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chapter 40 : I'll Love You Longer Than Forever - AR FF

Previously on...
Armaan and Riddhima reach Paris. 
They meet Nate and Erica. 
*Lots of fluffy AR <3*

Chapter 40

Armaan sat beside Nate, sighing.
Nate turned to look at him and raised an eyebrow in question.
"I have to take madam shopping! Apparently the girls have given her long lists and she wants to get a move on," Armaan whined.
Nate burst out laughing.

"Better you than me, bro!"
Armaan made a face. "Whatever. Some friend you are. What were you saying at the airport?" Armaan pretended to think. "Yes. You're family. This how you treat family?"
"Abso - freaking - lutely."
"I don't like you," Armaan announced.
Nate just chuckled in reply.
"Dude, like I said, better me than you."
"That's true. What do you think about accompanying us?" Armaan asked cheekily.
"No, thank you."
Armaan laughed.
Nate and Armaan chit - chatted, joking around till Riddhima came out.
She looked absolutely pretty, having thrown a cute jacket over her tee to protect herself from the cold.
"Chale?" She asked Armaan, tying her scarf around her neck.
Armaan nodded and got up.
"Hey! Any of guys wanna join us?" Riddhima asked.
"And shop? No thank you," Nate replied.
"I can come with you guys! If you give me a few minutes," Erica replied.
Riddhima was taken aback as she wasn't expecting Erica to agree, she had just asked her out of politeness because it would look bad if she asked Nate and not her.
Armaan, on the other hand, was busy shooting glares at Nate.
"Ummm... Erica, why don't you stay back? I think we should go through our presentation again."
"Come on, Nate! Live a little! We can work on the presentation later," Erica replied.
"No, we can't! We're presenting tomorrow. And it needs to be good. I'm not going to be the laughing stock just because you refuse to work. As it is, we're here in a professional capacity and not on a holiday," Nate said.
"Fine," Erica agreed, making a face.
Armaan mouthed an I love you' to Nate.
He turned to leave to see Riddhima standing there with her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face.
"Kya hua?" Armaan asked.
"Aise jaoge tum?"
"Haan, kyu?"
Riddhima just shook her head and moved to his room, muttering under her breath.
She came back a few minutes later with a jacket in her hand. Without a word, she moved towards Armaan and made him wear it.
"Chalo ab," she said.
"Basket, yaar! Jacket ki kya zarurat hai?"
"Armaan, baahar bohot thand hai. Chalo aise, nahi toh sardi lag jaayegi."
Armaan sighed and nodded, obeying Riddhima like a good boyfriend.
"Bye, guys!" Riddhima called as she pulled Armaan out the door.
"So, where to?" Armaan asked, wrapping his arm around her shoulder, pulling Riddhima close to him.
(A/N - Sadly, I have never been to Paris, so the descriptions of the places maybe incorrect, but all the places that I mention do exist. Thank you, Google!)
"The St - Ouen flea market? Maine suna hai bohot hi achchi jagah hai."
Armaan nodded. They went to the reception to check if they would be able to avail a hotel car for their trip, which thankfully, they could. So, they piled into the car and left the hotel.
Armaan wrapped his arm around Riddhima's shoulder and pulled her closer to him. Riddhima smiled and rested her head on Armaan's shoulder, holding the hand Armaan had around her and entwining their fingers. Armaan rested his head on Riddhima's and kissed her head.
"Basket?" Armaan asked, indicating he wanted to ask a question.
"Hmmm," Riddhima replied, nodding against his shoulder.
"Tumse kuch poochu?"
"Tumne already kuch pooch chuke ho, Armaan," Riddhima replied cheekily.
"Haha! Very funny."
"Achcha theek hai. Bolo. Kya poochna hai?"
"Woh... woh... actually... Riddhima... Main..."
"Kya hua? Tum itna hesitate kyu kar rahe ho?"
"Actually, Jaan main..."
"Haan, Armaan bolo..."
"Will you sleep with me?" Armaan blurted out finally.
"What!?" Riddhima asked, immediately sitting up straighter.
"Armaan, tumhaara dimaag kharab ho gaya hai kya? Kesa behuda sawaal hai yeh?"
Armaan looked at her confused, trying to understand what had he said to offend Riddhima so much. He had just asked her to sleep with him.
Oh! He thought, smacking his head as his eyes grew large.
"Nahi! Nahi! Main waise nahi keh raha tha, Riddhima! Tum galat samajh rahi ho!"
"Toh tum kaise keh rahe the, Armaan? Mujhe pata tha tum besharam ho, lekin itne shameless?" Riddhima asked angrily.
"Nahi, nahi! Basket tum galat samajh rahi ho! Sleep with me as in, actually sleep with me... nahi nahi, actually sleep with me as in mere saath so sakti ho? Nahi, nahi... that is also wrong! Mera matlab ki kya hum aaj ek saath ek room mein so sakte hai?"
Seeing him all cute and flustered, Riddhima started laughing.
"Kya hua? Tum has kyu rahi ho?"
Riddhima shook her head and continued laughing.
She pulled his cheeks. "Kyuki tum bohot cute ho."
"Matlab?" Armaan asked, not understanding her modd swings.
"Armaan, jab tumne first time kaha tha, toh main samajh gayi thi ki tum kya kehna chaah rahe ho," Riddhima replied in a duh' tone.
"Matlab tum..." Armaan said, scandalized, pointing his finger at her.
Riddhima nodded, still laughing hysterically.
"Basket ki bachchi! Tumhe toh main..." But sadly, they had reached their location, so Riddhima jumped out of the car, leaving Armaan behind.
"Basket!" Armaan called after her as he too got down from the car. Thanking the driver, he began running after Riddhima.
They played catch on the streets, running around people, hiding and pushing and pulling, before Armaan finally caught up to Riddhima.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up.
"Armaan!" Riddhima squealed. "Neeche utaro."
"Uh huh," Armaan replied, shaking his head as he placed a kiss on Riddhima's shoulder.
He moved to a secluded corner of the street and put her down. He backed her against the wall and leaned in, trapping her between the wall and his body. He put his arms on either side of her, palms flat against the wall, leaving no room for her to escape.
"Bohot badmaash ho gayi ho aajkal," Armaan commented, leaning in closer.
"Sab sangat ka asar hai, Dr. Mallik," Riddhima replied, breathing heavily as she felt Armaan's body pressed against hers with their faces inches apart.
"Achcha?" Armaan asked, moving his arms so they were around her.
"Haan," Riddhima replied, wrapping her arms around Armaan's neck and playing with his hair.
"Waise, ek baat batao," Armaan started.
"Haan, bolo."
"Tumhe itna achcha prank ka idea aaya kaise? Pata hai, ek minute ke liye toh meri jaan hi nikal gayi thi. Jab tumne mujhe shameless kaha aur mujhe realize hua ki main kaisa sound kar raha tha, I felt so..."
Riddhima shook her head before he could complete the sentence.
"Its okay, Armaan. I trust you."
Armaan smiled widely.
"Aur rahi prank ki baat, toh maine kaha na. Sirf tum hi nahi ho jo smart hai."
"Oh really?"
And they started laughing.
"I love you," Armaan whispered.
"I love you, too," Riddhima replied.
Armaan bent his head and captured her lips with his, giving her a kiss to show just how much he loved her.
They finally broke apart on hearing catcalls. Apparently they had garnered the attention of a few onlookers.
Riddhima immediately pushed Armaan a little away and hid her face in his neck as Armaan bowed down in front of the others as if he was delighted to be of service.
"Armaan!" Riddhima scolded him, slapping his arm.
"Let's go," she said, tugging on his hand and pulling them towards the market.
They spent a long time at the market, with Riddhima examining each and everything minutely before buying. They bought stuff that the girls had listed to Riddhima and some gifts as well. They bought show pieces and lampshades and curtains and various other trinkets. Riddhima had gone absolutely wild. She fell in love with the market and needed to buy almost every other thing that caught her sight. Armaan didn't have the heart to refuse her because the twinkle her eyes was all he ever needed in his life. Also, he couldn't deny that the stuff really was appealing. After shopping for about 4 hours, Armaan was famished.
"Basket, dekho hum kabse shopping kar rahe hai. Ab main thak gaya hu aur bohot bhuk bhi lagi hai."
"Okay, hum kuch kha lete hai," she replied.
Armaan breathed a sigh of relief and they made their way to one of the bistros nearby.
Armaan called the driver and they co ordinated a place to meet so that Armaan could keep all the shopping bags in the car, because it was physically impossible for him to carry all of them for a long time, even if Riddhima carried some.
After keeping the bags safely, Armaan made his way to the bistro where Riddhima was already waiting for him. On his way, his eyes fell upon a jewelery shop that had very beautiful jewelery on display. It was different, unique, intricate and elegant. Armaan smiled before making his way inside.
He spent a small fortune, buying some stuff and ordering others, knowing they were here for almost a month, with the conference last 2 weeks and the Colessa wedding for the remaining period.
Satisfied with his purchases, he finally reached the bistro, a huge grin on his face as he anticipated Riddhima's reaction when he would present her with the things he bought.
He spotted her almost immediately. She was sitting on the side of the bistro that overlooked the river, a juice in hand. A guy was sitting there with her, talking animatedly. She looked hella uncomfortable and her eyes were glued the entrance, awaiting his arrival.
When she saw him, a brilliant smile lit up her face, which sadly the guy beside her took as interest and got more animated with his talks.
Sensing Riddhima's discomfort and unable to suppress his possessive instincts on seeing another guy hit on his girl, Armaan quickly made his way to their table.
He knew Riddhima wouldn't like it if he made a scene, so he quietly made his way to her side. He kept his hand under her chin and made her look up at him, quickly bending down and capturing her lips in a kiss.
"Sorry, I took so long, baby," he said as he rested his forehead against hers.
"You been waiting long?" He asked.
"Never," She replied, pecking his lips.
Armaan stood up straighter and held his hand out towards the guy who had finally quieted down.
"Hey. I'm Armaan," he greeted.
"Thanks for looking after my girl," Armaan said.
The guy nodded and left quietly.
"Kaun tha yeh kamina?" Armaan asked.
Riddhima laughed quietly at his tone. He was so possessive. She didn't like it all the time, but at times, like now, she loved seeing his possessive side. It was hot as hell.
"Just tha koi. Pata nahi," Riddhima replied, shrugging.
"Kamina kahin ka, tumhaare saath flirt karne ki koshish kar raha tha," Armaan muttered, pulling her closer to himself, his arm wrapped around her waist in a territorial display.
"Armaan," Riddhima sighed, turning to face him. "Its okay," she said, caressing his cheek. Armaan sighed, leaning into her touch.
"I love you," she said.
"I love you, too," Armaan replied, holding the hand that was caressing his cheek and kissing her palm.
"Kuch khaa lein? Tumhe bhook lagi thi na?" She asked.
Armaan nodded and they sat down. A waitress came shortly to take their orders. After they were done, Armaan and Riddhima sat down talking about anything and nothing.
"Waise tumhe aane mein itna time kyu laga?" Riddhima asked him.
"Um... woh... woh... actually... haan, main driver ka wait kar raha tha. Unhe aane mein thoda time lag gaya."
"Oh. Toh aisa kaho na. Isme itna darne ki kya baat hai?"
"Main kaha darr raha hu?"
"Oh really?"
"Yes, really."
"Basket, tum bhi kya yeh choti choti baaton ko lekar baith jaati ho? Kuch nahi hua hai, baba. Bas driver ke liye wait kar raha tha isliye thoda late ho gaya!" Armaan frowned.
"Achcha baba, nahi poochungi! Sorry!" Riddhima replied, placing a smacking kiss on his cheek.
He smiled when she did this.
After lunch, they made their way back to the hotel, reluctantly on Riddhima's part as she wanted to explore more, but Armaan was insistent saying that he didn't have the capacity anymore and that he needed to get back to get some rest before the dinner tonight.
So, they went back to the hotel with a sulking Riddhima to whom Armaan promised that they could come back to see the remaining market on the weekend.
On reaching the hotel, Armaan thanked the driver and paid him some cash before they made their way up to the room. But, seeing as there were so many bags, Armaan had to take the help of certain bell boys so that all their stuff could be transferred to their room.
Nate and Erica watched flabbergasted as bell boy after bell boy made their way into the suite and deposited some of Riddhima's bags in her room, followed by Armaan and Riddhima who were also carrying more bags.
Armaan thanked and tipped all the bell boys after they were done. There were 4 of them who were needed in addition to Armaan and Riddhima to get all her bags!
"Wow, Ridzy!" Nate whistled. "Didja buy the entire market?"
"Haha," she replied sarcastically.
"Babe, I'm serious, looks like a lot of stuff."
"Well, it's not all for me. I got stuff for others in there as well. So you quit your yapping, you get that?"
"Yes, ma'am!"
"I'm off to bed! Wake me up when we have to go to dinner," she announced before leaving the living room and making her way to Armaan's room.
Armaan sat down on the sofa.
"So, how's the presentation coming along?" He asked.
"Good. I'm just a little nervous."
Armaan nodded in understanding.
"Don't worry, you'll do great. If you want, we can do a trial run tomorrow morning before we leave for the seminar."
"Sure. Thanks, bro!" Nate replied enthusiastically.
"Don't worry about it."
"So, how was shopping? Ridzy did buy a whole lot of stuff."
"Yeah, she did. And she was still pissed when I dragged her back cz she wanted to shop more. She agreed once I promised to take her back on the weekend."
Nate started laughing when he heard this.
"Such a sadist," Armaan muttered.
"I'm off to sleep," he announced. "Don't forget to wake us up."
"Ever heard of an alarm?"
"They're irritating."
"Well, we might take a nap as well. So, it's in your best interest to do that."
Armaan grimaced but nodded.
"Ciao!" Armaan called before he went to his room.
"I think we should rest for a while too," Nate said, to which Erica agreed wholeheartedly.
Armaan smiled on entering the room. He saw his Basket sprawled out on the bed, fast asleep. She looked so cute in her PJs, all cuddled up and warm. Armaan quickly removed his shoes and discarded his shirt before sliding into bed with her.
He pulled her closer so that she practically lying on top of him.
Getting comfortable, both of them fell into a blissful sleep, content to be together.
The blaring of the alarm woke them up sometime later.
"Basket!" Armaan said, "Please, alarm band kardo."
"Armaan, phone tumhaare paas hai," Riddhima replied groggily.
Armaan fumbled for the phone on the side table and quickly shut off the alarm.
He burrowed deeper into Riddhima's neck and dozed off.
"Armaan," Riddhima called, shaking him a little.
"Kya hua, Basket?" He muttered.
"Please, utho na," she said.
"Kyu?" Armaan asked.
"Hume dinner pe jaana haina," Riddhima replied.
"Nahi," Armaan said, getting comfortable in bed.
"Armaan, please."
"Mujhe sona hai, Basket."
"Achcha, toh mujhe toh jaane do. Tumhe kuch time mein utha dungi."
Armaan shook his head.
"Armaan, please."
"Arre, lekin mujhe kyu nahi jaane de rahe?"
"Kyuki tum paas hoti ho toh neend achchi aati hai," he replied.
"Armaan, please. Jaane dona. Mujhe ready hona hai."
Armaan scowled but let her go, snuggling in the warmth of her side of the bed.
After getting dressed, Riddhima came out of her room to see that Nate and Erica were already there.
"Hey guys!" She greeted them.
"Hey. Looking good, Ridzy," Nate commented, nodding towards here semi formal attire of smart, beige trousers and a plaid shirt.
"Thanks. Has Armaan come out?"
"I'll go check."
Thankfully, Armaan had actually gotten up and changed. He was sitting on the bed, tying his shoelaces.
"Wow, mujhe toh laga tha ki aakar tumhe uthane mein bohot problem hogi mujhe," she commented, sitting beside him on the bed and wrapping her arms around his waist.
"I missed you," Armaan replied kissing her head.
"Come on, let's go! I'm excited to see who else is here!" Riddhima said, pulling Armaan up with her.
Armaan laughed at her exuberance and walked behind her.
"Let's go, you lazy people!" Riddhima said to Nate and Erica as she pulled Armaan out of the room.
They all made their way to the restaurant where the dinner was being held at.
"Why don't you ladies find us a table while we get drinks?" Armaan asked, directing them towards the tables.
"So what's your poison?" Nate asked Armaan.
Armaan laughed. "No, no poison for me."
"Are you kidding me? No alcohol?"
"Are you mad? Riddhima will kill me!"
Nate nodded, understanding.
"Oh! I'm so sorry!" Armaan said, as he ran into a woman.
"No, it's okay. I wasn't looking," she said looking up.
"Emma?" Armaan asked, his voice full of surprise and a huge smile on his face.


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