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part 1 : When You Can't Fake It Just Make It (os)

     "  Aaj Is Pal ko mein yahin ked kar lun. Kabhi beet na jaye is tarah saja lun.
      Bhale hi galat hain ye ehsas mera par kya karun dil ke haaton majbur hun."
                               (My Lines)


"It was my dream since the time I got to know what the real LOVE feels like. It was all I saw day and night, waking or sleeping. We have been separated number of times due one or other reasons most of the time the reason was nothing but my own misunderstanding but this time I don't want to let him go. I know the separation is on cards again but I want to be with him for someday before that
separation play it's on trump again. This same moment that I am faking right now. It's not my choice to fake it or to make it just a drama for others or drama of my love. but I don't know what is right or wrong any further. All I know is that it might be not for real reason but I want to make it in real. I am a married girl but when my husband doesn't have that strength to face it then why should I keep doing things he doesn't have the courage to support. These were the thoughts of ridhima.

"I have been living for this day to come to reality. I came back fighting with my own death just for her, for her love for our love, for us to be together. I have totally lost hope of getting any better so I left with the note behind for ridhima giving her reason to hate me. But I never knew she will learn my truth the way she did and then nobody can stop her of what she did next. She just came running to me searching me in the long woods not caring about herself. But I guess her coming back that day was not just her it was my strength and motive to live that came along her. I know I have left her that day writing another message but I guess we were meant to be and her I came back a month ago back to her back to Sanjeevni to win her again. I knew she might be angry and even know she is doing all this just to make her patient happy but I know my ridhima will soon forgive me Armaan thought.

This Scene is from the Part where Sid's mom tried to get AR married in the canteen in front of every new intern.

Sid's Mother Started with her words of mantra asking Armaan ridhima to follow them without caring about the place or anything else. All she wanted to get rid of ridhima from her son's back.

"I have never thought that one day I will be in this position where I am right now. I know somewhere I am the only one who is responsible for whatever is going in front of me. In the starting I never liked ridhima she was just a person for me who have insulted me and I wanted a revenge from her but I never thought that my obsession will lead to bring a lot of bad name for ridhima but to rectify my mistake I asked Dr.Shashank that I will marry his daughter. Then gradually I started to fall for her or at least I started to infatuation by her, but her consuming poison stir something bad in me and I started treating badly but I never knew when Armaan will come back I will feel insecure of him but then I was the one to ask ridhima to do this drama for my mother and for my friend. Then I don't know why I am not feeling this in me. Sid thought

In all these thoughts of these three people, the wedding was complete in presence of all interns. Armaan was too happy to do or say anything to anyone. He was happy to have ridhima his basket all to himself.

Ridhima was in her own thoughts of past few year comparing them to the past few days and all her love that she had buried in her heart when she married Sid got wings again. She was totally lost, Armaan holds out his hand for ridhima whole came out of her daze looking at his hand. For a fluctuation of the clock, she looked towards Sid who was looking at her with some anger or something that she can't read but ignoring the things she caught hold of Armaan's hand.

Smiling at her he made his way to the door about to leave for his home but stopped and turned back.
 "Ek minute ridhima saying so he left her hand and moved back to go back to where Sid's mom was standing.
"Thank you so much aunty. Aap nahi jaanti apne aaj mera liya kya kiya hain, aap ke liya shayad ye bus ek shaadi hogi par mera liya, mera liya ye meri jandagi hain meri jeena ki wajha hain. Armaan said thanking her. "Thank you so much

"arye ye toh mera farjh tha, ja aab le ja apni khudi nu sid's mom said in words but in her thought she said Acha hain jaa rahi hain aab kaam se kaam mera sid ka picha toh nahi karegi'

Armaan smiled at her and then move back to ridhima holding her hand he lead his way out of sanjeevni to go to the house he has specially built according to her taste. Ridhima was silent all the way to the home as she was thinking about her life which is taking a lot of turns but now she doesn't know anymore which is for good or for bad. But here Armaan thought that Ridhima's this behaviour is due to all the hurt he has gifted her in the past few months.

Reaching Home Armaan asked ridhima to stay on the door for a minute and her run inside to bring up the things needed for the ritual to welcome new bride. By the time he came back ridhima was already inside walking toward one of the rooms she knew is left unused but furnished by him.

"Ridhima tum andar aa gai vo mein... mein vo ritual he was cut in the middle of his sentence by her. "Armaan mein bahut thak gai hun aur ye sab drama Karne ki koi jarurat nahi hain Ridhima's word not just meet Armaan's ear but also his heart.

"Par ridhima mein toh bus Armaan tried to explain things to ridhima but she moved into the room closing the door behind herself. Armaan was left standing in the same position with the Pooja thaal in his hands.

Keeping that thaal in mandir praying to god "Mein janta hun mein ne ridhima ko bahut dukh diya hian par... aap toh jante hon a mein ne aisa chaha nahi tha mein toh bus ridhima ki khushi chahta tha. Isliya uss chod ke jaana padha mujhe nahi toh mein kabhi bhi ridhima ko chodne ka soch bhi nahi sakta tha. Please ridhima ke liya mujhe itni takat dena ki mein uski sari pareshaniyan dur kar sakun

Praying to the god Armaan left to make some dinner for both of them. He waited for ridhima to come out of the room but she never came out he knew she won't still he waited but when dinner was ready he debate to himself, not about going to her or not but about what to say to her but getting nothing proper he just left it to the flow.

Knocking on the door Armaan waited for her to open the door but when he heard nothing he tried once again but nothing happen. Rotating the handle he tried to see if the door is open or not and it was left open.

Ridhima was standing near the window looking out at the sky watching the bird flying from here and there. Armaan put the food-laden plate in one of the side tables, moving up to ridhima he raises his hands to keep it on her shoulder but then he drew back his hand. Calling out her name he tried to gain her attention.

There was silence for some time before ridhima says "In panchiyon ko dekh rahe ho armaan. Ye jab chahe jahan chahe wahan udh jaati hain, kyun ki unhe pata hain unhe kahana se nikal ke kahan jaana hain aur kab jaana hain. Koi nahi rokta unhe. Par mein insaan hote hua bhi ye nahi kar sakti. Ye panchi aajad hain koi nahi hain ihe batane ke liya ki kya Karen kya nahi. Par meri life mein toh bina puche hi sab aapni marzi suna dete hain koi puchne ki bhi need nahi samjha ki mein kya chahati hun. Jab jo aaye hokum chala deta hain. Pehle papa ko khush karne ke liya sab kiya, phir tum meri life mein aaye aur meri life ka control papa se tum hare haath mein aa gaya, phir vo Sid... but ridhima stopped after taking his name.

Armaan who was listening to her without interrupting her understanding her emotions and her state suddenly asked her hearing her stop on that intern's name. "Dr.Sidhant..! Mein Kuch samjha Nahi ridhima, Armaan asked.

"Kuch nahi... Mujhe akela rahna Hain Armaan please Mujhe Thoda time chaiye ridhima indicated Armaan to leave the room letting her have her privacy.

"Ridhima mein janta hun kuch hain Jo toh kehte hua rukh gai ho. Kuch jo tumhe pareshan kar raha hai. Par mein nahi puchunga ki kya baat hai janta hun apni basket ko vo kuch galat nahi karegi hearing him calling basket again and having so much confidence in her she felt guilt pressured.

"Ridhima mein janta hun mein ne bahut kuch aisa kiya hain jo mujhe nahi karna chaiye tha par kya karun ridhima itna pyaar karta hun tumse ki tummhare aage kuch soch hi nahi pata us samay mujhe laga ki tum bhul jaogi mujhe vo letter padh ke par ye nahi pata tha ki tum mujhe nahi pyaar shabd ko hi bhul jaogi. Janta hun jo mein ne tumhe dukh diya hain vo aise hi nahi bhulaya ja sakta hain aur na hi koi safai us galti ko sudhar sakti hai. Par ridhima bus itna kehna chahunga aab jo tum chahogi vo hi hoga. Chahe phir uske liya mujhe kitni hi taklif kyun na uthani padhe mein uff tak nahi karunga. Bus itna pata hain ki meri basket abhi mera se ghusa hain apne armaan se par jand hi apne armaan ko maaf bhi kar degi. Aur janta hun tum koi saja nahi de skti mujhe toh mein khud hi apni saja chun lunga par tum koi taklif nahi hogi is baar ye mera wada hain.

"Kabhi bhi apna ek haath bhadana ridhima mein hazaron kadam chal lunga tumhara haath thamne ke liya. Tumhare pich hi khada rakhunga kabhi girne nahi dunga tumhe. Armaan said whatever came in his mind and started to leave her as she said nothing to him after hearing him.

Holding the door open armaan turn around face ridhima who was still looking out of the window all his while "Ridhima mein nahi janta ki itna time mein kya hua hain par itna kehna chaunga ki koi kuch bhi keh jaye par mein janta hun tum mujhse kuch nahi chupaogi. Pata nahi aisa lag raha hain ki kal ka din sanjeevni mein bahut kuch hone wala hain par tumse jayada bharosa mein ne aapne aap pe nahi kiya hain. Aur koi bhi is vishwas ko hila nahi sakta koi bhi nahi. Saying so he closed the door behind.

Ridhima who was all this while facing the window look back at the door closing sound. "Ab mein tumhe kaise batun ki kya ho gaya hain in kuch mahino mein. Kaise bataun ki mein ne aaj jo kiya hain... gunha ho gaya aaj mujhse armaan. Bahut bada gunha ho gaya. Aise insan ko dhoka de rahi hun jisko bhagwan ke baad maan hain

With that, she slides down the wall beside the window crying on her fate and her own actions. With all the turn of the event, she felt exhausted and slept resting her head on the window platform. After an hour Armaan came in to check on her and saw her sleeping on the floor.

Picking up in his arms he makes her sleep on the bed covering her from the comforter he set AC temperature according to her like, then left the room after lightly caressing her hair and admiring her for few minutes.

Closing the door behind, he moved to the living room settling on the couch, in thoughts felt asleep with half of the body resting on the couch and a half in the sir out of the couch.

Next day when Armaan woke up he went to his room first to freshen up after that he came to the kitchen making breakfast for her and himself. Once he was done cooking he arrange things in one tray and move towards the room ridhima stayed last night. Opening it he didn't found ridhima present so he waiting hoping she might be in the washroom, 20 minutes passed by but she never came out of the washroom. Armaan moved towards washroom to check on her when he found it empty. No one was present inside.

armaan called out for her in whole house but she was no were to be found, he became tensed not finding her when he gets a note kept on table keep near the couch. Picking that note up Armaan read "I Am Going To Sanjeevni" that's what was written in that small piece of paper nothing more, not even her initials.

With the sudden way of sadness, Armaan left even his breakfast as it is on the dining table and left for his work. Reaching hospital Armaan tried to have words with ridhima but it wasn't his lucky day as he got accident news from the nearby highway and it's so not Armaan to ignore his patient so he gears up to go to the spot with other team members. But ridhima was not on that team.

2 Days went in the rush of the accident because of which everyone was so busy that they didn't get time for their personal life but none of them complain as it is the demand of their profession and they are happy doing what they are meant to do. Armaan didn't get time to talk to ridhima, she uses to get to sanjeevni early in the morning and by the time Armaan came home she was already sleeping. After she has kept his food on the dining table already. Armaan first didn't want to eat but then he thought that his ridhima made so much effort for him then he should be thankful to her and have it not wasting her efforts.


In this week went by but whenever Armaan tries to talk to ridhima she never let him finding one or the other excuse she left the place. And in the home, she always pretended to be sleeping when Armaan would come checking on her.

This time in the night Armaan didn't go away just like every other night just after checking. Tonight when he came to check on her he knew she isn't sleeping as today the food she has left on the table for him was warm enough to tell him she is awake but when he came she acted asleep. Armaan first keeps admiring her from distance but then Ridhima took a turn around facing the other direction than him.
Armaan walks up to the other side of the bed admiring her he sat down near the footrest of the bed.

"Mein Janta hun Ridhima you are awake. And I am conscious of the effort you are making to be away from me. But I am not conscious of the reason. Mein janta hun Tum bahut naraz ho mujhse par itna bhi janta hun ki meri ridhima sirf itni baaat pe aise react nahi karegi. Mein nahi janta ki aisa kya hain jo tum mujhse bhag rahi ho. Mein bus itna kehna chahata hun ki meri jo bhi condition thi mein nahi chahata tha ki vo tum par kabhi havi padhe mein aapna pagal pan nahi de sakta tha tumhe ridhima. Mein ne toh tumhe apni sari khushi sab ache pal dene chahe the phir us mein ye apna pagal pan de ke tumhari life kaise kharab kar deta mein ridhima. Janta hun tumhara dard kaam nahi hain ridhima par Mera dard bhi Kuch Kam Nahi hain. At least you could have hated me but I couldn't even love you or hate you Ridhima. I was stuck in the phase where I can't move to any direction neither towards you nor away from you."

"I know there is something you want to tell but you can't but I will wait for it ridhima. Please share it with me Ridhima. I have been away from you hurting both of us, but this silence of your is killing me inside. It is making me feel that I have lost the battle already in the past but I want to win it for you for us Ridhima. Just talk to me before I loss my want to be back to life properly just talk before I get buried in the night to never wake up from."

Armaan gets up moving towards ridhima's side of the bed he kissed her forehead, correcting the blanket he murmured "I Love you Ridhima always will" on her he was moving away when she caught his hand.

"Armaan I..." Armaan looks at her but she wasn't able to say anything after having a single glimpse in his eyes. All she did was to get settled on the bed in sitting position and hugged Armaan around his waist and cried. Armaan smiled a little at her crying form hugging him. He cares her hairs not saying anything. After a while, ridhima moved away from him and saw him smiling. She was confused seeing him smiling while she was crying not stopping her from crying not trying to console her but smiling. "What the Hell He thinks of himself" is all that ridhima muttered to herself.

"Has (Smile) Kyun Rahe ho tum" ridhima questioned him wiping her tears from the sleeves of her nightwear. armaan smiled more hearing her "Dekh Raha hun meri ridhima bilkul Nahi badli Abhi Bhi vo Kuch Nahi bolti bus ro deti Hain jab usse samjh Nahi aata koun se alfaj (words) use Karne Hain usse. Meri ridhima Aaj Bhi aapne assunon ko hi Apni jubaan Bana deti hain"

Ridhima hit him slightly on his tummy making him laugh. Wiping her tears properly off from her face Armaan cup her face "Ridhima I Love you so much more than my own life"
Ridhima was in the guilt of hiding the reality of her life, She tried to let him know about everything she has a face and what her true identity is now or then but when she looks in his eyes she lost all her confidence to tell him. All she felt is lost in his love and guilt of her untold lies. The weight of this lie is costing her, her sanity and emotions.

But Again she hugged him instead of telling him anything saying "Armaan I Want things to be as we have dreamt of since beginning, Mein Nahi chahati ki Mujhe aise life jeene padhe, Please Kuch Karo Na Armaan tum toh sab sahi kar dete ho na please ye saab jo ho raha hain vo bhi sahi kar do apni ridhima ke liya. Mein nahi Jee sakti aise, Mein nahi utha Sakti ye boj aur."

"Shhh... Ridhima it's okay. Mein sab Sahi Kar Dunga bus Mujhe pe ek akhri baar bharosa kar lo" he asked consoling her.
"Tum par bharosa nahi karti toh kabhi tumhare saath yahan nahi aati armaan. jis duniya mein hum jee rahe hain vo bahut alag hain asal duniya se." ridhima said.
"Mein Kuch samjha Nahi ridhima," he asked getting confused.
"Kuch nahi... vo mein... Kuch nahi. tum so jao ja ke nahi toh Subha late ho jayega sanjeevni ke liya" trying to change the topic ridhima said to armaan.
"Hmm... Jab sahi Samjho bata dena mein yahin hun tumhare pass hamesha." armaan assured her his presence.

Ridhima hesitate to say this but at last uttered when Armaan was near the door "Vo tum bhi yahin..." but then felt the sentence in the middle before completing it as Armaan's gaze made her nervous.
"Jis din tum ye hi baat bina kisi hesitation bol dogi na ridhima us din promise karta hun tumhari koi bhi baat ko inkaar nahi karunga mein par aabhi ke liya... Good night ridhima" Armaan said with the pause in between before uttering Good night to her.

Uttering this Armaan went away from her room and ridhima was left behind in the pound of guilt of keeping her Armaan in the darkness. She knew that one day he will come to know the truth from her or from someone else, she also knew though not immediately but Armaan will forgive her for deceiving him but what about her. Will she be able to forgive herself at that time, leave about that time will she be able to forgive herself in a lifetime. No. Yes, a big fat no. She won't be able to forgive herself every in this lifetime at least for deceive the person who means the world to her, the only person who have thought just about her in every step of his life to himself or society, the one who have given her his own life letting her handle it and what she does deceive him.


Next Day
Today Armaan was too happy, yesterday his basket talked to him even if it was a small conversation but his basket opened up to him once again. She has let the walls shatter around her heart welcoming him in. It was indeed small talk but this lead Armaan to have his hope high that soon his ridhima will completely let him be with her.

With the smile on his face, he worked all day treating his patients just like h use to do before more of happy talking curing his patients mentally while his medicine curing them physically. It was the end of the day for him as well as for ridhima so signing it off on the register on reception Armaan read where the Ridhima's duty was. Seeing she was assigned the ICU section today for assistance he was moving towards ICU with the smile on his face when his smile faded and the jump in his walk came to halt.

The voice came from the Fire-Escape "How Dare you ridhima. You forgot everything, even me
Who the hell dare to shout on his ridhima and on top of it he was accusing her' Armaan thought.
"Don't you dare me Siddhant.!! It was you not me who bring this all up. You were on the stubbornness to let all this happen then face it. When you could not do anything or rather say anything to your own mother then why the hell is you her shouting on me. None of this all happen because of me you understood. And there is a saying WHEN YOU CAN'T FAKE IT MAKE IT

Ridhima was about to step out of the fire-escape when in anger Sid pull her back pinning her to the wall behind. At the same moment, Armaan stepped in. Both Ridhima and Sid were shocked to see Armaan there.
"Leave her Sid, Armaan said grinning his teeth. Sid left ridhima at once, Armaan pulls her to one side and then turning around he gave a strong punch on Sid's face.

"How dare you misbehave with Ridhima Siddhant Modi? Just back off Saying so Armaan turns to leave pulling ridhima along him when Sid spoke up.

"Armaan mein bus baat kar raha tha ridhima se aur kuch nahi. Sid said.
"Dekha mein ne kaise baat kar raha tha ridhima se. Sid tune humein milwaya hain is liya mein kuch nahi bol raha tujhse, par tu ridhima ka dost hain dost hi baan kar rahega toh acha hain.

"chalo ridhima armaan asked her.
"Armaa mujhse baat karni hain ridhima se akele mein Sid requested.
"kya kahan... baat karni hian vo bhi akele mein. Jo bolna hain mera samne bol Armaan asked coming face to face with him.

"Dekh armaan abhi mein ladne ke mood mein nahi hun. Mein bus ridhima se kuch baat karna chahata hun. Please ridhima ko jo batana hain vo tujhe baad mein bata degi Sid once again requested.

"Tu kuch bhi bolega aur mein maan lunga, jo bolna hain abhi bol armaan said anger visible.

"Armaan please let him talk ridhima but in.
"nahi ridhima jo bolna hain isse mera samne bolega nahi toh nahi armaan denied.

"Please Armaan ridhima tried once again.
"Nahi ridhima

"theek hai Phir ye hi sahi. Armaan ridhima Patni hai meri aur Mein use Kuch akele mein baat Karna chahata hun will you now excuse us Sid said breaking bomb on his head.

 "ye Kya bakwas hain sid.Kya bole ja raha hai tu janta bhi hain armaan demanded
"Ache se janta hun kya bol rhaa hun mein tujhe yakin nahi aata toh khud ridhima se hi puch le

"Mujhe Kuch Nahi puchna ridhima se mein Janta hun use ache se samjha Armaan's anger was shouting up seeing this ridhima tried to but in "Armaan meri... but Armaan stopped her "Nahi ridhima tumhe Kuch bolne ki need Nahi hain

"Par armaan meri baat... ridhima tried once again "koi safai ki need nahi hain ridhima. Hum baad mein baat karenge she address to ridhima then turning to Sid he said "Sid bahut ho gaya Mazak, aur mujhe asia koi bhi Mazak pasand nahi hain

"Armaan mein koi Mazak nahi kar raha hun. Mujhe ridhima se baat karni hain
"Sid bahut muskil se sambhala hun aab koi ghatiya Mazak maat kar armaan requested him but sid's patience was leaving him so he burst out.

"andhere mein jeena ko sambhalna nahi kehte vo bus vo andhere ke saath samjhota hota hain. Aur rahi ridhima ki baat aaj nahi toh kal tujhe sab sach pata chal jayega.. Jab tujhe pata chalega ridhima ka sach. Taras aa raha hai tujhpe kit u itna vishwas karta hain uspe aur voo karti hi nahi, nahi toh tujhe pata hota ki kya hua hain tera piche. aur rahi tera maan ne na maan ne ki baat toh mein tera ko samjhna bhi nahi chahata. Sid said moving out not wanting to create a scene.

Reaching home Armaan went to his room to clear his mind as he was hell angry with Sid. Having a shower Armaan felt calm so he moves down to see ridhima making dinner for them. Smiling at her Armaan moved towards her "lao meiin help kar deta hun Armaan offered help taking hold of the vegetable to cut them while ridhima kneads the dough.

With the silence, they both prepare the whole dinner. Getting everything read on the table ridhima went to freshen up to her room while Armaan shuffles the channels on the TV as nothing was interesting him.

Coming out of the room ridhima called Armaan for dinner and they both have dinner again in silence. When they both were about to call it a night Armaan spoke up "Ridhima Vo tum Sid ki baton pe dhayan Nahi Dena mein Janta hun tum aisa Kuch Nahi karogi jisse Mujhe Itna Kuch sehna padhe... I Love you. Declaring his trust and love to her he left walking to his room to sleep.

Ridhima walks into her room trying to figure everything in her mind wanting to get away to tell everything to Armaan as its high time that Armaan should know all this. And to decide what she wants from her life.

After like hours ridhima sat on the study table kept on one side, picking up the paper pen she tried to write down something on it.

In the middle of the night, ridhima steps out of her room moving towards Armaan's room. She opened the door to see a mess around the room all cloths lying on couch shoe lying near the couch. Books along with the spectacle lying on the other side of the bed on the floor. Laptop beside books which was left on and Armaan was lying on the bed, spread his legs and arms carelessly while the duvet was lying half on the floor.

Moving in Ridhima kept the paper somewhere ridhima started cleaning the room. She knew Armaan was a messy person when it comes to cleaning so it was nothing new to her. Putting things in their place ridhima took hold of the paper again she kept it on Armaan's bedside table putting his wristwatch over it so it doesn't fall off. Keep looking on his face for some time ridhima went away from there closing the door behind.


Next day Armaan woke up with the sunlight falling on his face. Rubbing his eyes he looks around his room to see it tidy, instantly a smile appears on his face. Ruffling his hairs with smile moved to the washroom to start this new day with new hope once again rising in him.

Getting all ready Armaan was about to move out of his room when this wristwatch made a sound of some reminder. Moving back inside his room Armaan pick up the watch and turn around to leave once again, a smile was not leaving his face.
Armaan was about to exit the room when his wristwatch made a noise of a reminder. Moving back to look what it was Armaan went up to the bedside picking up without carrying about other things he turns to leave when the paper kept the watch holding it in place fall down at his feet begging his attention.

Picking it up he was about to put it back on the table with something over it when his eyes fall on the last greeting holding the name of the person who wrote it. He wondered why she of all person wrote a letter to him when they live in the same house under the same roof. But giving his thoughts a rest Armaan set on the bed beside before starting to read the letter Ridhima left for him.

"I know you might be wondering ki mein tumhe letter kyun likh rahi hun jab hum ek hi ghar mein reh rahe hain. Par armaan kuch baatein aise thi jo mein tumhe dekh ke nahi bol pa rahi thi, I know this is not the proper way to tell you things but mein kya karun armaan, Jab bhi tumhari taraf dekhti hun apne aap sari himat khatam ho jati hai. Aisa ki mein tumhe face nahi karungi par armaan tumhe face kar ke, tumhare pyaar ko face kar ke mein vo nahi bol paungi jo aab mera liya bolna jaruri ho gaya hai.

Aab tum soch rahe honge ki aisa kya hain, tum aage padhoge toh pata chal jayega.
Pyaar jaante ho kya hota hain armaan, jab mile toh kashish Jo bandhan banjta hai, bandhan Jo ishq ka rang leta aur Jo bharose pe teeka hota hai, aur bharosa Jo ibadat ban jata hain aur junoon vo jo maut tak pahucha deta hain. (Beyhadh's Dialogue a bit changed)

Par armaan hum us maut ko bhi pich chod ke ek zindagi ki taraf bhade par armaan is nai zindagi mein tum nahi the, Tum ne toh dur ja ke bhi aapna pyaar nibha diya, par mein. Mein har gai armaan, mein har gai.

Tumhe Yaad hai vo raat jab mein tumse milne Punchgani aai thi. Vo raat meri zindagi puri tarah badal degi mein ye toh socha tha par is tarah badle gi ye nahi pata tha mujhe. Par jindagi mein vo hi ho jo hum chahate hain aisa hota nahi aur meri toh kismet hi mujhe dhokha de deti hai hamesha. Us raat tum chale jaye ye bol ke ki tum mujhe taklif nahi Dena chahate par VO hi tumhari baat sab se jayad takleef de gai mujhe tumhari. Tumhare jaane ke baad ...

Everything that happens in Ridhima's life was told in silence in background ishq leta hain kaise imtehan played with Armaan who was holding the letter was only shedding tears on reading with how much pain his Ridhima have to go through just because of his one decision to let happiness reach to her which never happen. When everything that happened in her life was told again Ridhima s voice took over the scene in background

"Armaan har baar tumne hamare rishte ke liya meri haar jind har choti se baadi baton ko apne sir ankho pe rakha hain. Ab meri baari hain armaan, aaj mein tumhe pura haaq deti hun Jo tum karna chao vo kar sakte ho aur tumhara har faisla mein sir ankho pe rakh ke maan lungi. Jab Sid ne vo sab bola to mein selfish ho gai thi armaan, selfish ho gai thi ye jaan ke ki mera armaan aab mera sath hoga par bhul gait hi ki meri sachai jab tumhe pata chalegi toh tumpe kya betegi.

Pyaar mein Maut toh pehla kadam hain armaan sirf pehla Jo hum ne mil kar par kar liya armaan par armaan dusra kadam mein tumhare kehne pea age rakhna chahati hun. Jahan aur jaise tum kaho waise vo kadam aaje rakhungi armaan. Phir chahae tumhare saath hoy aa tum se alag par ye agla kadam tum dikhaoge mujhe. Hamesha shayad mein ne itna mean nahi kiya hoga jab jab mein ne tumse kaha ki apni jindagi ki khali kitab tumhare haat mein deti hun' par aaj sach mein mein tumhe apne jindagi ki Kalam de rahi hun jo chahe likh do, khuda na farman maan ke sab khushi khushi maan lungi. Bus ek baat hamesha yaad rakhna mera pyaar tumhare liya utna hi paak tha hai aur rakhega kitna maa ka achal aur itna gerha ki koi janmo tak bhi gehrai jaan nap paye.


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