Wednesday, 27 December 2017

PART - 20 : I want you to hate me

Armaan stayed baited breathed for abhi's reaction hearing his confession but he get none.. actually none! Now it was quite fearing.. the hope he saw a minute before was there actually or it was juz his illusion.. giving up, wen he looked upwards he became stupidly confused wen he found abhi smiling ear to ear.. "abhi??" he asked hesitantly only to be engulfed in a warm brotherly hug nxt moment..
"oh armaan.. I'm so happy for riddhi.." nd that was more than enough to make armaan reciprocate his hug warmly nd happily.. he felt as if a huge burden got lifted up from his heart.. feeling extremely blissful he sighed in relief but complained nxt moment.. "gadhey.. tuney mujhey dara diya tha.." he said nd patted his back playfully.. abhi smilingly broke d hug nd apologized.. "sorry yaar.. par kya karoon I was shocked.. mujhey yeh feel toh ho raha tha dat u love riddhi par tu sach mein ussey pyaar karta hain yeh sunke main kuch zyada hi happy ho gaya tha, I guess.." he chuckled saying the last words nd soon both d guys burst out into laughter.. "oh.. I'm feeling so good.." armaan confessed earnestly smiling his satisfied smile while abhi juz nodded his head side ways in happiness.. but nxt momnt he thought of playing a lill prank nd so he said making a straight face.. "but buddy.. I dnt think riddhi manegi.." ... "what???" came his expected yell making abhi bit his lips tight to prevent himself from smiling.. "hmm.. mujhey pakka yakeen hain ki riddhi nhi manegi.." he kpt on playing while turning his head opposite direction fighting hard wth his smile.. "abhi.. yaar.. tu mazak kar raha hain.. ri8??" armaan asked aghast but he didn't reply or turn.. feeling restless, armaan went nd stood in front of him nd nxt moment started beating abhi here nd there wen he found him smiling keeping his palms over his lips.. "you idiot.. tuu toh gaya aaj.." armaan kpt on cursing nd beating him while abhi juz kpt on laughing nd trying to protect his face.. "ammy yaar.. face pe nahi.. I'm still single dude.."... "aur single hi rahega kameeney.." armaan replied meanly nd kpt on beating a laughing abhi.. but there happy moment got disturbed wen abhi's phone suddenly started ringing.. showing peace sign, he excused himself nd received d call without looking.. "yes.." he said still smiling while armaan was passing him deadly glares nd fake anger.. "bhai??" abhi's face at once tightened as soon as he heard d voice.. "haan di.." it was keerti who called to know riddhima's where abouts.. "riddhi mili, bhai??" she was tensed.. in fact he was too juz before a few minutes.. armaan's confession juz distracted him for some time but now again worries overpowered his mind n heart.. "nahi dii.. we're searching.. u don't wrry.. jaisey hi kuch pata chalta hain, I'll infrm u.." ..."hmm" came her tensed reply.. "di.. main hoon na.. main riddhi ko kuch hone nhi dunga..." abhi assured her, as well as himself.. armaan who was listening everything, came nearer to him nd keeping a hand on his shoulder he said slowly.. "hum.. hum kuch nhi hone denge riddhima ko.." abhi smiled thankfully nd armaan blinked his eyes in assurance.. it alwaz feels great to hve such a frnd in need.. nd he knew armaan will do everything to protect his lill riddhi.. he again felt thankful to god for finally sending an angel to riddhi's life.. finally she'll get a normal life wat she deserves.. the love she nvr got till now.. the care, understanding, support.. in short no one can be better dan armaan for her.. "di.. u relax.. I'll call u as soon as I find her.." nd wth this abhi disconnected the call nd said to armaan.. "thanx armaan.." armaan smiled understandingly nd replied earnestly.. "don't.. she is my priority too.. but abhi.. I want to knw everything.. can u..??" abhi nodded understandingly.. "of course but before dat we've to make this (pointing towards rohan's senseless body) ******** to wake up.." armaan followed his gaze nd agreeing wth him went near rohan nd taking a jug full of water from nearby table, he emptied it completely on his face.. this sudden flow of water did work nd rohan finally started gaining his senses.. nd soon he opened his eyes painfully only to see armaan nd abhi's deadly faces nxt moment.. his face again made armaan's blood boil nd he raised his fist to punch him again wen rohan asked for mercy being extremely horrified.. "main batata hoon.. plz don't.." abhi squeezed armaan's shoulder to control nd he relaxed at d correct time.. but still feeling extremely angry, armaan said grinding his teeth.. "shoot.."rohan gulped nd wth great difficulty arranged his aching as well as bleeding body in sitting position nd said.. "she's wth our gang.. ek car racing competition ho raha hain toh.." but before he can speak more, abhi punched him hard making his lips bleed.. "I told you not to give riddhi any information regarding this.." rohan winched nd wiping off the blood he said.. "srry buddy.. but ridz paid double of wat u gave to me.. so that I keep informing her all daredevil acts of us.." abhi sighed nd in utter frustration punched d wall beside him.. "abhi.." armaan shouted horrified.. "I'm fine armaan.. dnt wrry.." abhi said nd then again holding the caller of rohan's he interrogated, "kahan ho raha hain yeh racing??" ... "same place.." abhi juz threw his body backwards in utter frustration nd moved outside hurriedly wth armaan beside..
"where are we going abhi??" armaan asked tying his seat-belt.. "to see how badly she has injured herself this time.." abhi started d engine nd took his car outside on the main road.. "matlab??" armaan asked confused.. abhi sighed.. "last time it was a horse.. a mad wild untamed horse... jisspey koi nhi ride kar paa raha tha... riddhi as usual went to ride on it as soon as rohan informed her.. actually she dint go to tame d horse but to hurt herself.." armaan frowned more.. "pata nhi kyun apney aap ko itna dard deti hain.. kitni baar samjhaya hain ussey.. iss rohan nd uskey pagal gang se door rehne ke liye par sunti hi nhi hain.. tujhey pata hain.. her hand got fractured dat time nd three weeks tak plaster nhi utra tha.." abhi said painfully remembering her painful games.. "waisey toh sari baat manti hain meri par khud ko hurt karne ka ek mauka nhi chodti hain.. chahey wohh sabke samney boori bankey ho ya fir aisey races or stunts try karke.." ... "par abhi.. aisi bhi kya baat hain joh itni nafraat hain ussey zindegi se??" armaan asked nd abhi at once looked at his direction teary eyed.. "zindegi se nhi armaan.. apni zindegi se.." abhi turned towards the road nd started opening the pages of riddhima's past..
"riddhi ki so called mom.. jissey tuney aaj conference hall mein dekha wohh riddhi ki step mother hain.. riddhi ki real mother bahot achchi thi.. nd riddhi's father loved her dearly.. actually dearly will b an understatement.. he loved her madly.. it was her 1st pregnancy nd she was expecting twins par kuch complications ke wajah se ek month pehley hi doctor ko surgery karni padi.. but unfortunately, both her mother nd her twin brother died leaving riddhi behind.. but shashank sir always wanted a boy.. he is nothing but a typical conservative sexist man! the fact that his beloved wife as well as his son died was too much for his digestion.. and from that very 1st day, he started hating riddhi.. His own daughter.. according to him, it was her fault due to which he lost his wife nd son.. he would hve happier if it was riddhi who died rather dan his unborn son or wife.. day by day his hatred towards riddhi increased nd as if it wasn't enough that after 3 or 4 years he re-married sunaina singhania.. umm.. riddhima's step mother.. d one u met today.. trust me armaan.. she is juz a devil in disguise nd not to forget a daughter of a well established businessman who had great links with underworld.. nd being her dad's spoiled kid, sunaina knew too much about this underworld.."

___________TO BE CONTINUED_________


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