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part 19 : All For your Love

note- in DMG,sumit was bengali,so i took same ..hope you will like it.thanks.

riddhima came in terrace running.she looked around and got a light rain was started. a shy smile came in her lips and she started drenching in rain.after a long time, her heart was so much happy as she got her life back.she forwarded her hands and caught some raindrops in her palm.suddenly cold wind started blowing and made her tremble but she didn’t care and twirled.just then a sweet voice echoed in her ears: “riddhu...wapas aao..beemar pad jaogi..”

“sumit!!” she squealed in joy and looked around but no one was there. she sighed but again her heart assured her...”wo aayega riddhima...ab tera intzaar khatm hua..usne kaha tha na ki tujhse alag hokar ji nahi sakta,toh usey aana hi hoga..”

she stopped and thought : “kaha tha usne?shayad haan..shayad nahi....par wo toh sumit ke ankhon ko dekhkar hi uske dill ki baaten jaan jati thi..usey kuch kahne ki jarurat hi nahi thi...”
she hummed...

“chahe tum kuch na kaho,maine sun liya
ki sathi pyar ka mujhe chun liya...
chun liya...tumne chun liya...”

she stopped,made face then mumbled with a pouting face : “boring!!boring bongali babu!pyar tha toh izhaar karne me kya jata tha?maha boring!!”

she felt sumit whispered in her ears :”kya kahna jaruri hai riddhu?and you know riddhu,aajkal log baat baat par kaise “i love you”..”love u” kahte hain,they use it so randomly...iski value hi nahi reh gayi hai..”

riddhima closed her eyes as she wanted to feel sumit’s presence.she whispered as before she used to reply of sumit’s words...”toh aapko janab kya kahna pasand hai?in hindi?wahi kah dijiye? mai dhany ho jaungi...”

she felt that sumit smiled lightly and nodded in na...riddhima remembered she always showed him fake anger and used to ask frowning : “toh aapke liye koun sa language import karna padegakahiye..marathi,gujrati,asamiya,odiya,tamil,telegu,

then sumit used to reply her :”you know riddhu,mujhe har baat par love u..pyar karta hun..yeh sab kahna pasand nahi..jab tum mere ghar aaogi,meri dulhan bankar,tab mai tumhe wo magical word kahunga...and in which language,i will reveal that time only.”

but riddhima knew in what language he wanted to show his love to her.she tried to learn that language and with a great difficulty,she learnt perfectly those magical words in that language and on sumit’s 25th birthday,she had gifted him a teddy,in which she recorded...”ami tomake bhalobasi.”(bengali)

sumit was amazed! riddhima understood he was very happy but he only uttered caressing her hairs : “pagli kahinki.”

but riddhima knew it was the unique style of sumit to show love to her.she knew him from her very young age and his each and every habits she had known.god had gifted sumit to her when she was in 7th standerd.that year vivek had come in her school and from the first day,he started disturbing riddhima.he wanted to make friendship with her but riddhima hated him.vivek started threatning her.she wanted to tell papa but he was out of india for one month.dadi was not able to handle this matter so it was pointless to tell her.she shared this with her friend Lina and lina shared with sumit ,who was in 10th std..sumit asked her if any proof and lina gave the letters which vivek had written to riddhima with a threatning.after that,riddhima didn’t know what happened ,vivek was suspended for 6 months from school.riddhima wanted to thank that person who saved her from this situtaion and lina intruduced her with sumit. sumit was the first boy in his class and reserved type. he was very chosen to make friendship but he liked riddhima and after that day,he became her friend and local guardian.each and every problem related to her study ,she started sharing with sumit and sumit solved it nicely. riddhima didn’t know when she started sharing her personal life ,about her family and all with sumit and sumit always listened her with patience and gave her solution,calmed her when she had mental stress ,supported riddhima got a person to whom she could have trust and slowly he became an integral part of riddhima’s life.
sumit was wanted to be an engineer and when riddhima was in 9th,he got chance in the best engineering college in mumbai.riddhima got to know he hated doctors as his father was a doctor and their parents did love marriage but his father had extramarital affairs and one day he wanted divorce.he didn’t accept kid sumit also and left them alone. riddhima asked to sumit worriedly : “mere papa bhi doctor hain and i want to be a doctor,toh kya tum mujhse bhi nafrat karoge?”
sumit replied only : “tumse is duniya ka bura sa bura insaan bhi hate nahi kar sakta riddhu.aur mai toh tumhe....”
riddhima chuckled: “mujhe kya?”
sumit had replied with a smile : “mai tumhe bachpan se janta hun..”
riddhima pouted : “nai..tum kuch aur kahne wale the.”
sumit uttered smilingly : “ mai yahi kahne wala tha riddhu.”
riddhima got angry and punched him but she herself got hurt and uttered : “aah!”
sumit uttered holding her hand : “lag gayi na? itne soft hath marne ke liye nahi hote.”
riddhima again asked with a mischievous smile : “toh kya karne ke liye hote hain?”
sumit looked at her and uttered smilingly : “piano bajane ke liye..
but after one year sumit had left his engineering and started preparing for medical and next year,he got chance in King Adward Medical college.when riddhima asked him why he did this,he didn’t reply but lina revealed...”usne tere liye aisa kiya hai.usey dar hai agar tere papa ko doctor hi chahiye tab?”
when riddhima got chance in medical,she wished to get admission in the same college and told the reason to dadi : “please dadi,papa ko kaho na,mere sare friends usi college me ja rahe hain..”
riddhima sighed remembering the day when she was back from delhi. someone informed her papa that his daughter was with some guy in delhi and she was called by shshank. she told dadi everything about sumit and came in shshank’s room while trying to hide behind dadi. but shshank told her only : “agar aapko wo ladka pasand hai toh aapko humey batana chahiye tha riddhima.mai uske parents se baat karta hun.”
riddhima’e heart leapt with joy but she said : “papa,wo apne PG khatm karne ke baad shadi karna chahta hai aur...
shshank stopped her and uttered : “then you should stop to meet with him.mai nahi chahta ki koi aapdono ko lekar baatein banaye.”

riddhima got could she live without meeting with him!without seeing him!without talking with him or without sharing everything with him!

dadi managed : “arey beta,sumit bada achcha ladka hai aur riddhima ke bachpan ka dost hai.tu ek kaam kar uske parents se milkar baat pakki karke rakh,shadi baad me bhi ho sakti hai na.”
riddhima uttered in a low voice ;”uske papa nahi hai,i mean his parents are divorced when sumit was a child.”
shshank : “mother kya karti hai?”
riddhima : “she is a nurse..”
shshank thought a while then uttered : “i want to meet her.”
riddhima nodded and uttered slowly : “thank you papa.”
shshank smiled a little and uttered : “say him i want to talk.”
that day was the best day of riddhima’s life.she felt that she was in cloud nine.after that day she started dancing in sumit’s head to meet with papa but sumit was busy in preparing his PG final.he talked with shshank in phone and shshank was happy talking with him.after exam,when riddhima was waiting for the day when sumit would come their house with his mother..sumit informed her that he was going somewhere and when he will be back,will meet with dr. shshank.
riddhima remembered sumit’s last words before going...”i will be back soon riddhu..mera intzaar karogi na?”
riddhima wiped her tears and uttered : “ab toh bas yahi mera kaam hoga sumit,tumhara intzaar.”
sumit caressed her hairs and uttered : “pagli kahinki..mai jaldi aaunga.”
riddhima asked in teary voice : “mai apni baten kisse share karungi sumit? tum jante ho na dadi aur tumhare siva mai kisise dill ki baten nahi kahti.”
sumit gave its solution immediately: “jabtak wapas naa aaun,apni sari baten diary me likhna,jo bhi tumhe mujhse kahna hai saaaab...mai aakar sab padhunga..fine na?”

riddhima replied making face: “tumhara sir..boring sumit bongali...

riddhima trance broke suddenly and she remembered the diary was kept on the table..she ran to her room..and stopped at the doorstep and gulped hard seeing the diary was in arman’s hand. his face was reddened because of anger.he turned and uttered grinding jaws : “oh! toh yahi tumhara sach hai? sumit! that guy!”
riddhima came slowly there and uttered in a low tone : “meri diary wapas karo arman.”
arman looked at her with burning eyes and mocked: “kyon? ab isme mere naam par sikayat likhna hai? my dear sumit...arman meri diary nahi de raha..meri zindagi barbaad kar raha hai..blah blah...
riddhima uttered only : “meri diary do arman..”
arman mocked : “padhne toh do aur kya likha hai tumne apne pyare lover ko...haan,maine padha..kya likha hai...”sumit,mai janti hun papa arman nahi toh kisi aur ke sath meri shadi jarur denge..toh kyon na arman.i know he loves me aur mere na chahne par wah meri taraf nahi badhega...” haan riddhima,sach hi hai..i am a fool..i am an tumhare pyar me apni zindagi barbaad kar baitha....aur dekho,tum toh bindas khush ho,bas intzaar hai kab sumit aaye aur tum yahan se bhag sako,hai na?”
riddhima replied slowly : “aisa nahi hai arman,mai tumhe batane wali thi..”
arman laughed and mocked : “oh,toh meri biwi hi mujhe batane wali thi ki uska kisi aur ke sath chakkar hai,jo usey chodkar bhag gaya hai...
riddhima opposed : “wo bhag nahi gaya hai arman..
arman: “achcha!toh tumhe batakar gaya hai. kahan hai wo? means you know? then tell me where he is..

riddhima kept quiet.

arman yelled angrily : “bewkoof ladki!itna bhi nahi samajhti,he ditched you!..he cheated you!..used you and threw from his life..

riddhima opposed angrily : “arman! wo aisa nahi hai..wo kabhi mere sath cheat nahi kar sakta..

arman laughed and yelled in a mocking tone: “itna trust hai uspar?that basterd used you and you are still chanting his name!
riddhima yelled angrily : “mind your language arman..
arman : “kyon? bada pyar aa raha hai uspar? he is not only spoiled your life,mine apna jutha mere gale daalkar bhag gaya kamina....bloody sumit...


a sound echoed in the whole room and arman shocked realising that riddhima slapped him hard. he gave her a dumbfounded look!she was still trembling in anger!she pointed her finger on him and shouted in a threatening tone: “kahbardar!khabardar aur ek bhi word sumit ke bare me tumne bola toh!i will kill you arman malik!”

arman caressed his cheek..he could not believe riddhima slapped him. but its happened..and when arman realized...his anger crossed all levels..he stepped to riddhima..and before riddihima able to understand,he dragged her holding her by her hairs...and growled in anger : “how dare you! tumne mujhpar hath uthane ki himmat kaise ki? you will see the evil arman malik...mere life ke sath..mere emotion ke sath jo dirty game tumne khela uski saza tumhe milni one can save you from me...”

saying he pushed her on the bed,threw her dupatta away,jumped on her and tried to seize but riddhima bit him hard on his wrist and pushed him. arman horrified as his wrist started bleeding.riddhima tried to run away taking advantages of this situation but arman pulled her dress and it got torn from back...and in a while arman got his sense back....he left her immediately and came out of the room like a storm leaving riddhima crying.

he opened the door with a bang,took out his bike and zoomed it off but where he himself didn’t know.he felt himself the biggest loser in this world who had lost everything in love....

love you all

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