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Part 21 : Remember this (Arsh ff)

Armaan stood at the kitchen door and watched at the scene infront of him and couldn't help but feel jealous. Shilpa sat on the kitchen table talking with his mom about the days events while Ananya who was cutting apples kept feeding the cut slices to shilpa. Armaan pouted a little as he thought how his parents were more interested in shilpa as compared to him. Inspite of himself armaan smiled as shilpa started scolding Ananya who was trying to pick something up from the floor herself.

Shilpa: maa! What are you doin? I'm standing right next to you why don't you ask me!
Armaan looked at shilpa's happy face and knew he wouldn't change a thing if he had the power. Shilpa looked happy and content armaan hadn't seen the sad look in her eyes for some time now. She had stopped talking about the past and was focused more on present. Armaan closed his eyes and offered a silent prayer of thanks for bringing her in his life  as his mind went over the time she had come in his life. Suddenly armaan's eyes flew open as a thought occurred to him he quickly walked away from the kitchen and called rahul: rahul! Meet me at my house and bring muskaan along if she's with you.
After 15 minutes of waiting the doorbell finally rand announcing the arrival of rahul and muskaan.
Muskaan: hey armaan! Why have you called us over? (she asked walking into the house)
Armaan: sorry muskaan! But I need rahul for some work I need to do, you can spend your time with shilpa and maa, they are in the kitchen.
Just then shilpa walked out of the kitchen and exclaimed in pleasure seeing both rahul and muskaan.
Shilpa: I didn't know we had any plans for tonight!
Muskaan: apparently we don't but these two dudes do! (pointing towards armaan and rahul)
Shilpa looked inquiringly at armaan first and then at rahul who looked back at armaan for answer.
Armaan: we'll be back shortly (he grabbed rahul by the arm and pulled him out the door leaving behind a disgruntled muskaan and surprised shilpa)
Muskaam: I feel like beating up your boyfriend shilpa (when shilpa raised her brows in inquiry) he ruined my plans for the evening with rahul.
Shilpa cheekily: must be some plans for you to feel so disgruntled.
Muskaan forlornly: they were! (making shilpa choke on her laughter) do you have any idea how tough it is for two doctors to go out on a date.
Shilpa trying to keep a straight face: I'm sure it must be very tough.
Muskaan rolling her eyes and sitting with a thump on the sofa and pulling shilpa next to her: you have no idea. The possibility of having an impromptu interlude is next to impossible especially when your boyfriend is a prude.
Shilpa was lauhjing so hard that tears were flowing from her eyes: are you talking about what I think you are talking about.
Muskaan morosely: sex! Yes rahul is not giving any(making shilpa have a fit of laughter) you wouldn't be finding it funny if your boyfriend was acting in such prudish manner.
Shilpa wiping her eyes: I'm sorry but I couldn't stop but laugh at the image of rahul acting all shy and coy, whereas you are trying to get him in bed.
Ananya coming from behind and joining them: the trick is to be one step ahead of them. (both shilpa and muskaan jumped at her voice) chill! Girls! And learn from a pro!
Muskaan laughing like a maniac: god! Aunty! You are the best!
Ananya: but this is to only torture them! With the right incentive you can make them do almost anything!
Shilpa couldn't control the mirth and it erupted in loud guffaws from her throat as she collapsed against the sofa, once in control: will you teach us!
Ananya: of course! But this is strictly for torture purpose the rest is for after marriage (looking pointedly at muskaan who pouted and blushed at the same time.)
Before she could say anything further the front door opened and in walked Billy holding a bunch of heart shaped red balloons, next was rahul who walked in carrying a square box and last but not the least came in Armaan who was holding a large bouquet of flowers.
He walked in singing: Happy Birthday to you!(joined in by Billy and Rahul) Happy Birthday dear Shilpa! Happy Birthday to you!
Shilpa stood there with her mouth hanging open in surprise, she looked at them with wide eyes unable to say anything. Muskaan looked at shilpa and then at the men who seemed quite pleased with themselves and asked: what?
Armaan grinned and walked over to shilpa handing her the flowers: Happy Birthday!
Shilpa who managed to unstuck her tongue from the roof of her mouth: my birthday! But armaan …
Armaan not letting her complete her sentence: don't you remember shilpa! on this date one year back you were brought to the hospital and I revived you. (looking at shilpa stunned face) so today is your birthday!
Rahul nudged armaan aside: we've brought cake also! But first (kissing shilpa on both cheeks, he then placed the box on the table and revealing the cake inside) happy birthday!
Billy also moved forward taking shilpa's hand wrapped the balloons strings on shilpas hand: happy birthday beta!(engulfing her in a bear hug)
Shilpa withdrew from the hug blinking her eyes against the sting of tears: I'm not going to cry!(making everyone laugh) seriously! If you don't want me to cry then stop wishing me and hugging me. (taking a deep breath and with a huge smile) lets have some cake. I love chocolate! 
Slices were cut and passed along to every one but armaan stood mesmerized staring at shilpa who was glowing with happiness. Armaan wanted to freeze this moment forever without conscious thought his feet started moving towards her, finally he stood next to shilpa who was talking to muskaan. Armaan lightly touched shilpa's arm making her turn towards him, shilpa looked up at armaan and forgot what she was saying. His eyes were filled with so much love and desire for her, his gaze was so strong that she felt it like a touch, without thinking she moved closer to him only to be brought up short by ananya's voice.
Ananya: Armaan!
Armaan jerked at the sound of his name: yes! Maa! (turning towards his mom)
Rahul who had been standing nearby elbowed armaan in the ribs: maa ki timing lajawab hai!(in response getting a glare from armaan)
Ananya oblivious to the under currents: armaan! What are your plans?
Armaan mumbling to himself: so far you have ruined every one of them(sensing his mother's gaze cleared his throat and spoke loudly) so far nothing!
Ananya: well now you do! Its shilpa's birthday! Why don't you go out somewhere? Have dinner?
Billy: yes! Have some fun! Dancing! (he took his wife in his arms and started to waltz around the room making shilpa clap her hands in delight and laugh)
Shilpa excitedly: that sounds fun! You two will also come?(looking at Ananya and Billy)
Ananya interrupting Billy: no! we have some other plans!
Billy surprised: we do!(when ananya gave him a look he immediately caught on) yes! Of course! We have our own adult outing (wrapping his arms around ananya who couldn't help but smile)
Muskaan: good! Then I'm taking shilpa with me to my place to get ready and we'll meet you guys at the club in an hour's time.
As they were leaving Ananya hugged both muskaan and shilpa and whispered: remember! Torture them!
Armaan and rahul were sitting at the bar at the club waiting for the ladies to get there.
Armaan: what are we doing here?
Rahul: waiting for our lady love!
Armaan: they should have let us pick them up! I don't understand why they are late
Rahul slapping armaan on the back:  b'coz the woman I'm in love with is perverse by nature and she is now corrupting shilpa also. (armaan glared at him drawing a laugh from rahul)
Rahul was not off the mark after half an hour of waiting the ladies in question made their entrance. Rahul and Armaan turned to glance around the crowded club and as their gazes made their way to the entrance stopped and widened. Muskaan and Shilpa were a sight for sour eyes, Muskaan wore a hot pink halter neck dress with a flare skirt that ended at knee level. Shilpa wore a deep red dress with a sweetheart neckline, leaving her arms bare, the dress fell into loose folds ending at her knees. Her hair was clipped behind one ear with a red rose pinned for effect leaving the rest of the shinning mass loose which she kept over one shoulder. Her eyes were kohl lined her lips were cherry red, she looked gorgeous was armaan thought as his heart swelled at the sight of her and almost swallowed his tongue when she walked. The dress that he had thought was simple yet elegant had turned down right bold with the first step she took. The dress in question had a slit in the side of the dress and when she walked the slit parted showing well toned thigh.
 Every male eye was glued to them as they made their way to rahul and armaan at the bar. Armaan felt his heart rate accelerate as she reached his side and her scent swirled up to wrap around his senses.
Armaan: you look amazing!(shilpa gave him a once over as he was looking devastatingly handsome in a white crisp shirt over black trousers. The shirt collar was left uncuttoned and sleeves were rolled up to show his strong forearms)
Shilpa smiled at him and before she could reply muskaan spoke up: we know!
Rahul looked a bit dazed: what would you ladies like to drink? Cider? Lemon margarita?
Muskaan pursed her lips as in deep thought: lets try something different today!
Shilpa laughed at her expression: like what? Vodka? Tequila shots
Muskaan: why not? The guys are with us! They can look after us if we get drunk!
Shilpa looked at the mischievous sparkle in muskaan eyes and the indulgent look in armaan and decided to have some fun: fine! Lets do it!
In shilpa's honour they all had a round of tequila shots. Shilpa sat the bar with armaan feeling a slight buzz courtesy the alcohol, muskaan on the other hand was having another round of tequila while fighting with rahul. Shilpa turned her gaze back at armaan who smiled at her and asked: drunk yet?
Shilpa laughingly leaned forward and whispered in his ear: not on alcohol! (making armaan eyes smolder with passion)
Shilpa started to sway along to the music that was blaring through the speakers which had a Spanish beat to it. Suddenly Muskaan grabbed her arm and pulld her to the dance floor and started moving her hips to the beat of the music.
Mil gayi, aaj aasman se (Muskaan stood in the middle of the dance floor gyrating her hips on the beat of the music)
Aa gayi aagey main jahan se (she pulled shilpa towards her as they both moved in sync with the music)
Yeh kya hua
Mil gayi, aaj aasman si (Shilpa was spunned around by a guy who sashayed across the dance floor with her)
Aa gayi aagey main jahan se
Yeh kya hua
Udi, neendein aankhon se (shilpa got spunned by another guy who moved her in the opposite direction)
Judi, raatein khwaabon se (the guy dipped her backwards making her laugh out loud )
Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan (when she managed to stand up straight she looked straight into the brooding eyes of armaan)
Udi, neendein aankhon se
Judi, raatein khwaabon se
Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan
Mil gayi, aaj aasman se (shilpa started to do an imitation of the flamenco dance, clapping her hands and moving in a circle with a guy)
Aa gayi aagey main jahan se
Yeh kya hua
Armaan grabbed the drink infront of him and gulped it down in one go. He stared at shilpa's dancing form on the dance floor and could not decide what to do: throw her over his shoulder and take her somewhere where he can make mad passionate love to her or punch the guy who was dancing with her. He gulped down another drink knowing he was not going to let her dance with those guys again. He saw rahul move towards muskaan and stood up to follow suit.

Paaon zameen pe hai ya badal pe (shilpa was lifted by her arms by two guys on each side and she walked over the backs of men)
Uljhe sitaare aake aanchal se
Armaan had finally managed to reach shilpa who was walking down a road made up of guys who had bend over. He stood at the end waiting for her to reach him, as she neared him her foot slipped making her pitch forward, wrenching free of the supporting arms of the men.

Paaon zameen pe hai ya badal pe (she landed in the outstretched arms of armaan )
Uljhe sitaare aake aanchal se
Jee li umar saari iss pal mein (Armaan swung shilpa up in his arms and stared down her face with desire etched on his features for her)
Kuch bhi nahi ab mere kal mein (Shilpa looked up the beloved face of armaan as her eyes softened and darkened with passion and she raised a hand and lightly traced his lips)
Udi, neendein aankhon se
Judi, raatein khwaabon se (armaan jerke her up straight in his arms as his lips found her and claimed her for himself)
Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan (shilpa felt as if she was drowning, standing in the middle of the dance floor with peole jammed around them and she didn't care)
Udi, neendein aankhon se
Judi, raatein khwaabon se(Armaan kissed her like there was no tomorrow his hand made a journey down her arm and back up to circle around to her back pressing her firmer against him)
Mudi, yeh jaane main kahan
Mil gayi, aaj aasman se
Aa gayi aagey main jahan se (as they drew back to draw in the much needed air in their lungs they looked into each other eyes with unconcealed hunger for each other)
Yeh kya hua

Shilpa woke up in the morning alone in the library where she had been sleeping on the couch since armaan's parents had come to stay. She sat up and the memories of last night flashed through her mind. They had left immediately after the song had ended no one was interested in dancing at the club, don't know how but somehow they had managed to get back at armaan's place. The house had been empty to everyone surprise they had found a note from Billy informing them of their plan of staying at a friends farmhouse at the outskirts of the city, suddenly possibilities were visible.
Muskaan without a doubt was drunk with rahul not so far behind, once inside the house were wrapped around each other. Shilpa laughed quietly looking at muskaan and thought finally her plan was panning out. Shilpa turned and was trapped in the smoldering gaze of armaan, his eyes burned with passion and desire which was for her. Shilpa licked her her suddenly dry lips drawing armaan's gaze at her lips, his arms snaked around her waist bringing her body flush in contact with his hard throbbing one.
Shilpa had barely a chance to draw in a ragged breath then armaan mouth was covering hers. With his mouth covering hers armaan moved shilpa back towards his room. Shilpa knew where they were heading but she was too busy to worry just then, armaan's mouth found a sensitive spot behind her ear and was driving her crazy. Armaan had finally pinned shilpa outside the wall of his bedroom, he lightly ran his knuckle across shilpa's cheek tracing the passion blush staining her cheeks. Shilpa opened her eyes and smiled into his eyes just as armaan was about to kiss her rahul and muskaan bumped into them.
Laughing hysterically muskaan: oops! (covering her mouth with her hand)
Armaan turned and glared at both of them: rahul! Look where you are going!
Before rahul could reply muskaan who had been leaning against the opposite wall: I don't feel so good!
Shilpa immediately concerned walked towards her when suddenly muskaan plastered her hand across her mouth and ran towards shilpa's room. Shilpa quickly followed her held her while she was violently sick. Muskaan after the ordeal of throwing up was so weak that shilpa had to carry her to the bed where she managed to fall down across the bed. Shilpa left her lying there and went in search of armaan and found him in his own bedroom with rahul throwing up.
Shilpa got up from the couch where she had been sitting remembering last night events. She went to check on muskaan and saw she was still sleeping, she quickly used the the bathroom and went to the kitchen in search of food. In last night shananigans they had forgotten to eat anything and she was hungry. She poked her head in the fridge and brought out the left over cake and decided to have it with milk.
She turned around to set the cake on the table and found armaan standing propped against the kitchen door bare chested wearing a pair of jeans only. Shilpa smiled at him: 'morning! Hungry?
Armaan sauntered into the kitchen thumbs tucked in the pockets of his jeans: I believe that was my slice!
Shilpa quickly swallowed the bite of cake and washed it down with milk: I'm willing to share! Let me get a fork(shilpa moved back to the counter to get a fork and turned to find armaan standing behind her with the cake in his hand. Shilpa looked at him questioningly)fork?
Armaan mouth turned up at the corner in a smile: open up!(bringing the cake near her mouth, shilpa hesitated then open her mouth and took a bite)
As the frosting on the cake was creamy it got smeared on her mouth, shilpa lifted her hand to wipe her mouth only to be stopped by armaan.
Armaan: my turn!(he bent his head and licked at the corner of her mouth making shilpa gasp, taking advantage he angled his head swirling his tongue around her bottom lip dipping into her mouth then withdrawing. Shilpa clung to his waist as his mouth continued to create havoc  in her body, armaan lifted her on to the counter bringing her at level with him and continued his torture of her mouth. He drew back slightly and with a wicked gleam in his eyes) that tasted like honey and cream, with nuts sprinkled in for effect (he licked at the remaining cream at her top lip) chocolate, pure decadence! 
Shilpa looked at his smoldering eyes and felt as if she had turned into a puddle of melted chocolate or wax. Armaan lifted his hand and fiddled with the collar of the t-shirt that she was wearing in lieu of night clothes: I believe this shirt is mine!
Shilpa looked down a bit dazed: yeah! I forgot to return it!
Armaan stretching the collar so that it exposed her collar bones and one shoulder: no! keep it! It looks good on you!(his mouth started to nibble away at the exposed collar bones to the bare shoulder while his hand made a journey from her knees to her thighs then back to the knee.)
Shilpa moaned as his teeth grazed against her the skin of her shoulder, her hand speared into his hair and pulled his head back: what are you doing?(she asked breathlessly)
Armaan hissed in a breath as shilpa raked her nails down his side and whispered against her mouth: I think its qite obvious!(his hands roamed her back to slide infront to gently caress her stomach through the clothes to slide down to her thighs. He stood in the middle of her legs his hands inched below the shirt that she was wearing) wrap your legs around me!
Shilpa did as he said clasping his strong body to her, making them come in more intimate contact with each other bodies: this is a bad idea!( shilpa managed to say it out loud amidst stringing kisses along armaan's jawline and neck)
Armaan who was busy with pulling the t-shirt neckline further down: I know!
Shilpa shuddered as his lips made their way across the exposed skin of her chest: any minute maa could be coming home!(panting) armaan! (she pulled armaan hair to stop him making im raise his head) stop!
Armaan was breathing hard, his body felt ready to burst he unwrapped shilpas legs from around him and stepped back. Both looked at each other and then started to laugh, shilpa hopped down from the counter on unsteady legs: we've got to stop doing this!
Armaan laughing: I know! My timing sucks!(suddenly there was a loud crash and then the sound of someone swearing loudly)
Immediately both armaan and shilpa made their way to the lounge and found rahul and muskaan on the sofa looking embarrased. The centre piece on the table near the sofa had been knocked by them in their exuberance but the most surprising sight was that of Billy and Ananya standing glaring at them.
Rahul trying to explain: maa! Its not what you think! Nothing happened!
Ananya glanced at rahul's bare chest and muskaan's rumpled clothes and messed up hair: maybe not yet! Which I seriously doubt.(she looked pointedly at armaan and rahul)
Both armaan and rahul couldn't help but blush at their mother;s knowing look and Billy's wicked laughter. As both were bare chested it was hilarious to see the blush start from their navels to rise up to their foreheads.
Ananya shiftin her attention to muskaan: it seems I would have to talk to your parents sooner thn I expected(making muskaan eyes widen in horror)
Rahul clearing his throat: before you do that I have something important to say! I had it planned for last night but somehow things didn't go according to plan. Muskaan!(grabbing her hand and pulling her up) I had thought of 100 different ways of doing it but I don't want to wait.
Muskaan horrified: oh my god! Don't!
Shilpa murmured: shut up!
Rahul ignoring them all: muskaan! I love you! I want to be with you always! marry me!
Muskaan: but rahul! We've just started being together whats the hurry?
Rahul smiled: well I've been in love with you like forever!(making muskaan look up at him in surprise) its always been you muskaan, you just need to catch up. But if you are not sure then we can wait.
Muskaan as if in a daze: what am I suppose to say?
Shilpa quipped: say no! then I can have him!
Armaan glared at her: shut up!
Muskaan laughed and shook her hair away from her face: yes! How can it be anything other than a yes!
Rahul crushed her to him: you won't be sorry!
Muskaan laughing: imbecile! You're stuck with me now! Now you'll be sorry!


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