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Part 2 (last) : When You Can't Fake It Just Make It (os)

Armaan was all broken read what all happened with ridhima in the last few months in his absence. The girl he has left behind was so innocent and away from all the major suffering that life through in once life as she had her father and him in her life to protect her. Now after reading everything Armaan thought that this ridhima have suffered everything that he wanted to protect her from, but he couldn't.

All day Armaan kept himself locked in his room not wanting to face ridhima before he set his mind clear about what was right then or now to do. It's about three lives that are to talk about. He was mad at everyone and that not just others he was mad at himself too.

He was mad at Ridhima for not telling him the reality before dragging him into that mess making her own life more messier than ever.

He was Mad at Siddhant Modi for bringing his basket in the state where she was bounded to be where she was not giving her anyway for escaping from the situation and bringing lots of pain in his basket life so much pain that at one point of time she was asked not to even touch her own mother.

He was mad at himself for making such a decision due to which ridhima had to face everything that she had if he has been there at that time with her no one would have dared to even look at his basket.

But nothing can be undone now. All that can change is by doing something now, this change that has to come should come for the goof and for the happiness of his basket be it with him or without. Ridhima has not only given him a choice to make she have given her life to him to write its destiny that may be the happiness of life or the pain to endure.

In the night Armaan finally came out of his room and saw ridhima immediately got attentive of his arrival in the living room. One look at her face and he knew she was crying all day while eating for him to come to her after reading the letter. But he too needed the much needed time after coming face to face with the reality.

Both Sat silently facing each other but neither of them knew what to say or how to start a conversation there was a volley of words their brains were thought to their nervous system to ask but they didn't have courage.


...Next day Sun rising scene...

Armaan entering in sanjeevni While Sid walks from opposite direction towards him when from now where in the middle of them there was a corridor and ridhima walked out of that passage. She looked at one side of her seeing Sid There ridhima tried to walk in other direction when she saw Armaan on the other side. Looking to and fro once more ridhima look ahead of her staring into space for a minute or two.

Thoughts "Kya kismat Banai hain Bhagwan ne meri. Meri Zindagi Bhi aise hi aake rukh gai Hain Jahan Ek Taraf Armaan hai aur dusri Taraf Sid. Then she saw Shashank coming from Sid's behind and then she looks towards Armaan's side to see him standing alone. "Ek Taraf meri zimedari aur society hain aur dusri Taraf Mera Pyaar hain.

Turning back ridhima walks back to the way she came from when Sid walk behind her Armaan moved towards path lab where he was going before not wanting to follow Sid and ridhima when from another corridor He heard his name being called. Walking few steps in reverse Armaan peep out of the wall to see Dr.Shashank.


 "Sir Armaan spoke before reaching up to him and bend down to touch his feet. Thought Armaan was always afraid of him from the start that when ridhima's and his relation came to open with the approval of all he started to look as father up to him even Shashank have started treating him more like a son then just an intern.

Holding Armaan from his arms before he touches his feet, pulling him into a fatherly hug getting all emotional at his arrival. Shashank was in some conference away from the state so he knew nothing about last 2-week development. Shashank took Armaan in his cabin talking about his health in detail getting to know how he made it and praising him for showing all this strength to fight back with his illness.  There was a pause in their conversation when Shashank thought its time he tells Armaan about ridhima's marriage with Sid.

"Armaan Mein janta hun tum ridhima se bahut pyaar karte ho aur uske liya wapsa aaye ho par armaan Shashank started but armaan cut him in between. "Ridhima ki Sid se shaadi ho chuki hain. Janta hun Sir Armaan said completing him shocking him.

"Aap Jante Hain, Shashank said in a shocking state. "Haan Sir mein Janta hun. Par Sir Shayad aapko ye Nahi Pata ki Ek week Pehle meri aur ridhima ki bhi Shaadi ho gai hain This was the double shock for Shashank if the first one was not enough.

"Kya Mazak Kar Rahe hain aap Armaan. Aap Jante Hain Sid aur ridhima Shaadi shuda hain Phir Bhi aap Shashank left his words his words in the middle not know what to say ahead.

"Sir Mujhe kal hi pata chala tha ki Ridhima aur Sid ki shaadi ho gai hain aur kin halaton mein Hui hain ye bhi janta hun mein Sir before armaan can say anything Shashank spoke "haalat koi bhi rahe ho armaan par armaan shaadi koi khel nahi hain aaj isse toh kal kissi aur se kar li jaye. Shashank asked

"Ache se Janta hun sir ki Shaadi kya hain aur kya mayene rakhti hain ridhima ke Liya Shaadi par Sir ye Bhi sach hain ki meri aur ridhima ki bhi Shaadi ho gai hai Armaan tried to explain but Shashank was getting hyper on him "Armaan Shashank exclaimed in almost challenging tone. Still, with the calm tone, Armaan told him everything that happened in last 2 week.

"Par armaan Ridhima pehle se shaadi shuda thi toh ye shaadi nahi maani ja sakti, aur shayad mein selfish hun par armaan please ridhima ko uski jindagi jeene di jiya Sid uska pati hain aur bahut acha insaan bhi hain Khush rakhega ridhima ko armaan who was listening to Shashank spoke up "Sir galat mat samhiye ga par Sid ki achai toh tabhi pata chal gai thi Jab vo apni hi biwi ki shaadi hote hu shaanti se dekh raha tha ek baar bhi kuch nahi bola. Aur ap kehte hain ki ridhima uske sath khush rahegi toh sir bus ek baar aap ridhima ko dekhiya aur yaad kariye kya 1 saal pehle bhi ridhima aisi hi thi, aise hi chup rahti thi kya, aise hi bina muskuraye milti thi kya kisi se bhi, kya aise hi jindagi jeeti thi vo, aur phir ye hi bata di jiye sir ki kya 1 saal pehle jab meri aur baske... I mean jab ek saal pehle jab meri aur Ridhima ki Shaadi ki baat chal rahi thi tab bhi kya vo aise hi udas thi jaise aaj kal rahne lagi hain

Armaan paused in between letting his words fill in Shashank's mind.

"Par armaan ridhima ki is samy tumse bhi aur Sid se bhi dono se shaadi Hui hain aur ye legal nahi hain kal ko problem ho jayegi, Jahan ridhima ki khushi hain vo wahan rahegi uske papa hain na uske saath.

"Aap tention mat lijiye Sir Ridhima sirf apki beti hi nahi meri duniya bhi hain aur koi uski khusiyon ko chu bhi nahi sakta. Aur rahi baat legal ya illega ki toh sir Sid se baat kar sakte hain divorce ke liya armaan ensured Shashank. "Aur in worst case agar Sid nahi maana aur koi action liya ridhima ke against mein toh ridhima ko police...

"Ridhima ko Kuch Nahi Hoga Sir. Sid agar Nahi maana to we will make sure ki Ridhima ko Kuch Nahi Hoga, I am here to take her out of anything, any mess. Saying so Armaan walks out of Shashank's cabin in search of Sid to talk to him.


Armaan reached to the recreation room from where he heard some voices. So he thought to check in for once before leaving. He tried to open the door but found it locked from another side, but the voice that was coming from inside made him restless for some reason. Armaan kicked the door to break free it from its lock and after few tries, it breaks open.

The scene that meets his eyes just sucks the breath out of his lungs. He saw ridhima pinned to the wall while Sid wasn't letting her move any away from himself. He heard sid Saying "Kyun aab kya Hua ridhima main Bhi to pati hun na tumhare, jab Armaan haat Lagat Hoga tumhe kya tab Bhi tum aise hi bhagti ho. Mein Janta hun Nahi to jab tum Armaan se Nahi bhag Sakti to Phir mein to tumhare pehla pati hun Phir mujhse Kyun bhag Rahi ho he said forcing himself on ridhima.

Before ridhima can speak or protest out of his hold Sid receive a hard punch on his face making him fall on the other side. Ridhima was shocked by the turn of events that even she didn't notice Armaan but when she saw Sid falling to one side she turn her head and look at who punched him. Looking it was Armaan ridhima moved behind Armaan trying to protect herself from Sid trying to make herself safe behind Armaan.
"Armaan..! came ridhima's whisper for help.

"Ridhima se kya puch raha hai mera se puch jo puchna hain. Tujhe pata ye hi farak hain tujhme aur mujhe mein. Tera ridhima ke liya pyaar uski bhahri (outer) khubsurti ke liya hain, par mera pyaar uski andar ki khuhbsurti ke liya hain. Jana chahta hai na ki kyun ridhimatujhe haat bhi nahi laga ne deti toh vo teri issi scoh ke karan tu uski body chuna chahata hai aur mein ne uska dil chua hain. Jana chahata hain na ki kyun nahi aane de rahi ridhima tujhe uske pass toh vo is liya kyun ki ridhima ko ye sab acha nahi lagta jab tak koi uske dil ko nahi chu le vo kisi ko haat bhi nahi lagane deti hain samjha. Par mein tujh jaise gawar se ye sab kyun bol raha hun tu hai hi koun jo mein ridhima ke baar mein tujhe bataun. Aage se ridhima ko haath lagana toh dur hain agar uski taraf aankh bhi uthai na toh jaan se mar dunga mein tujhe samjha. Armaan said in pure rage while Sid kept hearing him lying on the floor ridhima hiding behind Armaan.

Hearing Armaan Sid's anger get better of him. "Tu nazar ki baat kar raha hain nan azar toh kya haath bhi lagunga mein kya kar lega patni hain vo meri jo marzi karun tu hain koun.

"patni hain nahi thi ab kuch nahi lagti teri, tera ridhta ussi din tut gaya tha jis din meri aur ridhima ki shaadi hui thi samjha armaan said. "Tera bolne se kuch ho nahi jayega, ridhima meri patni thi hai aur haseha rahegi kuch nahi kar sakta tu. Sid challenged Armaan.

"Tera bhi bolne se kuch ho nahi jayega Sab ke samne meri shaadi hui thi ridhima se jab tab tujhe mein bolne ki himat nahi thi toh aa kyun aa gaya apna haq jatane. Apni hi biwi ki shaadi mera se hote hu dekh ke bhi sharam nahi aai kuch nahi bola toh aaj bolne ka bhi koi haq nahi hain tera samjha. Aur ye life ridhima ki hain teri nahi vo jahan rahna chahe wahan aur uske sath rahegi jiske sath chahati hain

"Ridhima ke chahne ya na chahane se Kuch Nahi Hota Patni hain to Mera Saath rahna padhge use. Sid tried to approach ridhima when she hid more behind Armaan holding on to him tightly. Armaan caught sid's hand in death tight grip that was raise to touch ridhima once again and with another hand he punched Sid once again.

"Kaha than a haath bhi Nahi Lagana with that Armaan beat the life out of him. Sid got no chance to resort but then before Armaan can move out holding on to scared ridhima he heard sid saying "Ridhima Patni to meri hi hain agar Aram se Nahi to jabardasti hi Sahi ridhima ko rahna to Mera sath hi padega Dr.Malik. Sid said challenging him.

"Keep trying Siddhant Modi, ridhima to kya uski parchai bhi Nahi rahegi Tera Sath samjha. Do whatever you want Saying so Ridhima was dragged with Armaan outside the recreation room.

Taking the day off Armaan went home with ridhima tagging along with him know he needed her at this moment. She knew whatever happened in last hour that would disturb Armaan to no end. Reaching home Armaan walk in his room while ridhima freshens up made something to eat before moving to Armaan's room.

Ridhima walk into the room to see Armaan sitting on the edge of the bed lost in his thoughts. Putting the try a side ridhima sat beside Armaan putting one hand on his shoulder in an attempt to gain his attention ridhima called his name in whisper "Armaan. Hearing her calling him Armaan look at her in her eyes to see nothing in there at all no emotions were playing in her eyes, the eyes that always have hold number of emotions at single second in past were not totally blank to read.

Seeing no outburst, tears, pain or anything in her eyes Armaan's eyes welled up. Seeing him getting all emotional ridhima moved her hand from his shoulder up to his head behind pulling his face towards herself. Armaan to let her do what she wanted, she pulled Armaan making him rest his head on her shoulder with another hand she just caress his back and next moment Armaan broke into the tears that he was holding from yesterday or from the day he came back to see ridhima's rudeness.

"Shhh... armaan aise koi rota hain kya ridhima tried to pacify him but it didn't work. For few minutes Armaan keeps crying while ridhima keep pacifying but no fruitful result came out.
Later sometime armaan spoke up "I am Sorry Ridhima. Mein nahi janta tha ki mera ek decision tumhare life is kadar dukh se bhar dega. Mujhe laga tha ki tum Mujhse nafrat karne lago gi aur apni life mein age bhadogi, koi nahi hoga tumhe pareshan karne wala koi nahi hoga tumpe burdern banne wala, kooi bhi tumhe dukh nahi dekhaa mein ne toh hamesha bus dukh hi diya hain tumhe, par mein nhai janta tha ki jo mein tumhare liya acha soch raha tha vo aisa dukh dard se bhara niklega ridhima. Mein nahi janta tha ridhima, please mujhe maf kar do na chahate hub hi mein tumhare saare dukho ki wajha ban jata hun. Mein toh bus pyaar dena chahata tha tumhe par badle mein hamesha taklif deta hun. Aaj meri wajha se tumhare sath ye sab ho raha hain. Pehle vo photos phir vo punchagi mein aur aaj bhi, mein kitna bura hun na ki tumhe bacha bhi nahi paya ek baar bhi. Bahut bura hun mein bahut bura. Par kya karun baut pyaar krata hun tumse, tumhe taklif nah ho is karan tumhe kuch bhi bataye bina chalaa gaya tha paar aab Tum jo kahogi mein karne ko taiyar hun please bus ek baar. Bus ek baar mujhe maf kar do ridhima please

Armaan keeps crying while ridhima keep trying to pacify him, hearing him say all that ridhima felt guilt and broken at the same time seeing Armaan asking for forgiveness. He didn't have to ask for forgiveness from her it should be the other way round. It should be her who should have to ask for forgiveness, not him. It wasn't his love that was weak it was her love that was weak. He left her for her better future and what she gave in return His ridhima married to someone else.

"Nahi Armaan Mafi tumhe Nahi Mujhe mangi chahaiye. Mein hi kamjor nikli Armaan jo tumhare wait na kar saki, jo apne Armaan ko Piche chod kea age bhad gai Zindagi mein, Tumse Kiya Wada bhi thod Diya ki chahe jo ho Jaye ridhima hamesha Armaan ke Sath rahegi. Armaan aab jo ho Jaya use hum Badal Nahi sakte par Armaan kya hun aapni age ki life ko aise hi jeeta rahege. Armaan galti na sirf tumhare hain na hi meri, galti un halation ki hain his mein vo sab Hua jo Nahi hona chahiyee tha. Aur halation se koi Nahi lad sakta. Please, ye sab jane do please Armaan ab Rona band Karo please Nahi to main bhi ro dungi. Hearing her Armaan gave a small smile. Drawing back from her shoulder Armaan look at her face getting drawn into each other eyes both leaned ahead. Armaan keeps looking at her eyes while ridhima closed her eyes feeling Armaan's breath on her face. When ridhima felt no moment she opened her eyes to see Armaan staring at her not moving even an inch. Ridhima knew just words won't be enough for all the emotions that were playing in their heart and mind. So leaning in ridhima just places her lips on armaans.

Shocked at her moved Armaan still kept sitting still. Ridhima who was while back was holding Armaan around his head pulled him in while her other hand rested on his chest while Armaan was totally in a daze. There was no moment on their lips it was just that ridhima have kept her lips on his while Armaan sitting shocked, daze under her spell.
Even after few minutes their lips never showed any moment than ridhima took his hand putting them around her neck she once again placed her hand back on his chest while her figure was touching his bare chest and palm on the shirt. Taking the things in her hand ridhima moved her lips kissing Armaan so softly trying to bring Armaan back to the reality.
Then the screen fades away.


In Morning when ridhima woke up she found Armaan in her arm sleeping peacefully with the tear-stained face. Last night they never came to know when they both fell asleep kissing or after the kiss, the last thing she remembers was she was kissing Armaan. Looking at his face ridhima keep admiring him, when she had somewhat deceived him but even then he was there for her, fighting for her, loving her. Placing his head back on the bed properly ridhima moved down from the bed so that she can freshen up for the day as they have to report at 9 am but then her eyes went to the clock hanging who's hour hand rest at 6 while the minute hand was at 3 indicating it's 6:15.

She has time to get started with the day so she thought to make some of Armaan's fav. Breakfast his fav. Parathe. Moving back to her room ridhima freshen up before getting started with the kitchen work. Finish making the breakfast ridhima moved towards Armaan room she was having a smile on her face remembering who Armaan was reacting like a baby when she kissed him as if he knew anything about it, His expression was so innocent when at first she placed her lips on his.

But then the bell rang announcing the visitor, declining the half of the stairs back ridhima moved to open the door before waking up Armaan. Opening the door she found a courier boy standing with an envelope extended, signing receiving on his sheet she closed the door. Keeping it on the dining table as it is ridhima once again turn towards Armaan's room. Opening the door to his room ridhima walk in to see Armaan frowning with the sunlight falling on his face. Seeing him like that ridhima moved to the side from where the sunlight was coming in obstructing the rays ridhima bend down a bit caressing Armaan's hair calling him out to wake him up.

Armaan woke up opening his eyes little by little he looked at her face first thing in the morning seeing her smile down at him he too flashes his dimple, ridhima called him once again "Armaan wake up nodding to her Armaan once again closed his eyes with a smile to get up after 5 minutes. Ruffling his hairs once again ridhima walk back to the dining area thinking to clean few things around before Armaan joins her for breakfast. As soon as ridhima left the room Armaan's eyes open in shock remembering the last night but then thinking about it all Armaan had his smile back on his face to get the day started.

After having breakfast with all happy faces both of them, collected their things to go to Sanjeevni. When Armaan opened the door to move out he looked back calling ridhima to come soon as she have went to have some water. When he turn back to look ahead this smile vanished seeing police inspector standing on his door.

"Ji kahiye Armaan spoke. "Ridhima Yahin rahti hain, inspector asked at the same moment ridhima came speaking while looking down in her purse "Chalo Armaan Late ho Raha hai but when she looked up from her purse she was confused to see police standing there.
"Yes inspector Kuch chaiye aapko, ridhima asked coming up to them.
"Aap koun, he asked.
"ye hi Dr.Ridhima Hain Armaan said.
"Great then. Dr.Ridhima Hamare pass apka arrest warrant hai inspector declared shocking both Armaan and ridhima.
"What..! but kya Kiya hain ridhima ne, Armaan asked all baffled.
"Inhone Shaadi shuda hote Hua bhi dusri Shaadi ki hain. Aur inke Pehle pati Dr.Sid ne complain ki hain in pe for fraud and extra-marital affair ke Liya bhi. Inspector informed them.
"You can't Arrest ridhima. Aur ki complains ki baat kar Rahe hain aap, jis insaan ne case Kiya hian usi insaan ne Shaadi bhi karwai thi Hamari. Ye case Banta hi Nahi hain Kahin se bhi Armaan said trying to save his ridhima from the mess.

"Dekhiye Mr.Malik hum nahi jante ki kya kiya hain unhone aur kya nahi. Par hamare pass inhe arrest karne ka warrant so bina kisi proof ke hum aapki baat nahi maan sakte inspector told.
"Par ridhima Kyun jayegi Jail jab uski koi galti h Nahi hai Armaan tried to protest but it went on deaf ears. Ridhima all the while was standing in shock knowing the real face of Sid.

"Dekhiye Mr. Malik aap bich main Nahi aaiye Nahi to majburan humein aapko bhi andar dalna padh jayega. Aabhi aapki bhalai issi main hai ki aap shant rahiye warna aap Jo ridhima Ji ke Liya kar sakte hain vo bhi Nahi Kar payenga jail main Jaye to Ek Baar warring him inspector wanted no more replies from Armaan he wasn't in any mood to have an argument with this certain Mr. Malik. Seeing things going out of hand ridhima came out of the shock to take things in her hand before it's too late.
"Armaan please abhi nahi. Agar tum bhi jail gaye toh koi bhi help nahi kar payega haamri please. Aur phir mein janti hun tum mujhe wahan jayada time nahi rahna doge tum jaldi nikal loge mujhe wahan se, please armaan ridhima tried her best to bring sense to him.
"par ridhima Armaan tried to speak but ridhima stopped him "please Armaan having nothing to say or do Armaan keep standing looking in her eyes when lady constable started to pull ridhima out of the house making her sit in the jeep they ride away while ridhima and Armaan keep looking at each other until their vision for other got faded away.


Armaan was not able to think straight anymore knowing ridhima was in jail just because of him. He held himself as the reason of everything that is happening. But then one name came to his mind "Billy. Yes, billy was not just his father but at one point in time, he was a well-known lawyer who has made other lawyers have a taste of failure every single time he uses to wear the coat.

Without a fail, he called him asking him if he could make it to Mumbai as ridhima was in difficulty. If Armaan's calling him wasn't gaining his interest ridhima's name did and in next hour he was in flight to come for his daughter. Ridhima's nature has made them love her just as a daughter they always wanted.

By the time Billy reached Armaan's door Shashank, Padma, Nikki, and Abhimanyu were already there in his living room sitting and discussing with Armaan. As soon as the bell rang Nikki got up to open the door to welcome Billy. Hugging him she walked him in where everyone was having words. Billy to settle down without a wait even for a minute to freshen up. While he was getting to know everything that he has lost track in the last year after that shootout, once again the bell rang this time Armaan went to open the door to find Anjali and Atul standing there. Anjali just hugged Armaan asking him what happened since everything is known and repeated in front of Nikki she told each and everything to all once and for all.

In the Evening Billy went to the station where they have taken ridhima too, Billy presented the court orders to the inspector at best, which state instead of keeping her in jail they have to keep her in the special house under police command but not in jail. Armaan was against that do not know if that will be safe for ridhima to stay in alone under the eyes of police but then billy made him understand that lady in-charge will be there not a male one.

Not having much of options or the way Armaan agreed but he meets her with court permission for nearly half hour. Armaan ensures ridhima that he will do everything under his control to get her out of all the mess caused because of him. Ridhima tried to make him understand that it was not because of him it was siddhant's whose true colour is out in difficult times, but Armaan didn't understand that piece of her words.


The other day was the hearing. Everyone came to court when Siddhant saw Atul supporting Armaan. (He didn't know that Atul was an old intern.) He thought that Atul will support him but he moved towards Armaan hugging him sitting next to Armaan giving him draggers look before having a conversation with Armaan. He was confused but then thought to ask.
"AJ why are you sitting there Tujhe to Mera Sath hona chaiye an AJ Sid called him.
"Mein Apne dosto ke Sath hun aur tune Ridzi ke Sath acha Nahi Kiya sid, vo to Armaan ne rok Rakha hai Mujhe Nahi to aabhi tera muh thod deta mein meri pyaari se Ridzi ke Saath ye sab Karne ke Liya
"Ridzi tum bhul rahe ho vo tumhare senior hain Sid spoke confusedly
"Senior vo Tera Liya hai sid, yahan maujjud har insaan se vo Ek bahut alag aur gehra rishte share karti hain vo Tera samjh ke bahar hai Armaan butt in then before he can reply Siddhant saw Abhimanyu walking in he was happy that at least he has someone beside him as he was a bit afraid seeing everyone supporting Armaan even Atul. But he was shocked when instead of coming to him his brother walked toward Armaan ignoring him completing.

"Bhai Sid exclaimed. Abhimanyu looked at him with disgust when Siddhant spoke "Bhai aap bhi is Armaan ke Saath hain
"Sid Teri is Harkat se Tujhe koi farak Nahi padhta par main terra is ghatiya kam mein saath de ke aapne dost nahi khona chahata, tumhe jo karna hain karo mein vo karunga jo mujhe karna hain aur mein ridhima ke saath hun. Abhi said and settle down with armaan.

Soon the court proceeding started, the prosecutor and Billy being the lawyer came forward, knowing ridhima personally on a great level as he shared a great relationship with her billy have pros in his hands. One by one everyone related to ridhima Armaan and Siddhant came up to give their statement when even the new interns took Ridhima's side supporting her as no one was ready to support them with such a cheap thought, by the end of the day judge pass his statement saying "Ye adaalat Ridhima Ji ke upar se sab charges wapas leti aur inki Shaadi Mr.Siddhant Modi ke Sath kharij karti hain aur unhe Mr.Armaan Malik ki Wife hoke ka Lawful right deti hain aur Siddhant Modi ke upar Apni wife ko pressure mein Dalke galat irade se dusri Shaadi Karne ke Liya case chalane ka hokum deti hain. The Court is dismissed.

Smiling on their victory everyone steps out of the courtroom when Abhimanyu reached up to ridhima asking for forgiveness for whatever his brother made her go through in the past, but as ridhima is known for her kindness she just pushed it off saying its nothing that anyone can do it so he shouldn't be sorry. Everyone went to Armaan's house once again this time with ridhima. As everyone was in ridhima went to fetch something for everyone to munch on. Anjali offered to help her when Armaan and Atul shout out in union a big giant NO..! To save them from explaining their action to her Nikki stood up saying "Anjali Tu rest kar waise bhi Kal bhi rest Nahi Kar pai thi Jet lag ho Raha Hoga Tujhe Mein help karti hun ridhima ki and that went easy.

Nikki walk in the kitchen with ridhima helping her while everyone just catch up on their life most importantly the gang asked Armaan about his life and health since he left after that Armaan took Atul to a side and asked him about ridhima being all the while he wasn't there. Understanding his emotions Atul told him everything from her comeback, Fight with Sid to all the drama that unfolded due to Photos and then the marriage with Sid and how he used to behave with her after their wedding. While elders went to the room to rest as Armaan landed his room to billy while Shashank and Padma rested in the room where ridhima was staying all the while.  Soon ridhima was calling all of them to have something to fill their tummy.

And then we saw everyone laughing at Atul's stupidity and munching snacks. While Ridhima's free hand that was resting on the couch moved slowly towards Armaan's hand taking his palm on her own hold, Armaan look towards ridhima finding her smiling still looking towards others he just turn his hand holding back her palm in tight hold slightly pressing it, telling her he will always be there no matter what. Both shared a look with million dollar smile that travelled from their heart to the lip to the eyes.

And the Screen Fades away.

It is said that when you can't make it fake it. But for our beloved Armaan ridhima it something different. They Believe "When You Can't Fake It Just Make It".


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