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Part 12 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Shilpa forgot how to breathe with the first touch of armaan's body pressed to her, after days of craving for his company and touch, finally to have him in such close proximity was bliss and pain both. Armaan breathed in her scent and felt himself losing his bearings, he leaned in closer and nuzzled her below her ear. Shilpa moaned as his hot breath touched her sensitive skin, she tilted her
head to the side giving armaan better access who moistened the skin beneath her ear with his tongue.
Shilpa's breath left her in a whoosh as he started to press kisses down her neck. Shilpa's nails bit into his skin at the waist as she clung on to him as the force of the feelings he evoked in her with his touch threatened to blow her away. Armaan stopped at the hollow between her collar bones exposed by the open collar of her shirt. Armaan brought one of his arms round her back and pressed his hand to the middle of her back bringing her in sharper contact with his lips. Armaan nibbled at her collar bones making shilpa's breathing more erratic, her breasts were pressed to his chest and felt achy and heavy, shilpa unconsciously pressed herself against his hard body hoping for relief from the pressure that built up inside her.
Armaan lifted his head and brought their faces level, both were breathing hard, their hearts were running rampant. Armaan looked deeply into her eyes which were clouded with passion: I miss you! I miss your scent! I miss your touch!
Shilpa felt her heart overflow with emotions, she raised her hands to his hair and pulled his head back to make him look in her eyes and asked: really?(she couldn't believe he was saying these words to her)
Armaan slid his hand around her back and cupped her buttocks and pressed her body into his and whispered huskily: feel what you do to me!(even though shilpa gasped and her body responded to his touch he felt her suddenly withdraw from him)
Armaan moved back from shilpa as he felt her press hand to his chest and push him away. He pulled back and looked into her face which reflected doubt, pain and yearning. Before he could ask her she was out of his arms and looked at him sadly: it seems we both are talking about two different things! (suddenly a man from the front called out her name and asked her to come wait the tables)
Shilpa nodded her head and looked back at armaan: breaks over! Gotta go back!(armaan wanted to say something to make her understand his feelings then thought this was better, her not knowing how he felt)
Armaan went home that night and lay in his bed thinking about shilpa. When he finally slept his dreams were filled with her. On the other hand shilpa lay in her bed with tears in her eyes and thought of the moments they had shared. She bit her lip against the pain she felt on armaan's words, she had thought that he had missed being with her, missed their conversation the increasing closeness they had shared not to mention the undeniable chemistry they had shared. But she had been wrong, all he had experienced was the reaction of their bodies to each other. She went to sleep with tears on her lashes and dreams of armaan where they lay entwined in each other arms.
The following days were not any better, both were excruciatingly polite to one another and kept their distance. Both rahul and muskaan noticed the strain between them but knew that both had to resolve their issues themselves. Armaan had promised not to interfere with her life but could not keep completely away from her, he became a regular at the club.
Every night while she was waiting tables whenever she felt his gaze and looked up to find him sitting at a table nursing a drink. At times he use to be there for a little while, sometimes he stayed longer. It was a weekend and the club was crowded with the weekenders. Armaan was also there but with rahul and muskaan, there were also a bunch of other people with them.
Shilpa gave a quick smile to everyone sitting on the table as she quickly placed their drinks and quirked a brow at rahul who sat there brooding while muskaan continued to flirt with a guy shilpa didn't know. Shilpa didn't have time to stop and chat but gave rahul's shoulder a quick squeeze before moving to the other table. Some time later she looked at their table to see half of the inhabitants had left leaving armaan, rahul and muskaan behind. She saw another server putting on their drinks and decided to stay away. But staying away didn't mean she wasn't aware of armaan's gaze following her, and her every movement.
So strong was his gaze that she felt as if he had touched her whenever she looked up he was there looking at her with those smoldering blue eyes of his, she had to leave the room just to calm her nerves. When she came back in the room she saw rahul and muskaan had left but armaan was still there with a drink in his hand. She started to move towards him but the manager called her and she had to turn around. It was much later that she saw him sitting on the bar with another drink in his hand and from the looks of it not very sober.
She quickly made her way toward him and asked the bartender: how many? (looking towards armaan)
Bartender: too many!
Shilpa placed her hand on armaan's shoulder: armaan! Time to go home now!
Armaan turned towards her: are you done for tonight? (his words were slurred a little a clear indication of the amount of alcohol in his system)
Shilpa took off the apron from around her waist and threw across the counter: yes! Come on lets get you home.
Shilpa urged him to stand and then had to wrap a arm around his waist to keep him upright against her as his balance was no better. She walked out of the club with her purse slung across her body and with her arm wrapped around the hard body of armaan. She stood outside waiting for a cab in which she could put armaan but nothing passed by.
Meanwhile armaan was doing his utmost to distract her, he wrapped his arms around her making both of them topple to the ground as his balance was shot to hell. Shilpa got up from the sidewalk and looked at armaan on the ground looking handsome but mischievous. Shilpa held out her hands at armaan and asked him to get up as armaan stood up with her support and swayed shilpa made up her mind to take him to her place.
The apartment where she lived was nearby which helped as she could walk him there. With armaan swaying on his feet it took shilpa 20 minutes to get to her place, then another 10 in navigating the stairs. Finally with a lot of struggle shilpa managed to unlock the door and walk in with armaan who outweighed her with a good 30 kilos at the minimum but somehow shilpa managed to get him in her room. She shut the door quietly and pushed and pulled armaan to the middle of the room where the bed was. She got rid off the jacket he wore and was trying to move him backwards to the bed when armaan wrapped his arms around her and pulled her towards the bed.
Shilpa trying to reason with him: armaan! Its time you slept. Come on let me go then you can sleep.
Armaan was in no mood to listen as his arms tightened around her: I don't want to sleep!
Shilpa's feet were killing her and she was trying to maneuver armaan so that he would lay down that she missed the predatory gleam in his eyes and asked: then what do you want to do?
Armaan keeping his arms around fell backwards on the bed taking shilpa along with him. He shifted so that shilpa was flat on her back with armaan's body draped over her he whispered: this! (before shilpa could form a rational thought he fused his mouth to hers effectively putting a stop to any rational thought)
Shilpa was floundering in a sea of sensations, his glorious mouth was making love to her mouth in utmost detail. His tongue swept across her lower lip entering her mouth and twining with her tongue. He kissed her with such a focused intensity that shilpa could just clutch at his back and moan. Reluctantly he drew back his head as he needed to breath giving shilpa time to recover.
As he moved in closer for another round shilpa turned her head to other side avoiding his kiss to the mouth but armaan was undeterred he started to nibble at her ear and the spot beneath it making shilpa squirm. Shilpa tried to push him away but his weight held her captive, his legs were twined with hers, one arm was wrappd around her waist bringing their bodies into closer contact while the other hand made its way to her hair.
Shilpa tried to think through the mind numbing passion, her hands were clenched into fists that rested on his chest whether to push him away or pull him forward was still undecided.
Shilpa: armaan! Stop this! This is madness! Do you have any idea what you are doing? (she managed to ask between the stinging kisses armaan was placing around her throat. He nuzzled away at the open collar of her shirt while one hand started to trace her ribs through the clothes)
Armaan raised his head making shilpa look at him hoping that sanity had returned but his next words made her burn: I'm going to make love to you all night long! (shilpa gasped at the intensity of his eyes as he looked at her face)
Armaan placed his fingers on the buttons of her shirt and started to unbutton her shirt: I'm going to do all the things I've been dreaming about for so many days. I'm going to touch you( the shirt was fully opened her lush breasts trembled over the cups of her black lace bra, he placed his warm hand over her bare midriff) and I'm going to kiss you senseless until you ask for more (shilpa opened her mouth to say something but armaan swooped down to take her mouth in a kiss so full of passion and desire that shilpa was helpless to resist it.)
Slowly her will to resist armaan started to crumble the hand she had placed between them to keep their bodies apart opened and smoothed up his chest to tunnel through his hair pressing him closer still. Armaan sensed the change in her and deepened the kiss further as his hands swept across her back tracing her spine and her shoulder muscles beneath her shirt.
Armaan reared back to tear his shirt off and brought her breasts flush in contact with his warm bare chest. Armaan straddled shilpa who lay on the bed wearing her black waitress skirt without her shirt in her bra while armaan devoured her with his eyes only wearing a pair of low riding jeans, with his beautifully sculpted chest left bare.
Armaan didn't give shilpa time to think and started to kiss her all over her face, her neck, ears trailing down to give open mouthed kisses on her chest. Shilpa was panting when armaan reversed their positions so than shilpa was on top of him while he lay back on the bed.
Armaan looked deeply into her eyes: feel what you touch does to me? (he picked up shilpa's hand and placed it on his chest right above his heart. Shilpa could feel the erratic beat of his heart which matched hers)
Seeing wonder on shilpa's face: never doubt your effect on me!
Shilpa swallowed: nor should you!
Armaan's eyes burned with passion and an emotion so intense shilpa felt would burn both of them up. Suddenly armaan pressed his cheek to her breasts where her heart continued to thunder, shilpa was somehow touched by the simplicity of his gesture and lay there letting him hear her heart thunder away. Shilpa gently caressed his face and hair tenderness for this amazingly handsome and sexy man overtaking other emotions. After a few minutes when she looked down at his face she realized he had fallen asleep, the alcohol he had consumed had finally caught up with him.
Shilpa slowly untangled herself from his embrace and slowly stood up from the bed. She stood there half naked and looked at him sleep deeply. She quickly withdrew to the bathroom and took a quick shower, washing away the remnants of passion that had taken her soaring to another level.
She walked out dressed in her pajamas and stood watching armaan sleep. She walked up to him and took off his shoes so that he could be more comfortable and then settled herself on the  one seater placed in the corner of her room. She pulled her feet up and continued to gaze at the sleeping form of armaan, a man whom she had known only for the last 6 months. A man with whom she had been ready to be intimate with, the only man she remembered, the only man she wanted to remember. She closed her eyes against the truth and drifted off to sleep with the memory of armaan's lips and hands on her.
Shilpa felt her heart swell against the surge of love she felt for the man in whose arms she stood. Armaan smiled at her as he tucked her hair behind her ear, shilpa overwhelmed by the emotions she saw swirling in his eyes threw her arms around his strong warm body and hugged him. She felt his arms encircle her back, his breath stirred her hair she felt secure and content. As they pulled apart and shilpa looked up at his face shilpa felt shock ripple through her, the security and contentment she had felt was replaced by fear.
She looked at  the face of a man who wasn't armaan,  immediately she tried to step back from his embrace but felt his arm tighten around her. She pushed herself out of his arms and turned to leave but was wrenched back to face him, he drew her nearer still making shilpa struggle in his grip. All shilpa knew was she had to get away from him, as she continued to struggle the expression on the man's face turned ugly. His eyes turned mean and he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her face nearer to his, shilpa started to struggle in earnest trying to get away from him. Her continuing struggle angered the man and he backhanded her making her head reel with the force of the blow.
Shilpa felt her lip split and blood pool in her mouth, her eyes stung with tears as she registered pain but his words made her blood crawl with fear: no body can save you from me. how many times do I have to tell you?
Shilpa woke up with a start and looked around her room to see armaan sleeping on her bed. Her body was covered with cold sweat and her heart still thundered with fear and to make matters worse her head started to hurt. Tremors were running down her body and she took deep breath to calm herself as she looked at the sleeping form of armaan. She got up from the sofa and went to take a shower to clear her head of the remnants of the nightmare. Half an hour later she was ready for her day to start, she knew armaan was not scheduled for duty till later but set the alarm for him to get up in time and then left.
Armaan woke to bells clanging in his poor abused brain, he tried to shut the noise by swatting a hand in the general direction from where the noise was coming from and succeeded. He inhaled deeply as the noise ended and ended up with a lungful of scent of shilpa making him open his eyes.
Armaan sat up and took a survey of his surroundings. It was a neat room with a single bed taking up most of the space in the room. He could see a closet in the corner which held shilpa's clothes and a sofa in the other corner which had his shirt draped on its arm. Armaan looked down to see himself sitting on the bed bare chested, he looked to the bedside stand and saw a glass of water with two aspirins placed there. Armaan was still confused about his whereabouts but moved forward to get the water. As he extended his hand he saw a black material tangled around his hand, armaan started to untangle it and realized that it was the shilpa was wearing last night.
Suddenly memories of last night came back to him in a blinding flash armaan got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom and found it empty. He quickly dressed and walked out of the apartment as he realized how late it was. He hailed a cab and reached home where he ran to quickly shower and change clothes. He drove like a maniac to reach the hospital all he knew was that he had to fins shilpa and talk to her, find out whether she hated him for letting things get so far yesterday.
He ran down the corridor and skidded to a stop when he saw shilpa talking on the phone and waited for her to put the receiver down. 
Armaan: shilpa!(looked up at armaan a little dazed to see him there so early) do you have a minute I need to talk to you.
Shilpa hesitantly: could you wait for ten minutes I'll be taking a break then.
After ten minutes armaan and shilpa made their way to the roof top as shilpa wanted to take some air. Once there both stood looking at one another, armaan was the first one to speak up.
Armaan: shilpa I wanted to apologize for last night! (looking at her face intently)
Shilpa: why? (trying to keep all emotions out of her voice and face)
Armaan: for getting drunk and passing out on you!(trying to judge her reaction, whether she was angry at him or not)
Shilpa: well! That was a surprise! I've never seen you drunk before.
Armaan: I hope I didn't do anything to make you uncomfortable or for me to apologize for!
Shilpa looked into his eyes and for a second all that had transpired between them flashed before her eyes and she thought to herself he doesn't remember anything: why don't you remember?(trying to confirm)
Armaan shrugged and lied trying to understand her: not everything! So wanted to know in your opinion should I be apologizing.
Shilpa didn't know whether to be happy or insulted that he didn't remember their interlude: no! you don't need to apologize.(when he waited for her to continue she added) nothing happened that was untowardly(and hoped she didn't blush when she lied)
Armaan continued to look at her with an unreadable expression making shilpa uncomfortable. She changed the subject: actually I wanted to tell you something also (she described the nightmare she had)
Armaan: do you recognize the man?
Shilpa shook her head: I honestly don't know! Who he was ? I mean he might've been someone I've  known but I can't be sure.
Armaan: when the dream started what were you feeling?
Shilpa: well initially it was a good dream, I was dreaming about you! (then stopped as she realized what she had just said)
Armaan couldn't help but feel the satisfaction curl inside his belly but continued : so your dream started with someone you trust and ended one someone you feared. I think you need to talk to muskaan she is better at understanding the cryptic world of dreams.
Shilpa nodded and sighed in relief when armaan didn't comment on her slip up. As they were about to go down armaan stopped her: I owe you a gift!
Shilpa looked quizzically at him: whatever for?
Armaan smiled devilishly: for the shirt I ruined last night!
Shilpa felt her face go red and her mouth drop open: you remember!
Armaan's eyes blazed with desire: every detail!
Shilpa swallowed: but you asked if you needed to apologize.
Armaan pulled her closer but kept distance between their bodies: I asked in your opinion did I do anything for which I needed to apologize but you said no.
Shilpa was totally flabbergasted: I … I …
Armaan smiled and placed a finger on her lips to stop her from saying anything: don't ! its alright! I couldn't help it either (drawing her closer and getting lost in her eyes) I still can't help myself.
But looking at the emotions swirling in her beautiful eyes decided to rein himself: but the next time we are together I intend to be sober and to finish what is started.(making shilpa stand there with her mouth agape while he walked down the stairs whistling a happy tune).


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