Saturday, 30 December 2017

PART - 22 : I want you to hate me

"..until sunaina tried to kill me." Abhi casually finished the 2nd most shocking statement of dat day nd as if dat wasn't enough, he actually smiled at d end.. clearly it was a hollow smile showing how sarcastic their fates were but still how can one be so calm n composed regarding his own death amazed armaan to the core.. "abhi??" he couldn't hlp but pronounce his name in utter surprise.. "relax buddy.. it has no effect on me anymore.." abhi replied calmly to his unasked question amusing him even more.. but in return armaan juz kpt on staring at him blankly as if he was some alien not a
human himself.. no human can be so cool talking about his own death! "ammy.. stop staring at me like that.." abhi said seeing him still looking at him in disbelief.. clearly he was in shock.. understanding as alwz, abhi decided to lighten the intense situation nd so he continued wth cooler tone this time.. "ammy.. I m very much straight yaar.. I dnt knw about u but I still prefer a gal's admiration rather dan a guy's attention.." completing his lame try to humor, he forced a chuckle at d end too but his smile vanished wen he received no change in armaan's gaze.. sighing in defeat he continued seriously again..  "sach mein armaan, it's long gone now.. mujhey uss yaad se itna fark nhi padhta hain jitna aman ki death se padhta hain.. par.." but he stopped before completing his sentence.. inhaling deeply he disclosed.. "par riddhi ko parta hain.. she nvr accpts but I knw it still haunts her.. nd dats d reason she has locked up herself in a cell frm years.." abhi stopped n again a dead silence nested inside d car.. but this silence has two completely diff impacts on each of them.. wen abhi was using it as a break to collect himself to talk farther, armaan juz kpt on thinking about one particular person.. the person who has become the centre of his attention now.. the persn who has mingled wth every beat of his heart so much dat he sometimes feels afraid if he won't get love from  his love in return how will he manage to survive in future.. unknown to himself he has fallen hopelessly, insanely, irrevocably in love wth her. Nd the facts of her past did nothing but steal his heart all over again if that was even possible. He cannot able to imagine how much it had pained to her soft, kind heart dat she has become this bitter today.. the thought of losing riddima in his worst nightmare, often made him wake up from sleep midnight nd here she actually saw her love dying in front of her eyes.. nd even if dat wasn't enuf destiny didn't stop being cruel to her evn aftr dat.. abhi is more dan a real brother to her.. a pure relation bound by purest emotions.. he, himself, immensely respects this unbelievable bond which the duo share.. the bond which is so intense dat no one can ever believe dat they are not actual siblings but frnds in real.. as both of them can go any extent to protect the other.. nd seeing abhi almost at the door of death had surely killed her in thousand torturing ways dat she completely disown her life now.. again the thought of her sufferings made his heart shudder.. he can't stand by the picture of riddhi crying her heart out cursing her for all those disasters in his imagination after hearing abhi's words.. she didn't deserve wat she got nd wat she actually deserved was never showered upon her.. how cruel yet ironical.. often good people have to face the worst situations.. oh riddhima! Nd a tear of pain finally trickled from his eye down his cheek.. abhi who has finally composed himself, turned sideways to hve a look of his face but became concerned immediately wen he found armaan's eyes wet wth tear.. "armaan??" he let out a soft murmur in astonishment nd broke armaan's chain of thoughts at once.. feeling embarrassed being caught crying, he quickly wiped his tears off.. "umm.. sorry.. I was just.." but abhi cut his hesitating explanation wth his understanding mature tone.. "it's ok buddy.. only a person wth a thumping heart can feel her pain.. I'm glad dat riddhi will finally get a heart of blood n flesh but not stone!" abhi paused but nxt momnt a sudden fear crossed his heart wen he thought dat he hasn't ask armaan dat whether he'll still support riddhi after knowing about the dangers.. but before he could ask, armaan cleared his doubts.. the sudden appearance of line of worries across his forehead made it crystal clear to armaan wat had feared him all of a sudden.. "I still love her abhi.. may be more dan before.. actually not may be.. definitely much more dan before nd trust me abhi, I'll bring ur lill riddhi back soon.. I cnt see her suffer.. I love her way too much.. she is becoming my sole reason to survive wth each passing moment.. she'll get wat she deserves, abhi.. she'll get all the happiness, I promise.." abhi looked at him thankfully with moist eyes seeing the determination in his voice.. he does love her alot.. "nd I'll hlp u no matter wat.." he assured only to get a known smile from armaan.. "u need not to tell me dat, buddy.. I knw u'll alwaz be by her side.."..abhi smiled genuinely this time.. "not only by riddhi's but ur too.." nd wth this another frndship got sealed where there was only love, affection, care nd sacrifices nd no existence of any negativity.. a pure & true frndshp..
"umm.. don't u want to knw more?" abhi asked after a few minutes.. they have reached to quite less congested area now.. armaan smiled vaguely nd replied.. "let me digest this much 1st , abhi.. I dnt think more revelation could hlp me to act normal in front of riddhima today.."  abhi sighed understanding his mental turmoil nd nodded in agreement.. obviously, it can wait.. he has alrdy heard too much of inhumanity.. he, himslf, prefers not to enter those dreaded lanes of past if that was possible.. it juz refreshed all the tortures dat still haunts him in his lonely hours..
"how long it'll take to reach our destination??" armaan asked after a few minutes feeling restless to meet his love as soon as possible.. he juz want to see her fit nd fine.. with no scratches or wounds.. enough of hurt nd pain for her.. now all he wants to see her smile in real..
"we're almost there.." abhi declared nd entered his car in an isolated road.. "I juz want to see here fine!" armaan couldn't hlp but murmur under his breath making abhi's heart swell in pride nd satisfaction of supporting him.. he knew riddhi is engaged to someone else but he knew too dat kabir can nvr bring his lill sister back.. in fact wth him, riddhi has become more reckless nd bitter towards life.. he nvr objected riddhi's decision to get engaged to kabir as it indeed gave her extreme protection from sunaina's evil plans but still her sufferings nvr subsidized, she juz strted living her life more dangerously dan before but abhi knew dat armaan has d capability to break the ice barrier dat she's created around her soul.. only he can free riddhi from the cage of ridz.. only he can give the love she alwaz craved for nd armaan's one unconscious statement juz proved how correct his decision is.. finally he started seeing the ray of hope.. finally he strted seeing his old lill swthrt sister smiling heartily in front of all.. he earnestly thanked god for sending armaan in this city, specifically in sanjeevani.. otherwise god knws wat hve had happened to her at d end!
Armaan was too lost in his thoughts dat he didn't realize wen abhi parked his car nd coming down opened the door for him.. "armaan?" his soft whisper 1st startled him, thn composing himself, he realized dat dey hve reached to their destination at last.. nd dis means he can see his riddhima finally! Nd wth this his heart beats quickened.. his breathes became uneven.. nd a sudden flow of tension engulfed his heart n mind badly.. will I be able to act indifferent after knowing all this? Will I be able to stay strong nd not to break in front of her? Will I be able to stop myself from not engulfing her within me protecting her from this cruel world? No.. I'm not allowed to show my affection this way now but I'm not strong enough to see her suffer now either.. at least not today.. I cnt face her.. yet I want to see her.. oh god! he felt restless.. "armaan.." abhi's nxt call hlpd to stop the tension building farther, thanking him in heart for interrupting his thoughts, armaan cme out of d car only to become puzzled seeing a big farm house in front of his eyes.. "but abhi.. it's a farm-house nd rohan told about racing!!"his tone was confused as well as annoyed..  he at once turned towards abhi in frustration who was busy locking the car then.. completing his job, he put the keys in his pocket nd said.. "I know.."... "but.." armaan tried to protest as the building frustration was again getting better off him but nxt momnt wen abhi blinked his eyes in assurance, his restless heart strted calming dwn while his rational mind strted wrking finally.. oh god! how d hell I was questioning abhi.. how cn I forget if riddhima is my love then she is abhi's sister.. he cared for her more dan me.. nd as soon as his mind said dat, his heart protested.. no! dat's not true.. I love her too.. it's juz dat our definition of love towards her is completely different.. his mind agreed wth his heart but again scolded him nxt momnt.. but still questioning abhi was too much insulting when he's the one who've protected riddhima till now or else god knws if she have had survived ds long or not nd wth dis armaan's heart twitched nd a rush of guilt overpowered his heart.. he looked beside to apologize but found abhi missing.. oh no! he left me behind being angry.. wat will I do now? But armaan's stupid thoughts got interrupted suddenly wen he received a pat on his shoulder after a few minutes.. sadly wen he looked at d source, his sadness turned into utmost relief seeing the person.. "abhi??" his tone made abhi flabbergasted.. "well yeah.." his tone was hesitant, thn he paused but continued agn as concern overtook his hesitation... "armaan, u alri8?" nd without any delay armaan confessed wat was eating him a few minutes ago.. "sorry abhi.. mujhey aisey baat nhi karna chahiye tha.. u'll knw better dan me regarding riddhima.. it was just dat I was soo tensed dat I completely forgot whom I was cross-questioning.." armaan hung his face down guiltily nd looked at him nxt momnt bewildered wen he found him laughing whole heartily.. "wat's so funny??" he asked annoyed.. "well.. umm.. nothing.. actually I'm feeling proud of myself for d 1st tym.." nd dat didn't hlp but rose armaan's curiosity as well as annoyance.. "care to explain.." ...  "chill yaar.. I'm not laughing at you but u juz reminded me of riddhi.. she is just as stupid as u.. I wonder wat will I do wth u two.." but before armaan could frown properly abhi said.. "by d way, dnt tell me u thought dat I left u behind being offended.." nd wth ds armaan's frown got replaced by a hinge of embarrassment.. abhi laughed even more nd nodding his head sideways he started walking ahead while armaan stood there for another few seconds smiling over his own stupidity.. "accpt it ammy.. u're nothing but a big idiot.." nd ruffling his hair in embarrassment he ran to join abhi..
The view inside was completely different from the atmosphere outside.. "abhi?? U sure riddhima yaha hain??" armaan shouted although he was only inches away from abhi.. but the loud music playing inside forced him to shout while it can be done wth juz a mere whsper if there was no sound pollution!.. armaan's eyes wandered here n there of that big hall full of gang of boys n gals where a group was dancing madly while another group was busy in drinking n talking.. "yes armaan.. they alwaz party after each race.. nd the gatekeeper told me dat race has finished alrdy.. so riddhi yaheen hogi.." abhi too shouted so dat loud music can't stop his wrds to hit armaan's eardrums.. armaan nodded in agreement nd scrutinized d place in search of HER.. but suddenly his scanning got halted wen he heard a group of guys talking about his riddhima.. not talking but fascinating about her.. their thoughts were exactly wat he can nvr tolerate about her! He clenched his palms into fists to control his anger wen a random guy was saying his frnz how hot he finds HIS riddhima nd how badly he desires her! He so wanted to go nd beat him black n blue for possessing disgusting thoughts about his love but the nxt statement from there made his curiosity rose.. "dnt u ever dare to try this if u wanna stay alive.. tujhey pata hain na wohh kiski GF hain, mar dalega agar ussey ek kharoch (scratch) bhi aye toh!" the previous guy sighed nd said.. "isi liye toh aaj tak kuch nhi kiya.. warna kabka uthakey le jata main ussey.." his anger again strted flowing through his veins but before armaan could go there nd punch dat s******* hard on his face, he felt a tight grip on his shoulder stopping him to move dat way.. "let me go abhi.. how dare he say those sh*** words about her!" armaan said without looking behind as he vry well knew dat it cn be none othr dan abhi.. only he can dare to stop him there nd he was ri8 indeed.. "dnt act like a stupid, armaan.. ek ko marney se kuch nhi hoga.. all guys here think d same.. they are nothing but a bundle of cheap b*******... but trust me none of them will dare to touch riddhi.. they love their lives much more dan sheer entertainment.. so, lets go, we've to find riddhi 1st.. I dnt think wohh iss room mein hain.." abhi's wrds crumbled armaan's heart even more as he remembered why dese guys are not trying their luck on riddhima.. becoz dey fear her BF.. now this is another mystery.. he needs to knw this truth as soon as possible.. the thought of riddhima belonging to someone else was more dan enough to kill him from inside but he knew he can't get answers now.. he had to wait as dat's d only optn left for now, so he controlled himself unwillingly nd followed abhi..
Soon, they cut the maddening crowd nd went to the other side of the bunglow which holds a huge balcony facing the sea-side.. unlike the huge hall, this place is exceptionally soothing and calm.. but wat made his heart relax was not the soothing sound of sea waves crashing the shore but the presence of the person whom he was dying to see from past few hours.. yes there she is.. standing at d farthest corner looking at the starry sky.. she was oblivious of their trespass as she nvr turned her face towards their direction wen they entered.. she is too lost in her own world to recognize the surrounding.. but sseing the ethereal beauty standing all alone nd gloomy made his heart beats rise.. he juz wanted to run nd crush her in his arms giving her all securities she deserves.. assuring her that she isn't alone anymore.. he is nd will be alwaz by her side no matter wat.. he wanted to go nd kiss her madly erasing all pain dat ws reflected on her face thn.. she deserves best nd she'll get it now.. he was soo lost in analyzing her features dat he nvr realized wen abhi went forward nd put an arm on her shoulder.. "riddhi.."

__________to be continued__________


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