Friday, 15 December 2017

PART - 14 : I want you to hate me

"armaan.. sab thik hoga na??" muski asked hopefully as well as meekly..
"hope so.." he assured her forcing a smile..

They all r outside conference room's 10:55AM.. 5minutes more nd d meeting will strt.. god knows wat they will do.. god knws wat B.O.D s will do?? Will dey give dem a chnce?? Will dey
understand dem from the p.o.v of a bunch of young interns' they were at their age once.. will they remember dat before drawing any conclusion?? hope so!! But is dere actually any hope?? Armaan has huge doubt.. although he stayed brave, calm n composed, but only he knws wat storm is going inside his heart n mind.. it's about their future.. they studied really hard during all those years to grab this opportunity nd now a stupid game changed every thing.. EVERY THING!!! Nd dat too for worse only.. god!! plz plz save us.. plzz.. armaan prayed silently in heart.. same did others as well.. no one expressed their fear thinking about the nxt person, they all tried their best to act normal but.. they all r nervous.. very very nervous..

"dnt wrry buddy.. sab thik hoga.." abhi said placing a hand on armaan's right shoulder showing an understanding nd genuine smile..
"hmm.." armaan nodded positively returning his smile..
"tujhey darr nhi lag raha??" atul asked in whisper as boys are lill away frm gals nd dey dnt want thm to knw dat how tensed dey are actually unless d gals will strt panicking too.. nd dat won't do any good now..
"lag toh raha hai par I've this strong feeling ki hum log bach jayenge.." abhi said assuringly..
"hum bachey ya na bachey par tu zaroor bach jayega.. teri di hain na hitler? aur upar se trustee ki beti teri GF hain.. tujhey kya hoga??" rahul said quite bitterly..
"rahull'" armaan shushed him.. nd thn turning to abhi he apologized on b half of him.. "srry abhi.. he didn't mean it.. truly.. u knw hw he has been feeling from yesterday, ri8?? He's too mad at muskaan nd also very much nervous.. plz dnt mind yaar.." armaan tried his best so dat anoth rift won't occur now.. they hve to be toghtr' nd he won't allow any more misundrstndng in their group.. alrdy rahul n muskaan hving cold war now.. actually its war frm rahul's side only as muskaan's state is really vulnerable from yesterday.. her eyes are still swollen n red declaring how much she has been crying cursing herself feeling extremely guilty.. she is truly good at heart.. juz lill childish.. well.. lill is an understatement though.. she is very childish.. armaan sighed helplessly but his thoughts broke by abhi's voice..
"tujhey clarification deney ki zaroorat nhi hain ammy.. I can understand rahul's situation completely.." abhi paused nd armaan really felt proud of hving such an understanding n mature frnd.. he is d one who's alwaz calm n composed.. nvr he took any decision in haste.. he knws how to control his mind n heart.. a man of strong will n self control.. truly appreciable.. armaan thought n smiled at abhi thankfully..
Abhi nodded understandingly nd thn turning to rahul he said with lots of unexplainable emotion.. "trust me buddy.. agar unhey kisi ek ho saza dena hoga na.. they will hurt me only.." rahul looked at him at once.. confusion written all ovr his face.. same goes wth atul n armaan..
"kya matlab??" armaan asked in curiosity nd astonishment..
Abhi sighed deeply.. "nothing.."
But atul came with his thoughtful explanation.. "are dey against u nd ridz?? I mean B.O.D mein uskey family membr toh zaroor honge.. mainly her father.."
But his wrds was broke by abhi's genuine smile.. "long story champ.. tu nhi samjhega.."
Atul nodded his head timidly.. although he didn't undrstnd d meaning behind it but he is a true gentleman.. he dusnt interfere in sum1's prsonl lyf when dat persn himself is not cmfortble in sharing d matter.. he respcts abhi's space n hence he sealed d matter..
But some one's curiosity juz rose hearing him.. wat is there dat abhi n ridz knw but no1 else dusn't.. he truly wanna knw every detail which is related to HER.. becoz'

but before armaan could conclude his ever confusing feelings the conference hall door opened by dr. keerti nd she asked all to come.. all straightened at once.. nervousness again strted gripping their mind.. making their heart beats erratic.. breathings heavy.. all prayed nd entered d room.. nd stood in a queue' in front of d conference table.. bowing dwn their head guiltily except abhi.. whose gaze meet to the main B.O.D nd she smirked wolfishly signaling him dat there is surely no mercy spclly wen he is there.. abhi felt disgusted nd looked at other B.O.D s' all r busy in some discussion.. he looked at his di.. who nodded her head side ways being completely helpless making abhi sigh in disapproval.. he knew ds.. wat he could expect from HER?? He is such a '' anyways, he looked side ways controlling his fury nd found all innocent souls standing extremely anxious nd nervous.. he thn looked downward to check his wrist watch.. 11:17AM.. "where r u riddhi?? Where r u??" he thought but his thoughts broke wen the main B.O.D member strted speaking..

"care to explain INTERNS??"
She said d last wrd in some taunting manner directly looking at abhi.. then smiling sugary sweet way, she asked..
"is it true wat u all confessed to dr. keerti today morning?? Was it really a game?? Aahh.. wat d name of d game was.." she acted to think but muski answered meekly.. "truth n dare maam.."
She looked at her at once smiling widely.. "yeah ri8.. u kids play so many games.. aren't u?? I wonder from where do u get ideas of these games??"
"who maam' actually.. we r '. Wr r really so.." niki's wrds were cut by her sugary tone again.. "it's okkk.. I can understand.." all beamed hearing her hoping for a hope!!.. excpt abhi who was greeting his teeth dangerously trying not to blast on HER' "dnt be.. u all r not kid anymore.. I guess u knw wat u did.. don't u??" her questn made dem hell confused.. is she being kind or sarcastic?? Are dey gonna get a chnce or thrownnn... but before their thoughts can get wrds she herself made it crystal clear for dem.. "u all r true bunch of joyful kids.. so, I guess it's better if u all go n become any RJ or Actor or Singer or anthing dat won't sntch ur liveliness from u' it'll be truly injustice if I allow u all to be rotten here in dis prison of disciplines n rules for at least nxt one year.. so, I suggest it'll be best if I expel u ALL.." she concluded sweetly fixing her wandering gaze on abhi at last..
"but maam.." mr. sinha tried to say something but she cut him..
"dat's final mr. sinha.. I dnt think there is any need of reconsideration.."
"but maam.. dnt u think we should wait for'." But she cut him furiously ds tym..
"I DON'T think so.. in fact, I can throw them alone if any other B.O.D dusnt agree to me.. dnt forget I hold the max share.." she said proudly but her pride was challenged d very nxt moment as d door of the conference room flung open nd an challenging as well as confident voice asked her..

"really mrs. Gupta??" she looked at the source quickly only to find her wth one of ger triumphant as well as mischievous smile which did nothing but boiled mrs. gupta's blood' but she controlled her anger trying hard not to create any scene..
the other gal entered d room leisurely yet wth full attitude drawing attention of each pair of eyes.. ohh she's such a personality.. attention n she are juz two sides of a coin!!.. "good morning maam.." B.O.D s greeted her nd dat only made mrs. Gupta more furious..
"good morning every one.." she greeted smilingly nd thn took a seat juz infront of mrs. gupta's seat nd asked again with her trade-mark attitude.. plastering a challenging smile..
"u didn't tell me mrs. Gupta.. from wen u started staying under illusions??"
Dat was enuf to break mrs. gupta's self control..
"riddhimaa.. dnt u dare.."
But riddhima cut her crunching her eye brows facing no-so-approving face.. "I guess u, urself, told me dat u nvr mix personal relations to business.. didn't u?? (pause) so' it's MISS GUPTA for u mrs. Gupta.." riddhima said straightening herself..
"come dwn.. u've high b.p alrdy.." riddhima replied coolly..
She huffed nd settled herself on her seat..

"so gentlemen.. should we start now??" riddhima asked nd all nodded n tried to supply her giving all information which she didn't listen to actually as she knws every thing alrdy.. on d othr hand mrs. Gupta was juz engaged her face in d file trying hard to control her anger.. riddhima raised her gaze as all r standing juz d othr side of table ' as expctd dey all r highly shocked!! Rather shock is an understatement.. mainly muskaan.. her face is hung open.. eyes wide nd face complete blank' she scrutinized all nd thn looked at abhi who sighed relaxingly.. riddhima couldn't hlp but blink her eyes to assure him nd also muttered a silent "relax.." he nodded nd smiled finally.. thn her gze got fixed on armaan.. but where is he?? he was lost.. completely lost in her.. she smiled mentally.. this man becomes really influenced by her presence.. she will hve to do sumthing but till thn let's hve sum fun.. she thought nd as soon as her devil mind geared up, she winked at him bringing him back from his thoughts.. but d next moment wat she thought was a huge shock.. although she, herself, didn't notice wat she thought but it was really something worth of being noted!! she actually wanted to go n pull his cheeks as she found his expression was too cute to digest.. lill shocked.. lill embarrassed.. lill hopeful.. nd lill satisfaction.. this very mixture of emotions made him too cute n adorable.. aww.. he's such a swthrt.. she thought nd couldn't hlp but smile at him assuringly.. nd his face lit up seeing her gesture.. she smiled at him.. at him??? So dat he dusn't get nervous' oh god.. she cares for HIM??  He became ecstatic wth ds new revelation.. but his sudden excitement got interrupted as soon as she heard mrs. Gupta..

"I guess.. there is no need to waste more time as it's crystal clear.. they are guilty.. nd it's not a joke.. dey actually destroyed the new machine.. which was brought from abroad.. nd being d trustee I won't bear ds loss.. so, dey deserve punishment.. nd I guess i alrdy stated my decision.."
She concluded looking at riddhima meaningfully..
Riddhima juz shook her head side ways.. typical mrs. gupta!! but nxt moment she announced.. "but I WILL give dem a chance.." she said calmly yet firmly..
"nd who d hell u're?? a share holder of minor 20% ??" she spat her wrds to riddhima very bitterly.. her resistance was breaking... "and I posses 40%.. nvr forget that.."
Every one in d group who thought there's a hope lost it again.. god!! wat will hppn to dem nw?? will dey be actually thrwn out?? They panicked' except armaan.. who was juz admiring riddhima.. he knws she will save dem.. god knws y.. but he has full faith in her.. so, he didnt panicked juz stood calmly scrutinizing her...
"I think u've left d habit of updating ur memory... i guess i should advise ur P.A to update ur memory besides updating data in ur p.c.." mrs. Gupta looked at her scandalized.. "wat do u mean??" she asked doubtfully making riddhima smile wickedly.. she got up nd extended her hand to her.. "meet new trustee of this hospital mrs. Gupta.."


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