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Part 18 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan didn't know how but he managed to get shilpa to the hospital all he knew was that he was not going to let anything happen to her. He burst through the hospital doors with shilpa in his arms looking like a crazed man shouting out orders to nurse's to prepare a room for shilpa. Muskaan who had just turned the corner stood still in shock seeing armaan looking like a wild man, to her relief rahul was nearby talking to a patients relative when he heard the commotion he walked towards them.
The moment rahul recognized armaan's voice he rushed forward as he saw the unconscious form of shilpa rahul took charge. He grabbed armaan by the shoulder: armaan! I'll take care of her! stay here and try and calm yourself. Muskaan! Take care of him!(rahul went in the room where shilpa was admitted)

Muskaan trying to calm armaan: armaan! Relax! Rahul is taking care of her. but tell me! what happened armaan?
Armaan had to close his eyes as the panic and the stress was making him dizzy. He opened his eyes and looked into the concerned eyes of muskaan and told her about the attack.
Muskaan: but she got away! Then why is she unconscious?
Armaan: I think she had a memory flash! Something the inspector said triggered the memory, she kept saying that she had lost everything and that the man who had died meant everything to her.
Muskaan confused: but wasn't the attacker who died today!
Armaan: I know! That's exactly how I reacted but…
Muskaan concerned as armaan stopped in the middle of the sentence and stood there with his head hung low: Armaan! Whats wrong?
Muskaan looked up at rahul who exited shilpa's room and then back at armaan who looked completely broken: armaan! Talk to me! what happened?
Armaan without looking at her: she doesn't remember me!
Muskaan stunned: what do you mean?
Armaan looked up at her: when she was saying all those things about losing everything I tried to calm her down but she didn't know who I was. She said that she didn't know me when I touched her shoulder she pushed me away.(despair creeping into his voice) she doesn't remember me!
Muskaan felt as if she was struck by a lightening bolt, she looked up at rahul and saw the despair reflected in his eyes also. Armaan stood there nearing breaking point he was beyond feeling anything the only thing that he could think of was that shilpa had forgotten him. Muskaan closed her eyes and prayed for calm she was far from feeling, she knew armaan needed her to stay calm and help him get through this tough time.
Muskaan: armaan! From what you've told me its obvious shilpa had a memory flash and it was strong enough for her to believe that she was living through those memories. From your account she had lost someone very important to her in very traumatic circumstances, her fainting might be caused by the trauma her mind has gone through. (on not getting any response from armaan) On her not recognizing you well the time that incident occurd in her life she didn't know you, you two hadn't met so naturally her brain was not recognizing you. Her mind was stuck in that memory, in that time, when she wakes up its possible she might not remember the memory flash. But its also possible that when she wakes up her mind be till stuck in that place and time of her memory making her forget everything that had happened in the past 10 months of her life here with us.
Armaan turned away from muskaan and saw rahul standing: how is she?
Rahul: she's fine armaan! There is no head trauma, her brain activity is normal. There are some cuts and bruises but nothing serious, no internal damage nothing. Yes she is still unconscious and I have to agree with muskaan on this one it might be her minds way with dealing with the trauma she went through today. Let her be! She'll wake up when she is ready!
Armaan nodded and turned to go in shilpa's room but rahul stopped him: why don't you clean up first? Or are you planning to shock poor shilpa when she wakes up and sees you looking like this!
Muskaan: come on! Armaan! First clean up then you can go to shilpa!
Twenty minutes later armaan sat on a chair near shilpa's bed with a feeling of dj vu preparing to wait for her to wake up. He sat there memorizing her face with his eyes, he gently picked up her hand and pressed her delicate fingers to his lips and whispered: I'm waiting shilpa for you to wake up! I'm waiting for you to open your beautiful green eyes and look at me and smile. I'm waiting shilpa to see the love we share shine in your eyes, so wake up so that we can go see that movie that I promised you.( but shilpa lay there sleeping for all intents and purposes, holding onto her hand armaan put his head down on the bed and closed his eyes)
Shilpa tried to pull free from the restricting hold on her hand but was unable to free her hand making panic rise in her heart. She opened her eyes suddenly her gaze moving wildly across the room to see the danger, her gaze landed on the man who held her hand while he slept with his head on the side of the bed. As she was looking at him armaan's eyes flew open and he saw shilpa with her eyes open looking at him.
Before armaan could react shilpa pulled her hand free from armaan's hold, armaan closed his eyes against the sting of rejection he felt when she pulled her hand free. He prayed to god make shilpa somehow remember him and their relationship. He took a deep breath but before he could open his eyes he felt shilpa touch his face with her han, she lightly swept a finger across his chin and cheekbone making armaan open his eyes and look at her in surprise.
Shilpa: what happened? Why am I in the hospital?
Armaan: you fainted! Don't you remember?
Shilpa with her brow furrowed: I remember walking home, talking to you on the cell (armaan felt relief wash through him at her words) I reached my apartment and OMG!(she looked at armaan with eyes wide open)
Armaan grabbed her hand: breathe! Shilpa! its over now! You are safe now!
Shilpa trying to control her breathing: I killed him!
Armaan: no you didn't! he died accidently! Even if you did it was in self defence.(a bit reluctantly) do you …(interrupted by rahul and muskaan's arrival)
Rahul: so sleeping beauty is finally up! Huh? So how do you feel?
Shilpa: everything hurts!(shilpa grimaced as she tried to be comfortable on the bed)
Rahul: that's b'coz of the wrestling match you played today, you are going to be all black and blue come tomorrow morning(he ended with a smile but his eyes were sharp as they took in every expression on her face)
Muskaan: how is your head? dizziness? Headache? (when shilpa shook her head muskaan turned to armaan) and when were you planning to tell us that shilpa was awake? (without waiting for an answer she again directed her questions towards shilpa) Shilpa! do you have a complete memory of todays attack?
Shilpa: yes! Armaan saved me! I don't think I would've made it without him!
Muskaan: do you remember what happened afterwards?
Shilpa looked at her quizzically: the police came and took our statement!
Muskaan: then?
Shilpa looked confused: I'm not sure! Things become a bit fuzzy here! Like a dream!
Muskaan: tell me! what do you remember?
Shilpa closed her eyes: I can't see it properly, I know I said something to the inspector but it is not clear
Muskaan: take yourself back! Recall that scene!
Armaan: the inspector said that the man was there to steal and you surprised him by coming home unexpectedly. it was a case of robbery gone wrong. He further said that he understood the trauma you had to face. (as armaan was telling her what had happened shilpa had closed her eyes to visualize the scene, three sets of eyes were fixed on shilpa. Even then the change was startling to watch)
Shilpa opened her eyes and looked directly at muskaan with eyes that somehow were no longer of the shilpa they knew: understands! You all sit here and claim that you understand! How can you? Do you have any idea what I have lost today!
Muskaan: tell us then?
Shilpa looked at her eyes which burned with intensity: he was everything to me!  my savior, my mentor, my friend (she closed her eyes) I was unable to save him. I found him on the floor (opening her eyes and looking down at her hands) I started CPR but it was too late. I lost the one man who loved me unconditionally, I ..(she looked at muskaan again) I lost my father (her eyes swimming with tears had a lost expression)
Rahul: what are you going to do now?
Shilpa looked at him sharply with eyes which had turned hard as marble: justice! I want justice!
Rahul: the police…(rahul started to be interrupted by shilpa's harsh laughter)
Shilpa: do you think I'm going to wait for them! A bunch of incompetent money eating fools.
Armaan: shilpa! (making shilpa look at him) do you have a plan? As to what you are going to do?
Shilpa rubbing at her forehead: I'll think of something! Aahhh! My head!
Muskaan calmly: shilpa! take a deep breath! Slowly! Open your eyes shilpa! tell me what you see?
Shilpa opened her eyes and looked at the worried faces of the people who mattered the most to her: my head feels as if its going to burst!
Muskaan: do you remember what happened right now?
Shilpa took a deep breath and blew it out slowly: yes! I remembered! I remembered by father's death!(her breath hitched) you know the sad part I can't even remember his face but I remember how it felt to have his lifeless body under my hands. (she blinked her eyes rapidly to keep the tears at bay)
Armaan wrapped his arm around her offering support and comfort, shilpa burrowed her face in his chest. Rahul looked at muskaan: did you notice the change in her style of talking and facial expressions.
Shilpa raised her head and looked at muskaan: was I very different?
Muskaan: you were different! You sounded harder, tougher as compared to what you are with us.
Shilpa looked at armaan for confirmation: you were not our shilpa! your eyes held desolation and hardness that was not going to be penetrated easily.
Shilpa closed her eyes: can you give me something for this headache! Plus I want to get out of here.
Rahul: I don't see any reason for you to stay here overnight. Just sign some papers on your way out.
Shilpa: that's a relief! But I can't go back to my place, it was a mess.
Armaan: don't even think of going there again. Your coming home with me! that's final!
Shilpa looked ready to argue then stopped and rubbed her forehead again: ok! Fine! Lets just go now!
Rahul: I'll get the paperwork ready!(he walked out the room with muskaan following him)
Muskaan: rahul wait!(jogging after him) whats wrong?
Rahul: I'm scared! (he didn't even think of lying)
Muskaan: don't! everything will work out fine!
Rahul: armaan is like a brother to me! when things with ridhima didn't work out armaan was lost but he managed to get over the whole incident b'coz he was not really deep down in your bones in love with her. But I'm scared what if shilpa never remembers who she was and I'm scared still what if she does remember everything. What if she forgets armaan! How will armaan live with that?
Muskaan clutching rahul's arm: stop it rahul! Nothing is going to go wrong! Keep faith!
Rahul shook his head: I don't know if I can!
Muskaan: then have faith in me and shilpa! she loves armaan! She would do anything for him! She's not going to forget him!
Rahul: I hope you are right muskaan! I hope so!


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