Monday, 25 December 2017

PART - 19 : I want you to hate me

"fir riddhima aisey kyun behave karti hain, abhi..?? kyun wohh itni boori banna chahti hain jab ki wohh bahot achchi hain.."
Abhi sighed deeply but after a few seconds he started.. "I don't know armaan.. mujhey yeh batana chahiye ya nahi.. main janta hoon agar riddhi ko pata chala toh wohh bahot hurt hogi aur mujhsey baat bhi nahi karegi par fir bhi pata nahi kyun main chahta hoon ki tujhey riddhi ke barey mein pata chaley.. may be because u're d 1st one jisney riddhi ki achchai ko dekha hain uskey arrogance ko nahi.." abhi paused nd turned his head towards armaan nd thn smiled thankfully.. "I'm lucky to have a frnd lyk u ammy, jissey real or fake me difference karna ata hain.." abhi looked back on the road
while armaan waited baited breathed for his answer..
"wohh armaan.." but before he could answer he found his cell ringing on the dashboard.. he quickly threw his left hand there to pick the phone nd check the caller nd his eyes started burning in anger wen he saw the caller's name.. without anymore delay, he received the call only to shout his lungs out.. "why the bl**dy hell you weren't receiving my call??"
Armaan became startled to see this sudden change in abhi.. he was all emotional nd ready to spill out the beans but heck this caller.. god knows who he is but whoever he is, he juz successfully ruined his golden opportunity to knw his riddhima's dark secrets.. he,himself, felt his composure trembling thinking will he get another opportunity to know the truth or not.. but thanx heavens he controlled himself at d proper moment..
"don't laugh you ******* Juz tell me where are you nd trust me you'll need a hospital bed soon.." abhi said grinding his teeth trying hard not to crash his car wth anything..
"juz stay there ******* I swear you'll be dead today.. you *******."
Abhi cut the call nd threw his phone again on d dashboard nd took an U-turn hurriedly..
"abhi yaar.. kya hua?? Riddhima thik toh hain,na??" armaan asked softly knowing abhi's condition very well.. 1st he thought of not asking him but then, how can he, himself, wait without asking wen it's related to his love..
Abhi sighed deeply nd composing himself he answered.. "I hope she is, armaan.. I juz hope that.." armaan's heart simply got twisted hearing it.. hope!! Wat d hell is happening.. where is riddhima?? Oh riddhima!!!
But armaan's thoughts got disturbed wen abhi said next.. "but to know where exactly she is.. 1st we need to meet that bl***y Rohan.."
"rohan??" armaan mumbled the name in utter confusion.. now another new entry.. god knows how many faces are going to be unveiled today.. he sighed nd maintained the silence until their car stopped in front of a red-bricked building.. abhi quickly unbuckled his seat-belt nd went out of the car followed by armaan who rushed to match the speed.. but armaan stopped in his way, wen he found abhi beating some random guy black and blue without asking anything.. he clearly understood that it is their victim, Rohan..
Armaan kept on scrutinizing the guy, Rohan while abhi juz kept on kicking nd asking him.. "mainey kaha tha na tujhey riddhi se door rehna.. tuney firsey ussey contact kiya.. you *******.."
But rohan said nothing but enjoyed abhi beating him!! Weird! Is he a psycho or wat.. armaan thought feeling disgusted seeing his wicked grin.. he is a guy of late twenties.. but his appearance clearly states that he does everything but any good.. nd with this armaan's heart shrank thinking about his lady love.. where is she?? Has he kidnapped her?? If so, then only god can save this guy as he very well knws how to wipe off this irritating grin from his face..
After a lot of asking nd beating session, finally feeling tired abhi left him.. his now bleeding body lied on the floor but he didn't grimace.. in stead he put his head over his folded arms nd asked.. "ho gaya ya abhi bhi tujh mein energy baki hain??"
Armaan can swear if it was not abhi who was leading their mission, he could have killed this rohan guy.. god!! have I told you that armaan although is an extremely calm n composed person but once he gets angry, no one can stop himself.. he can do any brutal thing during his anger.. yes, he becomes angry less but if he gets, he forgets all his rationality nd maturity..
Abhi simply shook his head sideways in disgust nd then kneeling down beside him, he asked.. calmly this time.. "you promised that you'll never contact riddhi.. nd not to forget I gave u quite a good amount for that,too.. thn why did u stay in touch wth her??"
Rohan smiled his wicked, blood burning smile nd retorted.. "1stly my dear stupid frnd.." abhi scrunched his brows hearing rohan.. but rohan continued.. "I love this tone of yours.. u see.. tu aisey hi raha kar, gussa tujhey suit nahi karta.." abhi fisted his palms tightly to control his anger.. oh how difficult it feels to kp your calm wen you face such a jackass.. but he knew dat rohan won't crack the truth until he, himself, feels like doing that.. he's such a *******
"riddhi kaha hain, rohan??" abhi asked controlling himself..
"are u sure.. ur lill sisy is wth me??" rohan asked wickedly.. armaan couldn't hlp but rushed to punch his face nd abhi signaled to stop.. rohan looked at his direction nd said laughing loudly.. "my my my... toh finally ur lill sisy got a lover.. nice.. but does she love him too ya fir yeh bhi meri tarah ridz ka romeo banna chahta hain?? i must say she is so damn hot!! i can do anything to get her ... (paused intentionally nd chuckled) u knw wat i mean ri8??.." he grinned nd winked at armaan nd this was it.. armaan felt it too much to handle his sarcastic tone anymore nd without delay,started beating him so bad that if abhi did not stop him, he could hve murdered this guy then n there..
"ammy.. buddy.. control.. we can't kill him.. you understand.. only he knws where's riddhi ri8 now.." abhi said to calm armaan down while eying rohan's senseless bleeding body..
Armaan asked panting.. "who is he, abhi??"
Abhi sighed nd replied.. "a b******d, who only knows money.. god knows from where riddhi finds such ********"
Armaan too sighed deeply nd asked.. "I want the truth abhi.. kya hua hain riddhima ke sath?? Kyun wohh aisey behave karti hain?? kya zaroorat hain ussey aisey (faking a disgusted look to rohan's body) logo se contact rakhne ki??"
Abhi stared into armaan's eyes for sometimes.. is it true wat he is thinking?? abhi badly wants his intuition to be correct nd hence he asked warmly.. "do u love her, armaan??"
His simple question made his heartbeats race wilder.. he dunno wat he should answer.. he knows how protective abhi is regarding riddhima.. will he accept me?? He felt his breathes reaching its peak, his body feeling the sudden tension, his head throbbing.. should I confess in front of him?? May be he will hlp.. may be..
"armaan.. mainey kuch poocha tujhsey??" abhi asked him again wth a ray of hope in his eyes.. hope!! Isn't it hope dat is twinkling in his eyes?? But he knws riddhi is engaged to someone else but still he is wanting him to be in love wth her!! May be there's another mystery behind ds engagement fiasco.. may be it is fake too juz the way they misunderstood abhi nd riddhima's relation.. seeing this positive signal, armaan finally accepted the truth.. "yes.. I love her.."

________________to be continued__________________

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