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Chapter 38 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
AR are to go to Paris for a conference.
Riddhima and Rahul's friends - Cole and Tessa to get married there. Everyone was invited to the wedding.
Muskaan engaged to RK who is in love with Madhu. AR & RK team up to bring RaMusk back together. Riddhima decides to reunite RK & Madhu.

Armaan and Riddhima spent some much needed time together that evening. Armaan took Riddhima out to one of their favourite restaurants for dinner. They sat in a secluded booth and talked in hush whispers, stealing kisses every now and then. They went to Udaan for a while and spent some time with everybody, finally winding up on the beach for a leisurely stroll, still wrapped up in each other.
Armaan dropped Riddhima home with a long, deep kiss that rendered them both breathless and a whispered I love you.'

It was one of their best nights in the past few days.
Unfortunately, that was the only alone time they got before it was their schedules caught up with them again.
And in no time, it was the day were flying for Paris. They were going for the wedding immediately after the conference and it was just a matter of moving from their hotel to the private villa that Cole had rented for the wedding.
Armaan was pretty excited about the whole thing. He got to be with his baby for the next few days without the constant interruptions of their friends and family. In his dictionary, that was gold, even if they had to be there for the conference for most of the day. The evenings and the nights were going to be theirs. And he had complete intentions of spending all this time together.
Riddhima was pretty excited too, for a change. Armaan was really surprised when she told him that. She also said that she just wanted to spend some goddamn time with the love of her life without worrying about anything else' which had earned her a smacking kiss from said love of her life'.
The dawned bright and early. Armaan and Riddhima reached the hospital earlier than regular to finish off their pending work and to handover the remaining to the gang who were going to split all of their cases amongst themselves so as to not burden one person with the workload. It was easy, because like their internship days, Armaan & Riddhima were working together most of the time and had the same patients.
The interns threw them a sort of All the Best' party in the cafeteria.
Armaan and Riddhima were deeply touched by the fact.
"Thank you, so much," Riddhima said, hugging Naina.
"Di, isme thank you kehne waali kaunsi baat hai? Aap dono itni important conference ke liye jaa rahe ho. Hum aapke saath aa nahi sakte toh kya hua. Atleast aapko wish toh jar sakte haina."
Armaan smiled on hearing this. "Thanks guys!" He said, before hugging Yuvi and then Naina. Surprisingly, Armaan and Riddhima also hugged Sid and Su. Of course, their relationship was still tensed and strenuous, but in the past few days, all of them had put efforts to leave the awkwardness behind, especially with Yuvi and Naina getting closer to Armaan and Riddhima.
"All the best," Sid whispered. "Thank you," Armaan replied.
In the meanwhile, the gang had also come to the cafeteria.
They took turns hugging Armaan and Riddhima.
"Waise kehne ki zarurat toh nahi hai, lekin Riddhu ka khayal rakhna, samjha?" Rahul asked Armaan.
Armaan just shook his head, grinning and nodded, pulling Rahul into a tight hug.
Rahul then moved to Riddhima, hugging her tightly and whispering to her for sometime. It looked like he was giving her instructions as to what to do because they could see Riddhima nodding continuously. Armaan's heart warmed on seeing the affection between the two. It was obvious that they had become a really important part of each other's lives in the past year. It was absolutely adorable to see Rahul worry about Riddhima's well - being so much.
Muskaan hugged Armaan and wished him luck. They joked around for sometime till Rahul was finally done talking. Muskaan then proceeded to talk to Riddhima as Atul moved in to talk to Armaan.
And then finally Anjali, who threatened Armaan with bodily harm if he didn't look after her sister properly. Not that she needed to say that. Everyone knew that Armaan would die before he let anything harm Riddhima.
The gang sat in the canteen and joked around for a long time, recounting incidents, cracking jokes and enjoying themselves. There was food and drinks. And of course there was cake.
And this time, there was a cake fight.
Armaan, as he generally did, was feeling a little michevious. So, he fed the cake to Riddhima's face instead of her mouth. Which, of course, resulted in her throwing cake at him, which actually hit Muskaan. Muskaan, the Punjab Sherni that she was, immediately picked up a piece and smashed across Riddhima's face, hitting Atul instead. And then, pandemonium broke.
Everyone was throwing cake at everybody. No one in the canteen was spared from the onslaught on cake.
The fight broke only when Dr. Shashank came in looking for Armaan and Riddhima, accompanied by Dr. Kirti.
Everybody stopped playing immediately and stood in their places, timidly with their eyes pinned to the floor. Armaan was sure that he was going to get fired that day. Dr. Shashank absolutely hated when he did that.
However, what happened next wasn't something any of them had ever dreamt of happening. Dr. Shashank took one look at them and burst out laughing.
Everyone looked at each other, surprised at this. It didn't take long before Dr. Shashank's laughter had everyone in hysterics.
"Kuch cheezein kabhi nahi badalti, haina Dr. Kirti?" he asked rhetorically after sometime.
Dr. Kirti smiled and nodded.
"Dr. Armaan, Dr. Riddhima mere cabin mein, please." Armaan and Riddhima nodded.
"Aur haan, zara kapde change karke."
"Yes, sir," Armaan replied, smiling.
The gang looked at each other, surprised after Dr. Shashank had left.
"Yaar, Dr. Shashank ki tabiyat toh theek haina, Anjy?" Muskaan asked Anjali.
Anjali nodded, dazed.
"Haan, yaar. Aaj toh Dr. Shashank ne kuch punishment bhi nahi di. Mujhe toh laga humein 3-4 mahino tak bina pay ke kaam karna padega. Aur pata nahi kitne dino tak kisi gaon mein medical camp jaana padega," Atul said, recounting the earlier incidents when they had gotten similar punishments for getting into cake fights.
"Chale, Basket? Abhi toh Father - in - law ne kuch nahi kaha, lekin agar hum late hue na, toh pata nahi..." Armaan teased her.
"Armaan!" Riddhima replied, hitting his arm and blushing deeply. Armaan smirked and took her hand in his, pulling her out of the cafeteria.
"Thanks guys! Baadme milte hai!" Armaan called back as he pulled Riddhima out of the cafeteria.
The gang hooted after them, causing Riddhima to blush even deeper.
Armaan changed quickly and entered the locker room, waiting for Riddhima.
When he heard the tell - tale noise of her payal, he hid in the adjoining changing room.
Riddhima gasped as a hand shot out and pulled her into the changing room as she moved into the locker room.
"Armaan!" She scolded him. "Yeh sab kya karte rehte ho hamesha?"
"Kya Basket! Main bas tumhaare saath thoda time spend karna chahta hu," saying so, he wrapped his arms around her in a hug.
Riddhima smiled and hugged him back, reveling in the feeling of being in Armaan's arms.
They stood like that for sometime, Armaan nuzzling her neck and whispering to her as she clung to him, occasionally placing kisses on his face.
"I love you, Basket," Armaan whispered.
"I love you, too," she replied.
Armaan smiled and placed a soft, gentle kiss on her lips.
"Chale?" Riddhima asked.
Armaan nodded.
Armaan knocked lightly on Dr. Shashank's door, before entering.
"Sir, aapne bulaya? Kuch kaam tha kya?" Armaan asked, looking at Dr. Kirti.
"Aaiye, aaiye doctors. Bas, seminar ki last minute details ek baar aap saath go through karna chaahte the," Dr. Kirti replied.
"Waise, aap dono aise achche kapdo mein, bina cake ke zyada achche dikhte hain. Agar aise hi rahenge toh humaare liye achcha hoga. Right?" Dr. Shashank asked.
Armaan and Riddhima blushed and nodded sheepishly.
"Yes, sir. Sorry, woh... canteen mein jo hua..."
"It's okay, Riddhima. Is baar mein yeh nazar andaaz kar raha hu, kyuki main jaanta hu ki tum dono is seminar ke liye bohot nervous ho aur Armaan sirf yeh nervousness door karne ki koshish kar raha tha," Dr. Shashank replied.
Armaan looked at him, amazed. How did he know?
Dr. Shashank looked at him and asked, "Kya hua, Dr. Armaan? Maine kuch galat keh diya?"
"Nahi... bilkul nahi, sir. Main bas yahi soch raha tha ki aapko kaise..." Armaan trailed off.
"Ki mujhe kaise pata chala ki aap sirf khudko aur Riddhima ko distract karne ki koshish kar rahe the?"
Armaan nodded.
"Armaan, main tum dono ko kaafi dino se onserve kar raha hu. Jaanta hu main, ki tum is conference ke liye nervous ho, kyuki tum poore Sanjeevani ko itne bade platform pe represent karne waale ho. Aur waise bhi, itna toh main apne bachchon ko samajhta hu, ki yeh bata saku ki woh kab kisi cheez ko, kyu kar rahe hain."
Armaan nodded, smiling widely. He still couldn't believe that Dr. Shashank had accepted him so whole heartedly and was calling him his kid' so casually in public, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
"Lekin main yeh bhi kehna chaahta hu," Dr. Shashank started, bringing Armaan out of his lala land.
"Ki tum dono ko nervous hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai. Tum dono Sanjeevani ke best doctors mein se ho. Aur as a team, tum aur bhi zyada better ho."
"Thank you, sir," they replied.
Dr. Shashank smiled.
"Aur rahi baat presentation ki, toh woh toh hum sab dekh chuke hai. It's practically flawless. Tumhe uski chinta karne ki bilkul bhi zarurat nahi hai. I'm sure ki wahaan sab is presentation bohot impress honge."
"Thank you, Dr. Shashank."
Dr. Kirti gave them the logistics information and handed them the schedule for the conference.
"All the best, doctors. I'm sure ki aap dono Sanjeevani ka naam kabhi bhi kharaab nahi hone denge. Isliye aapki presentation bhi bilkul achchi hogi. Agar aap chahte hain, toh hum ek baar phir se go through kar sakte hain," Dr. Kirti suggested.
Armaan and Riddhima nodded at her gratefully. In the past few days, Dr. Kirti had been god - sent for them. She had helped them at every step of the way, in anyway she could. Having attended and presented at such conferences earlier, she knew what to do and she left no stone unturned in preparing her proteges for the same.
They had also gotten incredibly close to each other. With Dr. Shubhankar away, Armaan and Riddhima were helping Dr. Kirti as much as they could. They looked after Navneeta and SAmrat whenever they could and also helped Dr. Kirti around the house. On the nights that she felt extremely lonely, they kept her company, watching movies, playing games and goofing around with the kids. They made it a point that she had a Skype date with her hubby every few days and that they talked daily. It helped her loneliness greatly.
They went through the presentation again and Dr. Shashank was hugely impressed with the final version. They had a mock QnA after the presentation and Armaan and Riddhima passed with flying colors.
"Okay. I am impressed, doctors. Aap dono yeh presentation conference pe dene ke liye nilkul ready hai," Dr. Shashank announced.
"Thank you, sir," they replied.
"Dr. Kirti, agar aapko koi problem na ho toh main inse privately kuch baat karna chahta tha..." Dr. Shashank trailed off.
"Of course, sir," she said. Turning to Armaan and Riddhima, she said, "Main aap dono se baad mein milti hu. All the best."
"Thank you, Dr. Kirti."
Dr. Kirti then left, leaving Armaan and Riddhima with Dr. Shashank.
"Ab tak main tumhaare Dean ki tarah tumse baat kar raha tha, lekin ab main apne bachchon se kuch baat karna chahta hu," he explained on seeing their confused expressions.
They smiled brilliantly on hearing this.
"Main jaanta hu, ki hum chaahe kuch bhi kahe, tum dono nervous toh ab bhi ho. Aur hona bhi chahiye, itna bada seminar, pata nahi kahaan kahaan se doctors aayenge. Lekin main jaanta hu, ki tum dono bohot achcha karoge. Bharosa hai mujhe tum par itna. Okay?"
"Thank you, Papa. Lekin phir bhi. Agar nervousness ki wajah se koi gadbad ho gayi toh?" Riddhima asked.
"Ho toh sakti hai. Jaanti ho aisi situations mein main kya karta hu?"
"Kya?" Armaan asked.
Shashank smiled before answering. "Main ek lambi saans leta hu aur tum sabke baare mein sochta hu. Chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye, main kabhi tum logon ko disappoint nahi karna chahta. Isliye, yeh sochkar ki tum apne Papa se kitni disappointed ho jaogi, yeh sochkar ki woh ek presentation bhi sahi se nahi de paaye, main phir koshish karta hu."
"Lekin, Papa, galti ho gayi na," Armaan said.
"Haan, lekin iska yeh matlab toh nahi na, ki hum usse sudhaar nahi sakte? Armaan, hum sab insaan hai, koi bhagwan toh nahi ki humse galtiyaan nahi ho sakti, haina?"
Armaan nodded.
"Toh bas, apni galti maan lo. Aur sahi karo. Main toh kabhi - kabhi apni galtiyon pe khud hi hans deta hu."
"Papa, wahaan almost sab humse zyada experienced honge. Agar unhone humaara mazaak banaya toh?"
"Woh sab tumse zyada experienced honge, toh woh samjhenge tumhe. Koi bhi apni pehli baar se hi toh perfect nahi hota na? Jahaan aaj tum dono ho, kabhi woh bhi the. Isliye tumhaari nervousness, tumhaari ghabrahat samjhenge woh. Aur tumhaari mada bhi karenge. Uski tension mat lo."
"Papa, agar presentation sahi nahi hui, toh..." Armaan started, but Shashank cut him off.
"Armaan, main tum dono se kabhi bhi disappointed nahi ho sakta. Aise kya dekh rahe ho? Jaanta hu main, tum dono ko sabse zyada darr is baat ka hai ki agar kuch bhi galat hua toh main, Dr. Kirti aur baaki tumhaare dost tum dono ke baare mein kya sochenege, haina?"
Armaan and Riddhima nodded.
"Armaan, Riddhima, Sanjeevani sirf ek hospital nahi hai, humaara ghar hai. Aur yahaan ke sab log humaare family members jaise hain. Aur main jaanta hu, ki tum apni family ko disappoint nahi karna chaahte. Lekin hum tumse kaise disappoint ho sakte hai? Main jaanta hu ki tum dono apna best doge, aur koi galti nahi hogi. Lekin phir bhi, agar kuch oonch - neech ho gayi, toh kuch nahi hoga. Hum sab jaante hai ki tum dono ne apna best diya hai, bohot mehnat ki hai, toh hum tumse kaise disappoint ho sakte hai?"
"Thank you, Papa," they said.
Shashank shook his head and pulled them into a hug. "I'm proud of you both," he whispered to them.
Parting from the hug, he said, "Chalo jao ab dono, preparation karni hogi na?"
Armaan and Riddhima thanked him before leaving.
"Hey guys! Everything was fine na? Dad naaraaz toh nahi the na?" Anjali asked Armaan and Riddhima once they seated in the cafeteria.
"Nahi, Di. Papa gussa nahi the. Unhone kaha ki is baar woh kuch nahi keh rahe kyuki woh jaante hain ki main aur Armaan conference ke liye nervous hai aur agar humne thodi masti ki, as a distraction, toh theek hai. I don't think agli baar Papa aisa kahenge."
Anjali nodded. "Thank God, guys! Is baar toh tum dono ki wajah se bach gaye. Nahi toh Dr. Kirti aur Dr. Shashank na, hum sab ka kachumbar hi bana dete," Muskaan said.
Armaan nodded, laughing.
"So guys, all set?" Rahul asked.
Riddhima nodded. "Abhi Dr. Kirti ke saath hi the hum," she told him. Rahul nodded. He knew all about the Armaan - Riddhima - Dr. Kirti Dostana that had transpired in the last few days. And he was immensely grateful to them. Ever since Dr. Kirti has started hanging out with them, she had mellowed down a little, which was saying a lot, since she was Dr. Kirti.
"Yaar, Rahul tu bhi na! Kaise stupid sawaal poochta hai! Obviously unki tayaari ekdum superb hogi na! Armaan aur Riddhima toh humaari Sanjeevani ke best doctors hai!" Atul cut in.
"Thanks, Champ!" Armaan said gratefully, hugging him sideways as they were sitting next to each other.
"Guys! Apna best dena, okay? Aur zyada tension mat lo, sab theek hoga," Anjali told them.
Everyone sat in the canteen for sometime, talking. The staff wished Armaan and Riddhima good luck, before they left the hospital.
On their way, they took a detour, deciding to see RK before leaving town.
"Kisse milna hai?" One of the security guys asked Armaan, as they stood outside the studio where RK was shooting for his latest movie.
"RK se milna hai," Armaan replied confidently.
"Arre, RK sir se toh saari duniya milna chaahti hai. Iska yeh matlab thodi hai ki hum aapko jaane denge."
"Dekhiye, aap galat samajh rahe hain. RK humein jaante hai. Please, unse milna humaare liye bohot important hai."
"Bohot aate hain aap jaise. Kehte hai ki hum jaante hai RK ko. Milne dijiye. Lekin aisa nahi hai. Hum aapko andar jaane nahi de sakte."
"Achcha theek hai. Aap RK se pooch lijiye. Kahiye ki Armaan aur Riddhima aaye hain."
"Kya ho raha hai yahaan?" A voice called.
"Arre, kuch nahi Madhu bitiya. Dekho, phir wahi. Yeh log RK se mikne aaye hai. Keh rahe the ki usse jaante hain."
"Madhu?" Armaan whispered, shocked.
"Ji? Kya main aapko jaanti hu?" She asked, confused.
"Nahi, nahi. I'm sorry, aap humein nahi jaanti. Bas, RK se aapke baare mein sunaa hai," Riddhima replied quickly.
"Oh. Toh aap RK ko jaante hain?" She asked.
"Haan. Actually, hum Muskaan ke dost hain," Riddhima replied, her tone suggesting that she was trying to insinuate something. Which she was. Riddhima watched, delighted, as she saw Madhu stiffen on hearing Muskaan's name. So, RK hatold her about the engagement, had he? It wasn't public knowledge yet. RK had been smart. They'd gotten engaged in a very private and secluded ceremony in Patiala. The media wasn't as vigorous there as it was here.
"Muskaan? Muskaan Chadda?" Madhu asked, her voice pained.
Riddhima nodded.
"Kaka, yeh RK ke bohot khaas mehmaan hai. Aap please inhe andar le jaaiye."
The security guard looked at Madhu, questioningly.
"Main keh rahi hu na, Kaka. Aap abhi inhe andar le jaaiye."
"Theek hai," the security guard replied. "Tum hi le jaao, bitiya. Hum abhi yahaan se nahi jaa sakte."
Reluctantly, she agreed.
She took them to RK's trailer, where he was lounging during his break. She knocked on the door and announced the arrival of RK's guests.
RK was surprised to see Madhu on the steps of his van. He was even more surprised to see Armaan and Riddhima standing there, with her. He stood there, his mouth hanging open like an idiot, for the longest time.
"RK sir, yeh keh rahe hai ki yeh aapke dost hain. Aur aapse milna chaahte hai, kisi important kaam ke liye," Madhu finally said, tryin to break the awkward silence.
"Haan... haan," RK replied, dazed.
He hugged Armaan and Riddhima, thanked Madhu and then pulled them into the van.
"Kya hua? Tum dono aaj yahaan? Tumhaari toh flight haina kuch time mein?"
"Haan, kuch time mein hai. Lekin pehle tumse kuch important baat karni hai."
"Bolo na."
"RK hum conference se directly mere friends ki shaadi ke liye jaa rahe hai," Riddhima started. RK nodded.
"Rahul bhi wahaan hoga. Aur Anjali Di bhi. Atul is going as Di's date. Waise toh maine Muskaan se kaha hai aane, lekin hum sab jaante hai ki woh nahi aane waali. Main jaanti hu ki tumhaare liye mushkil hoga, lekin please Muskaan ko convince kar sakte ho shaadi pe aane?" Riddhima asked.
"Main koshish kar sakta hu."
"Thanks, RK. Agar woh akele aane ke liye nahi raazi ho, toh tum bhi aa jaana. Maine Cole se baat Karli hai. Usse koi problem nahi hai agar tum aao toh," Riddhima continued.
RK nodded gratefully.
"Agar Muskaan nahi maani toh main bilkul aaunga. Lekin koshish karunga ki usse akele hi bheju."
"Thanks a lot!" Armaan said.
"Ab isme thanks ki kya baat hai, yaar!"
They talked for sometime before Armaan and Riddhima left.
As they were leaving, Riddhima turned to RK and said, "Pyaar toh woh ab bhi karti hai, RK. Dekhna, jaldi maan jaayegi."
RK nodded, thinking she was talking about Muskaan, when in reality, Riddhima had been talking about Madhu.
They hugged RK one more time before leaving.
"Waise, Basket, meri company mein rahkar kaafi smart ho gayi ho tum," Armaan said once they were driving.
"Matlab?" Riddhima asked.
"Matlab yeh, ki jaise tumne Madhu se baat ki. Aise subtly Muskaan ka naam beech mein laana, uska reaction dekhne ke liye. Very smart, haan."
"Smart toh main bachpan se hi thi," Riddhima replied smugly.
"Hehehe. Mazaak mat karo, Basket."
"Please, Armaan! Main mazaak nahi kar rahi. Aur waise bhi, agar smart hui hu, toh tumhaari company mein rehke toh nahi hi ho sakti. Tum mein kitna dimaag hai jo tum kisi aur ko smart banaoge?"
"Please! Armaan Mallik se smart aur koi nahi hai."
And they started bickering. Their fight had gotten a little intense by the time they reached home. So, Riddhima opened the door and left, banging it close behind her, without saying a word to Armaan.
"Armaan! You idiot. Har baat pe aise ladna zaruri hai kya? Jaa ab, mana usse," Armaan muttered to himself before running behind her.
"Arre, Riddhima! Aa gayi?" Padma mom asked her as she saw Riddhima entering the house. Riddhima rushed to her room, not answering.
"Isse kya hua?" Padma Mom wondered aloud just as Armaan entered, running, calling out Basket'.
"Tum dono phir shuru ho gaye?" she asked him.
"Arre, Maa! Aapki beti ke saath thoda mazaak kya karo, woh bhadakne lagti hai. Toh ab main kya karu?"
"Badmaash! Chal jaa ab, manale usse."
Armaan nodded before rushing to her room.
Riddhima was busy packing her last minute essentials, all the while muttering to herself and so she didn't notice as Armaan slipped into the room quietly and locked it.
He moved towards Riddhima and wrapped his arms around her waist tightly, nuzzling her neck.
"Kya hai? Chodo mujhe," Riddhima snapped, jerking away from him.
"Arre, Basket! I'm sorry! Main toh bas aise hi mazaak kar raha tha," Armaan pleaded.
"Nahi, nahi. Ab kyu aaye ho? Jao kisi aur smart ladki ko pareshaan karo. Main hu hi kaun?"
"Basket! Aisi baat nahi hai. Tumhe pata haina, main tumhaare alawa kisi aur ladki ke baare mein sochta hi nahi hu."
"Achcha?" She asked.
"Haan, aur nahi toh kya."
"Aur woh jo set pe ladki thi, jo tumhe ghoor - ghoor ke dekh rahi thi. Usse dekhke toh bada smile kar rahe the."
"Basket, woh mujhe dekh rahi thi. Main usse nahi dekh raha tha. Ab main hu hi itna handsome ki ladkiyan mujhpe fida ho jaati hain. Isme meri kya galti."
"Haan, haan. Tumhaari toh koi galti hi nahi hai. Sab galti meri hi hai. Haina?"
"Aur nahi toh kya! Dekho main yahaan tumse maafi maangne aaya hu, tumhaare saath romance karne. Aur tum lad rahi ho."
"Main lad rahi hu?"
"Haan. Jab dekho mujhse ladti rehti ho."
"Achcha. Theek hai. Main hi hamesha ladti hu. Mujhe mazaa aata haina tumse itna ladna. Waise bhi tum mujhe poora din pareshaan karte rehte ho..."
Armaan tuned out her rambling and smacked his lips on hers to stop her from talking.
He kissed her hard, passionately, all lips and tongue and teeth. Riddhima responded with equal fervor, sucking and licking and biting.
Armaan pulled back when it was necessary to breathe.
"Kya Basket, kitni chapad - chapad karti ho!" He said breathlessly against her neck as he continued to place wet kisses along her neckline.
Riddhima tightened her hand in his hair, placing kisses along his neck, returning the favour.
A knock on the door broke them apart.
"Armaan Riddhima jaldi karo! Airport jaane ke liye late ho raha hai," Padma Mom called.
"Ji Maa! Abhi aaye!" Armaan replied.
He hugged Riddhima close to his chest, both of them regaining their breath after their make out session.
Once they were breathing normally, Armaan zipped up Riddhima's suitcase and picked it up, going to the corner and picking up his suitcase from where he had deposited it in the morning.
"Chalo," Armaan whispered. Riddhima nodded, piking up her handbag and looking around the room to make sure she hadn't left anything important.
"Ho gaya tum logon ka?" Rahul asked as soon as they opened the door.
"Jaa na, saale!" Armaan replied as Riddhima blushed.
The next few minutes were a blur as everyone made sure that everything was in order for them to leave. It was complete and utter chaos, before Padma Mom was able to calm everyone down and make them sit in the car. After everyone was piled up, Armaan drove them to the airport.
"All the best," Naina and Yuvi said, hugging Armaan and Riddhima. Sid and Su wished them as well.
Atul grabbed them in a bear hug and said, "Mere bhai! Sab achche se karna. Tujhe apne Champ ka naam roshan karna hai!"
Anjali was next. She hugged them both and wished them good luck, saying that she knew they were going to do great and promised to see them in a few days when she flew down for the Colessa wedding.
Muskaan was her usual flamboyant self, wishing them goodluck and making a comment about using their time effectively. She also said RK had conveyed his best wishes and apologized for not being able to make it because of his tight schedule. She said that he had said something about making sure he did what Riddhima had said, but Muskaan didn't understand what that meant. RK however, said, that Riddhima would understand what he said perfectly. When Muskaan asked them about it, Armaan lied innocently, all the while smirking to himself.
Rahul was up next. He hugged Riddhima first, wishing her and asking her to keep in touch because she knew how he got when he hadn't heard from her. He told her to look after herself and the idiot she was taking along. He told her not to stress too much over the presentation and not to lose any sleep over it. He then told her that he was extremely proud of his Chutki before moving to Armaan. He hugged Armaan and instructed him to take good care of his babygirl or there would be Hell to pay when he saw them again. He also said something about Donna's contacts and burying a body. Armaan laughed at that and promised that he would look after Riddhima.
Padma Mom told them to look after each other and to not irritate the other person. She told them to eat and sleep properly and to call them in case of any difficulties.
Dr. Shashank hugeed both of them and wished them. He told them to remember what he had said in his cabin. He told Armaan to look after Riddhima, even after specifying that he knew it wasn't necessary. Everyone laughed on hearing that. He told them that he was proud of them and to give it their best at the seminar.
Finally, Dr. Kirti hugged them and wished them. She told them that she was confident that they would do well and make Sanjeevani proud.
They received sloppy kisses from Samrat and hugs from Navneeta before their flight was called.
After one last group hug, Armaan and Riddhima were on their way.


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