Thursday, 7 December 2017

AR one shot : Love Knows No Boundry

Armaan woke up and went to get fresh. he came down to have brakfast with his parents. the TV was on and as soon as he steps down there was a braking news on the TV
riporter: We are very sorry to inturupt ur program but we just rishived this braking news from taliban that some of the Al Kiyda operater had just blasted a bome at the fron of the hotel where the press meeting was going ot took place and we also have receved a word that one of the reporter to be pricies the BBC world news reporter RIDHIMA GUPTA was kidnaped and it had been almost 4 hourse ot her kidnaping. ................................

everyone who were watching this news were left in the shoke on hearing the name of the reporter that was kidnaped ridhima is best friend of armaan n to his family she was like their daughter to them
armaan broke down right ther by the stare and was crying tereible and then came another shoke
they all look to the news channel
report: it is very unusule that insted of picking up of the poilcion they picked Miss Gupta we have not ricived any tape or any shorts of news so its looks like that miss gupta was take just for a safe way out so ther are more chances of her death then staying alive
that broke tha edge and everyone in the malik family burst out crying
after few houurse the gupta family arived at malik dore steps they all were griving for ridhima
just then armaan got up and made his way ot his room and he locked himself in it
next day morning
there were no news of ridhima as of yet accroding to them armaan was still in his room locked
but when naina armaan's mom went to get him the dore was open and no one was there then he spot a note on his bed
as soon as she read it she scrimed realy loud hearing her everyone went up to armaan's room his dad jai read the letter out loude
Dear mom dad
I am sorry that i left like this but i have to. everyone told me that i m very useless son and humanbeen never did anything for anyone. Mom u were right about me i do love ridhima so to prove my love and to get ur daughter in law i have ot go there done worry mom i hade took some money out of the account and if need more will contect u plz dont worry about me i will be f9 i wont return untill i have ridhima with me and if i dont find her then just think that ur son is also dead coz i cant leave without her and i will bring her home with me .
they all broke down on thinking what wud happen to armaan
we see armaan at the hotel where the blast had took plase also from where ridhima was kidnaped he bribed few of the officer to get soem info about where were the terroris were since and where cud they have been gone
after that he hired a car and started driving toward the city that was mentiond by one of the officer
after like few hourse he got to the city and started looking for them over there he over heard few ppl talk about the girl that they have seen from teir conversation he realized that ridhima is still alive and was with those tererist that gave him lil hope to find her
he spent the night in the car thinking how to takel this guys then he realized that he shud by a gun and some other wepons which can help him to get ridhima.
First thing in the monging he got up and found the guy who can sell him the armory so he baught it
And went ahead in his mission to save ridhima few milles out of the town he spot 2 cars near a big house and then he saw few ppl with wepon and he got that they must be the tarerist so hold it and hid himself and the car behind one of the small house that was near the palace.
When he went in the house he found few wepons and cloths then he emedeatly got dress like one of them and went out he had took Arabic in his high school and college which is very help full to him right now.
Back in London everyone was broken they did not know anything about ridhima nore armaan. He had not called them back but they all were just hopping that both of them come back safe and sound
Naina and padma both were praying to god to keep both their child alive and bring them home safe and sound. And both the father jai and shashnk were trying to get the aturity to help them find both of their child. It was true that armaan had never work in his life never everdid anything he was sooooooo much into partying and getting drunk that he never thought of doing anything else. Ridhima and armaan both had been childhood friends nad grow up together with the same school, high school, and college. No one wud dare to mess with ridhima coz they all know that if ridhima cried they all wud end up in the hospital injured badly. Probably the entir londone knew not mess with armaan and ridhima.
Armaan was now in the palace and no one had even thought that he was not one of them then he hears a cry and went that way to find ridhima tied on the chair with her eyes closed with a cloth on it and had some clothes stuffed in her mouth too. Armaan ran to her but instead of making her free he wishpers in to her ears "Ridhima is my ammy baby don't worry I m hera to get you but it still a midday out side so if we try to run they will caught us and kill us but at night there wont be anyone around so we can escap essaly." Then he kissed her on her chick and left her.
For few second ridhima was in dased she had no I dea that it was true or was it her wild dream but then realized that indeed it was true coz he had kissed her and she did falt that.
It was realy dark out and everyone was at sleep armaan made his way to the room where ridhima was keppet he found her on the chair and run to her and freed her very slowely and he opend her eyes and she emedatly huged him in order to think that it was true and he was there to save her and take her home.
They both made their way out of the palace and went to the house where he had hide the car but as soon as they rich there they heard the siren in the palace because on of the tereist had seen both of them sniking out of the palace
Armaan push ridhima in the car and asked her ot drive the car but as soon as ridhima seat inside she saw all the wepons and got scared but armaan assured her that it was for their safety and they both made their way out of ther but soon after them they spot a car following themand sooting at them armaan also firred few shootes he did not know how to use the gun then he thought to blow the car up and htats what he did he shoot at the fron tire and it worked that entire car blew and they were saved from there they both made there way to the nearest british base over ther everyone was ashtonished to find the armaan malik with ridhima gupta the girl that was kidnapped by the tereorist armaan gave out the direction and the location to the palace where they had spot many more terrorist.
They both got hold of eatch other and ent toward the both that was aloted to them by the milatry
As soon as they both got there ridhima pulled armaan in ot rib crashing hug and started sobbing realy loud. Armaan was rubbing her back and was trying to calm her down
Ri: armaan u came for me but why what is something happen to you……
Ar: I came coz I LOVE U and I CANT LIVE WITHOUT U (then he got doen on his knee and said) WILL U MARRY THIS STUPID MORON WHO CANT EVEN WAKE UP WITHOUT U???
Ridhima was in totalt shoked and did not know what to do or what to say then when the realization got down ot her she just nod in yes to his question and both of them shared a pasonet kiss
Later on they both called their parents and all of them and their friends were just ashtonisehd to here that armaan did go there to save ridhima and he did managed to get her back this lil incident was kept out of the media coz maybe in feature they might got in more truble for reviling that it was them and not the milatery.
After getting back to London armaan joint his father in to the business and both armaan n ridhima got married.
Love always wines and it knows no boundries.


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