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Part 7 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Muskaan smiled at shilpa: it seems things have improved since last time we met. You're getting along with armaan?
Shilpa thought back to the last couple of weeks and smiled. They had come a long way both armaan and shilpa, they had forged a friendship of sort. Since their conversation things had started to change, they had started to talk and spend time together. Armaan had taken shilpa to visit different sights of the city, most of the sights looked familiar but no memory popped up. Even without no change in her memory status the experience had been fun.

Armaan saw everything about shilpa, her every mood, every flicker of emotion on her face he was aware of and most of the time understood. He saw her looking at some clothes in a store so took her shopping. She was resistant to the idea but armaan overpowered her objections. Once in the store she looked at the clothes on display and quickly made her choice by picking up two dresses and a couple of t-shirts. Armaan looked at the limited choice and added few things on his own which to his surprise she complained about.
Shilpa: I don't need all of this!(separating the stuff he had added)
Armaan: how are you suppose to live on four items in your wardrobe.
Shilpa: they are just clothes and they are not important plus I'm not going to let you spend so much on me.
Armaan had looked amazed: shilpa I'm not buying you a diamond necklace. They're just clothes which you need.
But shilpa had stayed adamant. Muskaan saw shilpa smile and knew things had improved considerably since last she was here. Belatedly shilpa answered: Dr. Armaan had been very kind and attentive. He took me shopping last week(smoothing a hand across her dress)
Muskaan smiled: well I've been admiring your dress since you've come in, the color looks good on you. (shilpa flushed with pleasure making muskaan smile wider) so I was wondering why do you call armaan, Dr. Armaan. I thought things were going well between you two.
Shilpa: oh! Its not like that. Its just that I live with him and I thought it would be better if we kept a distance so that no one got the wrong idea.
Muskaan looking surprised: has armaan tried to make any advances towards you?
Shilpa looking shocked: of course not! He's been a gentleman, I just don't want him to think that I expect anything else from him. You know give him a wrong idea!
Muskaan with mischief dancing in her eyes: are you attracted to him?
Shilpa's eyes widened: well!(swallow, making muskaan's lips twitch which shilpa noticed and answered defiantly) well on last check I still had a pulse.(when muskaan continued to look at her with that mysterious smile she burst out) well he is a very attractive man.
Muskaan with her eyes twinkling: it seems that you're recovering well!(then before shilpa had time to respond in any way she changed the subject) so the month is almost up! What are your plans?
Shilpa looked at her a little nervous: Dr. Armaan …(when muskann raised her brow she amended) armaan thinks its not wise for me to start looking for work right now. In his opinion I need some more time. I guess than I would do what I used to do before he took leave.
Muskaan looked at her seriously: and you are not worried that once he gets back to his regular routine the previous pattern won't repeat itself.
Muskaan looked at shilpa who sat there twisting the piece of tissue in her hand: shilpa I'm not saying that is going to happen. I'm asking whether you think that or not.
Shilpa looked up: armaan says that is not going to happen.(Muskaan waited for her to continue) I know he will not let that happen but he is still a busy man. I'll still be alone most of the day.
Muskaan: and it makes one have all sort of thoughts! I understand! Shilpa don't worry! We can find something for you to do, to fill your day! Let me talk to armaan about some options.
They talked for a little while more when finally the session ended muskaan walked out with shilpa where armaan was waiting for her. Armaan who was talking to another doctor straightened when shilpa walked out.
Muskaan observed armaan who looked intently at shilpa as if to gage her mood. Shilpa looked up at armaan and smiled silently reassuring him that all was well, which was not missed by muskaan. Muskaan smiled at both of them but spoke to armaan: Armaan call me later in the evening I want to discuss something with you( when he looked worried she reassured him) nothing to worry about just wanted to run something by you.
The sun had set, armaan and shilpa were watching something on the telly when the doorbell rang and so did armaan's cell. Shilpa got up and walked to get the door while armaan was talking on the cell. She opened the door to find a good looking guy  standing at the door. He was about armaan's height but had a lighter build, his lips turned up in a smile when he looked at her but his eyes remained serious.
Shilpa didn't know this man: yes! (waiting for him to respond)
Guy flashed her a smile: exactly! With the first look at you my heart also screamed yes!
Shilpa looked at him worriedly and thought whether he had some screws loose. She tried again: are you selling something?
He looked at her and grinned: only my heart! You interested?
Shilpa frowned: I think you've got the wrong place(and tried to close the door but found that impossible as the guy had placed his foot in the doorway. Shilpa could feel the fear and anger rise in her and this time anger won, she tried shoving the door but the foot remained planted)
The guy smiled into her eyes which were shooting with anger: no wonder armaan is busy nowadays! By any chance is he available?( he tried moving ahead but shilpa kept the door between them and did not move back to let him in)
Shilpa looked sternly at him: I'm sorry I don't know who you are so I can't let you in. (making him frown) why don't you call armaan before coming so that he knows you're coming.
The guy cocked his brow at the sting in her words: and you are?
Shilpa: I'm his housekeeper!
Guy: wouldn't mind having you as my keeper also(his eyes wondering over her figure and face) why don't you call him and we'll see if he wants to see me or not.
Shilpa was deliberating what to do when armaan walked up to her as she was taking too long to answer the door.
Armaan: who is it?(shilpa turned at the sound of his voice, giving the guy the chance to swing the door open)
"is this the way to greet your oldest friend," came the voice from the doorway making armaan gaze lift from shilpa's face to the door.
Armaan surprised: Rahul! Hey man ! how are you?(he moved forward and both the friends indulged  in a one arm hug) come in!
Rahul walked in and smiled cockily at shilpa who couldn't believe that armaan could be friends with someone like him. Rahul walked in and stopped to look at armaan: I'm here to take you with me for drinks(before armaan could respond) I'm not listening to your no.  you're coming with me.
Armaan smiled at him and then looked at shilpa: shilpa! this idiot here is my oldest and dearest friend rahul. And rahul this is shilpa!
Rahul appraised shilpa: so this is the beautiful and mysterious shilpa! why don't you join us shilpa?
Shilpa looked at armaan and then at rahul both were smiling at her and decided to take the safer route: no thanks! You two go ahead and have a good time.
Armaan was hesitant at first to leave shilpa alone but when shilpa insisted gave in and went in his room to change leaving rahul and shilpa alone.
Rahul flashed her his most disarming smile: so you're his keeper? Huh!
Shilpa tilted her head to one side and looked at him with her green eyes full of attitude: I think you've got it backwards(when rahul lifted his eyebrows in surprise she retorted back) he's supposed to be my keeper.
Rahul threw back his head and laughed a full throated laugh making shilpa laugh in response. When armaan walked out he saw both rahul and shilpa laughing: ok! What did I miss?
Both answered together: everything!(making them laugh again and armaan wonder what exactly had he missed)
Later both armaan and rahul sat in the club enjoying their beer and just chatting up. Well armaan was telling rahul about shilpa and her case and rahul was listening quietly. Once finished there was silence between them when rahul asked: is she ok now?
Armaan scanned the room: I think so! She seems calmer and happier now! But there are times when she goes away somewhere in her head, she doesn't talk about it.
Rahul pensively: have you talked to her about it?(when armaan shook his head) why not?
Armaan: if she hasn't talked to me about it doesn't mean she hasn't talked to muskaan about it! And speaking about muskaan here she comes(and couldn't help but smile when rahul's head whipped in the direction he had pointed).
Muskaan sauntered into the club with a guy and was waiting for a table when armaan called her name. She smiled as she recognized him and started to walk towards him, she was at the table when she realized that rahul was with him.
Muskaan gave rahul a cursory smile while he tried and act casual about it: armaan! You were suppose to call me! never mind! Well I wanted to ask you what are your plans for shilpa as you are going to be starting back at the hospital in a couple of days.
Armaan grimaced: honestly! I don't know! I've been thinking about it myself and I haven't got a clue as to what to do? You know how hectic it becomes at the hospital I don't want her to think that I've abandoned her again.
Rahul looked at both muskaan and armaan lost in thought: well I've got an idea! Why don't you bring her along to the hospital. You know she could keep some kids in the children wing some company and that way she won't be alone.
Muskaan looked at rahul and flashed him her genuine smile: that's an excellent idea! Armaan that is perfect, this way she'll be able to interact with people in an controlled environment and she could go back home after lunch if she wants. I'll talk to the administrators in the morning.(with that she walked off with the guy who she had come with)
Armaan looked at his watch: I think we better head back, I don't want to leave shilpa alone longer than needed. We'll catch up later.
As armaan walked off rahul managed to only nod his head as his brain was dazed by the smile muskaan had flashed at him. 


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