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Part 10 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Rahul sat on the beach and looked at his best friend and thought that he was toast. Armaan lay on the blanket that was spread across the sand with his eyes closed and head propped on his hands. Shilpa sat nearby with muskaan chatting about something that he couldn't be bothered about. Rahul's gaze stopped at shilpa and he had to smile, the girl had some serious looks but there was more. She was smart and even though she had it rough at the start she was coping well with the hand she'd been dealt. His gaze of its own violation went to muskaan who sat on the beach with her wild mane
blowing in the wind. Every time she looked his way with that snotty attitude he could feel the devil in him react.
Rahul saw armaan open  his eyes and look at shilpa who was talking with muskaan throw back her head and laugh. Rahul's eyes narrowed but his lips quirked up at the end as he saw armaan smile at shilpa like a love struck puppy. He couldn't control himself, he leaned back on his elbows:
Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte Hain (making shilpa and muskaan turn their heads towards him and stare, shilpa with a smile but muskaan with a disdainful look)
Jaane Kyon Woh Kisi Pe Marte Hain (armaan sat up and gave rahul a glare to which rahul responded with a grin)
Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte Hain (rahul got up himself and pulled armaan along with him)
Jaane Kyon Woh Kisi Pe Marte Hain (he then pulled shilpa on her feet who pulled muskaan along with her)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (he crooned into armaan's ear who pushed him away)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (rahul then pulled shilpa towards himself and asked her)
Muskaan exclaimed at him: have you lost your mind?
Armaan: you ask as if he had any to begin with!
Rahul smiled at both of them but directed his next words at armaan:

Pyaar Mein Sochiye To Bas Gham Hai
Pyar Mein Jo Sitam Bhi Ho Kam Hai
Pyar Mein Sar Jookana Padta Hai (he acted by hanging her head downwards)
Dard Mein Muskurana Padta Hai (he grabbed shilpa and made a constipated expression, making shilpa dissolve into laughter)
Zaher Kyon Zindagi Mein Bharte Hain(he looked pointedly at muskaan while wrapping an arm around shilpa while muskaan narrowed her eyes and looked at him with anger)
Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte Hain
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (he again leaped towards armaan and shook him as if asking for an answer)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon( he then placed his elbow on armaan's shoulder who shook his head and place his hand across his mouth to get him to stop)
Armaan: rahul! Stop!
Rahul: exactly! Yehi to mein bhi keh raha hoon! Bas kar yaar!(smiled cheekily at him) abhi bhi samajh ja waqt hai.
Armaan glared at him looking at the girls: don't you dare!(rahul continued to laugh)
Pyar Bin Jeene Mein Rakha Kya Hai(Shilpa started to sing making both the guys turn around and look at her)
Pyar Jisko Nahin Woh Tanha Hai (Shilpa twined her arms with muskaan and walked towards the guys)
Pyar Bin Jeene Mein Rakha Kya Hai(Muskaan joined in also as they approached the guys)
Pyar Jisko Nahin Woh Tanha Hai (muskaan glared at rahul who flashed her a devilish grin)
Pyar Sau Rang Le Ke Aata Hai (shilpa skipped towards rahul and pulled at his arm and pulled him in a circle)
Pyar Hi Zindagi Sajaata Hai(muskaan moved towards armaan and elbowed him making him wince and glare at muskaan who continued to smile cheekily at him)
Log Chup Chup Ke Pyaar Karte Hain (shilpa batted her lashes innocently at rahul and pulled at his cheeks who tried to look innocent)
Jaane Kyoun Saaf Kehte Darte Hai (shilpa's gaze swung to muskaan and then back to rahul, whose eyes widened)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (shilpa started to skip backwards as rahul started moving towards to catch her)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (as shilpa skipped backwards she bumped into armaan whose arms went around her to keep her from falling, making shilpa look up at him and end the words seriously)

Both stared into each other eyes for a few seconds then shilpa smiled and pushed armaan away who stumbled and ran away to join muskaan. Armaan stood with his hands on his hips and decided to get even.

Pyaar Bekaar Ki Musibat Hai (Armaan and rahul joined forces against the girls and proclaimed)
Pyaar Har Tarah Khoobsurat Hai (while shilpa pounced on rahul and pushed him back)
Oh Pyaar Se Hum Door Hi Achche (armaan trying to keep his face straight)
Are Pyar Ke Sab Roop Hai Sachche (muskaan pinched armaan's ear as she sang along sweetly)
Oh Pyar Ke Ghaat Jo Utarte Hai (armaan painfully)
Doobte Hai Na Woh Ubharte Hai (rahul sank down to the ground as shilpa tripped him)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (both armaan and rahul on the ground sang)
Pyar To Khair Sabhi Karte Hain (shilpa and muskaan sang together)
Jaane Kyon Aap Hi Mukarte Hain (while shilpa looked at muskaan and then at rahul making rahul's eyes take a hooded look making shilpa laugh)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon (Muskaan poked armaan with a finger and inquired looking at shilpa who was busy irritating rahul)
Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon Jaane Kyon
 Shilpa stood at the reception and smiled at the elderly gentleman who was inquiring about a relative of his. A week had passed since their outing at the beach, shilpa smiled as she recalled the days events. It was one of the best day she could remember ever, she laughed at herself considering that she couldn't remember beyond 4 months back. Shilpa came back to the present as she noticed the elderly gentleman again, her eyes widened as she saw him clutch his left arm and gasp for breath. Shilpa quickly got out from behind the desk and grabbed the elderly man from his arm.
The man collapsed taking shilpa along with him, shilpa called out to him: sir! Can you hear me! (when the man didn't respond she leaned over him to feel the pulse at his neck and found nothing. She placed her hand under his nose and found him not breathing. She immediately called out) nurse! Get some help! This man has stopped breathing!
She pulled back and looked at the face of the man lying infront of her and something clicked in her head. She positioned his head properly, pinched his nose and opened his mouth, leaned over and blew air into his mouth. She placed her hands in the middle of his chest and started to do the compressions. In between the chest compressions and blowing air into the man she called out for help.
Shilpa: some one plz get some help!
She continued with the chest compressions when her vision blurred and she saw a different man lying in front of her. She could not see his face clearly but knew he was important to her. She called out to him: stay with me! come on breathe.(she repeated the process again but felt the life ebbing from him)
Shilpa felt disorientation as hands firmly pulled her away. She was shaking with the knowledge that a man had died beneath her hands but when she looked at the scene infront of her she saw a different scene. The doctors had a oxygen mask atop the man's face and he was being shifted to the ward. Shilpa's mind was unable to comprehend the scene infront of her, her mind was still reeling with the emotions she was feeling, emotions of loss of losing someone you care about.
Shilpa felt someone pull her up to a standing position and was brought face to face with rahul. Rahul looked at her dazed expression and spoke sharply to her: shilpa! are you alright?
Shilpa was still not sure as to what happened, she raised grief stricken eyes to his: he's dead!
Rahul forehead wrinkled in confusion: no! he's alive! You saved him!
Shilpa continued to shake her head and tears started to flow down her cheeks:  he's dead!
Rahul thought fast, he called a nurse: nurse page dr. armaan and tell him to meet me at dr. muskaan's office. Tell him its shilpa!
He quickly drew shilpa to muskaan's office and walked in. Muskaan looked up at his entry and was about to go into a tirade over the decency to knock when she looked at shilpa who was being led by rahul into the room. She immediately asked rahul: what happened?
Armaan skidded in the corridor as he ran to get to muskaan's office. His heart thumped a painful beat as he recalled the nurse's message, "its shilpa!" can you be any more cryptic than that. What does that mean? Was she alright? Was her memory back? Was she hurt? What? Million questions ran through his mind when he finally reached muskaan's office and burst through the door.
Everyone looked up at his entry but armaan had eyes only for shilpa. He quickly took in her pale color and wet lashes, her trembling lower lip and the hitch in her breath. Armaan walked up to her and squatted down to her level and cradled her face: hey! Whats wrong?
Shilpa looked at his handsome worried face and her face crumpled, she threw her arms around him and buried her face in his chest. Armaan closed hi arms around her offering comfort and muttering soothing words. He looked up at rahul and muskaan: what happened?
Rahul took a deep breath: 65 yr old man had a cardiac arrest in front of her, she started CPR. While she was performing CPR she thought he was someone else, well her mind thought it was someone she cared about and he died whereas in reality she managed to save the man who is completely unknown to him.
Armaan looked at muskaan who answered his unvoiced question: its quite possible that today's event triggered a memory of shilpa in which she lost a loved one. Its quite possible that he might've also gone into cardiac arrest in front of her and she had performed CPR but that time she had not been successful.
Armaan could feel shilpa's body shudder in reaction to the turmoil she felt. He gently pulled her back and lifted her chin so that to see her face properly.
Armaan: shilpa! (when she raised her eyes to his) who was he?
Shilpa looked at him with eyes which were full of pain, confusion and frustration: I don't know! I couldn't even see his face properly. But I knew that I had lost him. I was unable to save him.
Armaan: but you saved someone else today shilpa! may be he was not important to you but he is important to someone else.
Shilpa: I know that armaan! But the memory was so strong, it was as if it was happening in real time. I've tried so hard to think of details, recall his face so that to get some real lead to finding out about myself. But nothing! I see nothing! And now I have such a bitch of a headache.
Muskaan: shilpa! don't push yourself! This way you are not doing yourself any favors, if you push yourself like this your memory is not going to come back.
Shilpa arguing: but how can I not push? God knows who that man was? Was he my only relative? Is that why no one has tried to find me? I want to know muskaan! I need to know!
Armaan pulled her towards him: shilpa calm down! Your memory is not going to come back by pushing yourself like this. Didn't you decide yourself that you are not going to dwell on the past, you are going to live each day to the full and make new memories.
Shilpa was about to argue but armaan cut her off: shilpa! you said yourself that you trust me! then trust me when I tell you to let it go! Things will come back to their place once you give it enough time.
Shilpa looked mutinous for a second, she wanted to argue but as armaan held her hand and rubbed his thumb across her wrist, slowly and reluctantly shilpa sat back. She looked dejected but smiled when rahul made a lame joke. Shilpa claimed to be tired and wanted to go home, armaan couldn't get away so he asked rahul to drop her who was going home himself.
A couple of days had passed since that event, on surface shilpa tried to act as if the not knowing was not bothering her but she felt as if a noose was being tightening around her. Muskaan who had been observing shilpa saw that and understood her emotions but was amazed as to why she was keeping all these emotions inside her.
She continued to observe shilpa and got her answer when she saw armaan and shilpa together. Infront of armaan shilpa tried to act as normal as possible. Armaan had asked her to trust him and let go of the past and for armaan's sake she was trying but shilpa needed to know. The bond between the two of them strong enough that shilpa would've buried her own feelings as armaan wanted her to believe in him and let the past go.
Muskaan knew she needed to talk to armaan and called him over after his shift ended.
Muskaan: so how's shilpa doing?
Armaan: I was going to ask you the same question!
Muskaan smiled at him: so whats your opinion?
Armaan: I think she's trying to put it behind her. trying to focus on the present and future.
Muskaan: I agree! But she's trying too hard armaan! Especially since her heart is not in it.
Armaan: what do you mean?(looking confused)
Muskaan shook her head: can't you see armaan! Don't you understand! Its important for her to understand! To know what happened but she's not doing anything about it b'coz you asked her not to.
Armaan: I don't understand!
Muskaan took hold of armaan's hand: armaan I know you are trying to protect her from the world, we all are but the truth is by protecting her we are diminishing her chances of ever finding out about herself. Armaan she didn't drop out of the sky! She is what 28/ 29 yrs old she has a story just like all of us. She needs to know. You need to know the woman you think you are half way in love with.
Armaan looked up at muskaan: what if she can't cope with the truth? What if she leaves?
Muskaan: armaan we all love her but if she wants to leave she can anytime, she doesn't need to go far away from you to decide this.
There was silence between them, finally armaan spoke up: what do you want me to do?
Muskaan closed her eyes as she knew what she was going to ask was going to be tough for every one: you need to stop being her shield, let her be on her own in the world, let her interact with people. She got her first memory flash when she was pushed into an unexpected situation. Good or bad? Immaterial!
Armaan sat still: any thing else?
Muskaan: still be her friend! She's going to need you! But that doesn't mean you are going to fight her battles for her.(when armaan stayed quiet) you need to do this for her. she needs to and deserves to find herself.


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