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Part 5: Dard Na Jaane Koi ( An AR FF)

Following day when Riddhima woke up, she saw Armaan sitting in the same chair where he has been the following night. Riddhima kept looking at his face for sometimes, not believe herself that if it was the same guy who had been treating her so badly from last few days.

Don't know why but seeing Armaan sleeping in uncomfortable position just because she was on his bed, Riddhima felt Armaan must have feel really concern about her health which he clearly deny the previous night.
R: Pata nehi Armaan kyun mujhse itni nafrat karta hai, main aisa kiya kaam ki jo woh is kadar mujhe takleef de raha hai. Mujhe aisa kyun lagta hai woh kissi aur ka gussa mujhpe nikal rahi hai. Yeh Allah, mujhe himmat dena. Jab tak hum is rishte mein bande hai, tab tak meri saath dena. Me apni taraf se is rishte ko khatam nahi karungi. Apne Parents ki wajah se.

Riddhima who kept looking towards Armaan, closed her eyes seeing Armaan moving a little. She didn't want him to know she was already awake, so she stayed like that till she heard Armaan move to the washroom.

Armaans sleep was disturbed as he felt a strong gaze on him, he moved a little to realize that he was still sitting on the same chair whole night. He opened his eyes to see Riddhima still sleeping with her face on other side so he couldn't see her face.

Checking the time, Armaan moved to the washroom as it was almost time for the sun to rise. Looking at Riddhima one more time, Armaan moved in to the washroom thinking how on earth he had spend whole night in that uncomfortable chair and why. He really hoped that Riddhima was better now.

The moment Riddhima heard the shower on, she open her eyes quickly moving out from the bed. She didn't want to stay another minute in his room or on his bed knowing Armaan could never say a single without hurting her.

So Riddhima quickly moved out from the room and went to freshen up to do fulfill her namaz. By the time she came out from the store room, she saw Armaan already sitting near the dinning table for breakfast.

Riddhima didn't feel to join him or eat anything knowing he must have plan something as usual to punish her for being his wife. Every passing day with him, in this new country, in new home Riddhima felt to run away without caring about him.

Only one thought kept her stay back still and it was due to the parents who she respect. What if Riddhima is new in the country, she knows Armaan and the Mallik's are well known people around the world.

Riddhima move to the hall, sitting on the couch just staring to the empty space. Armaan who was checking mails in his mobile, look around to see Riddhima sitting without coming to have breakfast.

Armaan checked the time and thought to make sure Riddhima have her medicine because he don't want the doctor to come back and get to know which relation they share or how Riddhima was living here being torture by him.
A: Riddhima.

Armaan called as Daisy was no where to be seen as she left to the kitchen after serving Armaan his breakfast. Armaan knew Riddhima was awake but he didn't tell Daisy knowing she would make foods for them.

Riddhima who clearly heard Armaan calling her, ignore him and took a magazine from the table which was kept in front of her. Seeing how Riddhima was ignoring him, Armaan's anger raised again because he would never tolerate it from any person.

Armaan left the dinning table and move in front of Riddhima hoping she would look at him but to his surprise, Riddhima continue ignoring him as if he didn't live in the same hour with her.
A: Riddhima, breakfast karo aur medicine lo.

Still when Riddhima neither answer or look towards him, Armaan snatch the magazine from her hand. Than also Riddhima didn't reply or look at him which make Armaan anger boil reaching it to the sky. Armaan hold her arm and pull her up.
A: Are behri ho gayi ho kya, suna nahi maine kiya kaha.
R: Aap mujhse baat kar hi kyun rahe ho.
A: Dekho Riddhima.

Before Armaan could say anything further, Riddhima pull out her arm from his fist. Armaan was shocked to see how she got strength to free herself from him so easily.
R: Bohot dekh liya Mr. Mallik, aur bohot sun bhi liya.
A: Abhi kaha dekha tumne.
R: Bas Armaan. Kal bhi maine kaha tumse ab main bardast nehi kar sakti. Aaj phirse keh rahi hoon, khuda ke liye mujhe torture karna band karo. Maine tumhara kiya nuksaan kiya hai jo tum mere saath aise behave kar rahe ho. Mujhse itni takleef hai toh mujhe zahar dekhar maardo.
A: Kash itni asaani se maar sakun main tumhe, lekin itni aasaani se maut nehi dunga tumhe.
R: Kyun. Jab aap yehi chahte toh ek din mein khatam kyun nehi karte.
A: Kyunki main chahta hoon tum khud is rishte se azaad hone ke liye mujhe kaho.
R: Aapko kiya lagta hai Armaan, maine aapse talaaq lene ke liye shaadi ki.
A: Main acchi tarah jaanta hoon tum mujhse shaadi kyun ki.
R: Phir mujhe bhi batao, main kyun aapse shaadi karun jab main aapke bhai se shaadi karne wali ti.
A: Kyunki tum sab ladkiya ek jaise hote ho, ek nehi mila toh dusre ke saath rehna chahte ho. Tumne socha hoga, ek bhai ne mana kiya toh kiya huva. Dusre bhai koh barbaad karne mein maza aayega.

Riddhima was beyond shocked to hear Armaan thinking towards her. She never thought, any guy could think like to when it's not only his life but also her life too which is in such a horrible phase.
R: Kiya tum apne ma ke baare mein bhi yehi sochte ho Armaan.
A: Riddhimaaa.

Armaan scream when Riddhima took his mother name in between their fight. Armaan knows he was hurting her but never thought she would take either of their parents in between their fight.
R: Kyun takleef ho raha hai tumhe Armaan apne Maa ke naam sunke. Kiya ek baar bhi socha mujhpe kiya beetenge. Kiya ek baar bhi socha, mere saath bhi nainsaaf huva hai. Jo tumhare bhai ne kiya, woh kiya kam ta, ab tum bhi mujhe itna takleef de rahe ho. Kiya gunah kiya hai maine Armaan. Kiya yeh hai meri gunah maine apne parents aur tumhare parents ke baare mein sochke uske izzat bachane ke liye is shaadi ke liye haan kaha. Kiya yehi gunah hai Armaan, jiske wajahse tum mujhe itna torture kar rahe ho.
Jis din se hum yaha aaye, maine kuch nehi kaha tumse. Jaise bhi aap mere saath behave kar rahe ho, chup chap sehen kar raha hoon. Lekin main bhi insaan hoon, kitna bardast karun main. Aapko nehi rehna hai toh chod doh mujhe, uff tak nehi karungi. Lekin khuda ke liye mujhe itna takleef mat de, marjaun main.

Armaan felt guilty seeing Riddhima crying like, he could feel the pain she was trying to hold in her heart. Armaan knows he was doing a sin by torturing his wife like that but every moment, his mind remind him of what Shaina has done to him which make him forget everything else.

Riddhima who couldn't control herself, kept crying and slowly she fell down on her knee. She knows Armaan wouldn't get effect from her tears but still she can't help letting it out in front of him.

Armaan left from there knowing Riddhima wouldn't listen to a single word he said at the moment. Actually, Armaan felt that for a moment he felt weak seeing how broken Riddhima was but controlling this unknown emotions, Armaan thought to leave her alone for a moment and also get a grip of himself.

Riddhima who was silently crying, look to see Armaan leaving the house without saying anything, Riddhima knows it was no need of her to cry like that in front of Armaan or behind him. She had enough of getting insult and torture by him, now she wouldn't let Armaan do that to her.

Just because she is a girl, he can't do whatever he wants. He can't treat her like garbage just because he hates girls. If he has to marry him the sake of his parents, even she agree to marry him for the sake of her parents.

Neither of them was in fault that they were tie in this knot but that doesn't mean Armaan would have all the right to treat her like that just because she is his legal wife.

So making her mind, Riddhima stood up clearing her tears. Riddhima control her crying as she kept looking at the door while she decide what she has to do now. Yes, it was high time, she stood on her feet and face the problem. Not tolerate it just because she is the girl.

Later that day, Armaan came back from office to see Riddhima nowhere. After getting fresh up, Armaan came out for dinner but again Riddhima was missing. Armaan ask Daisy if she has eat anything but got to know from her Riddhima hasn't touch a single food.

Armaan send Daisy with food but she came back with it, how much Armaan want to torture and behave rude with her, he don't want to keep her starving. Knowing Riddhima was determine not to do anything he ask, Armaan move to go and check on Riddhima.

Armaan saw the store room door open but Riddhima was nowhere, he look inside to see even her bag were missing. For a moment Armaan got worried thinking what if she left. He knows Riddhima is new there but what if she has really run away.

Armaan move to go and ask Daisy where is Riddhima, its than he saw one of the guest room light was on. Armaan slowly move to the room hoping to see Riddhima there and actually he found her there.
A: Riddhima.
R: Please Armaan, mujhe tumse koi baat nehi karni.

Armaan was surprise to hear the cold answer, he thought like in morning again Riddhima would ignore him but to his surprise, she did reply to him but with a none so interest voice.
A: Khana kyun nehi khaya.
R: Mere khane se ya na khane se aapse matlab nehi hona chahiye.
A: Karna kiya chahte ho tum.
R: Jo mujhe bohot pehle karna chahiye.

Riddhima turn around facing him as she hold a file in her hand, Armaan kept looking at her and than move his eyes to the file... Than again he look back to her as if asking what she got in that file.
R: Yeh mat sochna main tumse talaaq lene ki soch rahi hoon, Main jaanti hoon tum yehi chahte hai lekin aisa hoga nehi Mr. Mallik. Tumhe mujhse jitna nafrat karna hai karo. Lekin tum mujhe teen mahine se pehle talaaq nehi de sakte. Court jaana hai toh jaa sakte ho, lekin main bata dun. Woh log bhi kuch nehi kar sakte teen mahine pehle.
A: Toh yeh file.
R: Believe me Armaan, even mujhe bhi tumhare shakal roz roz dekh ne ka shauk nehi hai but being your wife main majboor hoon tumhare saath, ek ghar mein rahun kuch din. Dhuniya walon ke saamne hum miya biwi hai lekin, is ghar ke chaaron diwaaron ke andar humhara koi rishta nehi hai. Aur jab mujhe yha rehna hi hai toh, main tumhara ehsaan nehi lena chahta. Issiliye main jaldi job dhundungi.
A: Pagal hogaye ho kiya tum, ma baba kiya.
R: Tum un log ki fikar karne ki zarurat nehi hai, maine already bata diya main kaam karna chahti hoon. Tumse pucha toh boldena tumne permission de diya, Drama sahi, acche se karlena taaki usko yakeen hojae.
A: Yeh kiya naya drama hai.
R: Naya nehi, yeh purana drama hai jo tumne shuru ki Armaan. Aur khatam bhi tum karo. Aajke baad mere saamne mat aana Armaan, mujhe torture karne ki sochna bhi mat. Maine itni din tak chup rehli, ab ek second bhi chup nehi rahungi. Niklo meri kamre se, aajse main yaha rahungi.

Armaan just stood looking at Riddhima as if she was someone else, not the Riddhima who had been crying from last past weeks. Armaan never thought, Riddhima would make herself so strong that looking at his eyes she was challenging him.
A: Ok Mrs. Mallik. Main bhi dekhta hoon, tu kab tak aise strong banke rahenge.

Armaan thought as he left the room, as he was in no mood to mess with this new Riddhima. Riddhima who was looking at Armaan, came and shut the door before Armaan could move a step further when he move out from the room.

While Armaan move to his room with anger visible in his eyes, seeing the gut Riddhima suddenly got to speak in front of him, Riddhima stood with her back resting on the closed door.
R: Ya Allah, mujhe himmat dena. Na jaane Armaan kyun mujhse itna nafrat karta hai. Lekin main usse saabit karna chahti hoon, jaisa woh mere baare mein soch raha hai waisa main bikul nehi hoon.
Riddhima stood with her eyes closed as she send a prayer to god asking to give her strength on the decision she has taken. A tear escape from Riddhima eyes, as still her heart was bleeding with the wounds it has gotten on it.

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