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"Teri Hidimba ne photo upload kiya hai" Shilpa was munching on her chocolates keeping her tab in her lap. Armaan was on the last page of his mystery book so all his senses had drowned into the book.
"Oye" Shilpa hit him with his leg...
"Don't disturb" he scowled
"OK" Shilpa said with a mischievous smile.

"Good night bandar" Shilpa kissed his cheek tight just to disturb him ...but looked like Mr Malik perfectly knew how to concentrate .
"Ghus ja usi me ghus ja" she taunted and covered herself with the blanket. In a few minutes she drifted off to sleep.


Next morning

"Moti uth" Armaan shook Shilpa but seemed like his dearest wife had travelled to another land.
And in times like these...Armaan did what he had been doing since childhood. ...
"Ahhuh" Shilpa made a face and woke up at once.
"Haahaha" Armaan threw the dirty socks at her and ran towards the door to flee out " Tu uth hi nahi rahi thi" .
Armaan a bad habit of not changing his socks for days..till the time he couldn't stand the smell himself...but before doing the honours he never forgot to make Shilpa inhale the great aroma coming from the socks. But like this time he couldn't escape the prakop of his best friend.

"Sorry mamma late ho gaya" Shilpa apologised and grabbed a seat next to Armaan...who was sitting with a serious face but she knew his insides were on a break dance.
"Arre newly weds's your right to be late" Ananya teased but none of them blushed ...instead Shilpa gave a pleasant smile making her mother in law short of words.

"I will pick you up in the evening. need to go alone" Armaan warned ...he has always been caring so that was not a surprise for Shilpa "Ok".

It was Shilpa's first day they were being addressed in the conference hall. She was sitting with her friend Muskaan who also got selected with her during the campus interview.
"Kya yaar ho gaya bas" she was feeling bored.
"We all are sailing in the same boat I guess" suddenly a male voice from behind came which made Shilpa and Muskaan turn.
"Hi...I am Kunal" the man introduced himself with a smile.
The girls responded with a smile too.

It was lunch time ...and Shilpa and her new colleague cum friends were sitting in the canteen.

Here Armaan also had a lunch after having his lunch he unlocked his phone to check on messages. He logged in to FB and the home page opened sending him in a shock..." Shilpa I will kill you"..He logged out and immediately called Shilpa .

And here Shilpa was busy chatting with her new friends when her cell started vibrating.
Seeing the caller's name ...a naughty smile came on her face "Bhadka Bandar"
Shilpa excused herself and picked the call..."Haan Armaan lunch kiya?"
"Lunch ki bachi tujhe nahi chodunga mai..." Armaan barked as soon as Shilpa answered the call.
"Maine aisa bhi kya kar dia"
"Why did you comment ...kiya to kiya wo bhi mere account se??" he shouted
"Hidimba k photo par..." Shilpa played
"Ji haan!"
"Yeh Bhagwaan Armaan...tu apna pehla pehla pyaar bhul gaya...out of courtesy I did that" Shilpa expressed her mock concern.
"Shut up...Tu ghar aa bas" Armaan cut the call adding a warning.
"Haahaha" she started laughing once he cut the call "Too much fun"

Since Shilpa was the only married one in the group..she felt very awkward to reveal the fact...according to her she was too young to get married. she kept mum on this topic.
Only Muskaan knew the truth.


Armaan picked Shilpa from her office ...and as soon as they reached home...the cat and mouse game began.
Shilpa quietly moved to the room seeing Ananya in the hall.
Armaan also followed but Ananya saw him "Arrey Armaan ..."
"Mamma I am tired" saying this he marched quickly towards the room.
Shilpa was about to close the door when Armaan made his entry putting his shoe in between..he entered some how...and at once pushed her on the bed and got on top of her ready to kill her. He grabbed her neck "I will kill you" making Shilpa laugh.

In the dining hall...Ananya thought " Nashta room me de kar aati hun...they must have got tired."
Taking some snacks she reached the room and found the door open ...she entered only to get a heart attack seeing Armaan on top of Shilpa. The plate fell from hand ...and she turned at once "Maine kuch nahi dekha"
The voice brought the two fighters out of their world and finally it dawned upon Armaan that the posture they were in was very misleading. ..he at once got up "Ahh Mamma hum "
"Atleast close the door " Ananya said in a light tone and moved out.

"All because of you" Armaan pointed his finger at Shilpa.
"Tune mujh par attack kiya tha" she scowled
"Tch ab" he sat on the bed.
"Aree it's ok ...hum thodi na Woh kar rahe the" she said teasingly.
"Oh..acha ...but unhe toh laga na hum Woh kar rahe the" Armaan sang in the same tone.
"Ab toh ho gaya na" She pouted which brought a smile on Armaan's face...but then he remembered what she wrote in the comment.
"What u wrote...kya khub lagti ho ..badi sundar dikhti ho...tujhe aur kuch nahi mila" he blasted
"Teri Hidimba hai hi itni sundar ki ...apne aap type hota chala gaya"
"Tu bas i will take my revenge" He warned and went inside the washroom.


It has been two months to their marriage. ..but still nothing changed except for the loving and passionate glances Armaan has perpetually started using for his wife. ...I guess something changed.

"Bye" Shilpa waved at Armaan and moved towards the entrance.
Armaan was about to leave when he saw a guy giving a high five to Shilpa. From the way the boy was communicating Armaan could make out that he was besotted. A wave of anger started erupting ...he was feeling uneasy...he was going to get down when he saw some other staff members joining them. He drove away with some unknown fear in his heart.

The guy was Kunal and true to Armaan's thoughts ..he was completely besotted.
But Shilpa never reciprocated his feelings... ...Still he was waiting for the right time so that she could not say no to his proposal.

Armaan was restless in the office but Shilpa's call calmed him ..."Hi bandar ...did you have your lunch?" Shilpa had started calling him during lunch hours to check on him as a month back his BP went low ...he had a bad habit of skipping lunches if busy.
"I just had" Armaan smiled
The talk for sure lifted Armaan's mood.


After dinner...they were settled in the bed with Shilpa telling Armaan her office tales...and Mr. Husband was not showing much interest... ...but then
"You know...Kunal just did it in a second. ..he was truely a saviour"
Listening the name "Kunal" , his interest level which was at minimum went to maximum.
"Who is this Kunal"
"Oh..I would have made you meet him today ...he just came after you left" Shilpa chirped.
And now Armaan exactly came to know who this Kunal was...but he didn't say anything.


After a week

"Shilpa nikal yaar we will get late" Armaan shouted

"Armaan I just Muski and I will be going with Kunal..we have a project to discuss" Shilpa smiled but it was not reciprocated.
"I won't be able to pick you up today" Armaan said with a blank face.
"You are telling me could you forget given the fact your mind is so sharp" Shilpa joked
"Just the way you forgot to tell me that you changed your driver" an unexpected reply from Armaan shocked Shilpa.
"Kya hua...why are you reacting like this" she tried to touch her shoulders but he warded them off and went out of the room closing the door with a loud bang.
For sometime Shilpa just stood there but then hurried towards the dining hall "Mamma Armaan"
"He was getting late...he said he will have something in the canteen." Ananya replied while setting the table.

Through out the day Shilpa kept calling Armaan but to no avail.
Here Armaan was sitting with closed eyes ...
he was in such a good mood ...but just the mention of that Kunal's name boiled his blood...he used to control somehow when Shilpa used to sing his praises...if that was not enough he took his place what if it's only for a day...he just couldn't take it.
"But I guess I overreacted" He said to himself and pick up his cell to call Shilpa...seeing 25 missed calls from Shilpa he smiled
"His Shilpu can't see him upset"

"I am sorry yaar...I over reacted" Armaan apologised as soon as the call got answered but the voice from the other side didn't please him much.
"May I know who is this" he asked politely.
"Aah...I will call Shilpa later Kunal" he hung down in anger.

In Shilpa's office

"Hey I just left my phone here " Shilpa came searching for her cell on the table where other colleagues were busy having lunch.
"Here take it...someone named Armaan called" Kunal passed the phone.
"Mai toh gayi aaj"

At night Shilpa tried to talk to Armaan but he was in no mood . Ananya and Billy had gone to some relative's house.

Armaan busy in his book when Shilpa's cell vibrated ...she was inside the washroom.
He picked it up only to see " A message from Kunal". He opened it and what he saw next infuriated him further. His eyes started turning red due to anger.
The message was "Hey Shilpa...since tomorrow is Sunday ..can we meet up in XYZ restaurant over a coffee date"

Shilpa came out of the washroom. ...
"Do you want a divorce" Armaan's sudden voice echoed in the room.
Shilpa was in a state of shock ...
"I want an answer" Armaan said in a calm tone.
"Are you mad" Shilpa yelled coming out of the shock.
"But without divorcing me you can't date na..." he said showing her the message.
Shilpa read the message and reacted immediately. .."Armaan I don't know why he has messaged me something like this...he is just my friend"
Armaan didn't say anything
"Tu mujh par shak kar raha hai" she said in a whisper.
" can never cheat on me I know that...but I know you are not happy in this marriage given the fact that nobody in the office knows that you are married. "Armaan answered

"Aur aaj kal toh tu mujhe bhul hi gayi hai. ...bas Kunal ye Kunal wo...what am I supposed to think Shilpu...I am missing my best friend who was only mine" his voice turned husky but he avoided looking into her eyes...suddenly he turned with grim expressions"It's ok...u were not ready for the marriage. ..I kinda forced you so..." but he was cut by Shilpa's lips on his.
She started kissing him hungrily making him think again over all his accusations.
Getting no response Shilpa bit his lips...and finally Mr Armaan Malik came to reality ...his dear wife was kissing him...he finally responded by sucking her lips and later their tongues met in a fight as to show who loves the other more.
They finally came out of the kiss with heavy breaths.
"You dumbo...bandar pig" Shilpa started hurling abuses at him once her breath got normal.
"What did I do" Armaan also yelled...the kiss was long forgotten.
"You spoiled my surprise ...I thought to surprise you on your birthday with my confession. ...sab kharab kar diya" she sat on the bed crying.
"I just wanted to make you a little jealous ...kyuki tu kabhi kuch kehta hi nahi tha..." she defended herself.
"Tu  kehne kaha deti kuch..."Armaan also shot fire balls but then knelt down "Don't cry moti please...tujhe pata hai na mai ek number ka gadha hun..." he cupped her face.
"That you are" she shouted
"Sorry" Armaan started doing sit ups ...
After sometime "were you jealous of Kunal" Shilpa asked.
Armaan stopped and gritted his teeth "Nahi bahut khush hua...bas tum dono ki shaadi ka card hi chhapwane wala tha."

Shilpa smiled and cupped his face "Aur baarat me nachne ka bhi khayal tha..."
"Tu hat" Armaan made a face.
But the dear wife wound his arms from back and whispered "I love you...bandar. "
 Armaan pouted
"...u can't understand" Shilpa pinched his cheek making him hiss.
"Aaah...I love you" Armaan whispered and kept his lips on hers...the sweet kiss turned wild when Shilpa started responding.

After sometime both of them were settled in the swing in the balcony with two bowls of maggi.
and suddenly. ..
"Ewww Armaan we kissed" Shilpa made a face .
"So what's ewww in that"
"I kissed my best friend" Shilpa pouted
"cum husband" Armaan said huskily nuzzling his face in her hair.
"Aah" Shilpa moaned feeling a hickey on her neck.
Armaan started placing wet kisses on her neck...he was about to pull the strap of her nightie...when Shilpa stopped him and said seductively "ON YOUR BIRTHDAY"

Guys the next part will be a little mature...

Natalya Bedi

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