Thursday, 7 December 2017

PART - 10 : I want you to hate me


Mu : jaldi chal yaar.. late ho gaye toh hitler mar dalegi..

Ni : right.. let's go fast..

Ra : chill girls.. abhi bhi 10minutes baki hain ceremony start hone main..

Ar: champ yaar.. relax.. tu hi jitega .. don't worry..

Ab : yes atul.. u'll win only.. plz don't panick..

An : atul.. relax .. na!! tu kyun uss super model se dar raha hain.. wat she did.. u really think hitler ussey chod degi??

Mu : exactly.. I wish ussey hospital se nikal de.. ek saal ussey jhelna nahi padega..

Ab : guys.. wohh itni bhi boori nahi hain.. yaar..

Ni : plzz haan abhi.. we all knw u hve a soft corner for her .. but we hate her..
Ab : I knw.. but still..
Ra : chup kar na.. kyun iss baat ko leke fir se lad rahe ho.. nd abhi yaar.. gals r ri8.. riddhima is damn arrogant..

Ar : okk guys.. cut this crap.. nd lets go..

Mu : haan chal.. mujhey uss super model ko harte hue dekhna hain..

All left excitedly except abhi who sighed at his helplessness nd followed d gang. As soon as they entered they found their super model talking to some one.

Mu : oye.. yeh kya authorities ko bribe karne ki koshish kar rahi hain??

An : ri8 yaar.. I think that person is from board of directors only..

Mu : uski itni himmat?? Iss chudail ko toh main chodungi nahi.. bribe karke jeetegi?? Aarrgg..

Muski was full ready to go nd slap her but armaan stopped her.

Ar : chill yaar muski.. koi aur baat bhi ho sakti hain..

Ab : exactly.. riddhi bribe dene nahi gayee hain..

Ni : tumhe bada pata hain??

Ab : of course after all she's my'

But abhi paused.

Ra : pata hain teri gal frnd hain..

Don't knw why but armaan nvr like this topic. Whenever all consider abhi nd riddhima as couple he felt like blasting on every one. How can they pair HER with some one else.. only he has the ri8 to be her BF.. but does he?? Isn't he HATE her?? Oh of course he hates her.. she's juz not his type' then y?? why every time he becomes disturbed as well as angry whenever his frnz accuses riddhima for some thing.. he knws she deserves this hatred.. she is so full of attitude but still why can't he HATE her?? Stop it ammy.. u DO hate her. Okk?? Lock it.. u hate her as others do..

Ra : oye armaan.. u okk?? Kaha kho gaya??

Ar : naa.. kahin nahi.. let's go nd sit guys..

All settled comfortably when one pair of blue eyes were continuously scanning riddhima.. pata nahi kya hain tumme ke chah kar bhi tumse nafrat nahi kar paa raha hoon.. kyun mujhey aisa lagta hain ke tum yeh nahi ho jo sabko dikhati ho.. tum wohh ho jissey mainey uss din children ward mein dekha tha.. wohi sach hain na riddhima?? Parr tum wahan abhi tak unn trusties se kyun baat kar rahi ho?? Kya tum sach mein unhe bribe karne gayee ho?? Plzz dnt do dat riddhima.. plz don't spoil atul's life.. plz don't break my trust.. armaan was thinking staring at her when suddenly he found muski tapping on her shoulder. Getting a huge shock he looked side ways nd found her missing.. oh god.. he got up quickly nd rushed towards them to stop muski to create any blunder.

Riddhima turned feeling the tap nd then excused herself from them. They left the place leaving muski nd riddhima alone..

Mu : wat d hell do u think urself??

Ri: cuse me?? (she said in full attitude)

Mu : oyee zyada bholi mat baan.. main achchi tarah se janti hoon teri jaisi ladki ko..

Riddhima raised her palm nd said lill cheekily.. "one min muskaan" nd then turning her head she gestured the waiter who brought drinks to serve them.. she took one glass nd looking at muski asked coolly.. "u need any??" Muski fumed seeing her attitude nd ready to blast on her.. but riddhima paid no attention. Then turning to the waiter.. "thanx.. u may go now.." she sipped some chilled cola nd smiling wickedly she asked muski to continue..

Muski who was in her most angry mode ready to beat her nd she could have slapped her if abhi didn't hold her hand in between.

Ab : muski?? Wat d hell r u doing??
He shouted . actually all rushed towards them seeing muski so angry with riddhima..

Mu : abhi tu mujh pe chilla raha hain.. arrgg yaar.. tujhey ho kya gaya hain.. aur koi ladki nahi mili tujhey jo iss jaisi '

Ab : muskaan.. don't u dare to insult her in front of me.. tu janti kitna hain??

Mu : main janna bhi nahi chahti.. itni bhi boore din nahi aye mere ke mujhey issey janna pare..

Ab : nd u can never.. he said slowly as riddhima gripped his hand tightly to stop him. She knws dat he cannot hear anything against her but this is wat she wanted nd every thing is going according to her will.. she can nvr allow abhi to spill out any thing..

Ri : well well well.. some one seems damn angry with me.. so.. wat's d matter?? She asked casually sipping her coke again.. gals felt disgusted seeing her attitude.. finally armaan spoke..
"mm.. riddhima.."

Ri : ridz.. I told u thousand times dude.. dat riddhima dusn't suit my personality.. call me ridz'

Armaan sighed nd composing himself started again.. "sorry.. ridz.."
All gals gave him an angry glare for saying sorry who juz blinked his eyes assuring them.

Ar : so ridz.. wat were u talking to Board of directors??

Ri : are u spying me.. haan?? She said with her attitude winking at the end..
My my my.. she shouldn't have done this. This gal has no idea wat effect she has on him. Nd trust me wen she winked his breathe juz got choked in his throat for some time. Focus ammy.. focus!! He controlled himself nd asked.. "naah.. but we wonder wat can an intern have to say to the B.O.D s??"

Ri : "personal matter.. I'm not bound to answer you .. do i??" she was super calm.. she kept the glass on the side table nd resumed..
"Nd if u think I was trying to BRIBE them'"
She paused shocking every one (except abhi).. how did she knw wat they are thinking'all thought..
Ri : then prove it..

Mu : teri toh'
Muski was turning violent again.. rahul hold her tightly..

An : dat means u were bribing the trustees??

Ri : who said so?? Mainey to nahi kaha..
She winked at her nd left leaving all fuming in anger nd disgust.. making atul nervous nd armaan dazed.

Mu : chod rahul.. aaj uska murder kar ke hi rahungi main..

Ra : sshh.. relax muskaan.. issey kuch nahi hoga.. tu jail chali jayegi as a result..

Mu : kya??!!!
All chuckled nd she composed herself at once.

At : iska matlab main nahi jeet payunga??

But before any one can answer abhi replied.. "trust me atul.. she didn't bribe.. ussey bribe karne ki zarrorat hi nahi hain.. kyunki.. (pause)' tu hi jeetega.. trust me' aab relax kar.."

At : par yeh tu itney yakeen se kaisey keh sakta hain..

Ab : because mujhey pata hain.. khush.. now smile.. nd lets go.. function start hone wali hain..

All left nd he looked at riddhima who was sitting far away from the gang plastering her fake attitude.. he sighed nd settled with the gang..

After the speech of the guest of honor .. dr. keerti took over the mike nd said..
"Well.. I know all interns must be in tension. After all intern of the month is very prestigious award and as u knw if an intern wins it back to back three times, he or she'll get a scholarship for further studies. Our last month's intern of the month was DR. Atul joshi.. although it was a tie between dr. mallik nd dr. joshi, we selected dr. joshi on dr. mallik's will.. let's see if this month dr. joshi can able to hold his position or not'
I must tell you it was a close call between dr. riddhima gupta nd dr. atul joshi..
(all gasped hearing it.. except abhi nd armaan..)
But dr. riddhima showed very irresponsible behavior towards her patient and..
(all smiled in excitement .. ecept armaan nd abhi..)
Nd I deduced her marks..
(muskaan literally jumped in joy hearing this)
But still she managed quite well' I must say she is a brilliant doctor..
(oh no!! all became tensed)
So finally the one who won between these two is'
(all prayed in their hearts while abhi looked at riddhima.. who was smiling her original smile nd put her head on the chair's back.. he knew wat she is going through.. he knew the result as well.. he sighed nd looked at d rest of his frnz.. all are tensed.. hoping atul's win.. he sighed nd looked forward to his di..)
Nd the winner is.. our last month's winner..

All laughed in joy.. cheering nd hooting for atul.. who was beaming in happiness.. his eyes got teary.. finally he heaved a sigh of relief.. finally he saved his future.. smiling sweetly nd thanking his frnz he went to the stage to collect the award..
All were clapping as loud as possible.. "aab dikhati hoon uss super model ko.." muski smirked while clapping.. abhi sighed nd armaan turned towards riddhima nd wat he saw confused him more. She was sitting on her chair keeping her head on the back of the chair.. her eyes closed.. her lips curved flashing a satisfactory smile' her legs were kept one over another.. above which her two hands are joined as if she was thanking god.. does she?? But why?? She should be sad or angry but she is happy.. why??



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