Monday, 25 December 2017

Part 10 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Armaan was sitting there on the floor, crying his heart out. As he could not hold the pain back anymore, he looked up to the ceiling and shouted his heart out.


He looked down and hid his face in his hands. He could not believe how he used Riddhima for his needs. He even gave her the impression that he is just using her, but in actual the thing is that he not only needs her to fulfil is physical needs but also to function as a normal person. He needs her to live, he needs her to breath, he needs her to eat, he needs her to sleep peacefully. He needs Riddhima as a part of his life, because he knew now, the he is nothing without her.

A: please Riddhima…mujhe chor ke mat jana…

As soon as Riddhima run out from her room, she knew that Armaan would find her in her own room, so she decided to go to the storeroom, where she stayed from the beginning. She knew that this was the last place Armaan would search for her. She needed some space. It hurted her, it hurted her to the core, that she was only a NEED for Armaan. He just needed her physically, not emotionally. She somehow expected that, but it still hurted. Especially when she felt something more special for Armaan.

Her thoughts were broken as she heard Armaans shout. She run out of the Storeroom and was shocked to see Armaan sitting on the floor. But his next sentenced shocked her the most. He eventually confessed his love for her, because of his fear, she would leave him. Unknowingly tears made their ways to her eyes. As she saw Armaan sitting on the floor, his face hidden in his hands, that was it for Riddhima, she could not see anymore. Her feets automatically took her towards Armaan. She run over to him and seated next to him on the floor. Armaan still hasn’t noticed her presence.

Riddhima put her hands on his, and took them away from his face. Feeling someones hands Armaan looked up and was relieved to see Riddhima there. What touched him more was seeing tears in her eyes.

A: mujhe laga ke mene tumhe…
R: me yahi pe hu...
A: i am sorry...

Riddhima put her hands on his face and placed her forehead on his. Both of them closed their eyes to live the moment. Even Armaan put his hands on her face, just to make sure, that she is actually present here infront of him. After some time Armaan wanted to feel her presence even more, so he grabbed her waist and put her on his lap. Both were sitting on the floor, in each others’ arms. Riddhima put her hands around his neck, while Armaan hid his face in her neck, to inhale her fragrance.

A: I need you Riddhima, but not only physically. I need you emotionally, I need you to live a proper life, I need you to be a better person, I need you to eat, to drink, I need you to stay stabil, I need you to breath, I need you, because you make my life worth living.
R: Armaan…
A: Nahi, aaj mujhe kehne do. Me jaanta hu ke jo mene words us waqt use kiye to, wo theek nahi the. Lekin mene kabhi apni feelings ka izhaar nahi kiya, isliye galat waqt pe galat words use ho jaate hai. Meri actually meaning thi, ke mujhe tumhari zaroorat hai, apni zindagi ke har us mor pe. Mujhe tumhari zaroorat hai, kyunke tumhare bina me apni Zindagi nahi guzar sakta. Mujhe tumhari zaroorat hai, kyunke mujhe tumhare bina meri manzil nahi milegi. Mujhe tumhari zaroorat hai, kyunke sirf tum ho, jo mujhe mere andhere se bahar nikal sakti hai.

Armaan looked at her teary face. He wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead. Riddhima closed her eyes feeling his lips on her skin. Never had she imagined that Armaan would feel soo deep for her. Her own feelings were nothing infront of his.

A: Yeh shaadi chahiye jaise bhi hui ho, lekin bohto aacha hua, ke yeh shaadi hui. Agar tum meri Zindagi me naa aati, to shayad mujhe mere andhere se koi bhi nikal nahi sakta tha. Mene tumahre saath bohot galat kiya. I am really sorry. Aur me kabhi bhi tumahre parents ko hurt nahi kar sakta, wo to sirf ek darane ka zariya tha, take tum mere saath job karo, aur har waqt mer samne raho. I promise.
R: Armaan ab me bolu.

Armaan just nodded. He felt so ashamed of himself. he could not believe he was this cruel to the beauty sitting in his lap. he definitely has done some miracles in his life to deserve a wife like Riddhima.

R: I

She kissed his forehead.


She kissed boht his eyes.


She kissed his both cheeks.


Then she looked in his eyes and pecked his lips. She smiled at him.

R: me nahi janti ke kabse, lekin itna zaroora pata hai, ke tumse zyada important mere liye is duniye me koi bhi nahi hai ab. Tum hi mera sab kuch ho. Mujhe sirf or sirf tumhari zaroorat hai. Past me jo kuch bhi hua, use hum dono change nahi kar sakte. Lekin agar wo sab kuch na hota, to shayad hum dono aaj is waqt is place me na hote. Jo hota hai aache ke liye hota hai.
A: thank you…
R: kis liye…
A: mujeh ek aur chance dene ke liye.

Armaan the grabbed her nape and nibbled on her lips. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to himself. Riddhima rested her hands on his chest. She could feel his rising heartbeat, make her own to reach its peek too. Armaan then put his head in the crook of her neck and started planting kisses along her collar bone. Riddhima let out a moan, which aroused Armaan evenmore and encouraged him. With much difficulty Riddhima tried to get her senses back.

R: Armaan we need to talk…

She whimpered as his lips started to suck on her weack spot. It was becoming so difficult for her to stop him, as she was enjoying it to the core. Armaan touched all the right places on her neck, to make riddhima lose control in his arms. As soon as riddhima tired to move away, his grip got tighter and sucked even harder on her neck. His lips licked all the way up to her earlobe, where he bit it and whispered.

A: soon…
R: no Armaan now…
A: riddhima yaar..
R: heheheh…

With not so a happy face, Armaan freed Riddhima, but he did not let her go from his lap.

A: bolo kya baat hai.
R: I wanna know the reason why you hate girls so much…
A: Shaina ki wajah se…
R: Shaina…

Finally Armaan told riddhima everything he had in his mind. Everthing which happened to him years ago. Finally he shared his black past with Riddhima, his one and only soulmate. Riddhima actually felt sorry for him. How can someone be so cruel to her Armaan.

R: She was a bitch Armaan, lekin iska matlab nahi ke agar Shaina aisi thi, to sari ladkiya aisi hoengi.
A: I know Riddhima, der se hi sahi, but I learnd my lesson. I am sorry.
R: don’t be, and now kiss me Mr. Mallik
A: with pleasure Mrs. Mallik

Both smirked at eachother. Armaan always loved this bold side of Riddhima. As soon as their eyes met, ful of lust and love, her breath got caught in her throat and her heart started to raise. It all happened so fast, one moment they were starring at each other and the next moment their lips met. The kiss was slow at first, but soon the fire started and it got feverish. One hand of Armaan was around her neck, and the other one was around her waist, clutching it tightly.

Riddhima wanted to be more closer to him, she wanted to feel every inch of him against her body. Then the kiss broke and Armaan gribbed her T-Shirt and pulled it over her head throwing it somewhere. All the while they were looking into each others eyes.

A: may I…
R: I am all yours Mr. Mallik.

That was it for Armaan. he took Riddhima bridal style and moved with her to his room. He placed her on the bed and got on top of her.

A: let me make love to your Mrs. Mallik.
R: With pleasure Mr. Mallik

A: I love you so much Riddhima, I would dye, if you would ever leave me.
R: That would never happen Armaan. I love you too much to just leave you.

that was all Armaan needed to hear. He continued their lovemaking. Riddhima was literally surpised by his stamina. Finally after what seemed like entirnity, they both fell asleep in each others arms.

Next morning as Armaan woke up, he couldn’t find riddhima next to him in the bed. he frowned. He put on his boxers and went down to search for her. As usually he found her in the kitchen. She was busy cooking food. She looked so hot, being just in his shirt. He loved seeing her in his own shirt. Now he knew what she will at home only. He went and grabbed her waist and nuzzled in her neck.

A: I don’t like the feeling to wake up without you.
R: Armaan, me to sirf breakfast banane ke liye aayi thi. Aaj kam pe bhi to jana hai.
A: nope, aaj hum dono pura din ek saath guzarenge, I prefere in the bed.
R: hawwww, The great Armaan Mallik, apne work ko ditch kar raha hai.
A: shut up Riddhima.
R: hehehehe

Riddhima giggled, and continued to make the breakfast. Meanwhile Armaan was busy eating his breakfast, meaning her body.

R: bas, bohot hua Armaan. jao ja ke waha pe baith jao.
A: lekin…
R: no lekin, warne tum mujhe ek week tak haath nahi laga sakte.
A: yr, hitler chala gaya, lekin tumko chor gaya.
R: hawww, how dare you compare me to hitler.
A: ab hitler ko hitler se nahi to phir kya kisi angel se compare karu.
R: Armaaannnnnn…
A: Ridddhimaaaaaa…
R: tum na, tum na…
A: me kya…

With that armaan grabbed her waist and pulled her towards himself.

A: you look so hot in my shirt baby, I want to ravish you right here right now…

With that he gave her an breathtaking kiss, which left Riddhima speechless. Then he went and sat on the table, waiting for the food. Soon riddhima came with the breakfast. Armaan as usually made her sit on his lap and started to feed her. Riddhima fed him. Anyone could see that they both were so much in love with eachother. But not even they knew, that the big strom was just waiting outside of Armaans door.

The doorbell ringed, which caused Armaan and Riddhima to come out of their dreamland.

R: tum ruko, me dekhti hu, Daisy hogi shayad.
A: okee.

But before Armaan let Riddhima go, he once again kissed her very hard. Riddhima slapped him on his chest and run to the door. As soon as she opened the door, she could not trust her eyes. She was hoping for daisy, but the person infornt of her took her breath away. Same was with the person, he seemed also very shocked to see Riddhima there, and that to only in a shirt.

R: Siddhant…
S: Riddhima…

with loads of lovee Amna & Rihoo 

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