Wednesday, 1 November 2017

PART 42:Ehsaas


Riddhima waited patiently in Armaan's office.

"sorry madam….Dr Malik ek major surgery mein busy hain….kuch complication ho gayi hai….nurse ne kaha hai ki 1-2 ghante lag jaayenge," his assistant informed Riddhima.

Riddhima wrote a quick note for Armaan- "Mere Veeru….Basanti tumhara aaj shaam intezaar karegi…..ek bahut badha surprise hai…..I missed you….can't wait to see you!" Riddhima folded and sealed the note, "aap Dr Malik ko yeh de dena….main ghar jaa rahi hoon."

Riddhima was in high spirits when she got home. She was dying to call Padma and Keerti with the good news, but decided to wait till she had informed Armaan.

Armaan had a strenuous day in the OT. By the time, their surgical team was done operating on a major trauma case; it was 8 in the evening. Dr Modi commended Armaan, "great performance son! Let's go and get a drink…..we all deserve it tonight!"

Armaan remembered that Riddhima was supposed to be back that day. He wondered why she had not called him after coming back. He really wanted to go out with his team for a drink, but was dying to meet Riddhima also. He called her several times, but there was no answer. Riddhima had dozed off while waiting for Armaan. Her pregnancy was taking a toll on her body; she was easily fatigued and tired most of the time. Riddhima missed Armaan's call while she was asleep.

Armaan's assistant had left for the day and left Riddhima's note on his desk. A nurse had placed a bunch of unfinished charts on his desk afterwards, burying Riddhima's note in the pile of patient charts. Armaan stretched his arms as he finally hung up, a little upset "looks like stardom has changed Riddhima…..mujhey na phone kiya aur na mera phone receive kar rahi hai."

After hanging out with his surgical team at a local pub, Armaan came home late again.

He was relieved to see Riddhima back home, but upset that she went to bed without waiting for him or calling him, "ab lagta hai saari attention sirf Abhimanyu ko hi milti hai!" he thought angrily as he changed into his pajamas. He sat down beside Riddhima; his heart melted at seeing her innocent and pretty face looking so peaceful in the dim nightlight. He bent down to kiss her face, but noticed an envelope labeled, "Chaddha Nursing Home" on the nightstand.

He was curious and took out the report. He saw the POSITIVE PREGNANCY result and was initially elated, but soon had flashbacks of the past one month…..Riddhima with Abhimanyu….drenched in the rain…..the kiss….Anjali's words about intimacy between stars on their outdoor tours……Armaan's world was spinning in front of his eyes- kya sach hai aur kya jhooth???

Armaan got suspicious, "Riddhima ne mujhey bataaya kyon nahin? Bina bataaye so bhi gayi…..mujhey phone bhi nahin kiya…..mujhey bina bataaye Muskaan ko dekhne bhi chali gayi…..

As Armaan's life was turning upside down in front of his eyes, Riddhima got up and looked at him, "Armaan, tum? Kab aaye? Main kab se," she could barely completely her sentence, when Armaan got up with rage burning in his eyes.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?" he pointed at the report

Riddhima was stunned; she got up and looked at the report in Armaan's hand and then looked at Armaan, "Armaan….kya hua? Itney naaraz kyon ho? Yeh tho khushi ka mauka hai…main kab se wait kar rahi hoon tumhara…..tum baap ban ne waale ho Armaan," she smiled tearfully as she touched her tummy with one hand and placed the other hand on his face.

"YEAH RIGHT! WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE THAT THIS IS MY CHILD?" he asked harshly, "aakhir itne din apne yaar ke saath bitaa kar aayi ho…yeh bacchaa kisi ka bhi ho sakta hai!"

Riddhima felt that a huge boulder had hit her. She could not believe what she had just heard. She had been a victim of Armaan's sharp tongue before; he was capable of saying the harshest things at the wrong time, but what he just said cut through her heart like a sharp knife….how could he even get such an idea in his head? She had tolerated his previous insults as part of his impulsiveness and ignored them, as their love for each other was strong enough to survive such insults. But what she just heard, was unforgivable- he had insulted her character, her dignity, her self-respect and her love! This was the insult of the worst kind….she could never forgive him for what he just said…..

Riddhima just shook her head as she spoke with her jaws clenched, "THIS IS YOUR PROOF!" She gave him a tight slap on his left cheek.

"Maine tumhey hamesha bhagwan ke roop mein chaaha hai….par afsos tum tho ek insaan kehlaane ke laayak bhi nahin ho….shayad hamare desh mein yahi parampara hai….chahe wo bhagwan Ram ho, ya koi Dr Malik…. itna badha ilzaam lagaane se pehle kya tumney ek baar bhi apne dil se pooncha ki main yeh kya keh raha hoon? GOODBYE ARMAAN! Ab kabhie mujhey apni shakal bhi mat dikhaana!" She slapped him again on the other cheek and turned around to leave.


Riddhima wiggled out of his grip, "Sanskaaron ki baat tumhare mooh se acchi nahin lagti Armaan! Pehle pyaar nibhaana seekho, phir sanskaaron ki baatien karo.Leave me alone!" she took out a bag and dumped some clothes in it, wiping her tears and nose as she did that.

Armaan came and stood behind her, "jao…dekhta hoon kahan jaaogi….zaroor Abhimanyu ke paas hi jaaogi….ab tho uske saath rehne ki aadat ho gay hai na?"

Riddhima remained silent and walked out with her bag. She ran downstairs and started her car. Armaan did not follow her and just stayed upstairs, trembling in rage!

Riddhima drove around aimlessly for a while, still trying to figure out what had just happened. How could Armaan stoop so low? How could he even think of something like that? She remembered that the maid had mentioned Anjali frequented their house in her absence, "agar Anjali par itna vishwaas hai, tho Armaan jao usee ke saath raho….apne pyaar par itna badhaa ilzaam lagaaya hai tumney….tumhari saza yahi hai ki tum Anjali jaisi ladki ke saath hi raho!"

She checked into a hotel, as it was late in the night.

She cried all night on her pillow. Armaan had shattered her into pieces this time...................

Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye

Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye -2
Hum wafa karke bhi tanha reh gaye
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye

Zindagi ek pyaas bankar reh gayi -2
Pyar ke kisse adhoore reh gaye -2
Hum wafa karke bhi tanha reh gaye
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye

Shayad unka aakhri ho yeh sitam -2
Har sitam yeh sochkar hum seh gaye -2
Hum wafa karke bhi tanha reh gaye
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye

Khudko bhi humne mita daala magar
Faasle jo darmiyaan the reh gaye -2
Hum wafa karke bhi tanha reh gaye
Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye


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