Sunday, 5 November 2017

PART 44:Ehsaas

Anjali had a concerned look on her face, "Armaan, aisa kaise ho sakta hai? Riddhima tumhey chhod kar kaise chali gayi? Tum tho us par jaan dete ho, aur wo tumhey chhod kar chali gayi?"

Armaan kept quiet; he was both outraged and sad, "pata nahin Anjali, shayad mujhey us par shak nahin karma chaahiye tha…..wo naaraz ho kar gayi hai."

"Armaan! Tum kitne bhole ho! Zaroor uske mann mein chor hoga, warna aise kaise apne pati ko chhod kar jaati….we all know what happened during the concerts…I bet she has gone to Abhimanyu!" Anjali's comments infuriated him further.

Armaan pound his fist with his other hand, "main us Abhimanyu ke bacche ki khabar le loonga! Bahut dosti nibhaayi hai usne!"

Anjali was frightened at that thought, 'Oh..Oh..Armaan don't get too excited…chalo let's call Abhimanyu and find out whether Riddhima is with him. If she is, then you have only Riddhima to blame, as she walked out on YOU and went to Abhimanyu….ismein Abhimanyu ki kya galti?"

Anjali had already dialed Abhimanyu's number before Armaan could respond, "Hello! Main Anjali bol rahi hoon…..oh tum music album launch mein ho? Riddhima…Oh Riddhima bhi tumhare saath hai? Oh..Ok…well Armaan will call her later…BYE..Good luck with your new album!" Anjali gave Armaan a triumphant look.

Armaan just clenched his fists and walked upstairs to his room, "Riddhima ko apne music launch ki lagi hai…yahan main poore din pareshaan raha….kuch kaam bhi nahin kar saka…aur wo Abhimanyu ke saath party kar rahi hai!"

Anjali followed him to his bedroom, "Armaan…calm down….I understand you are very hurt, but you have a full life ahead of you…you are a successful surgeon, people worship you in this town, your clients are all over the world singing your praises-why do you have to keep pleasing one woman again and again? Aakhir kya hai aisa usmey? Aur ab dekho jab wo ek singing star ban gayi hai, she just walked out on you! Don't you think she has been a little selfish with you? Jab tak usey tumhari zaroorat thi, tab tak wo tum se chipki rahi, and now when she is financially independent and found another lover, she has decided to leave you! Mujhey dekho….main tumhari dost hoon, chaahe kuch bhi ho, tumhara saath nahin chhodungi….chalo let's have a cup of coffee and relax," Mishi held Armaan's arm and helped him sit on the couch in his bedroom.

"Radha!Radha! 2 cup coffee….jaldi!" Anjali ordered the maid

Radha just rolled her eyes and made a dirty face, "yeh baar baar yahan order chalaane kyon aa jaati hai? Riddhima madam kitni acchi hain….pata nahin aaj kahan chali gayi wo? Doctor sahib ko is chudail Anjali Rai se peecha chutaana chaahiye! Ab tho iski koi filim bhi nahin dekhta!"

Armaan sat with his head buried in his hands. He was still in shock from everything that had happened in the last 24 hours. He quietly sipped on his coffee and stared at the ceiling blankly. He did not know what he could believe at this point. Something inside him kept nudging him that Riddhima had not betrayed him….was he over reacting? But why was she back with Abhimanyu this evening? Was she not upset about leaving her home?

Anjali finally spoke, "Armaan…tum se ek baat kehni thi."

"Hmmm?" Armaan said absent-mindedly

"Armaan…wo yaad hai maine kaha tha ki mujhey kuch paise chaahiye?"

"Haan…maine tumhey diye nahin kya?" Armaan asked

"No you did give me the money, but recently there was an IT raid on my house and I have some outstanding taxes to pay…you know this is very common with filmstars….the problem is that they have sealed my personal properties till I pay the taxes. I have just signed 2 contracts for new movies, but the producers can't pay me for another month or so," Anjali glanced at him through the corner of her evil eyes.

Armaan looked at her, "Really? How much do you owe them?"

"Well….they have agreed to payment in installments…so right now I just need 20 lakhs….and also a place to live till I have paid back everything," Anjali said slyly.

Armaan took out his checkbook and started writing a check.

"Armaan! Just don't write a name….I don't know exactly who the check goes to….just fill in the amount," Anjali requested.

"Yeh lo…20 lakhs….you can return it to me after all your taxes are paid off…no hurry! And you are welcome to use our guest bedroom downstairs." Armaan said politely.

Anjali was in seventh heaven. She thought, "Armaan… are tough to get into bed, but very gullible in other matters!"

"Thanks Armaan…you are my best friend!" she hugged and kissed him on his cheek, "OK…I will go and get my stuff…see ya in a bit!"

Anjali called Abhimanyu from the car, "buddy…I have the money and almost got the honey! Thanks for lying, that Riddhima was with you. By the way, wo hai kahan? What? Ramgarh?…..well she deserves to rot in that small little town…..chalo kaanta apne aap hi nikal gaya….good job Abhimanyu!"

Armaan finally stood up to go and shower. He stood in the running water for a long time. He did not know why, but he could not help his tears from flowing along with the water splashing on his face. He put his hands on his head and started bawling like a little kid; he pound his fists on the walls of the shower stall and yelled, "why? Why? Why did you do this to me Riddhima? I loved you with all my heart….why did you do this? Mere pyaar mein kya kamee thi Riddhima? Sab kuch tho diya tumhey…ghar, gaadi, paisa, beinteha pyaar, phir kyon kiya aisa mere saath? I hate you Riddhima! I hate you!" He sat down on the floor and would have stayed there if his phone had not gone off.

Meanwhile, Riddhima boarded the train to Ramgarh. She sat near an open window and stayed up all night, gently rocking with the motion of the train. Her past two years flashed back like a movie reel in her head….she remembered the good times and the not so good times. Her tears flowed endlessly; there was no one there to either notice them or wipe them…….her heart ached as she sobbed all night…she had no idea what time it was…what station they had passed….she ignored the samosa and chaat stall on the platform……

Riddhima remembered her fairy tale romance with her prince charming…their wedding…their perfect honeymoon……and then their imperfect, albeit full of love, life in Mumbai….and then the heart wrenching accusation by her husband….the only man she had ever loved or ever will…the man she initially worshipped as God, learned to love him unconditionally, despite his flaws….the man she gave up everything for, adopted his dreams as hers, always prioritized his wishes over hers….that man could be so heartless?? …..She hated him now! No…she could never hate him….she still loved him, but could never forgive him!

Listen to this soulful song by Richa Gupta , "kehti hai yeh hawa"

We Channa We
Yaada Teri Aawe Sene Naal Lage
Jindagi Guzar Chadni
We Yaada Tereya
Main Sene Naal Lag
Durriyan Durriyan Durriyan Durriyan
Durriyan Durriyan Durriyan Durriyan

Kehti Hai Yeh Hawa
Kehti Hai Yeh Fiza
Kal Koi Tha Yehi Lekin Ab Woh Nahin
Woh Kahin Ab Aur Hai
Dard Ka Daur Hai
Kitna Gehra Hai Ghum
Kaisa Hai Yeh Sitam
Kehti Hai Yeh Hawa Kehti Hai Yeh Fiza
Kitne Hi Gum Saho Utne Hi Chup Raho
Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho
Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Aarzoo So Gayi
Har Khushi Kho Gayi
Sune Hai Raaste
Ab Mere Waaste
Sirf Ek Yaad Hai
Ek Fariyad Hai
Sirf Tanhaiyan
Sirf Parchaiyan
Aasoon Ki Nadi Dil Mein Hai Beh Rahi
Kehti Hai Zindagi Tum Bhi Is Mein Baho
Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

She reached Ramgarh during the wee hours of the morning and took a rickshaw to her mother's house.

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