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Part 11 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

Both were staring at each other as if they had seen the other one after ages. Riddhima felt very uncomfortable when Siddhant moved his eyes on her body which was almost bare leaving a small potion of her body, because she was wearing Armaans shirt. Riddhima stood there not understanding what to say, if she should invite him in or just ask him what he was doing here, but seeing his lustful eyes moving on her almost naked body made Riddhimas body shiver with disgust. Riddhima looked away from him hoping that Armaan would come so she could just run away from there.

While Riddhima and Siddhant were standing in front of the door, without the knowledge how to react or what to speak, Armaan was getting impatience in the dinning area. As they had already finished their breakfast, Armaan thought to go and see why Riddhima was taking so much time. Armaan moved to the door to see Riddhimas back towards him, a smirk formed in his face as he checked out his wife. Armaan had a feeling to take her there on the spot. He was confused why Riddhima was still standing by the opened door. To check who it was that Riddhima was talking as he didn't see her face, so he thought she must be talking whoever it was on the door.

A: Riddhima, kon hai.

Armaan asked moving towards her, Riddhima who was waiting for a chance to move away from Siddhants gaze, turned around and moved inside leaving the door opened. Armaan was surprised with this but his gaze moved to the person who just enter the house.

A: Siddhant?

Armaan was shocked to see him there, he looked at Riddhima who stood a little behind him holding his arm as she hid herself behind his body. Siddhant moved inside giving his best smile, he moved forward to give a brotherly hug to Armaan but instead he recevied a slap from Armaan. Sid and Riddhima were hell shocked with this sudden and unexpected slap from Armaan, Sid stood there holding his cheek while Riddhima hid herself more behind Armaan as her hold got tighter on Armaan's arm.

Armaan looked towards Riddhima who was almost hiding herself from Siddhant, Armaan hold her hand which was on his arm patting it softly as if telling her he was fine. Sid who was watching the duo and seeing how Riddhima was hiding herself behind his brother was surprised because she never got scared of him than why today. Armaan faced Siddhant, to get some answers, because when finally he and Riddhima accept their marriage and love for each other, why Sid was here, for what?

Siddhant didn't like the fact that Riddhima was being so close to his brother, while Riddhima wasn't liking a bit that Siddhant was looking at her with those lustful eyes. Maybe he wasn't aware of their marriage but for the first time, Riddhima didn't feel comfortable with his gaze, she used to think she was beautiful before whenever he look towards her like that. When Sid didn't utter a word, Armaan thought to clear things as he saw how uncomfortable Riddhima was in this situation. Armaan knew it was a game of destiny to happen because if nothing has gone wrong, she would be the wife of Siddhant, not his.

A: Yaha kiya lene aaye ho.

Armaan broke the silence, making Siddhant move his eyes from Riddhima back to him. Sid frowned hearing his question as he thought, his brother would be happy to see him.

S: Bhaijaan.
A: Mat kaho mujhe bhaijaan. Main tumhara bhai nahi hoon.

Armaan said roaring with anger making Riddhima shake with fear and Siddhant stood rooted hearing this. Sid wasn't expecting this but seems like so much has changed in a matter of few days of his absent.

S: Yeh aap…
A: Maine kaha na, main tumhara bhai nahi hoon. Jis din tum apne shaadi chodke chale gaye, us din se sirf Mamma Baba ka beta hi nahi, balke mera Bhai bhi mar gaya.
S: Aap meri baat toh suno bhaijaan.
A: Safai dene ke liye kuch bacha hai Siddhant. Ek baar bhi tumne yeh nahi socha ke kiya hoga aise apne shaadi chod ke jane se. Khud ki nahi toh kam se kam Riddhima ke baare mein to sooch lete, uske parents ki izzat ke baare mein sochte. Lekin nehi, jo bhi ho tumhe toh shaadi hi nehi karna thi. Toh phir Riddhima ko yeh sapne dekhne ka moka hi kyun diya tumne Sid.
S: Bhaijaan, ab main sab kuch theek karne waapas aaya hoon. Mujhe realize hua maine jo bhi kiya woh bohot galat tha. Mama Baba mujhe maaf bhi nehi karenge, issiliye aapke paas aaya hoon, kyunke sirf aap meri help kar sakte hai.
A: Aur tumhe aisa kyun laga ke main tumhari help karunga ismein Sid, tumne soch bhi kaise liya main tumhe maaf kar dunga.
S: Aise kyun bol rahe ho bhaijaan, aap jaante hona mere liye woh opportunity kitni important thi. Issiliyeh mujhe jaana pada.
A: Tum shaadi ke baad bhi jaa sakta ta Siddhant, us din hi kyun.
S: Waqt agar hota toh me kuch waqt ke liye ruk jata bhaijaan, lekin waqt hi nahi tha.
A: Kissi ki izzat se zyada tumhe tumhara sapna important laga Sid. Tumhara sapna itna important hi tha, to itni jaldi hi kyu thi Shaadi ke liye. Rukh jaate jab tak tumhare sapne pura nahi hota. Lekin nehi, tumne sirf humari izzat hi nahi, balke Riddhima aur uske parents ki bhi izzat ke mazak bana ke rakh diya.
S: Bhaijaan, ab main aagaya hoon na. Main sab kuch theek kardunga.
A: Aur tumhe lagta hai ab sab kuch theek ho jayega. Kiya karoge tum sab theek?
S: Bhaijaan, me abhi bhi Riddhima se shaadi karna chahta hoon if she wants too.
Siddhant looked at Riddhima who was standing behind Armaan, Armaan looked at Riddhima to see her shocked expression. They both knew that Sid was unaware of their marriage. Riddhima looked at Armaan being horrified hearing, that Sid still wanted to marry her.
When neither of them spoke, Siddhant moved a step ahead to look at Riddhima but seeing Riddhima moving away from him, Siddhant was really surprised with her behavior.
S: Riddhima, tum mujhse kyun dar rahi ho. Mujhe bhul gayi kiya, main Sid hoon. Tumhara Sid...
Riddhima closed her eyes hearing those words, if she wasn't married to Armaan, if she wasn't in love with Armaan than she would be on cloud nine to hear those words from Sid. But today, she felt as if someone was trying to force those words into her mind and make her accept something which can't be true.
Armaan stood there silently, looking at her expression, he didn't want to clear the misunderstanding Siddhant had, because he wanted Riddhima to speak up for them. Armaan saw how much Riddhima is scared with Siddhant sudden present. So Armaan wanted Riddhima to fight back if she truely meant when she said she loved him and will never leave him. Armaan knew, this was to happen one day but this soon, it was really unexpected. Armaan didn't get his love back then and today, again god was taking his test on this topic called LOVE. Armaan had a feeling that Riddhima wouldn't choose Sid but he wanted to see if Riddhima would stand for them and their love.
Siddhant stood confused there, not understanding what was happening, why Riddhima was acting so differently seeing him as if he is a bad guy who could hurt her.
S: Riddhima main tumse…
R: Nehiiii...
Riddhima screamed, not wanting to hear another word from Sid about how he still wants her in his life. When he got the chance to make her his wife, he just left her and everything for his dream job which he found more important than her or their reputation. Armaan whose heart was beating fast, felt relief hearing Riddhima answering back, small smile formed in his lips as he wanted Riddhima to deal with Sid. Armaan knew, Riddhima wouldn't let anything go wrong. Whatever happened to her before, it was wrong but now no one could change it. Also no one could change this fact that she is a married woman and she is in love with her husband. Sid was shocked with Riddhima sudden scream, he thought Riddhima would accept him if he is willing to accept her, forgetting whatever happened but seems like he was thinking very wrong.
S: Riddhima…
R: Ab main tumse shaadi nehi kar sakti.
Riddhima opened her eyes, looking straight to Sids eyes. He was shocked with her answer, he just kept staring at her as if she has just give him a tight slap on his face. Riddhima looked at Armaan, who had a relief expression on his face. Riddhima gave him a smile as she moved closer to him, letting Armaans arm move around her waist as she moved her one hand around his torso and other one on his chest. Siddhant was shocked with this action of Riddhima, he felt betray seeing how Riddhima was in his brother arms, when she had to be in his arms. Riddhima and Armaan looked at Sid to see the colors fading in his face.
R: I think you got your answer Mr. Siddhant Mallik.
S: You Bitch…
A: Mind your tongue Siddhant Mallik, she is my wife now.
Siddhant who moved to pull Riddhima away from Armaan got rooted on his spot hearing those words. He thought, they were just staying in one house. He really didn't expect Riddhima to get married to someone else, leave that someone else, but to his own brother. Seeing Siddhant expression, Riddhima smirked as she knew Siddhant never in his wildest dream would have thought that she would end up marrying his own brother. Maybe he thought, she would be waiting for him, crying day and night but to his disappointment, she was in his brother arms. And she felt very happy.
Seeing Riddhimas smirk, Armaan could not help but grin knowing now no one could come between them. Riddhima proved that she is not like other girls, who would leave their husbands when their so-called EX-to be husband or BF would come bck to claim the right on them. Both looked at Sid, who stood not understanding was happening. First, he found Riddhima in his brother house and now, he got another shock tht she is the wife of his brother who hated girls for god knows which reason, then how could they end up getting married.
S: Bhaijaan, aap toh ladkiyon se nafrat karte ho phir Riddhima se shaadi.?
A: Haan sahi kaha tumne Siddhant, main ladkiyon se nafrat karta hoon. Jab humhare shaadi hui, tab bhi karta tha. Tumhare achanak se chale jaane ki wajah se mujhe yeh shaadi karni padi. Kiya karun, apni nafrat se zyada mujhe toh apne Mama and Baba ki izzat zyada important lagi.
S: Phir aap dono aise.
A: Thanks to you Siddhant, mujhe realize hua ke mujhe sirf ek ladki ki wajah se, baki sab ladkiyo se nafrat nahi karni chahiye. Aur yeh mujhe Riddhima ke saath rehne se realize hua, woh Shaina ke tarah bilkul bhi nhi hai. Shaina, jiski wajah se itni din tak main ladkiyon se itni nafrat karta raha, lekin tumhari wajah se mujhe Riddhima mili.
S: Aap is shaadi se…
A: Hum dono aaj bohot khush hai is shaadi se.
Armaan cut Siddhant making him look towards Riddhima, Riddhima move closer to Armaan seeing Siddhants gaze moving on her body. Riddhima knew, Siddhant wanted to hear from her, so to break his gaze from her body Riddhima thought to clear what she wanted in her life now.
R: Armaan is right Siddhant, mujhe aaj ehsaas hua main sacchi mohabbat sirf or sirf Armaan se karti hoon. Us din hum dono koh tumpe bohot gussa aaya ta, lekin aaj jab humein ek dusron mein apna mohabbat mila hai…
A: Tumne bohot galat kiya ta Siddhant…
R: Lekin aaj sahi lagta hai kyunki main Armaan se pyar karti hoon, aur main apni puri zindagi Armaan ke saath guzarna chahti hoon.
Armaan and Riddhima spoke calmly seeing Siddhant was calm when he got to know that Riddhima is Armaan wife now. They knew no one can change this truth of their life, as they were legally married, and they were very much happy with their marriage now. Sid just stood there, not knowing how to react, he never thought Riddhima would so easily fall in love with his brother. He felt like Riddhima had cheated on him but he never asked her to wait for him or informed her why he was backing off from the marriage at that time.
Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other seeing Sid silent, they didn’t know what he would do. Would he accept this truth or fight for his love but they were hoping, that knowing Riddhimas love for Armaan, Siddhant would understand their love and step out from their love life. When Siddhant didn't speak a work for another five minutes, Armaan moved towards him leaving Riddhima behind. Riddhima stood there crossing her arms on her chest, trying to hide herself from Siddhant.
A: Dekh Siddhant, I know maybe you still love her but no one can change the fact that Riddhima is now my wife. If I wouldn’t love her, she wouldn’t love me, we could have thought of getting divorced but there is no chance for that word in our life now.
S: Aap sach mein Riddhima se mohabbat karte ho bhaijaan.
Siddhant look at Armaan not being able to believe his ears hearing the love word from Armaan mouth. Siddhant felt his heart broke it to several pieces but hearing for the first time that his brother was in love with this girl, he couldn't help but ask to confirm it if it was true or not.
A: Bohot zyada.
S: Riddhima agar aapse mohabbat nahi karte, aur aapki mohabbat sirf ek sided mohabbat hoti, toh aap kiya karte bhaijaan.
Armaan smiled hearing Sids question, somewhere Armaan felt that he needed that questions answer because now Sid himself is in the situation. The girl who used to claim that she loved him, now love Armaan and Armaan loves her too. Armaan looked at Riddhima, giving her a smile as Riddhima also waited for Armaans answer. Armaan moved on Siddhant side, putting his arm around Siddhant shoulder.
A: Meri mohabbat ek side ki hoti toh main kabhi usko baand ke nehi rakhta. Woh mujhse mohabbat nehi karte toh main usko jaane deta, kyunki uski khushi mein mera khushi hai.
Riddhima smiled brightly hearing Armaan words, while Siddhant also smiled hearing how deeply his brother has fallen in love with the girl who he was in love with too.
A: Siddhant, main jaanta hoon tumhare liye asaan nehi hoga yeh sach accept karna. Lekin ab yehi sach hai, Riddhima ab mera biwi hai aur tumhara bhabhi.
S: I m sorry bhaijaan.
A: Kissi se agar maafi mangni hai toh Riddhima se maango, Mama Baba se maango.
Siddhant looked at Riddhima who shook her head as if saying he didn’t need to do it, she was happy that Siddhant is ready to accept them being married than creating problems by coming between them.
S: Sorry Riddhima.
Riddhima gave him a smile as if saying she has forgiven him, Armaan pulled Siddhant in a brotherly hug being glad that Siddhant understood their love and is ready to accept it.
S: Ab main nikalta hoon
A: Kyun
S: Meri flight hai, main pehle aapse milna chahta tha.
R: Kaha ja rahe ho tum abhi
S: Mama baba ke paas, maafi maangna hai na un dono se bhi.
A: Zarur maaf kardenge woh
S: Aap dono kab aaoge?
A: Bohot jald aayenge.
S: mama baba mujhko maaf do kar denge na?
A: Wo zaroor kardenge. Don’t worry. Tab tak tum bhi apne liye kissi koh dhund lena.
Siddhant gave a small smile to him as he look at Riddhima, Riddhim also nodded her head knowing somewhere in his heart, he still must be hoping to make her as his wife.
S: Koshish karunga bhaijaan. Abhi mujhe nikalna hoga.
A: Main tumhe…
S: Nehi bhaijaan, main khud chala jaunga.
Siddhant cut Armaan as he wanted to leave as soon as possible. Seeing Siddhants expression, Armaan and Riddhima knew it was very hard for him to accept this truth and he would need some time probably. So, neither of them forced him to stay back, they gave eachother a quick hug and then Siddhant left. Riddhima looked at Armaan, who was lost in his own thoughts. A smirk formed in her face as she gave a quick kiss on his cheek making him look towards her. Armaan raised his eyerbrow as if asking what was that for, Riddhima just shrugged her shoulders moving inside putting her hair in to a messy bun. Armaan smile seeing the sudden change of Riddhimas mood, locking the door he also move behind Riddhima to see her going towards the dinning area. Seeing Riddhima again busy taking the empty plates, Armaan came and hugged her from behind.
R: Armaan, go and get ready for work.
A: maine kaha ta na, I will prefer to be at home that too in our bed with you.
R: Kyun pareshan kar rahe ho Armaan, just go and get ready na.
A: I want to spend some time with my sexy wife. Hot as well not to forget.
R: bas badmaashi sujhte hai, hato.
Riddhima smashed Armaans hands which was around her stomach, Armaan pout seeing Riddhima wasn't giving any attention to him. He let her go as she moved inside the kitchen and kept the plates in the skin. Before Riddhima could start to wash the plates, Armaan took her in his arms throwing her on his shoulder. Riddhima was shocked with his move and smacked on his back making him laugh.
R: Neeche utaro mujhe.
A: Not a chance, jo Armaan Mallik chahte hai waisa hi hota hai.
R: Armaannn..
Riddhima again hit Armaans back to get a smack on her butt, making her eyes grow larger with his action. Riddhima moved out to look at his face to see a smirk while naughtiness sparkled on his orbs.
R: What was that for.
A: For hitting me not once but many times.
R: You idiot. put me down now.
A: Try me Mrs. Mallik.
R: Line marna choro...
Riddhima said holding his hair in her fist bending down smashing her lips on him making Armaan rooted. By the time they were in the room, seeing Armaan shocked expression Riddhima moved down from his arm and run towards the washroom. Hearing Riddhimas giggle, Armaan looked Riddhima running towards the washroom. Before Riddhima could close the door, Armaan moved holding the door not letting her close.
A: You are so dead now.
Armaan moved inside, making Riddhima move her step backwards. Before she could move further away, Armaan hold her and took her under the shower. Armaan started the shower, letting the water fall on them. Without letting Riddhima understand what was happening, Armaan smash his lips on her taking her in to soulful kiss. Riddhima groaned with Armaans sudden heated kiss, soon both were lost in each other once again exploring every single part of their bodies which was on fire.
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