Wednesday, 13 December 2017

PART - 13 : I want you to hate me

Intercom : "Dr. Rahul Grewal.. report to dr. keerti immediately.."

Ra : "chal beta rahul… marney ke liye taiyaar ho ja.."

He got up nd ran towards dr. keerti's office.. all other also followed him n waited outside dr. keerti's office..

Ni : "muski yaar.. kiya kya hain tuney??"

Mu : "sshh…"
muski cut her in between nd eavesdropped on the door..

Dr. keerti inside the room.. "what the hell is this dr. Rahul…?? How can u be so careless??"

Rahul gulped the saliva in fear at once nd prayed all gods which he knws in heart.. "iss chudail ne ek simple sa dare ko kuch zyada hi seriously le liya yaar.. aab mera kya hoga!!.. I juz hope dr. hitler dusn't throw me out of sanjeevani now.. oh god.. plz bacha lo.. kis janam ka badla le rahe ho yaar.. i promise main poora ka poora dharmik ban jayunga.. pooja bhi karunga.. prasad bhi khayunga.. par aaj bacha lena god, plz.."

rahuls's chain of thoughts broke wen dr. keerti threw a file in front of him on the table harshly..
Poor rahul became startled nd looked at the file, thn at dr. keerti, thn back at the file.. he is completely clueless about the happenings…

"open" dr. keerti literally barked nd rahul closed his eyes at once.. "muski ki bachchi,.. chodunga nhi tujhey.. ek baar iss hitler se bach jayuun fir dikhata hoon tujhey main.." rahul cursed muskaan more..

"I said open the file.." dr. keerti is literally loosing her calm now.. well… is this any news?? When does she really kp her calm!! Anyways, rahul took the file slowly nd his eyes literally popped out of his socket seeing the data inside..

"wat d bl**** hell is this!!" he thought nd anger rose within his nerves.. muski seriously crossed a limit this time..

"now tell me dr. rahul.. wat should I do?? Should I throw u outside sanjeevani?? or should i cancel ur license of being a medical student??" rahul looked at her quickly aghast..

"maam.. plzz.. it's not my.." but he was cut short by her.. "dn't u dare to lie to me.." she threatened dangerously nd he stopped.. "wat d hell do u think u r into?? Any self made business?? Where u r d boss nd u hve full ri8 to destroy ur forefather's money??" rahul bowed dwn his head without hving any other option..

"do u hve any idea how costly dat new MRI machine was?? Have u saw the amount properly??" rahul dint say anything .. juz stood spot-rooted..

"how can u be so careless dr. grewal?? How can u switch on the machine leaving ur metal bracelet there.." she shouted nd nxt she threw his bracelet to him..

"ohh sh*t… damn muskaan.. u shouldn't hve stolen my bracelet…" he cursed her when he remembered how muski was praising his bracelet wen he was putting it safe in his locker in d morning..

"care to explain dr. grewal?? Well… I dnt think after this much of carelessness u'll b a doctor anymore.."

"maam.. plsshh… listen to me once, maam.."

"if I cut ur whole year's nd future years salary, still u won't be able to repay d damage.. forget damage..  do u hve any idea how much difficulties authority faced to bring this spcl equipment from abroad??"

While poor rahul was having hard time inside, all were shocked like hell outside..
"wat d hell is this muskaan??" armaan asked greeting his teeth controlling his anger..

"r u mad muski?? It was juz a game?? Do u realize wat u did?? U pushed his carrier in stake damn it.." anjali shouted at her..

"sshh…" nikki calmed her down as dey are juz outside dr. keerti's office nd if she hears dem, dey will b in real trouble too as she is truly not in good mood… but thnx to their stars, dr. keerti was too mad at rahul to hear anything else..

"tujhey aisa nhi karna chahiye tha muskaan.." atul said softly..

"har cheez ki ek limit hoti hain muskaan.. nd u've crossed it today.." armaan said in disgust..

"guys.. plz.. look at her.." abhi's concerned voice drew every one's attention.. she was crying!!! Muskaan chadda was crying!!! All were shocked.. as they never ever think of this brave, crazy, big-mouth, lill stupid gal to cry actually.. all melted seeing her in tears... she is not bad but yess.. mad of course.. wen it cums to fun, she actually forgets everything in the flow...

"babaji ki kasam.. aisa hoga mainey socha hi nhi tha.. tum logo ko toh pata hain na kuch soch samajh ke kaam nhi karti main.. masti mazak mein merey dhyaan mein hi nhi aya ke aisa bhi ho sakta hain… main abhi andar jake sab sach bata dungi maam ko.."  muskaan said in a guilty yet determined voice nd strted to go inside but anji stopped her pulling her hand..

"aur fir tu kya karegi?? Tujhey lagta hain sach sunney ke baad maam tujhey koi chnce denge??" nikki asked softly wiping her tears but muski juz broke dwn in her arms crying hysterically..

Nd wth ds there prevailed an unknwn silence… all r tensed.. wat to do.. things has really worsened now… dey never thought juz a mere game will put them in this big trouble..

But before they could think any thing they found riddhima knocking dr. keerti's door asking for entrance.. all were shocked.. but quickly hid behind the nearby pillar anyway…

kr : "come in.."

ri : "maam.."

kr : "yes dr. riddhima??"

ri : "can I talk to u plz?? Alone??"

Keerti's ears stood up feeling the pleading in her voice nd quickly looked at her wth questioning eyes… nd she muttered a soft 'plz'… dr. keerti sighed nd looked at dr. rahul.. "tomorrow sharp at 11AM at conference room.. not a minute late.. got it??"

He nodded nd left glancing at riddhima once…

kr : "kya hua riddhi??"

ri : "need to talk to u di… but not here.. all r outside… can u meet at Amma's place tonight.. plzz??"

kr : "sure.. par.."

Riddhima juz shushed her placing her hands over hers nd indicated the closed door behind her wth her eyes.. keerti understood nd nodded in assurance..

Riddhima came out of her cabin nd found all eyeing at her curiously except abhi of course.. actually, they didn't able to hear anything as both dr. keerti nd riddhima were unusually slow.. so, they juz wanna knw why she went to meet hitler all of a sudden..

"wat??" riddhima asked wth her attitude raising her one eye brow nd demanded them to open their mouths but before anyone can speak, she juz ignored dem saying.. "whatever.." nd turning to abhi she asked.. "ghar chaley??"

Abhi looked at her amused..  as he knws wat 'ghar' means to her.. she nvr mentioned her bunglow as her house rather it's his house wat is her 'home'… riddhima understood his questioning eyes nd replied coolly being well aware of her surroundings…
"lift dega??"

Abhi  nodded in yes nd went to bring his bike keys.. where all other also went to locker room to tke their belongings before leaving for their respective houses…

soon all are in parking area..

"okk guys.. byee thn.." anji said.. "nd rahul, tu darna mat.. we all r here wth u.. sab thik ho jayega..hum kal sab sach bata denge.. jo hoga we'll face together..okk??" anji assured him..

"yes.. anji is ri8.. dnt be afraid yaar... we all are responsible for this mess... nd we'll face it together.." armaan assured him side hugging rahul friendly..

"par guys.. it was my fault only.." muski started guiltily but armaan indicated her to shush as he felt rahul getting stiffened in anger and he truly dnt want rahul to blast on muskaan making everything worse dan before..

"par armaan.." muski tried again but nikki stopped her squeezing her hands tightly nd unwillingly muski stopped.. she juz wanted to apologize to rahul but may be it's not the right time.. may be she doesn't deserve a mercy this time..

"rahul.. kuch nhi hoga yaar.. hum sab hain,na.." atul, too, supported him and all felt proud of their champ once again.. he was not at fault at all, moreover, he was in most need of this internship.. still he is being such a true friend... rahul who was soo angry juz a minute before, after hearing atul, juz hugged him tightly... he is such a sweetheart... "no champ.. kisi ko kuch nhi hoga.. i'll fulfill my dare.." rahul said the wrd 'dare' sarcastically giving muskaan a silent slap... she trembled in guilt while her eyes welled up again.. nikki, who was holding her hand, massaged it soothingly to calm her down.. muski looked at her pleadingly nd nikki assured in whisper.. "sab thik ho jayega.. abhi wohh bahut gussa hain.. baad mein hum sab ussey baat karenge,okk??" muski nodded nd looked at rahul again..

"are u mad?? dekh main itna bhi kamzor nhi ke apney frnd ko mushkil mein chod ke chala jayun.. sanjeevani nhi toh koi aur hospital sahi.. par ek baar dosti karli, toh peechey nhi hatta main.." atul said hugging rahul soothingly nd wth this everyone became emotional...

"love u champ.. u r my best frnd.." rahul said in whisper in between his tears.. nd thn he broke d hug nd cleared his eyes...

"so.. kal 10:45 AM ko hum sab locker room mein milenge nd we'll face the authority together.." armaan asked nd all nodded in yes but only one broke the silence by her casual voice..
"except me.."

all turned to see the traitor... nd guess who the person is.. it's none other than their super model cum miss arrogant... dr. riddhima gupta..

muski felt her temper rose... same happened wth other gals... atul juz shook his head disapprovingly while rahul felt nothing.. is anyone left?? oh yess.. armaan!! well.. he juz kept on staring at her blankly, being lost in numerous contradictory thoughts.. did he heard her correctly?? did she actually said a 'no'?? no.. she can't do this.. she is not like wat she pretends to be.. his heart can't b wrong... or is it??

but before armaan could think more, riddhima said.. "i think i should leave now.. abhi?? (he came bck to his senses nd looked at her)... chalein??"
all looked at abhi feeling disgusted at his choice.. how can one lyk abhi be wth her?? abhi felt all r staring at him nd he said at once... "i'm wth u all guys.. it's riddhi's personal decision... nd we both nvr interfere in each other's space"...

all sighed... he truly deserve better.. much better dan this arrogant supermodel.. they dnt understand why he is destroying his life choosing her... but dat's wat love is.. isn't it?? blind nd crazy... all felt bad for abhi nd nodding in assurance they bid him bye nd in return he promised to catch thm tomoro on time..

Abhi left wth riddhima on his bike while armaan juz kpt on looking at them until they r out of his vision.. this gal again messed every equation he set in his mind.. again he is lost in his thought... is she really this much of selfish?? he was still trying to figure out wat had happened a few minutes ago wen he heard atul's voice who 1st expressed his thoughts about riddhima...

"i wish this one year completes soon nd we dnt need to tolerate this gal anymore.."

nd with dat armaan turned his head at his direction at once nd looked at him blankly... as if atul read his eyes nd replied honestly.. "yes armaan... now i also HATE her.."



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