Monday, 11 December 2017

PART - 12 : I want you to hate me

Ra : "really bro?? cool then.."
Rahul thought a bit… then scrutinizing the canteen he said wickedly..
"there are so many gals in the canteen ri8 now.. propose the one u dislike most"
All shouted in joy.. while armaan juz passed him THE look…
"sorry.. dude.. it's a dare after all.."
Rahul winked nd armaan frowned nd started examining the canteen..

Mu : "lehh.. fir toh armaan ridz ko hi propose karega.. after all he HATES her.."

Ni : "yes.. of course.. it will be fun.."

An : "but he's examing all gals, yaar.."

Ra : "chill.. he's juz acting.. propose toh ridz ko hi karega.. aur fir.."

Mu : "fir ayega asli maza.."
Muski started laughing in her typical style…

Armaan on the other hand was thinking wat to do… "propose the gal u dislike d most".. rahul's wrds were ringing inside his ear only.. "oh god!! Yeh kaha phas gaya main.. aab kya karoon main.. I'm damn sure rahul n all are expecting me to propose to riddhima bcz according to them I HATE her.. wait a minute.. according to them?? Don't I actually HATE her?? Ofcourse I do.." he made his mind nd turned his gaze towards riddhima…

Ra : "see.. I told u.."

An : "yeah.. I'm so excited for some super fun.."

Ni : "mee too.."

Mu : "nd mee three"

They high fived wth each other nd waited impatiently for a huge drama..

But as soon as armaan turned his gaze towards HER.. all his resolutions to HATE her flew out off the window.. there she is.. sitting with her usual attitude, cross legged, flipping her pager from one hand to other nd looking at him smiling mischievously.. goshh!! That means she knows dat I'm gonna propose to her.. armaan thought nd sighed.. this is going to be hard.. really really hard.. how could he do this dare now.. the conversation between her nd him juz a few minutes back came to his mind.. she knows he is attracted to her.. do I really?? may be.. frankly speaking i don't know.. but that's not imp now.. wat is imp now is this stupid dare.. do hell with u mr. rahul grewal.. can i kill him now for putting me in this trouble.. plshh?? he thought nd cursing his luck, he again looked at riddhima who winked at him making him more nervous… think ammy.. think.. how can u do this dare.. u won't b able to propose to riddhima.. thn wat?? He was lost in his thoughts again..

Mu : "yaar.. yeh armaan itna time kyun laga raha hain.."

An : "seriously.. it's as clear as water.. why cant he juz go nd propose to riddhima..??"

Ni : "ridz.."

Nikki corrected n all chuckled..

But wat happened nxt was beyond any one's expectation.. armaan turned 90degree more towards right side nd faced muskaan.. smiling naughtily, he went near her nd kneeling down in front of her, he said.. "muski.. my sweet heart.. will u marry me.. plzz??"

This did nothing but gave all the biggest shock of their lives.. muski literally choked her breathe in her throat nd strtd coughing badly… armaan quickly got up nd handed her a glass of water while anji rubbed her back..

Ar : "u okk muskaan??" his tone was caring..

Muskaan was still in the shock nd kpt on staring at him as if he is some spirit.. thn after sometime she regained her consciousness nd blasted on him..
"khote da puttar.. tu mujhse sab se zyada nafrat karta hain?? armaannn.. tu toh gaya aaj.."

Muski literally rounded over him nd he gulped the lump formed in his throat in fear… "nahi.. muski.. wohh.."

Mu : "kya.. woh.. woh..??"

Ar : "muski yaar.. yeh toh bas ek bekar sa dare tha.."

Mu : "mera dare ane de.. fir main rahul se kahungi ki mujhey yeh dare de ke main aaj balki abhi kisi ka khoon kar sakoon.."

Ar : "muskaan.. yaar.."

Mu : "u r soo dead today mallik.."

She said crunching her eyes, her nose flaring in anger..

An : "chill muski.. he wasn't serious.." then turning to armaan.. "ri8 armaan??" who juz nodded his head meekly..

Ni : "ammy.. r u mad?? Y did u choose muski??"

Ar : "mmm.. kyunki jab bhi woh merey kaan ke pass ake chillake good morning wish karti hain na.. I truly hate her that moment.."
Armaan said nd all chuckled excpt muski who juz fumed in anger..

Ra : "I agree… I wonder abhi tak merey kaan kaisey kaam kar rahe hain.. warna muski aur uski high speech voice.. allah rakhe.."
Rahul winked nd high fived wth armaan..

At : "haan armaan.. correct selection.."
Atul too joined but shut his mouth quickly as soon as he got a deadly glare from muskaan..

On the other hand riddhima, abhi, niki n anji juz were juz fighting their urge to  burst out into laughter with great difficulty.. it was completely unexpected.. all thought armaan will select riddhima only.. in fact riddhima,herself, was pretty sure about this but this sudden change of the game lightened the atmosphere completely..

An : "okk guys.. enough of this now.. can we resume d game,plz??.."
Anji changed the topic seeing muski getting more n more furious wth every passing second.. needless to say, she also changed d topic so that she, herself, will not start laughing like a maniac..

Ar : "ya sure.." then turning to muskaan.. "sorry na yaar.. it was juz for fun.. chal.. meri taraf se tujhey ek ice cream.. aab toh maan jaa.."

Mu : "ek nahi teen.. ek se kya hoga.. mera dimag abhi bohot garam hain.."
All chuckled hearing her..

Ra : "tujhey khane ke alawa aur kuch soojhta bhi hain?? sara din chapar chapar chapar.. ya toh khati rehti hain ya fir chillati rehti hain.. non stop fm radio.. aur Teen teen ice crm akeli khayegi..?? pagal hain kya?? moti ho jayegi.. bilkul dhol ki tarah.."

Mu : "oyee rahul.. mujhsey panga mat le.. yeh sab teri wajah se hua hain.. na tu yeh dare deta aur nahi merey mood ka kachumbar banta.."

Ra : "arrey .. issmey meri kya galti hain.. aab mujhey kya pata tha ammy tujhsey itna nafrat karta hain.."

He said cheekily pulling her leg nd in return got smacks on his both hands.. one from muskaan.. other from armaan..

Ra : "ouchhh"

Ar : "tu chup nhi reh sakta kya.."

At this rahul only grinned shamelessly nd again all settled to cont. their game… the bottle is spun nd it stopped on MUSKAAN..

While muskaan massaged her both palms smiling devilishly, armaan nd rahul juz gulped seeing her expression..
Rahul turned to nikk nd said pleadingly.. "nikki yaar.. zara sambhal ke.. humhey marwa mat dena.."

Mu : "oyee.. ussey kya bribe kar raha hain.." muski threatened him n thn turning to nikki she said in a sugar coated tone.. "tu toh meri pyari si frnd hain.. hain na nikki.. chal aab mujhey ek achchi wali DARE de.."

Muskaan emphasized the wrd 'dare' nd nikki looked at armaan n rahul helplessly.. "sorry guys.. but mujhey itni jaldi nhi marna.." nikki apologized at which the duo turned pale nd looked towards muskaan who is all ready to eat them up..

Ni : "okk..toh muski.. tujhey abhi koi bhi ek rule thodna hain sanjeevani ki.. par yaad rahe.. blame kisi aur pe ana chahiye.."

Nikki finished nd both armaan n rahul looked at her aghast.. while muski literally jumped in happiness.. her mood once again is back to normal.. or better to say more than normal..

Ar : "wat the hell yaar.. tu dost hain ya dushman… aab pata nhi muski hum dono mein se kiski band bajanewali hain.."

Ra : "ya fir hum dono ki hi.."

He suggested another optn.. both sighed n waited for their fate…
Here, muskaan got up from her seat nd went out of the canteen…

Ra : "yeh kaha gayee??"

Ar : "humhey marwaney ka intezaam karne.. aaj sach mein sherni se panga leke thik nhi kiya humney.."

All chuckled seeing both the dudes so afraid of their punjaab di sherni..

After around 10minutes muski came back dusting her hands smiling sweetly nd sat back on her seat.. both ammy n rahul looked at her waiting her to reveal something.. in return she juz shook her shoulder as if she doesn't know anything..

On the other hand anji nd nikki asked her through eyes which she returned winking mischievously..

At : "so.. bottle spin karoon??"

Poor atul asked without understanding wat they should do now..

Mu : "rukh ja champ.. abhi toh countdown strt hi nhi ki.. so.."

An : "10??" anji asked hesitatingly..

Mu : "9" muski said smiling triumphantly..

Ni : "8" niki,too, joined

At : "7??" atul unknowingly said and got THE look from his buddies..

Mu : "6.." her tone became naughtier..

Ni : "5" she felt excitement all of a sudden..

An : "4" anji said nd looked at muski raising her brow..

Ni : "3" she became impatient..

Mu : "2… 1.. nd here u go.."

Intercom : "Dr. Rahul Grewal.. report to dr. keerti immediately.."

Rahul closed his eyes cursing his luck.. nd looked at muskaan.. "why me?? Armaan ko kyun chod diya tune??"

Mu : "kyunki usney mujhey teen teen ice cream dene ka wada kiya hain aur waisey bhi usney toh bas aaj mujhey tang kiya hain par tujhsey toh mera bahot purana hisab hain.."

Rahul looked at armaan nd said.. "dude.. I so envy you ri8 now.." who juz gave him 'wat-can-i-do' look nd showed pity towards him…

Intercom : "Dr. Rahul Grewal.. report to dr. keerti immediately.."

Ra : "chal beta rahul… marney ke liye taiyaar ho ja.."

He got up nd ran towards dr. keerti's office.. all other also followed him n waited outside dr. keerti's office..

Ni : "muski yaar.. kiya kya hain tuney??"

Mu : "sshh…"
muski cut her in between nd eavesdropped on the door..

Dr. keerti inside the room.. "what the hell is this dr. Rahul…?? How can u be so careless??"



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