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Part 13 : Dard Na Jaane Koi (An AR FF)

2 Years later

Riddhima moved away from Armaan. She left him, she left the city, she moved to another city and started her new life. She moved to Sydney, where she got to know how life actually worked. Before, her parents would take all the responsibilities, and then after them, it was Armaan. So Riddhima never really had to do anything with the real life. But now, on her own, she not only has to take care of herself, but also of her baby. Her reason to live, her Ahaan. She has to admit, that eventhough he is just one year, he resembled his father very much. Especially his ocean blue eyes and his dimpled smile. 

In her hard time, she found a person who supported her in every single step. The person was Atul Joshi. She lived with him in his own house. The second Atul saw her two years ago in Melbourn on the streets, he knew that this poor sould needed help, and his thoughts came true, as he got to know that she is pregnant. Then he decided to take Riddhima in, he instantly loved her as his own little sister.

At first Riddhima was against the thought to live with Atul, but then he persuaded her to live with him. So unwillingly Riddhima accepted, as she knew that she would need help, to survive with her child. So, she moved in with him, but insisted to work for him in his company. Since then Riddhima was the official secretary of Atul Joshi. A very famous businessman in Sydney.

Armaan on the other hand, cut all the contacts with every single person in his life. He even fired Daisy, so he wouldn’t have to see her sympathic face towrrds him. It was just him and his work. His business reached new peaks in those 2 years. But the sad part was, that he was not even in contact with his own parents. He did not want to hear anything from them, as he knew, that the guilt will eat him up eventually. He even through Sid out of his house and made sure, that he would never ever come back. But to be honest, he even forgot how to live without Riddhima, everything changed as soon as she left him. Still the pain was fresh in his heart. He could not imagine that Riddhima would cheat on him, but those pictures showed something else.

He even forgot how to sleep, he is suffereing form insomnia since Riddhima left. He forgot what it is, to sleep without taking sleeping pills. Or getting drunk every single night, so that he could get Riddhima out of his mind, and sleep peacefully. But that peace never came.

Now Armaan thought it was high time to visits his companies in others states. To know how is business is going, and to get his mind of Riddhima, once for a while.

Atul was sitting in his office as he got a E-Mail by his Boss aka Cousin-Brother, that he was coming to check upon him and the business going on. And he needs someone to show him around and take care of his needs. Someonw who would be always there for him.

Atul called Riddhima in his office.

R: Atul, aapne bulaya.
At: Haa Riddhima, actually mera boss aka cousin-brother aa raha hai. Yaha pe sab kuch check karne. Wo apna business expand karna chahta hai, lekin us se pehle, he want to control everything personally. to me chahta hu ke jab tak wo yaha pe hai, tab tak tum sirf uska dhyaan rakho. Uske rehne ka, uske khane peene ka. Uske kapro ka. Basiclly sab kuch. Me chahta hu ke tum uske saath 24 hours raho. Usko kisi bhi cheez ki kami nahi honi chahiye. Wo ek bohot moddy person hai. Aur gusse ka bohot tez hai. So he might be difficult.
R: Atul, aapko lagta hai ke me yeh kar paungi.
At: of course kar paogi, warna me tumhe yeh kyu kehta.
R: Lekin Ahaan.
At: Aree, tum mere Rajkumar ki fikar mat karo. Uska dhyaan me rakhunga. Acutlly jab mera cousin aayega, to wo yeh cabin dekhega, aur jab tak wo yaha pe hoga, tab tak me off le lunga aur Ahaan ke saath time spent kar lunga.
R: thank you so much Atul, aapne bohot kuch kiya hai mere liye. Me aapke ehsaan kabhi nahi bhula paungi.
At: Pagal, behne bhi kabhi bhaiyo ka shukriya ata karti hai kya?

Atul came and hugged Riddhima. Riddhima smiled at him.

R: aacha Atul, tumhara cousin kab aa raha hai? Wo rahe ga kaha pe?
At: uske rehne ki fikar mat karo, uska yaha pe apna ek appartment hai, lekin shayad tumhe uske sath late night tak rehna pade, because of work. Wo aaj shaam tak aa jayega. Aacha, yeh lo uski ghar ki keys.
R: keys?
At: Tumhe uske liye khana arrange karna hoga, and uske clothes and all. Aur kuch files bhi uske ghar le jana. Jaha tak mujhe pata hai, wo aaj se hi work karna shuru kar dega.
R: Atul kya me us se pehle ghar jaa sakti hu? Ahaan ke pas?
At: of ocourse riddhima, me bhi bas ghr hi jaa raha tha. Chalo saath me chalet hai.

They boht left the building, toghther in Atuls car. Atul insisted that Riddhima would drive with him in his car. As soon as the reached home, Riddhima could already hear her baby. His baby voice is like melody in her ears. She rushed over to the house lady and took Ahaan in her arms. She hugged him and he hugged her back with his tiny hands.

R: Hey baby, look, Mamma is back. Kaisa tha mera Baby.

He answered her with his babywords. Riddhima hugged him back even more tightly. Atul came and took Ahaan out of Riddhimas arms. He through him in the air and then caughts him again. Ahaan giggled at this and started to laugh. Atul kissed his check.

At: Mera Rajkumaar.

Then Atul gave him back to Riddhima, who then moved to her room, to breastfeed him. Then she spend some quality time with him, before leaving him with atul, and moving to his cousins house. Before that she went grocery shopping, to make him some dinner. As soon as she entered the house, her breath got stuck in her throat. She felt him. Its as if he is here. She smelt his smell. And the only word escaped her mouth, which came to her mind.

R: Armaan…

She looked around in the house, everything looked so dark and expensive. Pushing her thoughts aside, she moved to the kitchen and started to cook. After cooking, she put the food in the microwave and the rest in the fridge. then she searched the bedroom and was surprised to see the cupboard with full of clothes. She took out some compfy pyjamas and put them on his bed, next to a towel. then she also placed those files on his beds. She went down and sat on the couch. The only left was waiting for Atuls cousin to arrive. Meanwhile she called Atul, to talk with Ahaan.

At: Ha, Riddhima?
R: Atul, wo mera Ahaan se baat karne ka dil kar raha tha.
At: hahah aacha ek minute me deta hu usko. Aacha Suno, Mera cousin aa gaya hai, Me usko airport pe mil chuka hu. As always wo akela rehna chahta hai. So me yeh keh raha hu, ke wo bas kuch waqt me aa jayega.
R: Atul…
At: Don’t worry Riddhima, tumhe us se darne ki zaroorat nahi hai. Wo bahar se bohot sakht dikhta hai, lekin wo Dil ka bohot soft hai. dont worry. Aur agar usne tumhe zyaada tang kiya na, to phir tum mujhe sirf call kar dena, me uski class le lunga.
R haha theek hai.
At: aacha yeh lo, tum Ahaan se baat kar lo.

Atul gave the phone to Ahaan. Riddhima smiled hearing his voice.

R: Hey baby, kaise ho aap? Me aapko bohot zyaada miss kar rahi hu.

She heard his baby replies.

R: Aap Atul Mamu ko zyaada tang mt karna, unki saari baate man na. I miss you baby.

She heard in the background Atuls voice, telling Ahaan to say I love you to her. Riddhima smiled. She was so lucky to get person like Atul as her brother.

R: I love you too baby. Me bohot jald wapis aa jaungi.

As soon as Riddhima said those words, she heard the door shut with a loud thud. Scared, she turned around and got a big shock. She could not believe her eyes, infront of her was Armaan.

After Atul received him at the airport, armaan wanted to drive to his house. Atul informed him, that his secretary will take care of every need of Armaan. He was curious about that secretary. Soon he reached his house, and opened the door with his keys. There he saw a lady sitting on the couch, busy on her phone. He recognised her voice. that’s her, that’s Riddhima, his Riddhima. the one who betrayed him.

As he heard her saying “ I Love You” over the phone, its like he lost all his patience. He slammed the door shut, making Riddhima aware of his presence. As she turned around he could see the shock plastered on her face.

R: Armaan…
A: What a pleasant surpise Mrs. Riddhima Armaan Mallik
R: Its Riddhima, sirf Riddhima.
A: fine with me. I hope ke Atul ne tumhe tumahra kaam bata diya hoga. Me bohto thak ke aaya hu, I want to take a shower.
R: Armaan tumhare kapre…
A: Its Sir for you Ms. Riddhima.

Armaan said with a cold bossy voice, making a shiver run down Riddhimas back.

R: sorry Sir, aapke kapre tayar hai, mene aapke bed pe rakh diye hai. Aapka khana bhi tayar hai, microwave me hai. Me jau.

Riddhima hurriedly took her bag and wanted to leave. She just reached to doorknop, as she suddenly felt his presence behind her. His body pinned hers to the door and Riddhima gasped for air. Armaan whispered in her ears.

A: don’t even think about it.

Riddhima closed her eyes, hearing his husky voice. She hated her body, which instantly reacted to his voice. Finally Armaan stepped back, and Riddhima turned around to face him.

A: jaha tak mujhe pata hai Ms. Riddhima, Atul ne aapko asign kiya hia, 24 hours mere saath rene ke liye. Mera khayal rakhne ke liye. Aap nahi jaa jaa sakti.
R: sorry sir.
A: good, now follow me to my room.
R: jee?
A: I don’t like to repeat myself Riddhima.

Then Armaan left to his room, Riddhima right behind him. She felt so uneasy, going to his bedroom with him. It just felt so intimate with him. She was just taking mini steps towards his room. As soon as she was fully inside, Armaan closed the door, locking it, making riddhimas eyes widen in horror.

A: What? Any Problem Ms. Riddhima.

Riddhima kept quit. she just looked down at the floor. Armaan was looking at her intensly. How could she do that to him, he really thought, that she was different. That she would be trustworthy. That she would be his soulmate, but she cheated on him, and that also with his own brother. How could she even do that. How could she be so cruel, even after knowing his past.

Armaan then took off his Shirt infornt of her, and throw it at her feets, making Riddhima gasp.

A: look at me…

Riddhima shook her heads. This time his voice was much more demanding and cold.

A: I said look at me Riddhima…

She looked up at him, and could see those emotions running in his eyes. The same with Armaan, as soon as she looked him in the eye, he completely lost his control. It was like, she is still possessing him. Armaan then moved towards her. He took a step forward and Riddhima took a step backwards. Soon her knees touched the bed, that’s when she put her hands forward.

R: please stop…

she wanted to say it out loud, but it only came as a whisper or more like a moan. Armaan smirked, seeing that his precense still affected her. He bend down, and Riddhima closed her eyes. Armaan then grabbed the towel on the bed, and moved to the bathroom. But before going inside he turned around and looked at riddhima with hatered in his eyes.

A: next time, make sure, ke tum apne Aashiq ke saath, apne pyaar ka izhaar, mere ghar me na karo.

With that he slammed the door shut, and Riddhima got wide eyes with horror. He still thought that she would do something like that. she sunk on the floor as finally the tears left her eyes. She clutched her heart, as it was paining nd crying too much.

R: I hate you Armaan, I hate you soo much. Lekin phir bhi, aaj bhi mera Dil sirf tumse Mohabbat karta hai. Bohot Mohabbat karta hai.

Inside the washroom, Armaan closed the door and rested his back on the door. He closed his eyes, thinking how hard it was for him, to control himself, and not to throw Riddhima right there on the bed and have his way with her. Punish her for cheating on him, to make crazy and rough love with her, so she wont be able to move or to walk ever again away from him. Her words “ I love you too baby” keep repeating in his mind. He sunk on the floor and put his head on his hands.

A: I hate you Riddhima, I hate you much. Lekin is sab ke baad bhi, mera dil tumhara naam dhadak raha hai. Mera Dil aaj bhi tumse Mohabbat karta hai. Beintehaa Mohabbat.

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