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AR OS : Close To Heart

A 5 years old girl was playing in garden with her ball. Few kids came playing football there, she got scared by them and left hurriedly towards her home. Those kids laugh on her.
She was sitting in her room with teddy beside her, sadly looking towards the road, suddenly a car came infront of her house and a guy of her age jump out of the car followed by his mom dad and went inside the house just opposite to her own’s.
Guy turn towards her before entering inside and wave his hand while she hide herself, she was not a type of girl who easily befriend with others.
“aa gai meri princess, come lets have snacks” Padma said as soon as she saw Riddhima.
“Mom, I don’t want to eat” she said sitting on chair.
“Why my princess don’t want to eat” Shashank enter inside and hugs Riddhima.
“Dad, I’ll eat with you” Riddhima become happy.
“Oh! Means princess don’t love me” Padma pout.
“I love you too mom” she happily hugged her.
Next day,
“Mom mai garden me ja raha hu” Armaan said to Ananya and left.
“Okay bachha, take care” Ananya said.
Armaan took his cycle and left towards garden. He saw the same girl playing with her ball, suddenly her expression changes when those kids came near her. She hold her ball and tried to left the place.
Armaan don’t like when Riddhima got scared.
She was leaving holding her ball when Armaan hold her hand. She look towards him and tried to free her hand.
“Tum yaha pahle khel rahi thi na, fir unke aane k baad tumne khelna band kyu kar diya” Armaan asked looking towards her.
Riddhima look downwards being silent.
Armaaan make her sit on nearby bench and move towards the boys.
“tum log kahi aur khelo, yaha meri friend khel rahi thi” Armaan said to one guy.
“oye, ye hamara garden hai aur is waqt ham khelte hain” that fatty guy said and Armaan punch him hard on his face.
Those guys get scared. “Agar tum log ne meri friend ko kabhi v pareshan kiya to remember my punch ok plus I’ll tell your parents that you guys always trouble her.” he said.
“ok, ok we are sorry” they said and left in hurry.
Armaan came towards her and said “Ab tumhe koi pareshan nhi karega” she smiled.
He forward his hand towards her “hi, I’m Armaan Mallik, your friend”
She shook hand “I’m Riddhima Gupta, and you are my only friend”
“Really” Armaan asked happily.
“hmm” they played ball happily and Armaan taught her to ride bicycle also.
That was the day when these two kids met, their friendship start, they become best buddy. They spend their most of time together, their family’s also become like one, they share their happy sad moments with each other.
They attend same school and Armaan always stand by her side whenever she feel so.
They undserstand each other and along with age their friendship grew stonger. They never hide anything, always feel free to share their secret infact there was no secret between them.
After 15 years,
Armaan grew into a well built, muscular guy, girls drool over his looks but he didn’t pay heed to anyone. His interest was far away from those girls.
Riddhima also grew up into a beautiful, charming girl, always ready to help others but she was too innocent to survive in this reality.
They attend the same college, after completing their school.
One day, Armaan saw her talking to another guy, which make him angry. He himself don’t understand his feeling. Since few days his heartbeat always beats faster when he study with Riddhima or move out with Riddhima.
His mind struck on only one point that is Riddhima. He think about her without knowing her feelings.
“Armaan tu change ho raha hai, teri feelings riddhima k liye badal rahi hai, tu kuch kar, apna dimaag control kar warna bahut maar khayega Riddhima se, use pata chala na to sabke samne shant rahne wali Riddhima sirf tere samne durga maa wale roop me aayegi, fir to tu gaya, nhi nhi” he patted his own cheeks coming out of imagination.
“Armaan” Riddhima came calling him and he thought about his dream.
“Nhi mujhe kuch mat karna, maine kuch nhi socha , kuch v alag nhi, plz m,,,,,” he stopped when Riddhima tap his shoulder.
“Armaan Mallik, kindly explain what’s going on” she need an answer.
“unn,,,,,,,, kya , kya ho raha hai, kuch v to nhi, mai to bas apne me hi baat kar raha tha” he said coming back to reality.
“Armaan tum theek ho na” she get scared by his behavior while he was touched.
“How well you understand me Riddhima” he said while she also sit beside him.
“Wo to hai, afterall tumhari eklauti friend hu” she said and he smile.
“Achha pahle ye baato, tum aaj akele yu chale aaye clg se, mujhe liya v nhi, pahli baar mujhe akele aana pada” she complain.
Now there was no excuse left with Armaan, he saw her with a random guy trading something and his blood boil to the extent which was uncontrollable. He don’t want to shout on Riddhima nor he want to create any scene thus he left from there.
“Wo mujhe kuch kaam tha” he avoid eye contact.
“Armaan, eye contact” she said strictly.
“What? Arey mujhe sach me kaam tha yaar that’s why I left aur jaldi jaldi me batana bhool gaya” he said a white lie.
“Okay, tumhe ek baat batani hai” she somehow got convinced “aaj college me Raj mere samne bouquet leke aa gaya, I was confused ki ho kya raha hai, as usual mai nervous ho gai aur tumhe khohjne lagi but tum to pata nhi kaha gayab the, he just gave me those flowers and directly said that he love me” Armaan’s grip become tight on pillow in anger.
“And?” he asked controlling his anger.
“Don’t tell me you are normal about this, I was hell shocked but then I composed myself and think about you, tum hote to mujhe kya kahte fir I just smiled and said I don’t know anything about love neither I want to but ye jo flowers tum laye ho mai uski insult nhi kar sakti kyunki kisi ne bahut mehnat se in phoolo ko lagaya hoga bada kiya hoga tab aaj ye itne sundar hain, mujhe inki jarurat nhi hai but kisi aur ki smile jarur ban sakte hain, then I gave those flowers to little children of orphanage and their smile make me contented” she said lost in her own world while Armaan was observing her smile, her thinking, he was totally lost in the beauty sitting infront of him.
“Armaan, mai kuch bol rahi hu aur tum mujhe ghoore ja rahe ho” she patted his shoulder.
“Arey nhi, mai to tumhari baat sun raha tha, to tumhe sach me Raj nhi pasand?” he asked.
“Tum mujhse puch rahe ho? Mujhe koi feeling nhi aai Armaan, to mai pyar kaise kar sakti hu” she said.
“Aur kya hai wo feeling” he asked being lost.
“Jab koi mujhe propose kare to mujhse ye ehsas ho ki wo bas mere liye hai, uski baato me mai kho jau, mujhe pata hi na chale uske sath waqt kab beet jaye, mujhe uske alawa kuch na dikhai de, hamesha wo meri smile ban k mere chehre pe rahe” she was saying and Armaan was feeling everything connected to her.
Yes everything was connected to Ridhima, whatever she said was true but kya wo sirf Armaan k saath tha “Riddhima kya tumhe aisi feeling kabhi nhi aai?” he asked.
“Arey aati hai na tumhare sath but ham to best friends hain na” she said and Armaan tried hard to smile.
“Yeah! Best friends” he murmured.
“kya hua tumhe?” she asked.
“kuch nhi, mujhe bahar jana hai, mai tumse baad me milta hu” he said and left his room.
“What happened? He is behaving weird” she murmured to herself and left after meeting Ananya.
Armaan tried hard to ignore Riddhima in every possible way but by the passing of time she was controlling his heart, mind everything.
“Riddhima, mai tumhe kaise samjhau ki mai tumse kitna pyaar karta hu but tumhare liye ham best friends hain aur mai ye eklauta rishta nhi khona chahta. Mai tumhare paas v nhi sakta aur dur jaunga to khud-b-khud marr jaunga, mai pagal ho raha hu sach me.” Armaan was talking to himself.
“Ammy, kya hua beta” Ananya asked her.
“Ku,,,,kuch nhi mom” he said getting up.
“Bahut pyaar karte ho na Riddhima se” she asked making him freeze on his spot.
“Mom, wo mai,,,,,,,,,” he stammers.
“Tumhari aankhon me dikhta hai sab, we all know except Riddhima even Padma and Shashank also knew this but Riddhima ko yakeen dilana padega, wo v tumse pyar karti hai but abhi ise friendship ka naam de rahi hai” she said giving a ray of hope.
“Thanku mom, I wish Riddhima v jaldi samajh jaye” he hugged her.
After completing their studies Armaan join his dad’s business while Riddhima start working as fashion designer.
Armaan tried to ignore Riddhima whenever she talk about any guy, she was still attached with him for everything, until she spell beans about everything which happen particular day she can’t sleep. Armaan sometimes smile on her cute acts.
His love was getting stronger day by day.
“Armaan, tum Seatle kyu ja rahe ho” she was standing infront of him keeping her hands on hips asking like a wife which make Armaan to forget everything and kiss her but he controlled himself.
“Kaam hai Riddhima, waha present karna hai apni company and products ko” he said. That was the best way he thought to make Riddhima realize her feeling about Armaan, they are much more than friends.
“But tumhe kyu jana hai, tum kisi aur ko bhej do” she commanded.
“Nhi bhej sakta, kuch baatein owners ko hi karni hoti hain” he explained “and you know Dad ki tabiyat thodi kharab hai so”
“Arey but why so suddenly, mai kaise rahungi tumhare bina” she pouted making his heart dance.
“Kyu nhi rah sakti tum mere bina” he asked in a husky voice making her startle.
“ARey coz jab tak mai tumhe apne pure din ki baat na bata lu mujhe chain nhi milta” she said.
“Aur jab tumhari shadi ho jayegi tab? Tab kaise rahogi tum mere bina, bina mujhe sabkuch bataye?” Armaan asked looking straight into her eyes making her numb.
“Armaan,,,,,,, ye,,,,,,,,” armaan shushed her.
“Sochna iske bare me Riddhima, tab kya karogi jab tumhari life me koi aur hoga to” he said near her ear kissed her forehead and left leaving shocked Riddhima behind.
Armaan wiped his tears and said to himself “I know ye tumhare liye aur mere liye bahut mushkil hoga Riddhima but mujhe tum apni life me hamesha k liye chahiye, aur ye tab hoga jab tumhe apni feeling samajh me aayengi, I hope mere wapas aane tak tumhe mujhse pyaar ho jaye” he looked towards the sky and left.
Armaan didn’t contact her after leaving India for 3-4 days while Riddhima keep on thinking about Armaan’s words, “kya tha uski baato me, kuch alag ehsaas, ek sensation bilkul different jab usne kiss kiya to, waise to hamesha karta hai fir b alag kyu lag raha hai” Riddhima was lost when Padma came.
“Beta, he loves you, tumhari friendship kharab na ho isliye usne kabhi tumse kuch nhi kaha, but he truly loves you a lot, ye to tum janti ho Armaan ne tumhare liye jitna kiya hai utna to shayad hamne v nhi socha hoga, we all know about his feeling but tum sure nhi this isliye usne kuch nhi kaha” Padma shocked her revealing this fact.
“Mom, aap janti hain” she asked.
Yeah, ham sab jante hain aur mante v hain that Armaan is best for you” she patted her head and left.
“Armaan loves me? Really?” she asked herself and smile like a maniac on her thought.
She remember her words when she told Armaan about her feelings and try to connect them with Armaan. That was all true, everything she wanted was only with Armaan, her smile become broader and red colour creeps on her cheeks when she realize her feelings.
“Ullu hai bilkul, gadha, jab itna pyaar karta hai to bata nhi sakta tha, mai v kitni duffer hu uski har baat convey karti thi uski feeling but I ignored them. I’m really sorry Armaan but not anymore, yaar mai tumhare alwa kisi aur se share hi nhi kar paungi apni sari baate. Don’t worry Mr.Mallik, there is a surprise waiting for you, come soon. Mai tumse tab hi baat karungi jab tum India aa jaoge else tumhe meri awaaz k changes hi bata denge aur tum sab kuch chhod k chale aaoge itna to mai tumhe janti hi hu” she was talking to herself and slept peacefully.
There Armaan controlled himself somehow, he wanted to listen her voice but don’t know how he manage to control.
After few days,
Riddhima was very happy coz she got news that Armaan is coming back, she want to welcome him in her own style and convey her feelings.
She was on flower shop in evening, buying Armaan’s favorite flowers smiling being lost and didn’t notice few boys looking towards her lustly.
They puncture her car and smirk once she left. After moving upto a distance Riddhima get to know that her car is puncture, it was getting dark. She came out and look after her car, it was quite lonely place and she become worried, there was no signal that's why she can't contact anyone.
Those boys came in a car and whistle around her “kya hua baby? Car puncture ho gai kya? Ham lift de de? Aajao hamari car me” one boy said looking lustly towards her.
She cover her body properly with her duppatta and ignore them.
“Arey koi gadi nhi aane wali hai, aaj k liye to yahi patakha hai hamare liye” another boy jump out of car and move towards Riddhima.
She become horrified by their words and ran away, they follow her and catch after few minutes.
“Please leave me, I said leave me” she shouted.
“Aise kaise, tumhe pane k liye hi to gadi puncture kiye, to tumhe kaise chhod de” he said pushing her on ground.
“No, please, don’t do this, just leave me” she said folding her hands only Armaan was flashing in her mind, kahi se Armaan aa jaye.
“Ha chhod denge, pahle kuch maje to kar le” one boy hold her hand and tried to kiss her coming on the top of her. While others were laughing holding her legs. She tried her best to protest but those filthy guys were much stronger than her.
“HELP ME” she shouted on the top of her voice but no one was there to help her.
She was crying bitterly when they touch her body, she shouted loudly which was heard by a girl passing through and she stopped.
She saw that few guys were trying to molest a girl firstly she become startle then she switched on the automatic police siren after one minutes and ran towards her holding a rod kept in her car.
She beat those bastards with rod, they were shocked by the sudden attack and try to hold her but then siren sound make them shocked and they ran away in their car.
That girl cover Riddhima, who was shivering badly, although that girl save her but she was shocked by the incident, her mind goes numb and she become unconscious.
Girl took Riddhima upto her car and move towards hospital.
On the other side Armaan was packing his stuffs to leave seatle but sudden hurricane destroyed everything. Every signal got jammed, he can’t even contact anyone. They were not allowed to leave their hotels. He was hell worried about Riddhima coz he already saw a bad dream and pary for her well being.
Everyone was worried in Gupta Mansion as well as Mallik Mansion, both family’s were trying to get information about children.
Riddhima open her eyes after whole one day, feeling very weak, she look towards the girl who saved her and she was standing there with a smile wearing white coat.
Riddhima treid to get up but she hold her “Don’t try, abhi bahut weakness hai, hi I’m Shagun, you doctor” she said forwarding her hand.
“And my savior also” Riddhima said slowly and smile.
At the same time one ward boy came and Riddhima become horrified, she remember the incident and start screaming, Shagun got worried and tried to hold her, she asked wardboy to leave and console Riddhima.
“it’s okay, koi nhi aayega, don’t worry, kuch nhi hua” she compose her.
“B,,,boy that boy, he tried to touch me” she was crying bitterly.
“Shusshh,, shant ho jao, kcuh nhi hua, you are fine, kuch v nhi kiya un ladko ne” she make her lie down.
“what’s your name?” shagun asked.
“R,,,,riddhima Gupta” she told her name and address.
Shagun informed her parents and they came running to hospital alongwith Ananya and Billy.
Riddhima was under the effect of medicine, Shagun explain them whole situation and they become worried for Riddhima.
“pata nhi kya ho gaya hamari life me, Riddhima is halat me hai aur Armaan ki koi khabar nhi, Hey Bhagwaan hamre bachho ki raksha karna” Ananya was crying silently keeping her head on Padma’s shoulder.
After one week,
Riddhima get up for few minutes but she panic when she see any boy near her, she was feeling insecure.
“Armaan, wo aayega to mai uske saamne kaise jaungi, i feel digusting, mai uske layak nhi hu, but Armaan hai kaha” she was wondering but didn’t asked anyone.
She don’t even reply to anyone except Shagun, yes Shagun was the only person who look after her, she got to know about her a lot but unaware of Armaan. They become friends slowly and steadly.
Armaan contact his parents after one and a half week when hurricane and it’s effect got cleared. He asked about Riddhima first but his parents didn’t tell anything. They just ask him to come soon.
Armaan was hell worried about Riddhima, only he knew how he controlled himself, he want to fly fast and see her.
There was silence in whole house, he enter inside and saw everyone there except riddhima.
“Aunty Riddhima nhi aai?” he asked with a fast heartbeat.
Padma hugged her and start crying instead of replying anything.
He become worried “kya hua? Aap log aise kyu baithe hain? Riddhima kaha hai? Uncle, mom dad wo theek to hai na? aap log kuch bol kyu nhi rahe hain” he was getting impatien by the void of house.
“Armaan beta” Shashank took him outside and told everything.
Armaan was hell shocked by the news, how she faced all these, she was too delicate to handle anything and she went through such harsh thing. He ran towards hospital.
Armaan was watching Riddhima from a distance without making his presence obvious. She shout and scream loudly when any boy came inside. He was crying looking at her condition.
He went to meet Shagun “Hello doctor, I’m Armaan Mallik, mujhe Riddhima k bare me baat karni hai” shagun got alert when he took Riddhima’s name.
“Aap kaun hain?” she asked.
“M,,,,Mai Riddhima ka friend hu best friend” he said.
“Really? apki tarah hote hain best friend jinko pata hi nhi ki unke friend k sath kya hua, 2 weeks aur apne ek baar v khabar nhi li Riddhima ki? Wah! Hatsoff to your friendship Mr.Armaan” Shagun confronted him coz she was totally unaware of Armaan’s story.
“Dekhiye doctor,,,,” he tried to say something.
“App dekhiye Mr.Armaan, jab use waha molest kiya ja raha tha tab koi nhi tha, maine bachaya use kisi tarah, I’m happy that she is fine, but wo kisi v ladke se nhi milna chahti na hi face kar pa rahi hai, to mai apko bilkul allow nhi karungi ki apni so called friendship,,,,,,,,”
“Ilove her damn it, pyaar karta hu mai us se, isi baat ka ehsaas dilane k liye mai us dur hua tha, wapas aa raha tha mai UK se usi din jis din ye incident hua but I was struck there coz of hurricane, kuch nhi kar paya mai kahi baat nhi kar paya, I just reached India, I know aap ko us se attachment hai but meri jaan hai wo” Armaan said with visible tears in his eyes making Shagun trust him.
“Okay, aaiye mai apko milwati hu, but please araam se kahi wo darr na jaye” Shagun took him to Riddhima.
“Riddhima, dekho tumse koi milne aaya hai” she look towards the door when Armaan apper infront of her.
She become happy, she wanted to hug him, beat him for being late, cry a lot but her body was freezed. Her mind scold her, tu Armaan k layak nhi hai Riddhima. And she turn her face towards wall “mujhe kisi se nhi milna hai”
Armaan observe everything, the way her eyes show happiness, her suppressed smile her emotions and the way she controlled herself. He become senti on her condition and left the room.
Riddhima cried bitterly once he left, Shagun hold her “Riddhima kya hua?”
“Mai uske layak nhi hu Shagun, he deserve the best” she said while crying.
“and you are the best, he loves you so much fir kyu tum” Shagun said looking towards her.
“Mai uske layak nhi hu” she murmured and slept by the effect of medicine.
Shagunb came outside and Armaan said “wo bas mujhse chupa rahi hai, she loves me I know” and Shagun nodded.
“Mujhe use ghar le jana hai”Armaan said in determined voice.
“But uska reaction” Shagun said.
“Don’t worry I’ll handle” he said.
Riddhima got discharge from hospital but avoid Armaan. At home she shut her up inside her room, only Padma and Ananya meet her and gave her medicine.
After 4 days ,
During night, she was talking to herself “kyu bhagwaan kyu mere sath aisa, maine kya kiya tha, mai to Armaan ko bata v nhi pai ki mai us se kitna pyaar karti hu aur shayad ab kabhi bata v nhi paungi” she was crying holding a teddy which was gifted by Armaan.
“Kyu nhi bata sakti tum mujhe, ab tumhari baate khatam ho gai kya? Kuch share nhi karna hai mujhse” Armaan jumped inside her room through window and ask.
Armaan,,,, t,,,tum yaha kya kar rahe ho jao yaha se” she said and wiped her tears.
“Itna intezaar kiya hai, ab to jawaab leke jaunga” he hold her from waist and her heartbeat run faster.
“Chho,,,,Chhodo mujhe, I said just leave me, kya jawaab chahiye tumhe ha, tum bas mere friend ho aur kuch nhi” she said straight.
“Achha, mai bas tumhara friend hu, sirf friend” he came deadly close to her leaving no chance to escape.
“ha, isliye dur raho mujhse” she said and tried to leave.
“Mai sirf friend hu Riddhima?” he asked caring her face with his thumbs, his hot breath was creating havoc inside her body, she was dying to hug him.
“ha” she look another side.
“fir tum itna ghabra kyu rahi ho, tumahri heartbeat itni fast kyu hai jaise ki tum mujhse pyar karti ho” he look into her eyes.
“Aisa kuch nhi hai” she said and shove him away which make Armaan angry.
She tried to leave when he hold her hand and drag her towards himself, she bang on his muscular chest and all of sudden he hold her face and start kissing her lips. Riddhima was shocked by his move but soon she gave in to kiss.
He left her after few minutes with a jerk and move few steps forward “Bhaut kuch hai Riddhima, bahut kuch, ye tumhe v pata hai” he said controlling his anger.
She become emotionally weak and according to Shagun, it was necessary for her to come out of this trauma soon. She hugged Armaan from behind and cry bitterly making Armaan’s eyes moist.
“Shuhshh, baby ro nahi please Riddhima” he holds her and make her sit on bed.
“Mai tumhare layak nhi hu Armaan” she said and ran towards the washroom.
Armaan was dying millions of death on Riddhima’s condition, he move towards the washroom and saw her standing under shower crying bitterly.
He rush towards her before he could do anything or hold her, he heard her voice “Unhone mera rape karne ki koshish ki Armaan, they tried to kiss me, they tried to touch me here, here, they tried to touch my body” she was crying bitterly and her words were making Armaan cry out loud but he has to handle her Riddhima.
“Shushhh,,, Riddhima idhar dekho” he too joined her in shower “ tum perfect ho best ho mere liye, you are pious and pure baby, aur hamesha rahogi kyunki tumhara dil bahut innocent hai, aur koi cheap mentality ka insaan mujhse meri riddhima ko dur nhi kar sakta, I love you” he said and she look towards him in disbelief.
“Really Armaan?” she asked.
“I love you too, mai tumhe batane k liye hi sari arrangement kar rahi thi jab,,,,,” she stop in middle.
He lift her up and move towards the wardrobe, cover her with bathrobe and again took her to bed.
He lie down with her while she was looking towards him with all the love she hold for him.
“ha baby”
“Mai tumse kuch mangu” she asked.
“Anything for you my love” he pecked her forehead.
“Make me yours Armaan, I don’t want to remember those lusty eyes, those touch on my body, I just want to be yours please, bring me out of this chaos” she begged him looking towards him while Armaan look towards her in disbelief.
“Ridd,,,,dhima, tumhe pata hai tum kya kah rahi ho” he was yet not confirm.
“Armaan, you love me na, even I love you, please save me from this bad hallucination” she said
“I LOVE YOU RIDDHIMA” he pecked her lips and put comforter over them.
They explore each other showing their love and unite in every possible way, loving each other. Making Riddhima belieive that she belongs to Armaan only.
They slept being happy and a satisfied smile on their face removing every worry from their life.
Riddhima recover rapidly by the help of Armaan and Shagun, they went out sometimes. Riddhima was getting back towards the life.
“Armaan, ham shadi kab karenge” Riddhima asked one day when they were sitting in Armaan’s room.
“Oyee hoyee, badi jaldi hai tumhe shadi karne ki” Armaan teased her.
“Shut up Armaan, bolo na” she said.
“ab chup rahu ya bolu tum hi bata do” he said cutely.
“Bolo” she said getting out of his hold.
“Tumhe ek kaam karna hai, mera. Uske baad hi ham shadi karnge” he said.
“kya?” she asked.
“Do task hain, pahla ye ki tumhe khud ko aur dusro ko protect karne k liye strong banna padega by kick boxing aur dusra ye ki hame un ladko ko punish karwana hai” Armaan said looking towards Riddhima and her face become pale.
“Armaan t,,,tum”
“Riddhima I want you to become strong” he said holding her hands.
“Tum mere sath ho?” she asked.
“Hamesha” he kissed her forehead.
“okay, then I’m ready” she said with a smile.
Armaan trained Riddhima for whole 3 months and she learn everything to protect herself even she can beat others for safety.
Meanwhile Armaan gathered information about those boys with the help of Shagun.
They planned and file a case against those 4 boys. Armaan get information about their hiding place and took Riddhima there.
Riddhima was getting nervous but Armaan gave her strength, she knew she can come out of her fear only by this act.
Those guys were drinking alcohol when Riddhima rings the doorbell. They were shocked to see Riddhima there.
“Kaun hai? Arey ye aaj hamare paas aai hai, kya baat hai aaj to maje karenge” one who was unaware of case said.
“ha kyu nhi, mai v tumhe maje karane hi aai hu” she said with a confidence.
“Kya baat hai, ham to us din hi kaam pura kar diye hote agar wo ladki beech me nhi aai hoti to” he said and Armaan was recording everything when he accept their crime.
Riddhima slapped him hard and he look towards her being shocked. She beat them badly releasing all her anger. Armaan inform police and they took those boys.
Armaan and Riddhima submit proof against those culprits and they got imprisoned.
Shagun was very happy by the way Riddhima came back towards life, she thanks Armaan for his efforts.
One day she was sitting in her room when Armaan came inside before he could say anything she blured out “Armaan ab to shadi karenge na”
Armaan look towards her with shocked eyes.
“What?” she asked through eyes.
Armaan move towards the door where Ananya and Billy were standing plastering a smile on their face.
Riddhima become shocked and stood up.
“Ha beta apki shadi ki hi baat karne aaye hain” Ananya said and Riddhima run inside being blushed.
Armaan followed her while parents get busy with their discussion.
“Kya baat hai badi jaldi hai tumhe shadi karne ki” Armaan hugged her from behind.
“Armaan, tum v na bata nhi sakte the ki uncle aunty v hain” she shove him away.
“Tumne mauka hi kab diya, anyways bade waha busy hain to ham yaha busy ho jaye” he leaned towards her.
“No Mr.Mallik, ab shadi k baad hi busy hoiyega” she said keeping him away.
“Itna wait kiya wo kam hai kya, I can’t wait till then” he said and drag her towards himself and start kissing her passionately.
Armaan Riddhima got engaged in a family function hosted by Shagun while marriage was a big cruise dream wedding arranged by Armaan which was a surprise for Riddhima.
Cruise wedding was her dream from childhood which was fulfilled by Armaan, he was best for her in every way. They both were titled as “Made For Each Other Couple” by everyone.
They got happiness in their life after so much trouble which increase the value of happiness. They always thank God for the day when they enter in each other’s life, they lead a normal life gathering small small happiness of their life.

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