Tuesday, 19 December 2017

PART - 17 (A) : I want you to hate me

"itni boori kyun banna chahti ho tum riddhima??"
As soon as she heard dat unknown male voice she jerked  nd straighten herself at once.. she looked at at d source shockingly nd found armaan there.. she sighed seeing him only.. god knows why but she actually relaxed seeing him there.. she closed her eyes for a nano-second to control herself.. thn collecting her disoriented mind properly she looked at him again..

"tum yaha kya kar rahe ho armaan??"
her voice was soft nd calm.. there was no aggression, attitude, boldness or rudeness.. she asked normally.. NORMALLY!! Now dat is something most unusual wen it comes to riddhima..
Armaan sighed in relief .. she didn't blasted on him.. he actually expected her shouting at him but this response is truly hopeful.. needless to say.. immensely hopeful.. he relaxed at once seeing her being supportive.. may be today he will get his answers.. he hoped nd sat beside her on the couch.. he thnked his stars once again dat she at least didn't pretend in front of him now nd replied normally.. NORMALLY' now this word caught his attention.. did she ever behave normally wth anyone except abhi?? he thought.. he surely nvr met dis normal riddhima before.. did he?? He thought again nd got his ans.. yes he met this riddhima before.. before this only once she talked to him normally.. on d 'intern of d month' ceremony day after atul won.. she DID behave like her true self.. TRUE SELF?? now this is another unanswered question.. God knows wat her true self actually is.. sometimes he knows wat she pretends is vague.. but the very nxt moment she acts so good dat he gets completely confused.. but not anymore.. he needs to find out all answers of his doubts.. he cant live wth this torture.. one moment he thinks his heart is right nd nxt moment all become shuffled again..yes.. i'll get my answers today.. he thought hopefully..
"kya problem hain riddhima??" armaan asked concernedly.. "I promise I won't say anything to anyone if u dnt want me to.. par plz dnt do this to urself.. tum boori nhi ho riddhima.. i KNOW tum boori nhi ho.. toh fir kyun??" he asked hlplessly.. "plz talk to me,riddhima..plz..i guarantee dat u can trust me alwaz.. can u blve my wrds riddhima?? can u??" armaan asked softly looking at her, hoping to get true answer.. god knows why but his heart is beating too fast.. his whole body was on the peak of tension waiting for her reply.. he wants her to trust him.. he wants her to let him enter her life.. he wants her to allow him to give her support.. he wants her to LOVE him.. god!! his breathe got hitched wen d last thought came to his mind.. do i want her to love me?? do I actually?? he felt dumb.. no!!! i DONT love her.. i mean may be.. but i'm not sure yet.. he scolded his heart.. no!! she's juz my frnd.. a frnd!! dats it.. he tried to justify.. but wen she became my frnd?? he got confused wth his feelings again.. shouldn't he hate her?? oh yes.. i should but... but  I CAN'T HATE HER.. i do care for her.. she's good.. i knw she's good.. oh god.. plz prove me right.. plz.. he prayed in his heart.. as if his life is at stake.. as if he can only survive only if his heart wins.. he waited more impatiently from inside but pretended to be calm n composed by outside.. riddhima.. plz.. plzz look at me.. he wished seeing her eyes directed towards her lap.. her both hands were kept both sides on the couch.. but she remained mum.. armaan felt his brain will burst out now if he has to wait anymore.. so,he tried his luck once again.. "promise I won't say anything to anyone riddhima.. plz trust.." but his wrds got interrupted by her calm soft whisper..
"I know dat armaan.." she said making armaan choke his breathe in his throat.. she knows?? She knows dat I wont tell anyone.. she trusts me?? Wow.. he couldn't hlp but felt blissful nd contended.. in spite of such a tense atmosphere his lips curved into a small yet satisfying smile..
Riddhima slowly looked at him and smiled a lill.. "u r a sweet person armaan.. nd I knw u like me.." (pause)' "par plz mujhsey door raho armaan.. u dnt knw how dangerous it can be for u.." arman frowned hearing this.. "dnt frown.. u look stupid wth ur crunched eyes nd lined forehead.." riddhima joked to lighten the situation nd armaan couldn't help but smile fully hearing her being so open nd free in front of him for d 1st time.. godd!! she is beautiful.. he sighed in contentment seeing her smiling heavenly.. "now go.. duty nhi karni kya?? Keerti di mar dalegi dono ko.." she suggested him wth a chuckle.. nd he shook his head side ways feeling indescribably happy.. she is a nice girl.. he concluded seeing her smiling sweetly for d 1st tym aftr dat children ward fiasco.. but thn he decided to forget every thing nd live ds moment for some time.. her presence is contagious..  "dono ko nhi bas mujhey.. tumhey kaun kya keh sakta hain.. u r d trustee after all.." He complained showing fake sadness..  "hahahaha.. yeah ri8.. but u dnt knw di.. woh trustee ki bhi band baja sakti hain.." she said straightly nd thn both burst out into laughter..
"u look beautiful wen u laugh.." armaan said suddenly without knowing himself.. but riddhima heard it clear nd stopped at once nd also she came bck to d reality.. wat d hell m I doing wth him?? She thought nd anger rose wthin her..i'm laughing wth him.. why??
on d othe hand Armaan saw her stiffened all of a sudden nd became confused nd thn he realized wat he blurted out in d flow of d moment.. ohh hell!!!! i shouldn't hve said dat.. he cursed himself but it was too late.. He opened his mouth to say something but she got up suddenly..as if she was in trance sometime before nd now she came bck to the reality..
"wat are u doing here?? Dnt u hve duty?? Go nd do dat or else I dnt think this hospital needs such irresponsible doctors.." she blasted rudely.. godd!! she's damn angry now.. bot on himself but on herself.. how could she do dat.. how  could she allow someone coming close to her.. how could she allow someone to meet the real riddhima whom she had locked behind d bars nd kpt hidden from this wrld from ages.. oh god!! how could she be soo irresponsible!! she became more n more furious nd left the place at once wthout bothering to glance bck at him once who was highly shocked nd immensely hurt...



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