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AR one shot : ~*~PREM MILAP~*~

It was a very beautiful summer morning. There were two teenager about the same age looked liked a twines were siting at the table n watching TV n muching on their breakfast'. Just then one beautiful lady in her mid thirtyies came in the room n greet them
Lady: gud morning
Boy: morning beautiful
Girl: morning masi
The lady came to them n give them both kiss on their chick''
Lady: whats the plan for today want to go out for shopping or just want to stay home and'
Her talk was ineterpted by the new reporter

Reporter: the business news once agine  the young achiver's award  goes to ARMAAN MALIK he is only in his mid thirties and had won sooooo many awards'. He is one the top most business man in the contry n still he is very down to earth man he is still not married but he never was spoted with any girl so far its realy surprising that he is considerd as a most eligible bachlore but not inerestind in getting married''''..
The lady is just frozed on the spot not moving an inch n has her eyes stick to the TV
Boy n girl looks at each other n surge their solder
Boy: masi'''..

No response

Girl: RIDHIMA MASI (louder)
The lady comes out of her though n smill guinessly n very widely that her smilre riches to her eyes n then she looks at boy n girl
Ridz: jay n jia u know at once in my college we very together in the class he was very helpful to me n was very gud friend of mine''..
Then she leave the room n goes to her room n closs the dore''
Jay: jia he is aditi's uncle right
Jia node in agreement
Jay: don't u think that masi might b the girl that aditi was talking about or may b she know the girl to whom armaan uncle loved to fullest n has not got married yet n waiting for her to come back to him'''''''
Jia: u r right!!! U know what v shud go talk to aditi n may b we can get armaan uncle to meet masi n masi can help him find the girl
They both run upstairs to their room n change n go to ridz's room n knock
Ridhima open the room
Jai: masi aer going to aditi's house bye love u
Jia: luv u masi v might b late so don't wait for us on lunch bye
They both left the house even before ridhima cud say anything''''''.
Ridhima was sitting on her bed n thinking about her last year in her IIM (INDIAN INSTITUT OF MANAGEMENT)

Ridhima was running to her class ans it was her first day of her last year in college n she didn't wanted to b late in the class she reach their in time n took her place in the first sit but then after a while someone came n sat next to her''' it was none other then armaan'.she looks at him then went back to her book n start reading it agine
Ar: am I that boting that u pick to read over talking to me??
Ri: sorry!!!
Ar: I promish I want bore u if u talk to me
Ri: had a smile on her facen : Hi I m Ridhima Gupta
Ar: hi armaan armaan malik n then he gave her his killing smile with dimple
This was their first mittine but not the last one they both becae very gud friend n shared their notesn studied together to prepar for their final year after 3-4 month ridhima had started to devlop soft corner for armaan but never said anything
Armaan was very carring toward her they did not had anyother friend n they realy didn't needed anyone except eachother by now ridhima was sure that she had fall in love with armaan but was not sure about how he wud react to this so she had decided to keep mum''''..
 ridhima had told armaan about her family she had one older sister who was a mother of eaight year old twins n her parents had died 2 years ago n ther were no one else in her family accept her anjali di, atul jij , their cut adorable sweet children jay n jia''''''''..
armaan had tols her about his family too. He had oly one brother n he was his step brother armaan's parent had adopte him coz they did not had any child n then after few year they had araman but thay still look after his older brother named Rahul, who is now happily married ti his love Mushkan n has a 8 year old daughter
one day ridhima was in her dome room n had recived the worst nes of her life her di n jij had an accident n were taken to the hospital
thus ridhima had to leave the hostel n had to go back to Bombay she left without telling anyone not even armaan
on the other hand armaan was looking every where for her n she was no where to b found so he went to her hostel n asked the caretaker about ridhima she said that ridhima has left the college n went to her home
ridhima went to the hospital where her jij n di were n as soon as she went ther she cane to know that they are no more
ridhima had no chose n had to tack care of her nice n nefew' she finish her education in the local college n found a job but she was very gud with the children had not left a singe responsibility of taking care of the twince n twince had also loved their masi she had not yet got married for two reason 1) she was not sure if her husband wud let jay n jia leave with her n 2) she still loved armaan even after 10 year s'''''''''''.

 she was very happy to she armaan but very confused that he has not yet married yet''''..

In the other side jay n jia went to aditi's house n they both meet rahul n muskan

Ra: hey jay n jia how r u??
Both: v r fine uncle! How r u??
Ra: I m gud too' aditi is with her uncle in the court playing basket ball u both can go ther
Jay n jia got exited after hearing that armaan was ther too they thought hat they cud just talk to him n aske him if he knew their masi''''..
They both reach to the court
Jai: hi aditi n how r u armaan uncle??
Armaan n aditi stoped playing BB n come to them
Ar: hai jai'. n ya man plz don't call me uncle I m still bachlore
Then they all laught
Aditi: hey jay n jia
Jia: I m here too incase u did nt notice
Armaan went to jis n hug her
Ar: of course I know u r here ''.so how come u both here that to on Sunday morning hmmmmmmm

Jai n hia both look at each other n signal eachother to ask him
Armaan sees this
Ar: if u want to ask then u don't have to b scared of me I want bit u'..
They al laugh agine
Jay: its nothing like that ''actuly we want to ask u that do u know some one named RIDHIMA GUPTA
Armaan froze on heraring her name then he drafted to the day whe n went to look for her n go to know that she had left the college without telling anyone n he had cried the whole night think about her n though tat how he was going to propose to her n tell her that he loved her sooooooooo much n wanted to b with her for the rest of his life he had finished his collge n got very gud grades n joined his brother in their family business his brother had asked him many time on why he don't want to marry any one n then he had told him that he loved some one n then she had lefet him without saying anything n no ther cant b anyone who can take her plce in his heart'''. His thought were broken by jay's voic
Jay: armaan bhaiya r u there???????
Armaan came back to reality
Ar: jai how do u know that name??
Jia: she is our masi!!!! Do u know her?? She told us that she had few class with u n u were very gud friends with her
Ar: yes she was my very very gud friend n my love

Aditi  Jay n Jia got shocked on hearing the last word
Jai: '''
Aditi: u mean she was the girl that u fall in love with when u were in college
Armaan nod his had n said: but I don't know y she left
Jai: because our parents died in a car accident n she was our only relative n she had to take care of us that's y she came back from IIM n joint the local college to finish her studies while working part time n look after us
Armaan got shoked: WHAT u mean ANJI n ATUL died her only relatinves
Jay n Jai were crying by now n with all this comostion rahul n muskan had also came out of the house n heard everything

Ar: where is she now n what is she doing n how is she????????????
Jay: she is at home n alone
Jia: v r soooo sorry armaan uncle because of us u both lost each other n masi had to give up her life to tack care of us
Jay: I wish we vere de'''armaan stoped him saying anything further
N huged both of them
Ar: its not ur fault n don't blame it on urself if ridz came to know about this do u knoe how mush juert she will feel
 And it was just not ment to b at that time that's y we did not ''''..
He did nt wanted to cont anymore he just wanted to see HER
Ar: can v go to ur home n meet her??
Jay n jia nod in agreement n they all left to go see ridhima

Ridhima was busy in preparing lunch she was not sure is jay n jia were going to eat with her or no but she thought she wud make more just incase they turn up'
Just then she heard a doorbell
She thought that it will b them so without looking she started to scoled them
Ri: jay n jia why did u both leave soooo early that to'''just then she spotted aditi n her parents n''''.armaan
She was in ater shock she cud not cont n just stud their on the threahol
Jai: masi can we atless come in'
Then she came to reality n moved in the house leating everyone in

Before entering the house
Ar: ridhima I need to talk to u its very important can v go somewhere alone
Ridz cud not say anything n just node n moved toward her room n started going upstairs''''
After entering the room armaan closed the rome behind him

He came forward n took hold of her hand in his n said
Ar: ridhima I m sorry about ur di n jij Jay n Jia told me everything''' but I m still hurt that u did not tell me anything n just left the college do u know how mush tansed I was on not finding u anywhere n then the care tacjer at the hostel told me u left the college'''. I had to tell u something very important (he pused n looked at ridhima still did not utter any word out of her mouth) I LOVE U RIDHIMA
Ridhima got shocked on hearing this from armaan she could not believe at first
Ri: armaan what did u just said?!?!
(then he bent down on his knee) WILL U MARRY ME RIDHIMA PLEASE''''''''''''''''''.

Ridhima ma was in shoke on hearing al this from armaan she had tear in her eyes her dream was coming true but was it a dream so to make sure that it was not she pinch herself  n came to know tht it was not the dream
She also bent down in fron of armaan n put her hand on his face n said

They both had a smile playing on their lips n also had few tears of happiness in their eyes then they both hug each other but that did not last for long coz everyone had came into the room screaming cheering both of them


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