the discharge looming on her head she felt scared being let out alone in the city. Then there was Dr. Armaan, if he said one more time that everything will come back to her and to chill and that also in that cheerful tone of voice, she would lose it.

She honestly felt that if she started screaming she would not stop or she'll scratch his pretty eyes out. She tried calming her agitation by breathing deeply she changed her position and turned on her other side with her back towards the door. She evened her breath out and continued to breath deeply, she heard the door squeak open and frowned in irritation. How is one suppose to sleep here, don't they know this constant coming and going disturbs ones sleep.
She wanted to turn around and give the nurse a piece of her mind, her gaze landed on the window infront and in its reflection she saw something unexpected. What looked like a orderly with a mask across his mouth had his arm raised poised with something in his hand.
Shilpa turned quickly to see a hypothermic needle ready to plunge in her heart, shilpa didn't stop to think but reacted. She quickly rolled off the bed on to the other side and landed with a thud on the other side of the bed. Her body not strong enough lay there for a precious seconds before trying to crawl around the bed, her knee stung from where it had scrapped the stand with the IV hanging. She ripped the IV out of her arm in hurry to get away from her assailant. She looked down to see the booted feet approaching her she scooted backwards looking for a weapon, as he neared she tipped the bedside stand in his path creating a loud crash and then she screamed.
She screamed loud and clear hoping someone would hear her. The man raised his arm again his eyes burning with hatred over the mask covering the lower half of his face. Shilpa closed her eyes against the inevitable and screamed again she heard a commotion then the sound of running feet but she did not stop, she didn't stop even when the lights came up. She screamed till hands clamped around her shoulders and shook her.
Between hiccups and shudders shilpa narrated what had transpired in the room. The head of security was called and the premises were checked but nothing out of the ordinary was found. Shilpa was asked whether she had seen the assailants face which she hadn't, through all this armaan stood silently. After an hour of questioning everybody and searching the grounds the incident was blamed on shilpa's over wrought state of mind. Shilpa argued but no one was willing to listen. As everyone left armaan stayed behind with shilpa sitting with her arms crossed across her chest.
Armaan: you okay?(taking in her excited state)
Shilpa looked at him: how am I suppose to be ok! Someone tried to kill me tonight and no one believes me.
Armaan trying to pacify her: its not about not believing you shilpa! the grounds were searched nothing out of the ordinary was found. You know you are under a lot of pressure and it is possible that you might have dreamt this incident.
Shilpa looked at armaan with her eyes wide open: armaan! Do you believe me!
Armaan sat in the cafeteria with a coffee infront of him but his mind was thinking over the last two days events. Things had gone bad that was sure, shilpa had retreated behind her green eyes, soft shy shilpa had become a serious reserved shilpa. His refusal to answer her question had resulted in the bond they shared being severed. To make matters worse shilpa was now demanding to be released from the hospital, she claimed she didn't feel secure anymore at the hospital.
As he sat at the table pondering what to do next rahul walked in. Rahul is armaan's best friend, even though he is a good doctor he rather spend his time parting around with girls. But that also is a front to cover a soft romantic heart that beat only for one. He spotted armaan and walked to his table and in lieu of a greeting dropped in a chair next to him: hey!
Armaan glared at him: finally you make it to the hospital!
Rahul flashed him a grin: well some of us have a life!( armaan grunted in disgust and rahul continued) well I asked you to come along but you wouldn't listen. Shilpa was also asking about you but I told her you were busy and couldn't meet her.
Armaan's head shot up: why would you do that? Have you gone mad? When did she talk to you?
Armaan stood towering over rahul, rahul looked totally confused: hey armaan chill! You yourself said you were not interested what was I suppose to do. I told her couple of nights back but if you want to hook up with her I can give you her number.
Armaan looked at rahul in total amazement: who the hell are you talking about?
Rahul equally amazed: shilpa! who the hell are you talking about?
Armaan: shilpa!? are you talking about my shilpa?
Rahul scratched his head and looked confused: your shilpa?
Armaan blinked: I mean my patient shilpa! the police case! The girl who has amnesia!
Rahul: no! but lets talk about your shilpa she sounds more interesting!
Just then a voice from behind: always some other girl! Should've known! what else does interest you rahul?
Rahul winced but composed his face to show lazy humor while armaan just dropped his head on the table. The new entry was of Dr. Muskaan Chadha she was a resident psychologist at the hospital. Rahul had a love-hate relationship with muskaan, secretly he had a huge humongous crush on her but never had he raised the courage to ask her out. His reasoning being that a girl like her would not waste two minutes on him, well he was not completely wrong. Rahul enjoyed being a ladies man and most of the ladies were attracted to him from the word go. In case of Muskaan the opposite seems to be true but instead of mending his ways rahul managed to show muskaan his worst side by accident usually.
They both were friends with armaan so they had managed a truce between them and were cordial to one another most of the time with the added pleasure of snide comments. Muskaan dropped on the seat on the other side of armaan an tossed her curly hair back from her face. She raised her eyebrows as both the guys remained quiet: what cat got your tongue?
Rahul shook himself out of the stupor he usually goes into everytime muskaan is around: ask armaan about his shilpa?
Armaan groaned as muskaan's all knowing gaze swung to his face: don't go there? She's my patient that's all.
Muskaan leaned back in the chair: the police case! Heard you did good work there!
Armaan shrugged the compliment away: well we have hit an impasse in the treatment as I don't know what to do?
Armaan quickly filled them in as to what had happened and waited for them to respond. Rahul shook his head: well armaan what else were you supposed to do? I mean there was no evidence to indicate that there was anyone there. As for her being discharged the hospital is not going to let her go that easily, they want their bills paid so they'll be keeping a check on her.
Armaan knew rahul was right so he nodded his head, just then rahul's pager beeped and he had to leave. Armaan shifted his gaze to muskaan and saw her looking at him with her all observing eyes.
Armaan: what? You are not going to say anything!
Muskaan lifted her arched brow: are you asking my professional advice or personal(armaan frowned making her smile) armaan as much as it pains me to admit it I agree with rahul. As a rational view point what else as a doctor are you suppose to do?
Armaan glared at her: I hate it when you play a shrink! Answering a question with a question.
Muskaan laughed: ok then I'll be a friend and say why don't you take me to meet your shilpa.
Armaan ushered muskaan inside shilpa room and introduced both to each other.
Shilpa who had been trying to control her anger since her visit to the recommended psychologist who was an elderly gentleman at the mention of muskaan's occupation lost it: why? A certification on my mental state from one psychologist is not enough that you had to bring in another one. Don't worry another visit to that old goat and I'll be happy to willingly turn myself in.(she ended her tirade with eyes flashing and chest heaving, there was twin red flags of color in her cheeks. This is the healthiest armaan had seen her and he was mesmerized by the picture she made)
Muskaan elbowed armaan to get him to close his mouth and then continued: you were sent to Dr. Kapoor I believe, I know he can be quite stodgy in his approach to things.
Shilpa went for the kill: stodgy? What about stuck in the mud! Doddering idiot and if you really want someone to kill themselves just send them over to him
Muskaan threw her head back and laughed: for someone who doesn't remember much about herself you are a good judge of people.
Shilpa looked skeptically at her: I haven't gone senile that I don't know  whats happening around me or I don't see people for what they are!(she looked at armaan and then at muskaan)
Muskaan: armaan ! why don't you leave us I think shilpa and I are going to get along just fine(she pushed armaan out)
Armaan although unwilling had to talk to dr. keerti about shilpa getting discharge. An hour later armaan walked towards his cabin in a daze thinking of what next was going to happen. As he entered his cabin muskaan came along: hey good I've caught you!
Armaan: so how was your visit with shilpa
Muskaan: very interesting! She's a charming girl!
Armaan looking at her: I hear a but coming..
Muskaan: but she's in a fragile condition. There is a lot of uncertainty  in her life I don't know how she's going to cope with living on her own and dealing with loss of memory. She needs support that someone is there for her who helps her get through this tough time.
Armaan swallowed: well it's a good thing then I have volunteered to take shilpa to my place until she feels more healthy and secure.
Muskaan looked at him: have you talked to shilpa about this ?(one look at armaan's face was enough of an answer) I suggest you talk to her(she left armaan with his thoughts)
Armaan made his way to shilpa's room, as he opened the door the first thing he saw was shilpa's frozen face. Armaan became immediately alert and saw dr. keerti talking and new the cat was out of the bag.
Keerti: Dr. Armaan come! I've just told shilpa that you have been kind enough to take her responsibility and will be taking her your home.
Shilpa looked at armaan with eyes which looked remote: yes! Its very kind of you! But I'm not going to be a burden. I'm willing to do housework and cooking in return of the lodgings you are providing me.
Armaan: no that's not necessary!
Shilpa: no! I insist, plus I have to pay back the hospital so it would be nice to earn something so that I can pay back my debt. 


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