Saturday, 23 December 2017

PART-18 : I want you to hate me

As soon as armaan took the front passenger seat, abhi started the car nd zoomed it out of the parking area as fast as possible.. Abhi was so tensed dat anyone can read his extremity of tension seeing his face, mainly his lined forehead.. Armaan sighed seeing his facial expression but didn't ask anything.. he wanted to know everything but disturbing abhi's concentration didn't seem the best choice at dat time.. for both of them the 1st priority was riddhima.. everything else can wait.. "I juz hope dat u're fine..." he mumbled under his breathe nd looked outside the window.. Incidents of today came
flashing in front of his eyes.. It was indeed an eventful day.. They were almost on d verge of being kicked out by sanjeevani but thanx to riddhima, HIS riddhima, they all are saved now.. the very nxt moment in spite of all this tension, a faint yet satisfactory smile came across his lips wen he mentioned riddhima as HIS in his thoughts.. oh.. how blissful it feels to be in love!! He read in novels, watched in movies but nvr believed in it.. I mean, he believes in love but the way movies nd stories show dat people do craziest things after falling in love was alwaz seemed exaggerating to him.. but today he is feeling exactly the same way they say.. he is smiling without no reason juz thinking about his love.. love!! But will she love him back anyday?? Unfortunately he has no answer of it.. he sighed nd looked at abhi next moment wen he found abhi breaking a traffic signal.. it was quite surprising as abhi nvr breaks rules..  but today he left his duty without bothering a moment too.. armaan again smiled seeing how strong this brother-sister relationship is.. no one can say seeing them that they are not real siblings.. well.. if someone gets such a soul brother or sister, then who needs a blood relation.. now-a-days, there's more violence, more problems between real siblings.. wish dey could hve learnt how to stand by each other from this amazing duo.. whenever any one of them is in need, other does whatever possible to protect him/her.. today in d morning, it was riddhima who did everything to save abhi nd now it's him.. seeing this duo, he started to see life from different perspective.. but armaan's chain of thoughts got interrupted when suddenly abhi applied the brake.. he became startled first but then wen he found abhi unfastening his seatbelt, he understood that dey hve reached their destination.. feeling curious he turned his gaze again towards the window but became more surprised wen he saw their car was resting on the beach.. "par abhi yeh toh.." but armaan's words got cut in between as abhi completed it by himself.. "beach hain.. I knw dat armaan.. but wat u dnt knw is yeh riddhi ki fav place hain, jab bhi wohh upset hoti hain, wohh yaheen ati hain.. now lets go.. we hve to search everywhere.." armaan nodded understandingly nd came out of the car too but wat he heard nxt made him more curious.. "I juz hope riddhi tu yaheen hain.. I don't want to try other options.."


Both armaan nd abhi separately searched everywhere.. nd finally after long tiring searching session, both met at d pre-decided lank-mark.. both feeling extremely tired sat on the sand nd looked at the sea in front.. it was wen armaan was about to ask abhi something, a lill gal who was selling flowers came to abhi nd asked surprisingly.. "arrey bhaiya aap??" abhi looked at the source nd smiled sweetly.. "rimjhim.. kaisey ho aap?? Aur yeh kya.. tum school nahi gayee?? Didi ko pata chalega toh bahot gussa hogi,pata hain na??" the lill gal, rimjhim, at once replied.. "arrey nahi.. didi se kuch mat kehna.. wohh gussa hoke baat nahi karegi toh mujhey bilkul bhi achcha nahi lagega.." abhi smiled nd indicated her to sit beside him.. "par beta.. toh aap firsey kyun yeh kaam kar rahi ho?? Apki mumma ko karna tha,na..yeh??" abhi asked softly only to see her face turning pale.. "wohh maa ki tabiyaat thik nahi hain.. isi liye do din se main kar rahi hoon.." abhi felt bad nd decided to hlp at once.. "toh mujhey ya riddhi ko batana tha,na.."
Rim : "main chahti thi bhaiya par maa ne kaha ki aap dono humarey liye itna karte ho, aur madat mangna sahi nahi hoga.. aur waisey bhi do din school nhi janey se kuch nhi hota.."
Ab : (sighing) "yeh bhi aapki maa ne kaha apsey??" rimjhim nodded meekly.. "dekho beta.. didi ne apse kya kaha tha ki school roz jana chahiye.. man lagake padhna chahiye.. aur aapney wada bhi kiya tha, yaad hain na..??" she nodded in yes.. "fir kabhi aisa kuch hua toh mujhey ya riddhi ko phone karna, thik hain?? Agar riddhi ko pata chal gaya ki aap school nahi gayee.." rimjhim looked at once towrds him in horror nd in return abhi juz smiled.. "chinta mat karo.. iss bar nahi batayunga.. par fir kabhi.." his wrds got cut by a smiling rimjhim nxt moment.. "fir kabhi aisa nhi hoga bhaiya, pakka.."
"good gal.." abhi smiled nd handed her some money for her mother's treatment nd in return, she gave him the most fresh roses nd said.. "bhaiya.. yeh didi ko de dena.. aaj jab didi aye thi yaha toh main darr ke chup gayee thi.. wohh dekh leti toh bahot gussa hoti,na.. kyunki mujhey toh iss waqt school mein hona chahiye tha,na.. apko pata hain bahot dill kar raha tha par fir bhi nahi ja payee didi ke samney.."
But abhi didn't hear anything nxt wen he heard riddhi came here today.. "riddhi yaha aye thi?? Toh aab kahan hain??"
Rimjhim looked at him confusingly seeing him suddenly charged up but answered anyway.. "wohh toh pata nahi bhaiya.. par didi yaha kuch der tak baithi thi.. fir unhey ek phone aya aur wohh chali gayee.."
Abhi was dreading the caller.. "kahan gayee suna aapney kuch??"
Rimjhim nodded in no but then said as she remembered something.. "wohh tohh nahi kaha kuch didi ne par didi ne ek baat kahi joh sunkey main darr gayee thi.." abhi looked at her questioningly.. "unhone kaha ki khatra(danger) jitna ho, utna hi achcha hoga.." nd with this all doubts of abhi got cleared.. "oh riddhi.."
He got up at once nd muttering a quick thank u ran towards his car.. "par bhaiya, yeh phool (flowers)??" rimjhim shouted as abhi completely forgot to tke d flowers she wanted to gift her didi..
Armaan who was a sole spectator of this encounter knelt down in front of rimjhim nd took d roses saying.. "aap apki didi se bahot pyar karti ho,na??" rimjhim nodded in yes.. "didi bahot achchi hain bhaiya.." armaan smiled.. "mujhey pata hain,beta.." armaan too tried to give her some money.. "nahi bhaiya.. main yeh nahi le sakti.."
Ar : "par beta.."
Rim : "nahi bhaiya.. aur paiso ki zaroorat nhi hain.. waisey bhi Abhi bhaiya ne di hain.. aur didi ko yeh bilkul achcha nahi lagega ki mainey kisi ajnabi (stranger) se paisey li hain.."
Ar : "par beta main ajnabi nahi hoon.. main apki didi ka dost hoon.."
As soon as rimjhim heard it, her face lit up.. "aap didi ke dost ho??"
Ar : "hmm.. par ismey itni khushi ki kya baat hain??"
Rim : "nahi .. wohh didi kisi se dosti nahi karti na isi liye.. par didi ne apsey dosti ki.. fir toh aap bahot achchey honge.."
Armaan smiled sweetly nd quickly prayed in heart.. "filhal toh main hi ussey dost manta hoon.. I wish wohh din bhi jaldi aa jaye jab riddhima mujhey bhi apna dost samjhegi.."
Armaan agn tried to offer money to rimjhim but seeing her adamant of not taking money, he bought all flowers from her.. "par bhaiya aap itney sarey phoolo ka kya karoge??"
Armaan pretended to think nd then whispered.. "apki didi ko dunga.." he winked but then mumbled under his breathe which was heard by rimjhim too.. "par pata nahi wohh legi ya nahi.."
"aap didi se pyaar karte ho,na??" rimjhim asked smiling sweetly but nxt moment she giggled wen she found armaan blushing.. "aap sach mein bahot achchey ho,bhaiya.." armaan smiled wider showing his dimple.. "par apkey didi se thoda kam.." nd wth this both giggled together..
soon their conversation got broken due to continuous honking by abhi.. "ummm.. jana padega.. byee beta.. fir milenge.. aap apna dhyan rakhna.." armaan said to rimjhim after gifting one flower those he bought juz a few minutes ago from her only, making d lill gal smile wider dan before.. "bye bhaiya.. aap bhi apna dhyan rakhna.." she shouted from back as armaan rushed to meet abhi..


Abhi started d engine again as soon as armaan sat on his seat, he bid a good bye to rimjhim by waving his hand through window who reciprocated happily.. abhi saw this gesture nd smiled finally.. "alrdy dosti ho gayee rimjhim se??" armaan turned towards abhi nd nodded smilingly .. "bahot pyari bachchi hain.."
Ab : "hmm.. riddhi se bahot pyar karti hain.."
Ar : "wohh toh pata chal gaya hain mujhey.."
Both looked at each other nd smiled understandingly..
Ab : "actually oneday, riddhi found her selling flowers on d beach.. aur ussey itna boora laga ki ussi din ussney rimjhim se dosti bhi kar li aur fir uskey ghar jakey uski maa ko samjhaya bhi.. in fact rimjhim ki family ko financially hlp bhi karti hain har mahiney... bahot achchi hain meri riddhi.. par aaj tak kisi ne samajha hi nahi.."
Armaan felt proud again for his riddhima hearing how kind-hearted nd generous she is but nxt momnt wen he felt d hint of sadness in abhi's tone while saying d last sentence,armaan couldn't hlp but asked the most confusing question which was roaming in his mind from ages.. "fir riddhima aisey kyun behave karti hain, abhi..?? kyun wohh itni boori banna chahti hain jab ki wohh bahot achchi hain.."
Abhi sighed deeply but after a few seconds he started.. "I don't know armaan.. mujhey yeh batana chahiye ya nahi.. main janta hoon agar riddhi ko pata chala toh wohh bahot hurt hogi aur mujhsey baat bhi nahi karegi par fir bhi pata nahi kyun main chahta hoon ki tujhey riddhi ke barey mein pata chaley.. may be because u're d 1st one jisney riddhi ki achchai ko dekha hain uskey arrogance ko nahi.." abhi paused nd turned his head towards armaan nd thn smiled thankfully.. "I'm lucky to have a frnd lyk u ammy, jissey real or fake me difference karna ata hain.." abhi looked back on the road while armaan waited baited breathed for his answer.

__________to be continued___________


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