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Armaan and Riddhima are well settled in Ramgarh. They have just completed their eight years of married life. They have two children, Arnav Malik, the little monster, 61/2 years old and Diya, a pretty little 4 year old. Arnav is the naughty and impulsive one, like his dad and Diya is the sweet and tenderhearted girl, just like her mom. They both study in the same school where Riddhima is still the main English teacher. Riddhima sings with Sid's group, and has recorded at least a dozen albums with them. She goes to Mumbai every Saturday and completes her recording. In fact, the whole family
drives to Mumbai for the weekend, where they meet Muskaan, Rahul and some other old friends. They also shop and go to the beach every so often. Riddhima still loves to eat the chaat at Chawpaati. Armaan and Arnav usually end up with watery eyes and runny noses after the chaat, but little Ms Diya eats chaat as if it were icecream…just like her mom!

Armaan has managed to expand the hospital to a 500-bedded hospital, thanks to generous grants from Industrialists and other doctors. He is still the chief Medical Officer, but has many young doctors working under him. That gives him more time with his family and enjoys his weekend trips to Mumbai.

Ramgarh is no longer a small town; thanks to "Dr Shashank Misra Memorial Hospital," it has become a major source of employment for a lot of educated and skilled workers. As a result, a lot of small businesses have thrived in the community, including a major call center run by Atul himself. Atul is also married with two kids, who love to hang out with their cousins and bua (Riddhima.)

Padma is older, but still strong and independent. She still lives in her old house, but Riddhima visits her every day on her way back from school. The kids love to hang out with their nani and get pampered by her.

Riddhima has a nanny (aaya) for the kids at home. Occasionally, she goes out with Armaan on long walks along the river and leaves the kids with their aaya, who loves them like an aunt. Armaan and Riddhima still share the same passion for each other, and enjoy each other's company more and more each day. They are the inseparable couple of Ramgarh. Armaan and Riddhima have learnt to take joint decisions about different aspects in their life. Armaan does not force his choices and decisions on Riddhima anymore. He loves to work around the house, and even built a tree house for his kids in the backyard. He cooks the Sunday evening meal and when Riddhima was pregnant with Diya, he pretty much cooked everyday.
They still fight and argue with each other, but the fights never last long enough to not spend the night in each other's arms. They both know that they cannot not live without each other, and so bury their differences quickly with as simple a gesture as a rose presented by Armaan, or a tender kiss on his lips presented by Riddhima.

To end the story: here is a little example of how blissful their married life is even though it may look mundane to an outsider….

Like a lot of nights, Armaan was buried in paper work at the hospital. His days were busy with surgery and seeing patients at the clinic. The evenings went by in completing the administrative work of the hospital; he checked his watch, "Oh God 10 baj gaye…bachche bhi so gaye honge…I still have another couple of hours worth of work….let me call Riddhima, may be she could give me company," he was about to dial her number, when he saw Riddhima standing at the door.

"Arre Riddhima? Tumhey kaise pataa mainey yaad kiya hai tumhey?" His face lit up at seeing his beloved's pretty face in his office. He got up and walked towards her. She circled her arms around his neck, "jab bhi dil se yaad karoge, main aa jaoongi……itni der kaise lagaa di? Bachche tumhara intezaar karte karte so gaye." She complained.

"I am glad you came…I could use a back rub….poore din kaam karte karte, thak gaya hoon." Armaan said wickedly

Riddhima smiled as she knew Armaan's intentions were not entirely honorable, "theek hai…baith jao….main back rub kar deti hoon."

Armaan sat down on his chair, as Riddhima started massaging his shoulders and neck with her soft hands. Armaan moaned in pleasure, "that feels good Riddhima! Thoda neeche bhi rub kar dena…thoda aur…thoda aur…." He kept guiding her to different parts of his back, neck, shoulders and chest. Riddhima teased him by making the massage as seductive as possible by whispering mischievous sweet nothings in his ear and occasionally nibbling or biting his ears.

Armaan could not take it anymore; he pulled her on to his lap, "aisa massage mujhey roz roz chaahiye Mrs Malik!"

Riddhima smiled with her tongue rolling inside her mouth and caressed his bare chest under his shirt, "keemat chukaani hogi pehle."

"Keemat? Jo tum maangogi wo milega Basanti…aaj Veeru bahut generous mood mein hai!" he nibbled on her ear and drove her wild.

"How big is the patient bed in the exam room?" she asked mischievously.

Armaan lifted her in his arms and carried her to the exam room through the deserted hallways of the hospital wing, "it is big enough…TRUST ME!"

"I know…I can trust you Armaan…" she moaned dreamily.


I hope you liked the story about the two lovers who realized the true meaning of love only after they almost lost everything they had…….Sacche pyaar ka ehsaas tabhi hua jab us pyaar ko unhoney kuch pal ke liye kho diya tha…that true love is all about GIVING and not about EXPECTING or TAKING….…

That true love goes beyond just pure physical attraction…love with respect, understanding and faith is as essential for any relationship to thrive, especially between a married couple!

To end, here is our favorite AR song to celebrate Armaan and Riddhima's dreams for each other….how they have learnt to dream with each other's eyes- it is not about Armaan's dreams or Riddhima's dreams anymore, but 'THEIR DREAMS'

Aasmaani rang ho....pyar ki boond ho....


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