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Part 19 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan took shilpa home, through out the drive armaan kept glancing at shilpa to make sure she was alright as she was lost in her thoughts. As they approached the house she seemed to come out of her world. They walked in the house with Armaan switching on lights as shilpa looked around the house where she had lived for many months. She looked around and raised an eyebrow at the mess that was lying around. She picked up the strewn clothes from the back of a chair and clean clothes dumped on the sofa and looked at armaan, who had the grace to look sheepish.

Armaan: things sort of got away from me this week! Why don't you give me those (taking the clothes from shilpa's arms and dumping them again on a chair)come in your room and rest.(pulling her into the room that she had occupied earlier)
Shilpa looked around the room: it feels like I never left!(looking at armaan who was looking at her intently, she walked up to him and wrapped her arms around him) thank you!
Armaan with his arms around her: what ever for?
Shilpa: for saving me! again!also sorry!(pulling back to look up in his face and lightly touch the bruise on his cheek) you got hurt b'coz of it.
Armaan closing the gap between them: I wouldn't have it any other way. Don't you know by now shilpa! I'll give my life if necessary to protect you. As for this (touching the bruise) just a victim of a little domestic violence.
Shilpa pulling him closer: I'm going to show my heartfelt gratitude (she wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her mouth over his. In that kiss she poured out all the love and gratitude she felt, she pulled back a little) thank you!(unable to stop herself she kissed him again, twining her tongue around his she sucked making armaan groan)
Armaan pulled back to draw a breath in his lungs: believe me! the pleasure is all mine!(he tilted her head and kissed her again fully, the force of his kiss making her cling to his shoulders. They drew back both breathing harshly, armaan rested his head against shilpa and smiled into her eyes.)
Shilpa pulling back: I think I'll freshen up a bit, take a shower!
Armaan letting go: sure! I'll get some clean clothes for you to wear!(he left the room in search of some clean clothes for shilpa. He managed to find a t-shirt and a pair of shorts that he hoped would fit her. He walked back to her room to find her sitting on the bed looking lost.) Shilpa!(shilpa looked up at armaan and tried to smile) got some clothes for you, hope hey fit you somehow.
Shilpa took the clothes from armaan and kept feeling them nervously. Armaan waited for shilpa who finaaly looked up: armaan! Can you do me a favor!
Armaan: you know you only have to ask?(not understanding her mood)
Shilpa: could you stay here and talk to me while I take a shower. I don't know why but I'm feeling a bit insecure. 
Armaan looked into her eyes: as long as you want! I'm right outside the bathroom door, you go in and take your shower.
Shilpa went in the bathroom and closed the door, after a few moments the shower started running and then shilpa called out: you still here armaan!
Armaan with his back against the door and arms crossed: yes! Do you need anything?
Shilpa: no! the water is wonderfully cool and refreshing!
Armaan cleared his throat as his mind conjured images of shilpa with water cascading down her gorgeous curves: so we missed our movie tonight!(hoping to talk of something which would keep the images of shilpa wet and sexy out of his mind) if you still want to go we can catch another one.
Shilpa: no! I'm a bit tired! I think I'll be turning in early tonight.(the shower stopped running)
Armaan closed his eyes as his sick mind was filled with images of shilpa drying off: that's a good idea! Have good night sleep!
Armaan moved away from the door hoping by putting some distance his mind would stop reacting in this inapropriate manner. The door opened making armaan turn around, one look at her and armaan knew that he had it bad. Shilpa stood there with wearing an oversize t-shirt that reached just above her knees with a pair of shorts that was too big at the waist and continued to droop making shilpa look like a waif. But even in those ill fitting clothes with her hair wet and falling around her shoulders, the shirt that she was wearing stuck to her body in places which were not completely dry making armaan's mouth go dry at the sight of her. With her face scrubbed clean she looked beautiful and very young.
Shilpa looked up at armaan a bit self consciously tugging at the shorts to keep them in their place and smiled hesitantly. Suddenly armaan realized that his constant stare was making her uneasy and decided to keep it easy between them instead of mixing it up with desire for each other. Smiling easily at her: you look like a kid playing grown up.
Shilpa smiled and fingered the shirt: I feel as if I've dressed in a giants clothes.
Armaan: come! Eat something!
Shilpa shaking her head: I'm not hungry! Honest!(seeing that he was going to argue) plus! I know where everything is, if I feel hungry I'll make something for myself to eat. Right now! I'm just tired and want to go to sleep.
Armaan walked out of her room biding her good night and stood there thinking what to do himself as he was not feelimg sleepy at all. Armaan tried watching some news on television but was bored, he switched on to sports channel hoping to find a tennis or footall match he could watch. Little while later he switched off the t.v. in disgust and threw the remote on the table, he grabbed a medical journal and decided to read till he got sleepy. After an hour of reading the journal but failing to comprehend a word he had read, exasperated with himself he got up and decided to take a shower to clear his mind and then go to bed. 
Armaan stood under the shower and felt better with the cool water beating down his neck and shoulders.He finished his shower and wore a pair of cotton pajamas foregoing a shirt to stay cool he made his way to the bed prepared to turn infor the night. He lay there unable to sleep his mind filled with images of shilpa from earlier in the day, he turned on to his side punching his pillow and jamming it under his head in a more comfortable position.
Fed up armaan gave up on the idea of sleep and decided to pump up some iron to kill time and tire himself in order to sleep. He walked out of his room and was making his way to the exercise room when he passed by shilpa's room, armaan stilled when he heard a sound coming from the room. Worried armaan gently pushed open the door which was not completely shut and looked round trying to find out what the sound was. His eyes quickly scanned the room on finding nothing he was about to turn around so not to disturb sleeping shilpa when he heard the sound again but this time he was able to discern it, it sounded like a choked sob.
Armaan walked further into the room and saw shilpa curled up on the bed sobbing. Armaan immediately moved toward shilpa who was lost in her misery as continued to cry her eyes out.
Armaan worriedly sitting on the bed next to shilpa: shilpa! shilpa! (placing a hand on her shoulder and giving a slight shake) whats wrong? Shilpa!(shilpa turned towards armaan and threw her arms around him and continued to cry)
Armaan closed his arms around shilpas trembling form: shilpa! are you not feeling well?(in his mind armaan ran through possible scenarios which might have occurred as a result of todays attack)where does it hurt? Shilpa tell me!
Shilpa hiccupping: its not that armaan!
Armaan worried: then what is it?
Shilpa pulled back and looked at armaan with tears flowing down her face: I was just trying to remember my father.(she drew in a shuddering breath trying to control her tears) he's gone! I don't know when but it feels as if I've lost him only today.(her face crumbled and tears started to fall again) 
Armaan gathered her in his arms and rocked her trembling bodies and kept saying: you are not alone! I'm here for you.(He let her cry it out, not stopping her once, he  held her trembling body as she let the grief out of her system)
He continued to hold her as her tears ran out and quiet shudders shook her body, armaan started to draw back to look at her face only to have shilpa cling to him tighter: don't leave me!
Armaan stilled, lightly cradling her head against his chest as he dropped a kiss on her hair: I'm not leaving you. I'll never leave you! I was just trying to get you more comfortable. (looking down at her face he saw her tired eyes) why don't you try sleeping for a little while.
Shilpa: will you stay with me?
Armaan without hesitation: as long as you want me to!
Armaan made shilpa lay down on bed, shilpa rolled over on her side and immediately went into armaan's arms, her head lying on his bare chest. Within minutes she fell asleep the events of the day finally catching up with her, armaan looked at her sleeping face and prayed to god that till morning she gets some solace in sleep, armaan closed his eyes and fell asleep.
Armaan woke up with a start realizing shilpa was not with him in the room. He got up and left the room in search of shilpa only to find her in the kitchen infront of the stove cooking making the whole kitchen smell wonderfull. He stood there and watched her cook wearing only the oversize t-shirt he had given her last night.
Armaan: what are you doing?
Shilpa hand stilled and she turned around: good morning to you as well! I'm making breakfast! You've got five minutes to get dressed and to be on the table.(she turned back to the stove leaving armaan no option but to d what she said)
Five minutes later armaan was back dressed casually in capri's and shirt, he made his way to the dinning table and sat down waiting for shilpa. Shilpa placed a pot of coffee near armaan and juice for herself, she then came back to place a platter full of French toast.
Armaan looked at shilpa quizzically: French toast?
Shilpa: its my favorite breakfast meal!(armaan looked at her waiting for her to continue) whenever I use to feel low my father use to make it for me. Last night…(she stopped unable to continue)
Armaan squeezed her hand offering support and comfort to continue, she looked up and smiled at him: last night I dreamed that my father was cooking me French toast and as he cooked we talked. He told me that he loved me and no matter where he was he would always love me and be there for me. He told me not to cry as he will never leave me alone.(she looked up at armaan and smiled through the tears that sparkled  in her eyes)
Armaan tugged at her hand making her come towards him and making her sit in his lap. Armaan wrapped his arms around her inhaling her clean scent and whispered: I love you!
Shilpa felt her eyes sting: I love you too! And you know what?(pulling back a little and looking into armaan's face) my father would've approved of you! B'coz you're just like him. Handsome, honest and most important of all you love me too. Now enough of this emotional drama lets eat before it gets cold.
Shilpa quickly dished him a couple of slices and sat down herself for her breakfast. After they had finished eating and shilpa was stacking dishes in the sink to wash armaan wrapped his arms around her from behind and whispered huskily: you've officially ruined me for any one else!
Shilpa trying to suppress her smile: why? What did I do?
Armaan: the sight of you cooking in the kitchen wearing only this t-shirt!(he lowered his head and nuzzled her neck) the sight of your long smooth bare legs, and when you reach up to get that bowl out of the cupboard and the t-shirt also sort of went up a couple of inches..
Shilpa laughing and turning around to face him: Armaan!
Armaan: honestly! It took all my control not to do this!(he lifted her up to sit on the counter bringing her face level with his. He stood between her legs and fisted his hand in her hair and guided her mouth to his, he kissed her slowly and softly. Each kiss seeped into languid pleasure making shilpa moan deep in her throat pulling armaan closer still who seemed content enough to kiss her mouth only.)
Finally when the kiss ended shilpa opened her eyes and looked at armaan's worried face: what?
Armaan: I'm thinking how am I suppose to keep my hands off you!
Shilpa laughed and pushed him away to get off the counter: keep thinking! I'm getting dressed and then you are going to take me back to my apartment.
Armaan following shilpa to her room: why?
Shilpa turned to see him standing behind her: to get my stuff!(when armaan stood there unmoving) clothes etc.!
Armaan frowning: I'll get them! You're not going there!
Shilpa rolling her eyes: I'm asking you to come with me so that I'm not alone! Ok! Now let me get dress!
When armaan didn't move, shilpa sat on the bed and started to pull on the freshly washed jeans she had on tomorrow. Armaan shocked: what are you doing?
Shilpa: getting dressed! Apparently you  have no intention of leaving!
Armaan stalked out of the room making shilpa grin. Little while later both left for shilpa's apartment with armaan scowling all the way. They reached shilpa's apartment which looked like a war zone, with broken door, books strewn across the room and shattered glass. Shilpa immediately went over to her room and started packing her stuff. In half an hour shilpa had packed her meager belongings and was ready to leave, only when they had left the building and where on their way back did armaan relax.
The next few days flew by in a blur of activities of trying to settle into a routine that worked both for armaan and shilpa. Armaan refused to let shilpa go anywhere alone, he had his duties at the hospital managed such that he or rahul or muskaan were the one's who were to take shilpa where ever she wanted to go. The fact that shilpa didn't protest much showed that she herself was shaken up by the last attack on her life.
As days passed shilpa started to have more memory flashes some small and inconsequential, others relating to her childhood and father. Every memory flash somehow left her feeling disoriented and a headache, whereas each memory made shilpa more hopeful of her regaining her memory it left armaan feeling desolate and scared. Each memeory flash brought the feeling of imminent doom for armaan closer, any day he felt shilpa could walk out of his life.
The fear was making him go crazy but he tried to hide the fear from shilpa. One day both had managed to get their day off together and were lounging at home.
Shilpa: armaan! I'm thinking of trying hypnosis!
Armaan who was drinking juice choked: what? Why?
Shilpa turned to armaan excitedly: I was with muskaan and she had this article, where they tried hypnosis on a patient who  had amnesia, it helped him in recovering his memory. Well there are other issues that need to be looked into…(to her utter amazement armaan got up and just left the room, she looked at his back walking away from her and then ran after him)
Armaan had to get out of the room, he had to get out of the house or he'll say something he'll regret for the rest of his life. Panic had settled into his gut at her words, how can he tell her that he didn't want to try this hypnosis deal. He walked into his room started dressing up as he needed to get out of the house. Shilpa walked into his room to see him tucking his shirt into his jeans, she stood there confused not understanding what was happening.
Shilpa: whats wrong armaan?(her eyes wide with worry)
Armaan without looking at her: nothing! I just have to go somewhere!
Shilpa knew he was avoiding her: armaan! I'm asking you whats wrong.
Armaan angrily: I'm not answerable to you about everything!
Shilpa stood there shocked, she could not believe armaan was talking in this way. She stood staring at armaan who continued to ignore her as he picked up his keys and was about to leave whe shilpa grabbed his arm stopping him: you can't leave!
Armaan looked at her hand: I have to go somewhere!
Shilpa could feel anger rise in her veins, he was acting like a jerk but shilpa was not going to let him: armaan! You want to go! Fine but first answer me why did you leave the room right now?(armaan tried to turn away but shilpa held on) you left without answering, you left without even making a comment. Whats wrong? Answer me! answer me armaan!
Armaan couldn't take it anymore: b'coz I can't bear it anymore. Every day I live in this fear that I'm going to lose you that one day I'll come home and you would've forgotten everything about me. I can't take this anymore, I need to leave.
Shilpa looked at him in amazement: armaan! I'm not going anywhere! Why do you believe I'll forget you!
Armaan: when you had the memeory flash in your apartment!you did not recognize me shilpa! you had absolutely no idea who I was(he raised tormented eyes to shilpas face making shilpa realize just how much anguish he was feeling) I don't know how I'm going to bear it if you actually forget me.
Shilpa slid her hands up his arms to cradle his face in her hands: Armaan! I love you! I might not remember anything about myself but I do know that there has never been anyone like you in my life. You are the only man in my life, the only man with he exception of my father, whom I love.
Armaan crushed shilpa to his hard body: shilpa! I love you too!
Shilpa pulling back to look in his eyes: then trust me armaam! You are scared of losing me armaan but where would I go. Armaan don't you know that when you touch me I forget everything , for me nothing else exists except for you. I don't need to find out my past armaan! As long as I have you, what happened before is not important.
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan

Armaan captured shilpa's lips in a kiss poignant and soulful. The kiss turned more passionate with each passing second, armaan couldn't keep his passion in check, he wanted to absorb shilpa into him. Each kiss, each sweep of her hand pushed him over the edge.
Yeh Pal Hai Apna To Is Pal Ko Jee Le
Shwalo Ki Tarha Zarah Chal Ke Jee Le
Pal Jhapakte Kho Na Jana
Chuke Karlo Yakin Na Jane Yeh Pal Paaye Kahan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan

 In between kisses he managed to ask: shilpa! if you want to stop now is the time so say before its too late.(he pulled back breathing harshly giving her time to respond)
Shilpa felt on fire she looked at armaan whose eyes shone with a fire that burned only for her: who says I'm stopping!(there she said it, committed to what they both wanted for a long time and the last few days had been pure torture living with him in the same house)
Baahon Mein Teri Yun Kho Gaye Hai
Armaan Dabe Se Jagne Lage Hai
Jo Mile Ho Aaj Hum Ko Door Jana Nahin
Mitado Saari Yeh Duriyan
Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai Madhoshiyan Hai
Tujhko Bhulake Aab Jaao Kahan
Dekhti Hai Jis Tarah Se Teri Nazrein Mujhe
Main Khud Ko Chupaao Kahan

Armaan stilled at her words then just scooped her up in his arms: you sure! Don't change you mind!(he placed on her bed amidst kisses all over her face and neck)
Shilpa breathlessly: I'm not going to change my mind!(biting armaan's ear lobe making him shudder and capture her mouth again )
They rolled on the bed arms twined, legs tangled, mouth fused. Armaan pulled back slightly taking in he sight shilpa made with her hair spread on the bed, eyes smoldering under her lashes, mouth soft and swollen with his passionate kisses, he bend down and kissed the pulse point on her neck. Following it down to the soft curves of her breast which showed above the neckline of the dress that she wore. Shilpa wore a summer dress which fell down to her calves in soft folds with a row of buttond down the center starting from the neckline. Shilpa had only buttoned the dress upto he knee keeping the rest of the dress like a slit down front, in their wrestle on the bed the dress had rode up leaving her leg bare upto her thigh.
Without his conscious thought his hand moved from her ankle upto her thigh in a smooth flow while shilpa managed to untuck armaan's shirt from his jeans ans smooth her hands up his back. Armaan reared back sitting on his knees while straddling shilpa, breathing unevenly, without bothering to unbutton his shirt he grabbed the edge and pulled it over his head. Shilpa lay back and sucked in a breath at the display of such manly beauty, her mouth went dry as her heart thudded painfully at the sight of him.
Shilpa raised her hand and smoothed it across his washboard muscles of the abdomen. Armaan eyes glinted with passion as he leaned down to lie beside shilpa on his elbow and started to flick open the buttons of her dress.
Once again armaan stopped and looked into shilpa's eyes: no regrets?
Shilpa tucked her fingers in his waist band and pulled him forward: you think too much!(as his mouth was about cover hers, she whispered) with you I never have any regrets.
Armaan kissed her as if there was no tomorrow, his kisses turning more urgent as they moved down her throat down the open bodice of her dress to the soft skin of her breasts. Armaan's heart was beating so hard that he could hear it as if someone was beating a fist at the door.
He could feel shilpa's fingers unbuckling is belt and sliding it away as he trailed open mouthed kisses down her chest and lave the valley between the breasts with his tongue. Shilpa felt her head ringing, as they broke apart to draw in a breath realized that the door bell was ringing.
Shilpa: Armaan! There is some one at the door(shilpa managed amidst panting )
Armaan' response was to kiss shilpa deeply making her forget her original thought. As they again came up for air it was to the sound of fists pounding at the door and the dor bell ringing continuously. Armaan and shilpa looked at one another, finally armaan got up with a curse.
Armaan: don't even think of moving! I'll be back in a second after killing who ever it is at the door.
Armaan marched out of the room to open the door: WHAT? (only to stand there shocked)
Standing there at the door where no one else but armaan's parents who looked at armaan who stood there bare chest with his hair looking a mess.
Maa: is this a way to greet your parents?


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