Friday, 22 December 2017

part 16: All for your love

after one week arman was recovered and started going hospital. ananya and billy wanted to return delhi as their all works were pending there. they wished to take arman and riddhima with them for some days to introduce them with relatives and friends but arman refused to go as he had taken a long leave for wedding and after that for illness. ananya asked if riddhima would go with them but riddhima refused to go and why,no one dared to ask her. ananya and billy were very upset with riddhima but they didn’t show it and returned delhi with a very bad mood. 

arman continued to stay in his mumma’s room and riddhima was in arman’s room.sapna was very angry on riddhima and stopped to talk to her. arman and his friends started visit dr. shshank’s pune hospital and sometimes arman stayed there at night making excuses. his friends understood everything but they shut their mouth as arman didn’t like to discuss about it. riddhima made herself more introvert and made her world that room only.
but arman’s friends thought to do something and one day when arman was at home,they came there and gifted him a ‘honeymoon tour package”.arman was surprised to see it and then he got angry and asked : “kisne kaha tha tumlogon ko yeh bewkoofi karne ko?”
muski uttered waving hands : “arey,tujhe toh khush hona chahiye,aur tu humey hi chilla raha hai?”
rahul tried to manage : “actually yaar,humne teri shadi me koi gift nahi diya so..
arman uttered angrily : “maine gift manga tha kya?”
muski uttered dancing eyebrows : “gift koi mangta hai kya?”
anjali : “tu humara dost hai arman,aur humara bhi dill karta hai na teri shadi me kuch gift den.”
arman uttered annoyedly : “its ok,par mujhe puchna toh chahiye tha.”
muski frowned : “puchkar gift diya jata hai yeh pahli baar suna.aur tujhe problem kya hai? shadi ke baad sabhi honeymoon par jate hain,tu koi mahan aatma hai kya?”
arman glared her. atul uttered to calm arman : “actually humne pahle se hi yeh planning kar rakhi thi,par tu beemar pad gaya so canceled it.
rahul patted arman’s shoulders and uttered : “chill yaar..nahi chahiye toh hum cancel kar denge.”
arman uttered slowly : “mai waise hi pareshan hun aur tumlog mujhe aur pareshan kar rahe ho,please rahul return this ticket and canceled this package,mujhe koi naya natak nahi chahiye ,mai aisa hi khush hun.”
his friends looked each other.suddenly muskan picked the tickets and uttered : “mai abhi aayi..
before anyone could understand,she came straight riddhima’s room and uttered from the door : “hi riddhima..
riddhima was reading a book,she was surprised to see muskan but didn’t reply. muskan got angry more getting no response.she came in front of riddhima and uttered keeping the tickets on the table : “sorry,hum arman aur tumhe koi gift nahi de paye its your honeymoon tickets.”saying she turned and came out without waiting for riddhima’s reply. at first riddhima got surprised but then she got angry on arman as she thought it was arman’s planning surely.
muskan came in arman’s room and uttered happily : “chalo yaron,kaam ho gaya. i handed over the tickets to riddhima.ab indono ko jo karna hai karey.”
hearing it rahul held his head into palm and uttered : “mare gaye..tu kuch bhi karti rehti hai muski,humey puchkar toh jati.”
muski uttered frowning : “jo kiya sahi kiya maine,ab chal yahan se.”
anjali looked at arman’s confused face and uttered : “haan yaar,hume chalna chahiye.”
they left hurriedly.arman knew riddhima wouldnot take it easily. he let a sigh and made busy himself reading a file but in a while he heard riddhima’s rude voice from door : “yeh sab tumne hi plan kiya tha na?”
arman looked at her once and was about to clarify but his evil mind woke up seeing riddhima’s attitude and he asked calmly : “toh isme galat kya hai? shadi ke baad ye normal hai..tumhe to hairan hona chahiye ki maine abtak is barey me socha kyon nahi.”
riddhima’s eyes burnt with anger. she uttered cheekily : “aur sochna bhi mat...”
saying she came in front of arman, took out the tickets from the envelope and tore it into pieces and turned to go from there. arman,who was looking all these silently,suddenly fumed with anger.he got up quickly and grabbed riddhima’s hand and dragged her to him so fast,she leaned on him but in a while she pushed arman and stepped to go but arman blocked her way and uttered in a harsh voice : “aaj nahi riddhima..aaj tumhe mere sawalon ka jawab dena hoga.”
riddhima got scared in heart as she knew no one at home this time and arman could do whatever he wished but she calmed herself and uttered with same atitude : “mai tumhare kisi bhi sawab ka jawab dene ke liye majbur nahi hun..aur na tum mujhe rok sakte ho.”
Getting this reply arman clenched his jaws and stepped to her..riddhima stepped backward...but arman didn’t stop..riddhima’s back touched the wall..she gasped seeing arman was so close to her...she uttered angrily..”mujhe jane do..”
but arman grabbed her shoulders with his both hands and brought his face to close to her and asked in a husky voice : “aaj tumhe mere har kyon ka jawab dena padega riddhima..aaj tum mujhse bachkar nahi ja sakti...”
riddhima looked at him with horrified face.he was so close,she could feel his hot breathe..she closed her eyes in fear. arman’s eyes stuck on her pink soft lips which were trembling.he couldn’t resist himself to touch it but in a while he tasted a salty water and heard a low,broken,weak voice : “please..leave me...”
arman saw tears were flowing down her eyes constantly where her hands were folded in front of him.he got his sense back and kicked himself mentally. he was not that type of person who takes advantages of anyone’s helplessness. he left her immediately and uttered holding his head : ‘uff!” and dumped on the chair. as soon as arman freed her,riddhima ran from there,banged with the door, fell on the floor,but got up and ran fast like she was a thief and chasing by police.
arman sat like this for sometime,then thought to apolozise for his behaviour.he knew to touch a girl without her permission was absolutely wrong ,even if she was his wife but if she didn’t want,he shouldn’t have do it.he came in riddhima’s room and peeped but his heart sank seeing she was seated on the floor while folding her legs and hiding her face into her knees and sobbing badly.arman didn’t dare to come in but riddhima’s behaviour made him confuse.he had just touched her lips gently and he knew this couldn’t be a big issue for any girl like riddhima.he slipped from there silently but he had to solve this puzzle,which name was riddhima. he had to share everything with someone..but whom?..he didn’t want to make it public. now he had wanted someone who could help him keeping all things secret...and that person was only nikki...his best friend nikita who always helped him to solve problems whenever it came in arman’s life. arman heaved a sigh of relief and mumbled...”nikki...tu hi mujhe help kar sakti hai yaar...mujhe teri jarurat hai..”

love u all

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