Saturday, 9 December 2017

PART - 11 : I want you to hate me

Soon atul came back to his friends with the certificate nd bouquet smiling widely. All hugged him nd decide to do a small party in the canteen. But before that muski wanna teach that super model a good lesson. All went near riddhima who was on the verge of leaving the auditorium.. when she heard muskaan's voice..
"so miss super model.. har kar kaisa lag raha hain, haan?? Upset orrr (she intentionally stretched the word nd said).. or super upset??"

Riddhima was still facing at the door. That means muski nd all were standing behind her. She smiled hearing muski's taunt nd soon plastering her attitude she turned nd replied..
"why are u so excited dr. chadda?? (sarcasm was visible in her voice as well).. I think it's dr. joshi who won not you.. so stop behaving like a loser nd take a chill pill gal.."

Riddhima smirked.. muski became furious..
"teri toh.."

But atul stopped her.. "chod na muski.. kyun aapna khun jala rahi hain.."

Ni : "exactly.. leave it muski.. this creature can nvr understand wat frndshp is all about.."

Ra : "such a self obsessed gal.."

An : "let's go.. we've better things to do now rather than talking to HER.."

Mu : "haan tu sahi keh rahi hain anji.. let's go yaar.. party karte hain.. waisey bhi it's our off now"

All nodded but before they can leave armaan asked riddima..
"mm.. ridz.. if u don't mind, why don't u join us??"

All were shocked. Rather shock was an understatement. They looked at armaan with disbelief.
An : "wat the hell armaan.. tu issey kyun invite kar raha hain??"
Anji whispered in his ears greeting her teeth..

Ar : "relax yaar.. don't u think u guys are juz exaggerating this issue.. we don't hve any proof whether she was trying to bribe the directors or not.."
Armaan replied calmly.. and abhi agreed at once..
"of course.. she didn't .. now toh it's clear yaar.. atul won, ri8?? Let her join too, plz??"
Abhi said hopefully..

all agreed finally while armaan looked at him. He really LOVES her.. but if abhi loves riddhima then why he is feeling weird..!!! god.. plz help me to sort out my feelings.. I know I HATE this girl.. but do I really?? uff!!! Yeh kya confusion hain.. yeh ladki mujhey pagal kar ke hi chodegi..

All left for canteen leaving riddhima nd a confused armaan behind.
Riddhima went near him nd whispered near his ear..
"u really like me.. don't u??"

She moved lill away to see his reaction nd smirked seeing him gasped with the sudden closeness.. this girl truly affects him badly.. he juz stared at her.. riddhima this time started with a lower nd calmer voice.. making him understand her words..
"stay away from me armaan.. I knw u r being attracted to me.. but it's better for you if you stay away.. u don't know any thing.."

Armaan was still dazed.. he was juz examining her every expression.. nd this calmer, sweeter tone is same like that day.. wen he saw her with kids. His confusion nd curiosity rose forcing him to ask her..
"then tell me na riddhima.."
His voice was soothing.. mature.. patient.. understanding.. she sighed..
"har baatein batayi nahi jati armaan.. bass itna jan lo.. I'm alrdy engaged to someone.. so, it's better if u stay away.."
Nd without waiting she left the place.. armaan was still standing spot rooted..

ENGAGED??? How?? With abhi?? But she nvr wears any engagement ring.. then?? May be they are hiding their relationship or… he paused.. or may be she juz left lying to me.. he sighed.. don't knw why riddhima.. I've a strong feeling that u lied to me.. but why?? What are you hiding?? Aab toh main jaan kar hi rahunga.. akhir kaun sahi hain.. mera dimag ya fir mera dill??
He sighed nd left for the canteen.


All were settled around a big table. Muski being a food lover ordered lots of foods. Poor atul was making faces seeing so many dishes. He must be tensed about this extra expense. armaan smiled nd announced..
"arrey muski.. coke kaha hain?? Order those also, na?? (then turning to whole gang).. guys.. aaj ki party merey taraf se.. enjoy.."

Atul at once looked at him.. nd armaan blinked his eyes in assurance. Atul smiled with teary eyes. Armaan is truly his brother.. his best buddy. Soon armaan opened his can nd sat beside atul when his gaze fell on the canteen door.. nd once again he got lost.. lost in HER..

Ri : "hey.. may i.."
But before she can complete armaan said..
"sure.. sit, na.."

Riddhima sat beside abhi nd looked at him with flirting smile. Here we go again.. THE ridz is back. Armaan sighed but smiled also. Now-a-days he feels happy feeling her near him. She behaves arrogant like always but he finds something soothing in her presence. Although he nvr accepted it but he nvr declined as well.

Ni : "guys.. let's play some thing.. I'm getting bored yaar.."

Ra : "yess.. I'm bored too.. but wat 2 play??"

Ar : "truth nd dare??"

Ra : "cool man.. perfect.."

Soon the bottle was spinned on the table nd landed on ABHI……. All hooted.. "ooo"
Ab : "shut up guys.. ask wat u want??"

An : "so abhi.. truth or dare??"

Ab : "mm.. I alwaz choose dare.. so, for a change TRUTH.."

Ni : "kool… so, tell us do u love riddhima?? If yes then whyyy??"
Abhi got very angry.. "wat d hell guys.. y on d earth every thing is related to riddhi??"
Riddhima knew this was cuming nd held his hand under table. Abhi looked at her who blinked her eyes.. he sighed deeply nd calming himself down.. "yess I do love riddhi.. why?? U guys can nvr understand.. bcz I can't explain d reasons.. juz one thing.. she is the most wonderful person I met in my life.."

Riddima squeezed his hands stopping him to be emotional. Abhi sighed nd hugged her at once in reflex.. riddhima , too, hugged him to soothe her..
"I don't like all this riddhi.. yeh sab tujhey.."


Riddhima cut him to whisper any thing more.. he broke the hug nd looked in front.. all felt lill guilty for their behavior.. of course it's his personal matter whom he'll luv or not.. yess.. according to dem no one can luv a gal like riddhima but love is blind.. they sighed nd muski spinned the bottle again.. nd it stopped on…… ARMAAN…

All shouted.. "huh.. wat??" his thoughts broke.. actually wat happened between riddhima nd abhi made him disturbed.. he was feeling bad… abhi luvs HER.. nd she too hugged him back.. he was upset wen he heard sudden noise nd looking at the table he found the nxt target is he.. he locked his thoughts quickly nd announced proudly..
"DARE as alwaz…."

Ra : "really bro?? cool then.."
Rahul thought a bit… then scrutinizing the canteen he said wickedly..
"there are so many gals in the canteen ri8 now.. propose the one u dislike most"
All shouted in joy.. while armaan juz passed him THE look…
"sorry.. dude.. it's a dare after all.."
Rahul winked nd armaan frowned nd started examining the canteen..

Mu : "lehh.. fir toh armaan ridz ko hi propose karega.. after all he HATES her.."

Ni : "yes.. of course.. it will be fun.."

An : "but he's examing all gals, yaar.."

Ra : "chill.. he's juz acting.. propose to ridz ko hi karega.. aur fir.."

Mu : "fir ayega asli maza.."
Muski started laughing in her typical style…


sargam .. 

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