Sunday, 17 December 2017

PART - 15 : I want you to hate me

"wat do u mean??" mrs. Gupta asked horrified nd riddhima smirked seeing her expression' oh!! how much she loves this expression of her.. Riddhima withdrew her extended hand nd said devilishly.. "I thought u r good in English.. well.. do u want me to translate in hindi??"

"riddhima.. you.." mrs. Gupta got up from her seat nd pointed her index finger at her in anger..

"later.." she winked at her nd thn  turned to other B.O.D s.. "thnk u gentle men for waiting for me.. I really wanted to disclose it all by myself.." riddhima paused a threw a triumphant glance at mrs. Gupta..

"so.. now as I, myself, own 53% of shares.. besides there are mr. sinha nd mr. oberoy in my favor.." she paused nd turned to face mrs. Gupta who is still confused like hell.. riddhima's tone clearly depicts dat she's not messing wth her thn how?? how can be this possible.. riddhima owned 20% only.. wat had hppened in between dat she dusn't knw.. 53%?? oh my goodness.. no.. she can't let riddhima win.. this hospital is her weakness.. nd she loves owning it torturing her more.. mrs. gupta was trying hard to solve this riddle wen she heard riddhima's taunting voice..

"it would be best if u kp an eye on ur darling son.. because he is the one who made me the new ruling trustee.." mrs. Gupta asked at once in complete disbelief.. "Vicky??"

riddhima smiled widely.. "yes.. ur good-for-nothing son.. well.. actually he is too good for ruining ur reputation, isn't he??.. btw, plz pass him my heartiest thank u wen u meet him.. aftr all without him it wasn't possible.."

riddhima paused intentionally making mrs. gupta's blood boil.. "oh cut the crap nd spat d truth you... (she was so furious)... wat did u do wth him?? he can't give it to u.. i knw dat.. tell me riddhima.. wat did u do??"

but riddhima didn't reply juz enjoyed her restlessness..
"if u did any harm to him thn better pray to all gods u knw.. bcoz i won't.." but riddhima cut her in between wth her bitter tone.. "not every one is inhuman like u.."

with this there prevails a killing silence.. mrs. gupta kpt on staring at her wth fury nd riddhima felt disgusted seeing her in front of her eyes.. soon riddhima clamed herself nd recollecting her attitude she strted..
"i didn't do anything to ur vicky.. he willingly sold ur shares to''.. (pause.. she looked at mrs. gupta who raised her one brow demanding an ans. nd riddhima smiled too sweetly to mke her disgusted)''.. to mr. singhania.. nd well.. before u ask who he is nd why he isn't here in my place.. thn''.. (pause.. riddhima smiled sweeter dan before)''.. thn I think u're ds much of smart dat u cn undrstnd dat he was juz a puppet of''' (pause...thn she winked at mrs. gupta giving her d clue of her incomplete sentence nd in return mrs. gupta juz fisted her palms in anger)''' (thn wth harsh bitterness riddhima started)'.. is it wat u call an ideal son?? Who used his power of attorney juz for some liquid money to shave off the loss he had in his last gamble?? Nd thn u proudly say others dat dey dnt deserve to be called ur husband's blood.." riddhima became too furious all of a sudden remembering the bitter life she has been leading from her childhood.. 

abhi looked hoorifed hearing riddhima.. things are not going in correct direction.. he felt urgent need to go n control her as everything is becoming too personal rather being professional.. nd he knws if riddhi says sumthing personal now in anger in front of all, she'll gonna regret it deeply later.. but he couldn't undrstnd wat exctly he can do now.. he felt helpless nd prayed in heart to control d situation..

on d othr hnd, Mrs. Gupta quickly recovered from d shock nd shot back bitterly.. "of course u dnt deserve riddhima.. nd as per Vicky is concerned, he is our only son.. he has full right to use or MISUSE our money n power.."

Riddhima laughed loudly as well as hollowly... "right.." she took deep breathe to control her fast beating heart nd thn turned to other B.O.D s to chnge d topic..
"so, it's settled thn.. all of thm (giving a quick glance to all interns) will get a chnce.. it was juz a mistake nd any one could hve been responsible for dat.. so.."

But mr. malhotra, who was in mrs. Gupta's favor asked.. "but maam.. it was quite a huge loss .. why should we bear it??"

Mrs. Gupta gve him a grateful glance, who nodded in assurance but riddhima was one step ahead to all of them today.. "who said u to bear?? none of u r gonna bear the loss.."

Mrs. Gupta couldn't hlp but asked in curiosity.. "then??"

Riddhima smiled sweetly again nd said.. "I'll bear.. nd plz don't wrry mrs. gupta.. it wasn't dat huge loss dat i'll be bankrupted.. nd moreovr, i feel dat u all r juz exaggerating the amount of loss.. we can manage d damage.. it's truly not dat big.."

Mrs. Gupta couldn't hlp but laughed in complete insulting manner.. "oh my goodness!! U r still a day dreamer riddhima, aren't u?? for ur information honey.. u dnt hve this much of money in ur account.."

Riddhima stayed in tact juz her lips curved into one glorious smile.. "u r getting too old.. u knw dat?? ( pause''. Mrs. Gupta frowned deeply... how could she call her old.. but nxt riidhima got up from her seat nd facing her closely she said..) my dear darling MOM.. (she said mom too mockingly nd sarcastically)' well.. u r forgetting the most imp information here.. (mrs. gupta crunched her eyes in confusion).. if I get this seat.. (pause nd thn crunching her eye brows, blinking her eyes she pretended to think nd thn suddenly she continued in a tone dat was truly evil but sweet).. ooppss!!! Correction.. if HE can give me this seat, don't u think he can give the money too?? After all it's my birthday gft from his side.." she completed triumphantly..

"u r playing wth death riddhima.." her MOM threatened..

"nd u r forgetting AGAIN  I've nothing to lose.. so, who cares.." riddhima's voice was dead cold..

"u'll regret surely.. u nd ur so called boy frnd can't stop me.." her mom said in a determining way..

"really?? u think u can stop HIM?? moreovr, isn't it becoz of him, u r still under control.. i'll advise u not to forget wat he is.."

Her mom took deep breathe nd exhaled dat wth equal force.. "he can't protect u all d tym riddhima.."

"I seriously DON'T care.. u knw  dat too well.. nd FYI, I would like to say dat HE loves me too much.. so, dnt think he'll leave u if any thing happens to me.." riddhima winked nd resumed completing paper wrk wth other trustees' leaving an extremely furious mrs. gupta behind..
Finally every thing is done.. dr. keerti looked at riddhima greatfully nd she returned her genuine adorable smile wth a look plz-no-need-di..
Dr. keerti got d msg nd blinked her eyes smilingly thn turning to her interns she said.. "so.. interns.. u all may leave now.. wait at the nurse station.. I'll be dere in a few minutes.."
All nodded nd left but only after glancing at the riddhima gupta wth pure awe.. now d question dat is in everyone's head is..
wat is this riddhima gupta actually??
it's hell difficult to figure out wat she really is.. so, confusingly all left d conference room in utmost silence..

---------------- to be continued ----------------------

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