Monday, 18 December 2017

PART - 16 : I want you to hate me

All r in nurse station.. all r still in shock.. wat they faced juz a couple of mins ago is still hard to digest.. riddhima gupta, their super model is one of the trustees nd not to forget she is the new ruling trustee.. nd also it's juz bcoz of her they weren't kicked out of sanjeevani today.. nd wat was that mrs nd miss gupta thing.. goshh!! How cn they be mothr n daughter.. which mothr n daughtr share such kind of relationship?? oh god!! so much confusion but no answer.. they felt blank nd stupid..

At : "mujhey abhi tak yakkeen nhi ho raha.. hum bach gaye.. hum sach mein bach gayyee??" atul looked at others hopefully praying in his heart dat it wasn't a dream..
Ra : "haan champ.. we r saved.. thnx to.." rahul paused in confusion.. he is still trying to undrstnd why riddhima saved thm..
Mu : "thnx to dat super model.." muskaan said unknowingly nd got a scolding from armaan..
Ar: "muskaan!!! I think after wat she did for us she deserves to be treated modestly.." armaan's voice made all look at him at once nd finally aftr a few seconds, they all nodded in agreement..
Ni : "yess armaan is right.. riddhima nhi hoti toh pata nhi kya hota.." niki said weakly.. still in daze..
An : "but wat I dnt understand is the conversation between her nd her mother.. (all loked at anji..) I mean guys kaun apni mom se aisey baat karta hain.. (all nodded in confusion..) don't u think she was quite rude.. I mean.." but her voice was cut harshly by abhi's voice who juz came there now..
Ab : "no.. riddhi wasn't rude.." all looked at him in disbelief..
Ni : "abhi .. we knw how much sensitive u r for ridz but she was actually rude yaar.. (abhi tightened his fist controlling his temper.. alrdy mrs. Gupta nd riddhi's chat aftr the meeting made him too furious nd these ppl are doing nothing good to him.. dey r accusing the prsn who saved dem.. damn!!)
Mu : "galat mat samajh yaar.. we knw aaj hum sirf uski wajah se sanjeevani mein hain par tuney shayad suna nhi usney kya kaha.. yeh post uski gft hain who bhi uskey b.f ke taraf se.. abhi yaar she is cheating on u.." muski said helplessly trying to infuse sense in him..
Ab : "agar riddhi ki b.f ne ussey gift kiya hain toh tum logo ko kya prblm hain.. aur jab mujhey koi prob nhi toh i dnt think tum sab ko itna pareshaan hone ki zaroorat hain humarey liye.."
An : "now dat is stupidity abhi.. she is cheating on u nd u.."
Ab : "anji don't.. not today.. I cnt tolr8 any accusation against riddhi now, and as per all of ur concern.. then tell me why will a brother have a problem if his sister got sumthing from her b.f??"
All was stunned to hear abhi's furious voice nd finally his wrds sank inside their brain nd all asked in union with complete disblf.. but it was one spcfic prsn who was shocked beyond his wits nd couldn't hlp but asked most loudly among all.. "what???"
Abhi closed his eyes at once.. god!! he supposed to not to disclose it.. but he has tolerated enuf against riddhi.. dey desrve to knw hw shameful thoughts dey have against dere savior.. yess' dey desrve to knw d truth..
Abhi opened his eyes nd saw  all curious eyes fixed on him waiting impatiently for elaboration.. "she is my sister ammy.. (yes that loudest voice was of armaan's only).. well sagi behen toh nhi.. but much much more dan dat.. wohh tum log kya kehte ho.. yeshh.. I'm her rakhi brother.." abhi paused feeling emotional..
An : "oh my god!! I cnt blve ds.."
Mu : "behen?? Be-he-nn?? Matlab BEHEN???" armaan gve muski a deadly look nd she stopped at once..
Ar : "fir itney din tak kyun nhi kaha tuney abhi jab sab tum dono ko leke kuch aur hi soch rahe the??" his voice was calm nd cold' he can't undrstnd y d hell neithr riddhima nor abhi cleared their wrong thoughts.. oh god!! why every thing related to riddhima is soo confusing..!!!
Abhi looked at him nd was about to say something wen a curt voice from his back replied on b half of him.. "becoz I DON'T like others interfering in my personal stuff.." abhi turned at once knowing the owner of that voice and as expcted found riddhima standing wth an ice cold expression.. their eyes met n abhi looked away feeling guilty blurting out more dan needed infos.. he truly had said a lot.. lot more dan it was necessary.. but did he actually?? Wasn't dey drsrve to knw hw wrong dey are about riddhi?? But how cn he mke her understand.. riddhi will nvr agree to clear all misconceptions.. Abhi thought nd sighed hlplssly.. anyways, he knws riddhi is disappointed wth him now for mking ds blunder.. so,he decided dat he will apology to her surely as he knws he has to mke her undrstnd dat it all went in flow.. he didn't mean to say the truth but it was too much to bear by him at dat moment... nd he's sure riddhi will understnd hm as alwaz..
Riddhima came as usual wth her attitude but there is no smirk on her fce.. her fce is blank.. she stood beside abhi nd glanced at him once.. he is also devastated.. nt much less dan her.. she knws how much sensitive abhi is regrding her.. but now it's nt d ri8 tym.. she'll hndle him later.. now dese ppl are needed to b hndled by her 1st..
"so??" she turned towards armaan nd said coldly.. "dnt u think u guys are too much interested about my life?? Well.. I wonder wat might be d sudden reason of ds extreme curiosity about my personal matters??" thn she turned to muskaan n othr gals.. "gossip?? Oh yess.. spicy juicy gossip.. isn't it wat u gals do all d tym??" her tone is too sarcastic dat muski forgot about her favor nd ready to slap her thn n there but niki n anji held her both hands frm both sides..
Riddhim thn turned to armaan n othr boys nd said in a straight voice.. "look guys.. I truly dnt care whethr u all r thrown out or not!!" there was dead silence now.. she started again.. "tum logo ke rehne na rehne se mujhey sach mein koi fark nhi padta but'" she gave a quick glance at abhi nd started.. "but abhi is juz too stupid nd emotional fool.. he actually agreed to share d blame wth u.. in spite of my long lecture he wanted to hlp u, staking his future!! (pause)' now as u all knw he's my brother nd I can nvr evr allow any scratch to harm him.." at this abhi looked at her admiringly.. true!! So true!! She did lots for him till now.. his vision strted to get blurred but he controlled the tears.. but riddhima kpt on continuing.. "so, thnx him nd ur stars.. ussey bachane ke chakkar mein tum sab bach gayee.. jab ki I , too, feel u (turning to muski) deserved a serious punishment.." muski felt her trembling in anger.. she so wanna hit her.. selfish bi***!! Yes.. dat's she is..
But all indicated muski to control as riddhima is d trustee now' so, it's better not to mess wth her anymore.. so reluctantly muski agreed nd turned her face away..
Riddhima smiled wickedly nd said.. "good!! Rather best.. u guys stay in ur territory.. jab tak tum log mujhsey nd merey personal life se door rahoge I promise I won't throw u all.. u knw I cn throw u out, dnt u??" all remained silent.. but thnkfully soon dr. keerti came saving them to tolerate riddhima's arrogance anymore..
"so interns!!"
All straighten nd made queue..
"1st of all.. welcome back.. (she gve dem a small yet undrstnding smile.. thn resuming her khadus avatar..)' I hope u've learnt a good lesson now nd I also hope I won't see any of such disasters in future again.. right??"
All nodded meekly..
"good.. (thn turning to riddhima..).. dr. gupta.. although u'r a trustee now but u've to be a normal intern in hospital.. juz like before.. hope u understand.. (riddhima nodded casually )' good!! Nd I hope u won't misuse ur power here as according to terms n regulations I've full right to cancel ur intership if u brk rules no matter who u are.. hope u read d contract well.."
Riddhima again nodded carelessly nd muski nd other relaxed hearing it..
"fine.. so, I wrote ur duties on chart.. plz chck n resume ur duties.. have a good day interns.."
She left nd all also went to cont their duties.. except riddhima nd abhi..
"riddhi??" he asked warmly..
"tu thik toh hain, na??" he asked again..
"hmm.. tu ja.. main thodi der mein duty join karti hoon.. (pause) tu tab tak sambhal lega,na??" riddhima asked weakly.. she is truly not feeling well.. not after d conversaion betwn her nd her so called mom.. her head is throabing badly.. abhi nodded in assurance undrstnding her situation as alwaz.. as they both got same duty, he cn surely hlp her..
"jaldi aa jana, okk?? Akela mat rehna??" he said wth concern..
"hmm.." riddhi agreed nd abhi left aftr hugging her warmly..
Riddhima is still in the nurse station.. sitting on d couch.. eyes closed.. head thrwn bckward resting on d couch.. she was lost in the conversation.. suddenly she felt some one's presense nd before she cn opn her eyes, she heard a male concerned voice..
"itni boori kyun banna chahti ho tum riddhima??"


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