Thursday, 21 December 2017

PART - 17(B) : I want you to hate me

It took a few seconds to recover himself from d shock.. she has left alrdy but his vision is still fixed at d direction where she went.. he sighed nd decided to join his duty.. it will be untrue if one says he didn't feel bad seeing her sudden mood change.. he actually felt bad.. really very bad.. after listening to her wrds dat she trusts him, it was d least he expected.. he expected dat today he'll be able to crack
this puzzle.. today he'll be able to mke frnshp wth real riddhima.. but alas!! This gal can never stop pretending.. what on d earth she gets pushing everyone far away from her..!! why she prefers to stay lonely..!! why cant she behave like other young gals..!! she is at her early twenties.. why can't she juz enjoy njoy her life like anji or muski..!! oh god plz hlp me.. I can't see her like ds.. I knw she must hve some serious issues behind all her arrogance but plz hlp me god.. I want to help her.. I want to give her a normal life.. he prayed in heart only to hear his brain asking why? Why do u want to help riddhima, armaan?? Armaan closed his eyes to control his emotions.. finally he came to know about his true feelings for her.. armaan sighed nd said in heart.. BECAUSE I LOVE HER..

He opened his eyes nd said to himself once again.. yess.. I DO love her.. from d very 1st day, I was alwaz attracted towards her.. in spite of all her arrogance I nvr hate her actually.. he has finally cleared his confusions nd felt better.. immensely better.. feeling light hearted, he smiled remembering how beautiful she was looking while laughing her heart out.. don't worry riddhima.. I will hlp u to open up ur locked self.. I know u, too, want to be d real riddhima somewhere but u're not being able to do dat.. i don't know why but i'll know all very soon.. i promise u dat.. nd thn I'll help u.. no matter wat.. he smiled promising to himself.. I don't know whether u'll be able to love me someday or not.. I don't know whether u actually want to be wth ur present BF or not.. but love is unconditional.. isn't it?? It's not necessary to get love in return wen we love someone dearly.. I swear I'll nvr disclose my feelings to u riddhima until i come to know wat u actually want but I'll alwaz be ur side whethr u want or not.. i'll nvr leave u alone.. dnt wrry riddhima.. I'll solve evry thing.. plz god.. juz be wth me.. I want her to be happy.. he prayed once agn nd determining his heart n mind, he went for his duty..


Armaan entered only to find abhi busy in scrutinizing some reports of an old lady.. actually.. He, Abhi nd riddhima got same duties in general ward.. 'par riddhima kahan hain?' armaan thought seeing no sign of her.. 'ussey toh yaha hona chahiye tha.. it's long tym she left.. but where is she?' he was worried for her wen he heard abhi calling him..
"hey ammy.. kaha tha tu??"

Armaan came bck to reality nd smiled at his direction.. going nearer he replied.. "bass.. locker room mein gaya tha ek imp call karney.." he lied swiftly..

"ohk.. by d way, hve u seen riddhi?? Pata nhi abhi tak kyun nahi aye.. mainey kaha tha jaldi ane ke liye.." abhi said concernedly.. armaan smiled heartily seeing his concern.. truly he loves riddhima very much.. he's glad dat riddhima at least allowed abhi to come close to her otherwise god knows how would hve she survived.. but nxt moment some thought came across his mind.. 'abhi se poochun kya?? Par kya wohh mujhey batayega??" armaan thought.. he so wanted to ask about riddhima to him but controlled his urge for better moment..

"oyee ammy sun bhi raha hain.. kaha kho gaya??" abhi asked smilingly..

"huh.. haan.. kahin nhi buddy" armaan reassured him..

"pakka?? Oyee GF ka chakkar hain toh its okk.. I cn understand.." abhi said mischievously..

"kya yaar kuch bhi.." armaan said but couldn't hlp but blush at d end..

"oh my goodness!! U're blushing ammy.." abhi said nd laughed whole-heartily.. "I guess someone has finally fallen in love.. nd not to forget very deeply.."

Armaan shook his head smilingly.. truly he's a nice guy.. dat's d reason riddhima chose him as her brother.. he concluded nd started..
"nothing like dat.." armaan tried his best to kp his voice straight.. but failed miserably..

"oh yess.. nothing like dat.." abhi said nd laughed more..

"sshh.. oye chup kar.. hospital hain.." armaan tried his best to divert his attention..

Abhi smiled nd assured him.. "dnt wrry.. it'll be our lill secret until u want to announce in front of all.. mainly our sherni.." abhi ended with a chuckle.. armaan smiled.. "thnx"

"no problem.." abhi said nd resumed to check d reports which was in his hands smilingly.. but thn again something came to his mind and he looked at armaan at once asking.. "tuney riddhi ko nahi dekha, na??" armaan nodded in refusal.. abhi became tensed all over again hearing him..

"wat hppend abhi? Any problem??" armaan asked softly understanding his situation..

"no armaan.. it's juz I'm lill worried about her.. after wat hppned in d conference hall, I dnt want her to be alone.." abhi said nd looked at him.. his eyes clearly showed how worried he is for riddhima now.. armaan wanted to ask him d reason behind his statement but before that the intercom rang announcing..
 "dr. abhimanyu modi plz report to dr. keerti mehra immediately.."

Both d guys became confused hearing d sudden announcement..
"di kyun bula rahi hain??" abhi couldn't hlp but said aloud..

"go n check.." armaan suggested..

"hmm.. buddy, u manage till thn plz.. I'll be bck within a few minutes.." abhi said..

"arrey its fine.. tu ja.." armaan assured nd abhi rushed to meet his di..

@ After 10minutes..

Armaan was busy wth a patient giving him an injection wen abhi came running being all worried nd sweaty in tension.. armaan became shocked seeing him like ds.. "abh..hi?? wat hppnd??" he asked still in shock..

"armaan can u do me a favor..??" he asked without bothering to reply his question..

"yes sure.. but wat.." his wrds got interrupted as abhi strted saying hurriedly.. "plz manage the duties today.. I've to rush.. wohh.. ridhi.. I've to.." but this time armaan cut him saying any more..

"riddhi?? kya hua riddhima ko abhi??"  armaan asked being panicked himself..

"nothing till now.. but I've to go before something happens.." abhi said to himself although but armaan heard it clearly..

"I'll go wth u.." armaan said at once wth determined voice..

"no.. u can't.." abhi shot bck being quite surprised hearing his determined tone..

"plz let me come.. I promise I won't say anything to anyone.. juz let me come, abhi.." armaan said pleadingly.. abhi looked at him in astonishment.. he is worried for riddhi..!! but how can one be worried for riddhi after seeing the way she behaves..!! abhi became confused..

"I know she's not that wat she pretends to be.." armaan whispered understanding abhi's confusion nd in return abhi juz kpt on staring at him blankly.. thn gradually a faint smile came across his lips.. at least someone is able to see his riddhi not d arrogant ridz.. abhi felt good to hve such a frnd like armaan who has d eyes to identify fake n real..
"let's go.. we dnt hve much time.."
abhi said only to give armaan the biggest relief of life.. he nodded at once smiling thankfully nd both rushed to d parking area without bothering their duties..
to be continued

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