Thursday, 28 December 2017

PART - 21 : I want you to hate me

"underworld??" armaan couldn't hlp but asked being extremely shocked.. actually shock was not enough to describe his condition at dat momnt.. being a normal guy, he can nvr think of knowing sum1 who belongs to underworld.. and here it's the matter of his love.. well it's not riddhima but her step mother who is related here but still it's beyond the territory of his imagination.. the fact that riddhima is somehow related to underworld is quite unbelievable nd shocking for him..
"shocked??" abhi asked passing a known glance towards him..

"actually.." armaan sighed nd thn accepted honestly..
"scared too??" abhi raised his hidden fear.. although he was happy knowing armaan's feelings for riddhima, somewhere there was a hidden fear in his mind.. he knew armaan has full right to knw the past of the gal he loves nd dat's d reason he's telling him everything but still the fear of seeing armaan back out from this relationship, knowing how dangerous it might take turn claiming his love ovr riddhima, made his heart sink.. his brother self even suggested him to be selfish nd hid it from armaan but he is his frnd too.. nd he cnt push him to the door of death knowingly.. now its upto armaan wat he chooses knowing everything.. his life or his love.. he wont blame armaan if he chooses his life but if he chooses his love, he'll be there beside them alwaz no matter wat.. noways he'll let the history repeat itself again.. he'll protect both.. nd do whatever he can do nd if it costs his life he wont flinch even once before dying.. but before that he needs to knw wat will be armaan's decision.. thankfully, his building tension got washed away wen he heard armaan's determined voice nxt.. "not at all.." thanking god quickly in heart abhi looked at his direction to verify his statement's truthfulness nd smiled thankfully wen saw armaan saying.. "I luv riddhima, abhi.. I dnt care wat her step mother is related to.." nd wth this gratitude towards armaan raised ten times more in abhi's heart.. he's indeed a gem as a person.. nd his only hope to get back his lill sister..
"but abhi.. mujhey yeh baat samajh nhi aa rahi ki riddhima apney aap ko kyun chot pahucha rahi hain.. this isn't a solution, ri8?.. agar koi uskey sath boora bartao karta bhi hain dat dusn't mean she'll start hurting herself.. yeh kaisa pagalpan hain??" armaan asked feeling slightly annoyed as well as angry wth riddhima's choice of lifestyle.. according to him it's nothing but utter foolishness or better to say complete insaneness to count it as a solution to her problems!
Abhi sighed .. "I agree armaan.. but sometimes u cant imagine wat a person has faced in her life.. waisey galti teri bhi nhi hain.. bcoz u alwaz met d arrogant ridz but there's a huge difference between ridz nd riddhi.. trust me armaan.. riddhi aisi nhi thi jaisi wohh abhi ho gayee hain.. wohh bahot achchi thi.. bahot zyada.. waisey abhi bhi hain par yeh alag baat hain ki abhi jatati nhi hain.. par pehley chahey kuch bhi ho jayee riddhi kabhi ummeed nhi chodti thi.. sabsey pyar se baat karti thi.. humesha khush rehne ki koshish karti thi aur sab mein khushiya baant tii thi.. har chehrey pe muskaan le ana sirf uss ke liye hi mumkin tha.. humesha har mumkin koshish karti thi ki uski family ussey pyaar karey ya fir wohh kuch aisa karey ki ekdin shashank sir ko apni beti ko leke proud feel ho aur wohh sabkey samney ussey apni beti man le.. pagal.. kitni daant khati thi par fir bhi koshish karti thi.. she was a bunch of positivity armaan.. she was juz an angel in ds wrld.." unknown to himself abhi's lips curved into a sweet smile remembering his old lill riddhi making armaan curious to bits..
"toh fir aisa kya ho gaya ki.." but armaan's words got cut in between wen abhi said the nxt line.. rather bombarded d nxt line.. "u knw armaan.. riddhi used to luv a guy during her school days.." nd wth this armaan's wrds got chocked in his throat.. he kpt on staring at abhi's face in utter disbelief but abhi didn't looked at him once to soothe his condition.. he juz continued..
"riddhi was in class 8 or 9.. umm.. I guess 8.. ek ladka tha uskey school mein jo ussey bahot pasand karta tha  and oneday he confessed dat he loves her.. riddhi was too shocked.. but being d swthrt, she nvr had d heart to say no to dat overwhelming proposal although it was one sided luv at that tym.. but soon riddhi too realized that aman has become more dan best frnd to her.. she feels herself around him.. wth him she started to be happy whole heartedly.. no pretence but actually happy.. and aman too was a vry nice guy.. he took every possible care so dat riddhi's pain nvr wipes d smile from her lips.. in short they were a cute couple.. full of love n care.. but wohh kehtey hain na achchey logo ke sath hi zyada boora hota hain.. riddhi's life is perfect example of that.. unfortunately oneday sunaina came to knw about this secret encounters between aman and riddhi.. nd.." abhi paused.. armaan kpt on waiting baited breathed to knw nxt but abhi nvr tried to proceed further.. but the silence was killing him.. unable to control anymore, he asked.. "nd wat??"
"she killed aman.. that b**** killed dat innocent life brutally nd dat too in front of riddhi.." abhi finally spat that dreaded line after long pause nd punched the steering in utmost frustration.
"WHAT???" armaan juz shouted in disbelief unable to digest the fact..
A tear trickled from abhi's eye but he wiped dat off harshly nd tried his best to focus on the road again but his voice started to shake.. those horrible memories of past had still this effect on his life nd it was natural too.. he, too, was a teenager thn nd hence those memories got their permanent residence somewhere in his subconscious mind very easily.. besides, he nvr accepts but the reality is that abhi is quite an emotional one as a guy.. "I cn nvr forget the moment wen riddhi broke into my arms in the ambulance.. she was mercilessly broken dat day.. (abhi paused agn to control his emotion nd thn confessed) .. oh god! that day still haunts me sometimes.. I dnt knw hw riddhi hve handled it.."
"abhi.. plz.. plz explain.. mujhey kuch samajh nhi aa raha hain.." armaan started feeling extremely suffocated in dat air conditioned car... all he wanted thn was to knw the whole matter fast before it made his head explode any moment..
"smriti aunty, riddhi's real mother was from a very well established business family.. after her marriage, shashank sir's company got merged wth aunty's.. as she was the only daughter, naturally she was d sole heir of d whole property.. but aunty had no wish to kp it on her name nd so every now n thn she tried to convince shashank sir bt he nvr allowed aunty to transfer it officially to his name as he loved her way too much.. so, riddhi's grand pa finally made a will nd transferred all property to smrity aunty's unborn child.. according to the will, until dat child becomes adult, smrity aunty will play d role of d caretaker but after stepping on 18year, her son or daughter will own dat vast property.. but unfortunately smrity aunty died and riddhi got d property as per the will.. but thankfully soon grand pa realized dat sunaina can do anything to his only grand daughter to get d property as all knw how greedy she is about money n power.. no matter how much she, herself possesses, she alwaz wants more.. nd so to safe riddhi's life, her grand pa changed d will saying.. only riddhi will get dat property wen she'll turn 18 but if anything happens to her, whole property will be transferred to a trust.. riddhi herself will hve no right to transfer the property to anyone.. after her marriage, her offsprings will own it only.. nd wth this grand pa successfully saved riddhi's life from real death.. but wat he dint realize dat sunaina is way too wicked nd she made a master plan.. according to that plan, as soon as riddhi turns 18, she wll be forced to marry the son of sunaina's cousin nd then she'll indirectly own her property too as she nd her cousin are nothing but too greedy devils.. there was no problem to execute this plan either as sunaina vry well knew dat shashank sir will nvr intervene as he was alwz indifferent to his daughter's whereabouts.. but wen sunaina found riddhi loves someone dat too a boy from a middle class family, her anger had no bounds.. it was not only matter of her status but about the property too.. the fear of losing that huge money simply made her restless nd she soon sent her pet goons to beat aman nd teach riddhi a good lesson so dat she nvr dares to repeat ds mistake again.. but unfortunately, aman had high fever dat day.. he came only to submit some papers but was beaten brutally by dose s******** wen he came out of d school...  wen riddhi was being informed, she came running madly but it was too late, she found  aman lying senseless bleeding vigorously on d ground.. wen she wanted to go, sunaina slapped her hard nd said dat it's her punishment to fall in love nd if she mets aman again, she'll make sure dat he dies.. riddhi knew her step mother hates her but she can kill a boy who is juz a lill elder to her own son, was too much for her to handle.. wen I was informed, I found riddhi standing at d same place like a statue.. sunaina had alrdy left wth her puppets.. aman ws lying unconscious behind riddhi nd no one was trying to help the duo out of fear.. I sent a frnd of mine to ask hlp frm school authority nd thn went to riddhi.. after shaking in fact slapping hard, I got her response nd nxt moment she juz rushed towards aman.. u knw armaan.. whole way wen we were taking aman to hospital, riddhi juz cried uncontrollably hugging me.. she juz kpt on cursing herself for this disaster but it became d real hard blow wen after reaching hospital doctors declared him dead nd she juz lost her life then n there.. she felt dat it was she who killed aman not sunaina.. I was trying hard to mke her understand nd was succeeding finally wen aman's parents came nd destroyed my last hope too.. his mother simply blamed riddhi for her one n only son's death.. she slapped riddhi nd cursed her to no bits.. I tried to make aunty realize but she was out of control seeing her son's dead body.. well.. I cnt blame her either as it was about her son but dat dusnt mean she can say anything.. she nvr realized wat she was accusing in pain nd anger will kill some one else too.. nd dat sum1 was no1 else but my lill riddhi.. she died armaan.. my old riddhi, my angel, died on dat day forever.. the guilt of killing someone's son juz refreshed all her buried pain.. all acquisitions received from her father nd step mother regarding her mother n brother's death got revived.. some how she started feeling herself the reason of all this disasters nd as a result each n every drop of wish to live her life juz washed away forever.."
Abhi paused nd looked sideways to see armaan's condition as during this long conversation he nvr intervened in between.. so he wanted to see the effect of their horrible past over him nd as expected he got a completely shocked pale numb armaan sitting motionlessly on the seat.. abhi sighed n continued.. "she thought of committing suicide too but one thing stopped her everytime.. the letter.. the last letter smriti aunty left for her unborn children.. she knew she'll die.. she knowingly chose her death over her children's life but her sacrifice to give her children a good long life was nothing but a complete waste.. in fact I'll say if she had chosen her life, riddhi shouldn't hve suffered this much.. it's better to be born later rather than living a life of hell.. but I guess it's all about destiny.. something we cannot change but face wth all out might.. but sometimes I truly feel dat she indirectly ruined her daughter's life while choosing her own death.. (abhi sighed nd thn agn resumed)... in dat very letter aunty stated her last wish.. a wish dat she wants to see her children happy.. taking care of each othr as well as their father.. she assured dat she'll be alive in d lives of her children.. nd how cn riddhi kill her mother's existence.. d mother who died for her life.. to riddhi, her life is not hers but her mother's sacrifice nd so she dropped d idea of suicide.. but stil she wasn't this riddhi.. yes she did lose every will to live a happy life but she was still the timid, calm, soft spoken, caring riddhi until..."

_______________to be continued_______________

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