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installment 1 : sohneya ar os

Heloo guys its my new OS. it is inspired from one of the latest trending Punjabi song my current fav .. named “Sohneya” which is also the name of this OS.. Song is sung by “Guri”, lyrics by “Yaad Purewal” , music by “Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz” , the beautiful vedio by “Parmish Verma” (one of my fav ;-) )

Youtube link of song video...

I have quoted a few lines from song.. since its in Punjabi I have tried my best to give its translations along with the quoted lyrics. (ps : agar smj na aye u can ask me ill try to modify my translation)

###### The sun rises above its horizon n the dark sky turns into yellowish orange…the early sun rays falls on every tiny particle of earth without any partiality.. birds come out of their nest adding to beauty of mother nature. How could sun rays leave our pretty heroine asleep.. sun rays entre into her room from the window that she had left uncovered the previous nite.. sun rays fall on her face disturbing her beauty sleep.. she turns her face away n hides her face with pillow… she could not sleep anymore as her alarm clock started to ring telling her to wake up or else she will be late… she pics up her phone without opening her eyes n turns off the alarm. Finally after another short nap of mins she gets up from the bed with a big frawn n wispers “subha itni jldi kyu ho jati hai…” pics up her phone n opens her wats app bt with a disappointed face closes the wats app. She connects her phone to the Bluetooth speaker and after playing her current favorite playlist towards washroom.. after about 10 mins she comes back in the room with a toothbrush in her mouth n again opens her wats app.. this time she throws her phone on bed in anger ( auther note : she is nt mr shivay singh oberoe(from ishqbaaz, star plus) ki phone tod de.. bechari ne bed pr ger ke hi apna gussa nikal lia.. LOL ) She quicly goes towards her wardrobe picks up her dress n goes inside washroom. 15 mins later she come out wearing a denim blue jeans n blue white checked shirt properly tucked inside her jeans.. she again pics up her phone to check her watsapp.. she opens a chat with a person names “A” a small smile appears on her face on seeing that person online.. she waits for a few minute hoping for the status to change from online to typing.. bt it alas that person went off line.. girl was almost in tears.. “ y aren’t u rplying.. its been 2 days since our last conversation that too formal.. kyu mujhe itna ignore kr rahe ho.. mujhe se or bardash nahi hota…” she says looking at the wall paper of her phone which is her pic with a guy almost her same age… she was lost in the picture.. bt ringing of her phone brought her back to reality.. “hello” pause “im ready bs min main nikl rahi hn” pause “ yup ill sea u in office in half n hr..” . After hanging up the call… she wipes off the tiny tear drops from her cheeks moves towards the mirror she adjust her dress combs her thick black hair n ties them into a high pony tail.. she puts a little bit of concealer under her eyes to hide the puffiness n dark cilcles. Other than comcealer she uses only a peach lipgloss as makeup.. she rushes towards kitchen pours cold milk into the tumbler add a spoon coffee and half a spoon sugar, the closes the tumbler with lid shakes it well n puts it in her hand bag.. n moves towards the basement of her building where vehicles of the residents of the building are parked. She lives in in a 3 BHK flat on 5th floor. ########### A car stops in parking lot of a MNC, she comes out n wishes the guard “ good moring bhaiya..” The guard almost in last 30’s with a big smile replies “ good morning madam”. She moves insde the office n wishes each in everyone whom ever she passes before sitting in her cubical.. Another girl of almost same age with brown curly hairs wearing jeans n kurti come towards her n shout near her ear..”gooood moorrininnggg ridziii…” (our herioine is ridhima gupta she lives with her parents, has finished her MBA from a prestigious collage 2 months before n got placed in one of the famous MNC of the city) Ridhima hides her ears with her palms n with fake anger “god muskan, grow up.. now we are in office no more collage going” (the other girl is muskan chada, her best friend from her 1st year of graduation, both are together since then, have done their post grad from same collage n luckily both got placed in same company) Muskan “ age is just the number baby.. n place don’t mater.. dill toh bach hai ji..(in a dramatic tone) Ridhima: tri nautanki kabhi khatam nahi hogi… acha ye bta subha cal keke jldi kyu bulaya.. (yawns..) Muskan notice her tired face n redness in her eyes… “ are u ok ridzi? Ur eyes are red…” Ridhima : ofcource muskan.. vo raat ko I slept late islie feling a bit sleepy or kuch nahi hai.. Muskan still not convinesed “ are u sure.. tra armaan ke sath koi jhagda toh nahi hua..?? Ridhima in mind “jhagda toh tb hoga jb vo mujhese baat krega..” Muskan : kya hua..?? Ridhima: kuch.. kuch bhi toh nahi.. mera or armaan ka koi jhagda nahi hua hai.. bs vo thoda bsy hai.. promotion u see.. Muskan in a teasing tone “ ohh toh ye baat hai madam missing her hero… Ridhima: shut up muskan .. bkwas marne ke lie jldi bulaya tha.. ja apne desk pe or mujhe mera kam krne de… Muskan : are nahi yaar vo thodi help chahie the.. Muskan n ridhima discuss muskan’s doubt for some time then muskan goes to her desk ridhima gets busy in her work.. ####### Lunch time.. Muskan : yaar mera canteen main khane ka bilkul man nahi hai lets go ur fav café.. Ridhima: tu n tre nakhre.. chal lets go… They were about to go but muskan’s senior called her.. Muskan : yaar is bnde ko lunch main bhi chain nahi hai… Ridhima : relax muskan tu sir ki baat sun tb tk main tra fav order place krti hn.. Muskan : woo ye baat tune sahi ki.. tu jaa ill see u in 10.. ###### Café… Ridhima pushes the door n freeze on the spot.. her eyes were just staring a guy who was busy talking to a girl in front of him.. with their interaction it was clear that its nt a professional meeting.. she takes out her phone send a watsapp message to Mr A “ hey.. kahan ho.. im missing u baby.. n a heart emotican…” a min later the grey tick turns blue bt that guy goes offline… with a heavy heart she moves out of the café.. “ itna bhi kahan n kiske sath bsy ho.. tumhare pass mere lie ek simple message ka bhi time nahi hai…” she leans against the glass window of café, closes her eyes n tears start flowing down .. she comes out of her dreamworld with ringing of her phone.. she wipes off her tears n pics up the call “haan muskan bol..” pause “ main pahunch toh gyi main soch rahi thi kyu nah m jo new bakery khuli hai café ke pass vo try kre” pause “ I know I know my ideas are always great.. jldi aa we will order together..” she takes a deep breath hiding her emotions she cover up her face with a fake smile n moves towards the new bakery…. Ridhima n muskan tries a variety of sandwiches.. had a fun.. nt exactly fun.. it was only muskan who kept on speaking n laughing on her own jokes.. where as ridhima tried her best to get involved in the conversation n failed miserably.. she would just say a word or two n give a fake smile n muskan’s jokes.. muskan was too bsy in enjoying new dishes that she failed to see ridhima’s sadness for which ridhima thanked her starts.. she was in no mood to discuss about her personal life and didn’t want to lie by giving a lame excuse of head ache. ###### Later at nite ridhima was sitting on her bed with her laptop… she was using facebook to pass time n distract her mind.. bt a post caught her attention “ armaan malik became friends with nisha kappor” ridhima opened nisha’s profile n in a second she recognized her profile pic.. “ ye toh vahi ldki hai jo café main thi armaan ke sath..” Ridhima with a force closes the laptop screen without shuting it down properly.. tears make way trough her eyes.. ridhima pics again open her wats app with a hope for a rply.. bt Mr A (or we can say armaan) was constantly online didn’t bother to rply ridhima… Ridhima agains throws the phone on bed n moves towards the study table.. she opnes up her dairy. On the first page it was her pic with armaan.. ridhima was wearing a red knee lengh dress n armaan black jeans with a red shirt. Armana was holding her from waist with his left hand n both were looking towards camera with big smiles… Ridhima flips the pages n on a fresh page she wrote “Karda si vaade ohdon wadde sohneya, Nawein nawein chat utte lage sohneya.. Sachi tere utte shak hon lageya.., Dass hor kehdi naar da tu palla phadd dae… Chhad dinne message ve seen karke.., Hor kehdi maa de naal gallan maar dae” {translation – earlier during our chats u used to do big promises, now I have a serious doubt on u that u are behind another girl, u don’t rply n leave the message after seeing, tell me with whom do u talk} A few tears fell down on the page leaving its marks.. ridhima wipes her tears n moves towards the window n sits on the rug.. thinking about her happy time with armaan… ** flashback 1 yrs ago Muskan n ridhima had joined a new colloge for their MBA last yr, within a month both adjusted themselves in the new environment n made many friends wih whom they would have fun during collage hrs n even go out on wkends, bt that was just normaly friendship nothing more.. many boys tried to flirt with them even they rplied to a few in a fun way.. ridhima n muskan found a few boys attractive bt was just simple attraction. While they were in second yr a new batch of one yr diploma started in their collage n that changed their lives..

Exam days n new ideas have a very deep connection.. exam ate hai idea apne app ajata hai… This was the first installment… now I have to study.. 2nd / last installment will be after my next exam.. Do give ur honest reviews n don’t forget to like.. Thank u…!!!!

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